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Found 10 results

  1. Don't really know what to expect to come out of this thread, but i'm just going to throw it out there. This thread is for any of you fellow bass players out there, be it the acoustic double bass or the modern bass guitar. Feel free to discuss gear, techniques, styles of music, etc. I'll start.... I currently play a Fender Standard 5 string Electric Jazz bass guitar in standard black. I'm also a (learning) double bassist. I play a Samuel Shen acoustic upright and a German Schmidt bow.
  2. The reason I ask this is because I play bass guitar, and I am lookimg for somebody who I can trade ideas with and possibly make a song (we could record ideas and send them through pm, and once we selected an idea, Icould write the bass and (blank) could write the guitar. I know somebody who is the drummer. Plus, I am looking for somebody to discuss music with as well.
  3. Hello! I am a bass player willing to help in a mlp related song. I will be happy to meet new people and work with other so reply with what kind of music you want to play and we can find a way to talk.
  4. I'd really like to help anyone out who needs a rhythm track to any song project you're working on, i'm offering this for free of course, as i'm by far no professional, but instead would like to use this as an opportunity to get some recording and writing experience under my belt. PM me if you think you may need a rhythmic bass track or even some percussion.
  5. Since there's a thread for the discussion of military hardware and weaponry, i thought why not add a thread about any sort of musical gear. Post your setup for any instrument, guitars, basses, pedals, amps, effects, pianos, synths, keyboards, drums, percussion, brass, woodwind, whatever!
  6. Here is short metal thing I did for trying out how stuff sounds. :3
  7. Links: * clicky (old version) Newest versions (a few edits, different mixing): * latest * latest - with the song's original vocals added I did an instrumental cover of Twilight of the Thunder God by Amon Amarth. I mainly did this for testing sounds and's nowhere near the studio quality of the original song, but I'll get there eventuallyy as I work on a lot more music stuff. I have done simpler metal covers of other music such as video game songs. The Twilight of the Thunder God song is difficult to do because of all the gigantic distorted guitar sounds in it... Also, this cover doesn't have the guitar solo. What can be improved (compared to the original song): * Guitars need to sound more massive. * Figure out how to make a (good-sounding) solo.
  8. The bass is such an awesome instrument. Who are your favorite bass guitar players? Here is a few of mine. Justin Chancellor- Tool Les Claypool- Primus Flea- Red Hot Chilli Peppers Tim Commerford- Rage Against the Machine Fieldy- Korn
  9. I'm having some trouble with slapping the notes on the bass guitar. No matter what videos I watch, what people can tell me, for some ethereal reason I cannot slap the bass!! It's absolutely infuriating and it's really ticking me off! If anyone has some advice tips, or even some quality tutorial on the topic, please reply. If anything, I just need a away to start slapping. my problem is mainly that when I go to slap a string, I either get no sound (I can feel the string though, so I am hitting it XD) or I hit two strings at once or the wrong string. I've been trying to do this for literally two years and it has been a fruitless campaign. PLEASE HELP ME!!
  10. I couldn't help but notice that there was a guitar thread but no Bass guitar thread. I know somepony out there has to play bass guitar. If so, share your bass playing backgrounds. What kind of bass? What type of music do you play? What would you like to play? Favorite songs/ bassists? I jam on a red Cort bass for my 4 string and a Green Ibanez for my 5 string. Not sure the exact models, as I do not currently have them with me. I like to play funk and slap bass a lot because i like to jam and have some groove going. I also like to play metal and djent type music, once again for the groove. My favorite bassists include Flea (didn't see that one coming, eh?), Victor Wooten and Evan Brewer. Lately I've been listening to A LOT of Evan Brewer. His rhythm and speed are incredible and his talent is inhuman. I can't seem to keep up with him.