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Found 28 results

  1. Most people have a reason for liking the music. They like certain genres because it speaks to them as well as says something about them. What genre do you mainly listen to and why? Ill go first, I am into mostly chillstep and chill electronic because i love layered sounds and a calming and laid back atmosphere
  2. So lets try something! In this game you basically respond to the user above you with any music lyrics from any song you know of. But the lyrics has to be from an actual song. Heck if you have a song of your own you have written then go with it! You can post the artist below if you like. Just make a response with any music lyrics to this and keep going! Try to keep the lyrics flowing like that go with the song lyrics or something similar. " Black coat, white shoes, black hat, Cadillac Yeah, the boy's a time bomb " By Rancid
  3. So here's how it works. I post a band starting the first letter of the alphabet. A. is for AC/DC Then the person below me would post a band starting w/ B. B is for Black Sabbath Then the person afterwords post a band starting w/ C. C is for Corrosion Of Conformity Solo artists w/ their own band can be listed for first or last name. Also post a song for your band Let's get things started: A is for At The Gates
  4. Which band do you prefer, Foo Fighters or Nickelback? I think both of them are a bit generic/formulaic in their songwriting, though FF is less so. I haven't listened to as many Nickelback songs as Foo Fighters songs, so I may be a bit off. I also hate Chad Kroeger's raspy singing voice. It seems very fake and forced, like he's trying way too hard to imitate a grunge singer. On the other hand, Dave Grohl's singing voice is very dynamic and pleasant to listen to. The Foo Fighters aren't the best band in the world, but I like them much more than Nickelback. So what's your opinion?
  5. I thought it would be cool to share unusual and cool bands Here is mine for this one. A neat band made of 2 saxxists and a drummer. They are underground, you wouldn't know about them :scoots:
  6. You Can Choose from this: The Rainbooms The Dazzlings Ilusions The Crusaders Lyra Bon-Bon-It ____________________________________________________ Post to replies bellow.
  7. Hello everypony I am just checking to see what was if any the best concert you have ever been to. Any concert, or band you saw, and just had a blast. I have been to quite a few myself so its hard for me to say. I have seen Ministry, Tool, NIN, Manson, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Primus, A Perfect Circle, Tori Amos, Danzig, Korn, Coal Chamber, and a few others I can't remember right now so chime in.
  8. Title. If it wasn't already obvious, mine is Craig Jones (Samples, Keys).
  9. (Search feature isn't working for me so sorry if this topic already exists mods. :s) Anyway pretty straightforward question, what artist(s)/band(s) did you not like/not care for and then grew to like? For me personally I never really cared for Nirvana and now I love their music, it came completely out of left field for me. So how about you all?
  10. So I've decided to make a thread that focuses on New Wave/Synthpop music. Anypony here listen to this type of music? If you do, feel free to post your favorite bands and songs that fit into this genre of music. Even music videos are good. Here are some bands I like: - The B-52's - New Order - The Cars - Depeche Mode - The Police The list goes on Some songs I like: - Rock Lobster - The B-52s - True Faith - New Order - Blue Monday (both original and 88) - New Order - Never Let Me Down Again - Depeche Mode - Message in a Bottle - The Police The list goes on
  11. You guessed it, one of these threads has finally reached this place. The concept is rather simple List your 10 favorite artists in no particular order and then answer the questions below. (List the artists before reading the questions, it'll make things a lot more interesting) If you don't have 10 favorite artists, you may narrow the number down to whatever amount suits you, but 10 is the maximum amount allowed. If you listed less than 10 artists, simply skip the question(s) related to the number(s) you decided to skip Here's the format and the question. Copy pasting is recommended (durrrrururuururur) "Number 1", "number 5" etc refers to the artist you listed at said number Also, it would be nice if you hid your answers with spoiler tags, makes it easier for people to scroll down My answers: If you want to, you can do this more than once if you feel like you left out on some artists you really like
  12. What are your top five favorite bands? Mine are: 1. Simple Plan 2. My Chemical Romance 3. Green Day 4. Fall Out Boy 5. All Time Low Those are the ones I can think of right now.
  13. Could it be? I know "battle of the bands" is a fairly common plot device in high school-ish movies, but after seeing quite a few instances in which characters, and even entire episodes had taken from g1 and carried over, with slight differences into g4, I couldn't help but wonder if the same had been done for g2. (My Little Pony Tales) Particularly, in the episode "battle of the bands". (obvious episode to take inspiration from, right?) Sypnosis: Melody and her band The Rockin' Beats prepare for "The Battle of the Bands" competition. Melody is asked to look after her younger twin sisters Jing-a-Ling and Ting-a-Ling. Unable to find another babysitter, she takes them with her to the competition. She does her best to keep the twins out of trouble but the twins appear on stage. The Rockin' Beats wins the competition. Of course, we already know that the movie won't follow the same course, other than band vs band. But moving past that, one thing I really would've liked to see come out of EQD2- (aside from an actual movie about ponies, rather than humanoid ponies) - if it HAD to be a battle of the bands, was instead of our favorite Mane 6 getting all rocker'd up (and playing....pop music ;_; no really. That saddens me) was the return of a band pulled straight from the G2 battle of the bands episode- "The Metalloids" Though this band was only shown playing for a second or two (5:34), they look pretty awesome, with long manes tails, and mohawks and kind of an 80's glam rock/metal look to them. And their band name is kinda cool. (better than the alt mane 6's rival band's name; "the Dazzlings" ;_; )
  14. If you aren't into all that mainstream crap, this is the topic for you! What's your favorite indie rock group/individual? Why do you prefer indie over any other genre?
