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Found 75 results

  1. I've been thinking lately, who would win in a fight? Cupcake's Pinkie Pie or Pinkamena Diane Pie? You can use anything from the fandom about them BUT it has to be about that version of the great Butcher; for example: You can't use information about Pinkamena for Pinkie and vise versa. Now then, let the battle begin!
  2. This is a character vs character battle. It's pretty simple, someone above you will give you 2 characters from the show (they can be pony, griffon, zebra, etc.) that are near the same strength and you have to decide who would win. Also give some sort of a description on why (I'm interested on why you chose ______). The closer of strength the characters are to each other, the harder it is for the next pony. So let's say I got Twilight vs Starlight, in this scenario I think Starlight could win, but it'd be close. In S5 finale the only reason Twi won was because of her friendship skills but if it was just a 1 v 1, no hold bars, GlimGlam would, just like she initially was S5 finale. Fluttershy Vs Marble Pie
  3. Here is Battle/Battle Mode from Mario Kart: Super Circuit on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here:
  4. I'm talking metagaming. Do you do it? I don't particularly like the idea of metagaming, since I feel like its taking advantage of out-of-character knowledge--namely EVs, IVs, and breeding. I feel like it kind of takes the fun out of the game, too, if everyone has the same, perfect team. I've never played against anyone online for this reason, and because I'm afraid it'd just be a waste of time. I have a style of playing, and I don't think I'd stand a chance against graduates from Smogon academy. I'd like to know what you guys think, though. Am I in the minority here? Or do you agree with me? What's your opinion on meta-gaming in general?
  5. Hello and welcome ponies if all ages!!! this is the all new BATTLETHREAD!!! This thread is created by me is to discuss our,”who would win” fantasy’s! The thread includes different Match Types Classic (Standard gear,no power ups or enhancements. Won via K.O) No holds barred (No rules,won via K.O) Death Match (No Rules,Anything goes. Won via Death) Gunfight (Two opponents are placed in a arena with a weapon of choice. Won via Death) Normal battle (all powers disabled,and no gear,skill only. Won via K.O.) Classuc Duo (Same as classic but with a partner) Death Match Duo (same as Death Match But with a partner. Won via Death/last man standing) Champion Match (a match against the strongest champion. Won by Death or K.O. Once a week) Special Match (Customizable Match by leader) There will be 6 events everyday,from Opening to Main Event. Ill set the events then everyone will debate on who will win in each match,then as I give out the next events,I’ll declare who won in the previous matches. If you like to help me set matches,personal message me! *The contestants can range from books,movies,tv,video games,etc. the matches are cross-genre,from Western to Eastern.* Match 1 Classic Match The Joker vs Leather Face Arena: Beef Slaughterhouse (where burgers are made) Won via K.O Match 2 Duo Death Battle Green Arrow + Bullseye vs Deadshot + Domino Arena: Abandoned Military HQ Won via Death/last man standing Match 3 Special Match USS Odessey (Full crew) vs Starfox (Full crew,no fighters) Arena: uncharted area of space Won via Death Match 4 Special Match Frankenstein (Deathrace) Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal) Punisher Mad Max (Fury Road) Arena: Daytona 500 Won via Race ending/Death Match 5 Normal Match Batman (no gear,coms,etc) vs Neo (no powers,bullet time,etc) Arena: The roof of Empire State Building Won K.O MAIN EVENT The Hulk vs The Preadator Arena: A small city near a lush jungle No holds barred Won via Death/K.O Thats all for Today folks! Tune in at this thread at 10:30 to see the results and new matches! (Remember,no arguing! Just have a friendly debate!)
  6. So, hello everyone. It's been a long time since I posted something on here, and this is being posted for one of two things. One, I want to introduce people to Furious Factions - The Multiverse Battle Card Game, a game I've spent about three years developing, and am still nowhere near completion. So, without further ado, let's get started with the factions! United Terran Expeditionary Force (UTEF) The UTEF are a faction from an alternate Earth, where alien invasion upon alien invasion has turned our world into a partial wasteland, with the world banding together as the Union of Terra. Technology is focused mostly on war, with very few new advances in civilian technology due to the massive needs of the current war. Examples of UNITS: Now, the second reason I am posting this. I require assistance. I was of the school of thought that I could do the entire game by myself, all the art and setup, but it's starting to become obvious to me that my previous reasoning was in error, and now I am looking to build a team. To answer the obvious questions: Yes, I am a traditional artist. All the card art, minus the symbol for the UTEF (Which serves as the card back) is hand-drawn and coloured. I've been doing this iteration of my card game for about a year now. Also, the [.spoiler] tabs are... acting a little weird at the moment.
