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Found 7 results

  1. There isn't very much to say about this thing. I was bored today during lunch at school, I saw an opportunity for a great face, and I took it instead of eating said banana.
  2. In which end you start peeling a banana? end A or end B? I peel my bananas starting from end B =)
  3. It was the video that sealed my fate in this fandom! : D Good times. Critiques are appreciated
  4. 54 Flaming monkeys at sea They are not beautiful, pretty like me Echidnas fly out of their faces and explode destroying the places The monkeys attack the little critters Eating some avocado-watermelon fritters Flaming Wheelchairs fall from the sky They are not clever or witty as I The town and the city burns to the ground Not a single ATM to be found from the sky, darkened ash falls I am most definitely tripping serious balls As the clock ticks by, slipping away counting up to the very next day I sit there, looking at once was a city yet I cannot feel any pity For I am a robot squid zombie wizard, who can play ping pong and conjure up blizzards Shooting lamp posts out of my hand I sustain myself by eating rubber bands Marco can not play tribes very well It's because he doesn't play much he will tell He doesn't have much tactic to refer to Some line about something should be here, shoe I am very tired, writing this thing the stream's title has a very nice ring I have no idea what I'm talking about At your face I will throw a trout
  5. Shiki

    This > That

    Saw this on another forum, so I brought it onto this one. I was too lazy to search, so this might be a dupe. Rules: Simple. Post something that you believe is more awesome than what the above user said. Example: OP: Bananas User A: Chuck Norris > Bananas User B: Bruce Lee > Chuck Norris User C: UR MAWM > BRUCE LEE (Etc.) Have fun, bros! First word - Pumpkins.
  6. I've always loved the phrase, "Love and Tolerate". Yet, recently i've found it to be a bit, inconvinent (Lack of a better word) to the brony community, in the sense of us looking helpless and not being able to argue. Now what sparked this thought was that a few months or so ago, a hater had made a thread about how all bronies are "faggots", "idiots", and other petty insults. Instead of me saying, "Love and Tolerate", and being helpless, I spoke insults to him. I didn't make up insults or call all haters anything. I spoke the truth by calling him iggorant (iggnorant = lack of knowledge) about the brony community and other subjects. Instead of reciveing support from the brony community; I recived a lot of hate. I was called a non-brony, a hater, and even an asshole. So I thought, why do we have to say "Love and Tolerate", acting helpless and hopeless, when we could at least take a few seconds to talk back and tell them that we are not all, "faggots", "idiots", or "loners". I'm sure that there is enough confidence in a brony to be able to not take someones lies and insults. This is my opinion. I made this to hear everyone else's opinion. (This was made on mobile, please excuse spelling mistakes or being too vague.)
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