  15. Hey guys! The first Brilliant Venture remix is now officially up! Enjoy!!! DL HERE!
  16. Basically I'm looking for new music to listen to, new songs, bands, producers to check out. So, I thought I would turn this into a topic here on the forums; sometimes it gets boring seeking new musical talents alone. Leave comments of anything you think me or anyone skimming the comments, should look up and listen to; or simply leave a link. Don't be obligated to leave any type of music, all is welcome, any kind of genre. Wanna leave links to drill music? Be my guest. Classical? Go for it. Instrumentals? Doesn't matter, do it! Also, feel free to leave more than one song, band title, etc. And let's keep this proper, if you don't necessarily enjoy someone's taste, don't bash it. Constructive criticism is alright, and maybe flat out saying "Doesn't seem to be my kind of music." But please, don't be rude here; everyone has their own preferences.
  17. This show continues to flabbergast me (and The Hub Network is so lucky to have such an excellent show); I just saw episode 14 of season 4, and was amazed with the concept of “The Ponytones” (it was really delightful to listen to “Find the Music in You”). A Pony Doo-Wop group (featuring 2 familiar Ponies and 2 new Ponies) was a really great idea, and who knew Big Mac could sing. This can really help get today’s kids interested in Doo-Wop. I can tell this is going to lead to some really enjoyable Brony art, perhaps Brony made music videos featuring the “The Ponytones”. Now Picture This: “The Ponytones”: vs. “The Fishtones”: vs. “Sharon, Lois and Bram”: Who gets 1st, 2nd and 3rd place?
  18. Continued from my previous thread. I need y'all to give me and three other guys my age (15) stupid things to do in a hotel to occupy our free time. Go!
  19. So I got to thinking there are a couple of bands I still listen to today even years after they had broken up. Long forgotten bands that maybe no one has heard of. One of those bands were the Explosion and they released 3 albums before they broke up. Their music was featured in games such as Tony Hawk's Underground 2, Burnout 3 Takedown, and Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition. 2003-2005 perhaps one of my favorite times in gaming. Another band that broke up that I still listen to would be JET They also made 3 albums then broke up unfortunately and I loved this band. Breaking Benjamin is a band that made me sad that they broke up... every single one of their albums I have and I grew up listening to that band. What are some bands you still listen to that have broken up a while back?
  20. So got to thinking out of all the bands that I like listening too. Who are the ones that I truly admire and respect the most? For me I do certainly have a couple. Starting off is a band that I have only recently gotten into and that band would be Rise Against. If you know of their songs and what the members of Rise Against stand for you know what I mean. Out of all the bands this generation what they stand for I have so much respect towards them. Love everyone of their songs. I believe they are one of the best bands this generation too I can safetly say I am proud to be a fan of Rise Against. Another band would have to be Disturbed. I have for a long time seen their posts on facebook and one of the members in the band has addressed many things in his posts that I remember standing out to me. They are a band I do respect quite a bit as well. Dave Mustaine from Megadeth is another artist I truly have great respect for as well. *Def. the Foo Fighters & Dave Grohl* I also like Andrew WK a lot too. So what bands/artists do you respect?
  21. My Chemical Romance is like my favorite band ever! I write quotes all over my arms and spout lyrics all over the place. My Chemical Romance and MLP may seem like two very different interests, and I'm interested to see if any one has the same likes as I do!
  22. Time for a little ponification! I thought of this idea a while back, but never got around to posting it till now, so let's have some fun with this, shall we? What you do is just somehow turn your favorite song titles, lyrics, or band names into pony-related subject matter! Like So: Title The kids in equestria (The kids in america) Lyrics: Celestia The castle burns The changlings are marching (From Ludo's Save Our City: Mister mayor The mission burns The zombies are marching) Bands: Metallicolt (This one is so stupid easy to guess I really shouldn't put it up, but I will, Metallica) And if you want to rate other people's ponification jobs, feel free to do so, just use the 1/10 - 10/10 scale. Have fun! Also, my examples are what i'm sticking with, so if you wanna rate em, please do!
  23. Personally, here are some of my favorite singers/bands that seem to get some hate: Linkin Park Adele Those are actually the ones off the top of my head; most people seem to be neutral on bands/singers I enjoy. about you all?
  24. If you guys like three days grace, would you mind sharing what your favorite song by them is? I understand not everyone likes them, but if you don't please don't insult them. Mine would have to be... BREAK! I love a lot of their songs, but break is just the best one, it just inspires me so much. So, if your a fan, I would like you to list the song, and say why you enjoy it so much.
  25. Any bands that are embedded into your head? Pretty self-explanatory, post the songs that you are in love with ever since you were a child For me, it has to be Smash Mouth, they essentially defined my taste in music when I was 6~10, and it also helped that they made the soundtrack for every movie from my childhood here: And of course, So once again, any nostalgic songs? :3