  7. What songs and music would suit to fantasy armies battling in the snow?
  8. Back in season 5, Equestria became allies with the griffons (The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone), and yaks (Party Pooped); and now in season 6, Equestria became allies with the dragons (Gauntlet of Fire), and changelings (To Where and Back Again). I know this is talked about time and time again, but does anyone think this all means something? You think we might get some big battle in season 7 when enemies are going to trying to take over Equestria, and they have to rely on their allies for help?
  9. Thinking about the show, and how they're launching a Guardians of harmony toyline revolving around armor/fighting... Isn't Defeating the villains or antagonists in a Straight fight antithetical to how the show operates? Nothing against it, but in EVERY big crisis in the show the villains have NEVER been defeated by just fighting them, but always through a deus ex machina style magical event revolving around Friendship or love. For example, S5's Finale: Chrysalis was defeated by her changelings all Deciding "Screw this I'm going lovebug" and everyone turning into redeemed changelings-- In Canterlot wedding, the mane six fighting the changelings accomplished nothing but it was a Giant love blast from Shining and cadence that defeated them. Tirek? the DBZ fight did nothing, it was the EOH giant rainbow thing that saved the day; Discord, EOH rainbow lasers as well. The closest thing to them having a fight save the day was in Friendship games since it was an actual Fight between Sunset and twilight (even if it did resolve itself with her offering twilight her hand in friendship after the fight was over) and not just a rainbow laser instant win. Heck, the only real "Fight saves the day" ending in a 100% way was power ponies. So we've NEVER had the villains beaten by actually getting into a fight with them (Outside the comics), with it always relying on a relatively non-violent Rainbow instant win or other event. As such, isn't the premise of guardians of harmony, focusing on weapons, armor and getting into nitty gritty fights to fix things against the grain of how the Show's worked till now? Not that I would be opposed to some fights where its the group working together with bonds of friendship giving them the strength to overcome, it just seems, thinking about it, that Such a tactic is counter to how the show's worked for 6 seasons.
  10. It was called world war III officially but it was goes by many other names to like "The Dark Years," the apocalypse”, “ the changing wars” as well as many other monikers but, when someone said “the war” all know what it’s means. It was a war that almost caused the extinction of all life on earth, left behind a deeply scar and devastated planted earth, and for all those that fought in it has the power to conjure up memories, emotions and stories, and it’s all of that, which I was sent to record. The Museum of human conflict is going the be a museum which will contained dioramas depicting battles of WW III, the recorded interviews of soldiers and other who lived the war, war artifacts including weaponry used in the war and personal effects from those who were there. I was asked by the United Earth Sphere Alliance high command to make a record of the greatest conflict in earth’s history for the museum of the humanity and I was told to talk to everyone I could find, from children to highest general and it’s through these interviews that two name kept coming up, bad company and the call sign pigeon. It’s seems this unit and its CO were at just about every major battle of World War III. Who is this person and how did this unit become the most controversial force in military history? United Earth Sphere Alliance research base Nybyen, Svalbard archipelago Norway 2034 {When I got off the helicopter, I was met by an attractive middle aged African American female changing and she would take me to the man I seek. As we walk, I found out this woman is both the commanding officers mother and principal NCO assistant. This was a surprise to me because she looks only thirty-five and she doesn’t have the bruised, weathered, scarred and used look like most veterans of the war. We find Brigadier General Malik Maaka grooming a black dragon that is missing one eye and one wing. His real age is forty seven but with his snow white hair and thick glasses he looks older} The first year of the war I spent being studied and experiment on in the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Kaiserslautern, Germany. It sounds pretty bad but it wasn’t, I played video games most of the day and I was never harmed. I only thing I did not like about that place were the doctors watching me twenty-four hours a day, I was like “can’t I take a bath without ten people watching me?” Anyway, we learned that like all changelings I gained the skills and memories of other people through blood ingestion. The bat whose heart was in my chest had fed upon a US marine CH-53E Super Stallion pilot and so I had four thousand hours of flight time experience and all the skill of a combat Naval Aviator. As more of his personality started to come in I wanted to get back in the action and after some debate I was sent back to the academy to become a transport pilot. After graduation, I was a second lieutenant in the US air force flying a T- tailer or a C-5 Galaxy with the call sign pigeon. {How long did you do that and what else did you do? } Let’s see, for about two years I took part in the United States Strategic airlift moving civilians to the safe zones in Mexico and South America and then I became a tactical combat airlifter flying the C-130 Hercules or the HERK as we pilots call it. Did a lots of operations in Europe and Africa and took part in Great European tactical retreat and my plane was the last one to leave the UK before it fell to the enemy, My crew got some medals because we save some VIPs and civilians under very heavy AA fire. After that they need all the combat pilots they could get and so they had me flying an AC-130H Spectre and I did that for about a year. I got shot down and got some more medals for holding off the enemy for two days at the crash site and taking care of my wounded aircrew. When I was recovering I was given a promotion to captain and asked if I wanted to fly an white Tiger Striped F-4X Phantom II they had found in storage. I was told it was an advanced F-4E Phantom II that can fly at Mach 3 speeds, it’s very maneuverable aircraft and it has an upgrade that allows it to compete with most top-tier fighters like the F15C. I did, and I was reassigned to Multi-National 99nd Tactical Fighter Squadron. I did ten combat sorties before I was in the battle of the Suez Canal AKA the battle of the round table. We had only sixty five aircraft against their one hundred ten with aircraft and pilots from the Luftwaffe, French, and RAF air forces and they had like a thousand bats backing them up. I saw them drop the thermobaric weapon called the “God of all bombs” on Port Said destroying it and damming the Suez Canal. Only twenty two aircraft made it out of that battle and we lost most of our ground forces. After that the enemy owned the skies and WWIII became a ground war and I was asked by general king Sombra to make a new special force unit of humans and non-humans. It ended up being called Bad Company because of the people in it. {Are the stories about Bad Company and Field Marshal King Sombra true?} If you’re asking if the kill ratio of 300 to 1 is true then yes, if you’re asking did Field Marshal King Sombra, Bad Company or myself committed war crime…we were fighting for our species survival! Everyone thought at that time we were going to lose and it would be the end of everything. When I was given the job of not only making this unit but also being its CO I was given free rein to do as a like as long as I would win and the only people I have to answer to are my command and chief, General King Sombra, and my men. Ask my men or anyone I fought against if that stuff is true! {I realize I have stoked a nerve and for a moment I see that predatory animal I had heard about as his eye flash a bright gold. I apologize and ask him about the history of Bad Company} I had been on the frontlines and I saw how our “allied force” had been acting. The changelings and earth ponies are natural enemies and did not work well with anyone that was not like them. The unicorn’s did not like taking orders and always did what they liked. The humans distrusted the monsters and then there were other problems like ancient feuds, sexism, racism and all kind of dumb things. It’s why they asked me to make integrated military force. {Because you’re a human/changing bat hybrid?} Yeah. I mean I was not the first person they asked but, I am well liked by everyone I served with and respected by non-humans. {How you build this new integrated?} Well first off I wanted military prisoners and any other convicts they could find, the worst offenders the better. I wanted these kinds of people because they had nothing to lose and much to gain. I then hand-picked squads of changelings , earth ponies and unicorn’s to make up my core fighting force and also got Karin Maaka because I liked her and I need a medic. Last I got a US Marine rifle platoon because US Marines are the best soldiers ever to set foot onto the battlefield and I need people that would follow my orders. When I had all my people together I told them “I only have one rule. Everyone fights and if you don’t I will kill you myself. You will live, eat, pray, worked, and played together as one family. I don’t care who you are, what you did, or what your deal is because this is a war of survival .If any of you convicts mess up here I will let the changelings eat because I don’t do second chances. Remember this saying Ohana means family, Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten!” From there the training was easy because some of the convicts had been Special Forces or terrorist so we used a little of everything that everyone had learned for training. A few of the cons I had to public execute and there was some other problems but the first battle we were in our odd training proved itself, we lost no one. We were always successful because I made sure we always got missions at the forward edge of the battle area so we had to count on each other or die. Shared adversity builds friendship. {Tell me about the battles that happen here? His eyes get a faraway look and he starts petting the dragon on the head like a cat} It was hell on earth. The Grimsvotn volcano in Iceland had erupted covering the top half of the world in a thick ash cloud and it was winter here in Svalbard with heavy snow. High command had told us that they calculate ninety five percent casualties at least from this battle and that we had to take this base intact with the scientists and engineers alive, this base was like Area 51. Intel was the hold archipelago area heavily mined and they had ever kind of defenses you could think of and somehow they had released millions of zombies all over the area. It was the largest amphibious assault since WWII and we had five aircraft carriers battle groups, two deep space carriers from the space fleet, twenty-five amphibious warfare ships and all kinds of submarines and other types of ships from eight different navies. We had so many aircraft of all kinds that the plan was to use the deep space carriers to open a hyperspace window to collect them from their bases from all over the world and we would all meet up in hyper space and attack all at once. They needed all pilots so I would be flying my F-4E Phantom II in a Close Air Support and my old wing man goat was flying an A-10 warthog. {He stops talking just before a large explosion rocks the base. I jump thinking were under attack but he tells me there just demining the area} Anyways, the fighter drones came out of hyperspace first to clear the skies out somewhat of enemy aircraft, bats, and also anti-aircraft defenses and also try to clear the beach out some for ground forces. Then the fighter jets were next to keep the enemy fighters off of everyone else and then us strike air and support aircraft were next. When I came out of hyperspace over the battle field it was like walking into hell I mean everything in the world seem to be shooting at us and the radio was alive with people calling out for help or ships being hit/sunk. So, we did our jobs and dropped incendiary bomb over the beaches clearing it out for our boys on the ground and after reloading at the deep space carrier we did Close Air Support for the landing force. The battle was going good and I was both doing CAS and giving order when I got hit by AAA. {What did you do?} Well it was not too bad, but I had lost 80% of my fuel. I did a crash landing in a snow drift near where I hoped our people were and pulled out my sig 226 in one hand and my gurkha kukri and started killing all the zombie that were in my way. I was half way to a group of marines and just about out of ammo when my blade got stuck in a zombie head and I was getting surround by the undead when , of all things I see this Japanese pilot skillful cutting his way to me with a katana . {Did you know this person and how did he find you?} Yeah I did know who it was when I saw that Damascus Tanto in his belt, it was my old friend Sōshi. After we clear the rest of zombies, he told me the V-22 Osprey he was on was dropping off troops when they took a RPG and clashed. He was the only one that made it and he was trying to get the frontlines and meet up with friendly when he hear over the radio the General’s jets was hit and was making a clash landing and any troops in the area should try to reach him. {So what did you do then?} Well, he handed me the Damascus Tanto (he is better with a sword then I am) and all the 9mm he had and we unleashed death on any zombies we ran into. I know it sounds strange, but even in the middle of that hell with dead and living trying to kill us we both were smiling. We felt great! Empower somehow. We seem invincible and it was like the old days us against the world fight side by side. When the US Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance that was set to find me did, we both were covered in blood and gore and laughing like school girls. Together we had killed over 200 zombies with just our blades. {And what happen then?} We both got into the Merkava tank then had sent for me and we rode it to the main battle. It took us three hours to get inside and lock it down and a week make it clear of all enemy forces/traps. After we took this base we raised our flag and as it was going up someone play this Russian singer singing the Russian anthem and it was so beautiful most of us including me, started crying. I think some of us were crying because they were happy it was over, some cause of all those we lost and some well… I guess they had been holding it all in and it came out. After we all got it all out we had a huge party and then we got back to work. {What can you tell me about king sombra} Well I know he did some bad stuff in the past and he did enslave his people but you know his was not evil. He was my best friend and I can say this I loved him like my family. Everything I learned about being a leader, being a good husband and officers I learned from him. He told me he always wanted to make up for his past and that why he wanted me to be the best leader I could and in the end he did cause look at what we made together. When took over this base there was a ballistic missile submarine hiding offshore as there revenge if we were to win. I remember I was standing on the beach when I heard and saw 24 missiles screaming up into the sky. I got an update that was a nuclear launch and that 24 Trident D5 had targets set in the north and South America, Europe and Africa. If you don’t know one Trident D5 carries fourteen thermonuclear bombs, which means we had three hundred thirty six thermonuclear bombs coming down. I thought “We won the war but they still going to killed us all” when I heard king sombra voice over the radio saying he go this. I asked him what was he going to do and he said “General Malik, do you know why I enslaved my people? I had a son and I left him in change when I left for some business and when I got back my army had try to stage a coup and killed him. I had been a good king before this but; lost in pain and sorrow I did some very evil deeds. When I first met you, you had that same look in your eyes as him and acted like him. It’s been a long war; it's been a tough war. You've fought bravely and we have seen death and suffered together. I'm proud to have served with you and got to know you and your troops. Everyone in this world deserve to live long and happy lives in peace and at the end of every story the villain always die at the end. So, today the villain king sombra dies and I make up for my past.” I saw this light and most of missiles were destroyed in space but a few got pass him hitting unpopulated areas. {The General has to stop and compost himself} He did it. He saved us all. He gave his life so we could live and I think he is up there now with his son watching over me. {One last thing, were do we go from here and what are you going to do?} I really don’t know. Human still have racism and prejudice and now there changeling, equestrians and other stuff living together. The world won't change for the better unless we learn trust and forgiveness. Trust and forgiveness is vital in a peaceful world. But that will never happen. I might have to fight in one more war but really being both human and changing I think everyone is just tired and we have bleed out all the blood of war. It’s time to rebuild and get back to life for our children. As for me we still have fifth column forces to hunt down and ALL those traitors will die. After that I have my kids to rise and a wife to love tell the end. { We wrap things up and I am given Brigadier General Malik Maaka personal effects for the museum, his sig P226, the sword taken from Hermann Göring after the Nybyen base fall, files and documents, and his F4 . Looking over the files I find all the poof of the war crimes he did and his wedding video of a proud king sombra performing his wedding with all his soldiers there witnessing it. They call these two warriors the Demon Lords, warriors who soared through the skies of World War III, inspiring both fear and admiration. I came here to learn more about my father king sombra thought Brigadier General Malik Maaka and apart from what I have heard about my father, I still know nothing about him. Maybe I will never find out what kind of a pony he really was but looking at the photos of him with Brigadier General Malik and the real love and pride he had for him I know he was not the villain everyone tells me he was. He gave his life for love of his people and as he daughter I am going to make sure the world knows who he really was.} (All evidence of war crimes by either Brigadier General Malik Maaka or Field Marshal King Sombra was never found. A statue of King Sombra was built in the Museum of human conflict with a plague that said “to heroism of the great king Sombra and all those that gave their lives for all of us. In our darkest hours he showed us the light.” Flowers, messages and medals are left at the foot of the statue by many that visit the museum.)
  11. (Note: I wasn't exactly sure where this thread belongs, but I figured this is the most logical place for it, as it relates to the show and technically isn't fanwork of sorts. If this is an incorrect location please let me know. ) For those of you not familiar with Brantsteele, it's basically a site full of simulators based around popular competitions and reality shows (Hunger Games, Survivor, Big Brother, etc.) where you can input characters other than the default. It will then take those characters and map out a completely randomized game or series for the chosen simulation. When I say random, I mean it's random when you first simulate it. Afterwards, if you save it and link it elsewhere, everyone would see the same exact simulation. I recently discovered it and it's super duper fun! And since it's random, bizarre and interesting scenarios can come from it. So I input characters from MLP into a Hunger Games simulator, which you can look at here: Since it's Hunger Games, obviously there will be mild, non-detailed depictions of violence. Other than that it's pretty clean. I decided to go with a villains/antagonists theme. After a while it got difficult to think of villains, so I went with basic antagonists. Some of these characters, Iron Will I recognize for example, weren't exactly evil, but I was running low on ideas. So, have fun and tell me what your favorite bits were. I also encourage you guys to do simulations as your own.
  12. It's not a question actually, I just want to start a discussion that raised from the activity on this thread: as you can see, it's "rare" (lol/wut) to find "handsome/good looking" bronies in our fandom (though I would say that ours are very similar to anime, star wars even furry etc. but this is just about the brony fandom) and when said bronies admit to "normal" people what they like, they may be like "what? but you don't look like a fat ass nerd without a life to be liking ponies. ew" <--- just to spice things up catching my drift already? why the stigma of liking cartoons, videogames and technology is biased towards (sorry to say that) ugly, ungroomed, not attractive people since there are a lot of good looking people that shares the same interests. time to discuss, I'm out of ideas XD (sorry for this crappy first post as well, I have a headache and can't word things out correctly XD) let's limit the topic to the brony fandom, even with the similarities ok.
  13. So, what are your most favorite boss introductory sequences from gaming, and why? Most boss intros can be quite epic and awesome, and certainly help set the mood for the impending battle. Which ones do you find the most exciting, terrifying or just plain amazing?
  14. let's say your a hero real life or movie and your having you're big stand off with the bad guy and he said this: Why do you do it? Why Why keep fighting? Do you believe you're fighting... for something? For more than your survival? Can you tell me what it is? Do you even know? Is it freedom? Or truth? Perhaps peace? Could it be for love? Illusions, you fool pure illusions. Vagaries of perception. Temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect trying desperately to justify an existence that is without meaning or purpose. You must be able to see it, you fool. You must know it by now. You can't win. It's pointless to keep fighting. Why? Why? Why do you persist? what would be your answer to why you keep fighting?
  15. After watching Friendship Games I'm considering writing a fanfic about Twilight Sparkle in the ponyverse transforming into Midnight Sparkle and that there would be fight scene between her and a member of the Mane 6. So I'm curious which member of the Mane 6 (excluding Twilight of course) do you think would be the has the most potential for an EPIC 1 on 1 Battle against Midnight Sparkle. Just vote above to decide who you think would be the best candidate to have an epic fight scene against Midnight Sparkle to try and free her from the darkness.
  16. So, I'd just like to bring up this REALLY cool concept I found out about recently. It's called "Dueling DAWs" (although the title probably should have made that obvious), and so far, I've never really listened to the concept in action anywhere other than inside the Brony music world. The concept I believe was created by Stablefree for Toastbeard ZIQ16, and the way it works is like a simple "append and send" process: 1) Producer A makes 16 bars of music, bounces to WAV and sends to Producer B. 2) Producer B adds additional 16 bars of music, bounces the whole thing to WAV and sends to Producer A. 3) Rinse and repeat. Set time limit to make things more interesting (optional, of course)! 4) Place this step-by-step list into your video description, so that other people can take the challenge! Once a section is mixed down it stays locked in stereo and no revisions are allowed. This is the concept's debut, Stablefree vs. Replacer: And this is SlyphStorm vs. Forest Rain, awesomely giving the concept some life: So...what are all your thoughts on this? Do you think y'all would like to try it with each other? I'd love to try as well; unfortunately I have no comparable DAW right now. Also...if anypony is willing to reference this to Aviators, please do so, because THAT would be awesome to hear, him trying out this concept.
  17. The enemy is coming and want to destroy all you love and treasure. Would you go to Battle with the person above you? If you would, why is that? If you wouldn't, why is that?
  18. That's it. You awoke a demon, and now we'll see who the ass is right on this thing. PREMISE IS SIMPLE. WHO'S BETTER? STAR BUTTERFLY? OR PEARL? Come on,is easy to see who's the winner. *cough* Star <3 *cough* THE TIME LIMIT ARE 7 DAYS,AKA ONE WEEK. SHIP FIGHT AWAY!
  19. I propose a challenge!! Similar to a previous thread I made back in December, I challenge anyone who reads this, to name a fictional character who can beat my own. Who can beat Battler Ushiromiya, the Golden Endless Scorcerer? Rules: no omnipotent/nigh omnipotent characters, other than that, you may use any character in fiction. Give reasons as to why your character would win. You may name up to 5 characters. Oh, and you cannot use Battler himself, or characters from his own verse. Just some friendly advice, by the way, I suggest that, if you wish to have any chance at all of beating him, you should name very, very heavy hitters in fiction. Bring it on. :3 Here's a theme for the battle: Anyone? Come on, you know you want to!!
  20. So we've had an alicorn as a villain, a unicorn, a griffin, a minotaur, a draconequus, a changeling, and now a centaur... ... ... .. . The next next villain will be an ogre...whom we will love...for life
  21. November 10th 2014 hell day Malik sits outside star-bucks reading an anime book that he just got from the Barnes & Noble next door. It’s a cool nice day and lots of people are outside enjoying the Florida fall weather before it starts to get cold. He is deep in the book when he realizes it starting to get dark and he hears a low humming sound. He puts his book down and looks up when someone points and says “what is that thing up there?” Malik with the rest of the customers outside see something like an airship with a huge dark, black cloud around it moving from west from the Gulf of Mexico toward them. “It looks like a big blimp”, an older white man says as he points at it. The clouds part from around the airship and Malik see hundreds of flashes and contrails coming from the airship in their direction. Everyone is still standing and watching but, something in Malik tells him to move inside and he go inside the star-bucks. The door just closes behind him when an explosion blows the glass out of the door and throws him forward under a table. Before he can think or move something hits the roof of the building making the roof collapse down on him and he blacks out. “What the hell happen?” Malik both thinks and says out loud as he gets up from under the rubble. The table he was thrown under kept most of the roof from falling on him. He looks himself over and other that his ears are ringing, his noise is bleeding, he is a little dazed and confused he is ok overall. He checks his watch and he see he was out for an hour and looks at his backpack that he had on. The blood and shrapnel covering packed saved him from getting impaled by glass. He thinks as he throws it down “My stuff stops the shrapnel.” He walks away from the fallen building into the parking lot and just stops from what he sees. Outside there is mass carnage with bodies everywhere, cars on fire, a red colored smoke is hanging in the air, and there are monster bats the size of a cars ripping, tearing and eating the dead and wounded. Malik looks around and there are hundreds of them attacking and eating anyone that is moving. His brain is having a hard time understanding what he is seeing because, it can’t be real. One of the bats lands right next to Malik and he looks the beast right in the eye. He sees himself in its blood red eye and does not move. The beast comes within inches of his face and opens its mouth showing off a pair of 6 inch canine teeth but, he still does not move. The beast closes it mouth and smells him and looks at him like it’s thinking of killing when, all the bats look off to the north and fly away. Sometime after the bats have left, Malik looks at some of the wounded to see if anyone else is still alive. No one is and other then the sound of fire burning and things blowing up in the distance, nothing is moving. His mind races as he thinks “what in god name was that? I hope my mother is ok. I need to call her.”, and he tries his cell phone. He has bars but the lines are down and he starts to look for a car to try to drive to his mom apartment with. He checks a Florida Highway Patrol car that was undamaged in the attack and there are no keys for it. He finds the trooper with the keys half pulled up a tree and pulls him down. He takes the cops glock 37, ammo and keys to the car and moves to the car. In the trunk of the car he takes out a wood stock Remington 870 Express, 4 boxes of 12ga and 45gap ammo and a blue tarp. He covers the dead trooper with the blue tarp and get back in the car sitting the shotgun on the seat next to him and puts the glock in his waste ban. “I ‘am coming just hold on”, he said and he pulls off heading to his moms places. As he leaves the lot the blue tarp moves and a heart ripped out FHP trooper rises and start to walk after the leaving car. Malik takes the back roads because he unsure of what is out there or what he might run into. As he goes down a neighborhood street he ended up in front of his friend’s Sōshi home and he see Sōshi out front of his house in tactical gear with a MP5 PDW in his hands. Sōshi lets the gun fall down on its sling and rises his hands up and starts talking to a very fast stressed with blood shot eyes. “Officer it’s not how it looks I was just protecting my home and ….” He stops and pulls up his tactical goggles too get a better look at the person standing and looking at him “Malik what are you doing getting out of a cop car? That not important right now, you won’t’ believe with happen man! Nazis vampire attacked my college dog, NAZIS VAMPIRES!! I had to run for my life and hide in as they ripe thought the campus cops like wet rags. I train for the day when a war was going to happen but, when it came I failed. I was a part of a militia group and we train for war and I let everyone down. These Nazis vampire attacked and I just stood there as they killed everyone.”, the Sōshi said. “Well it not your fault, you tried but stuff happens.” Malik said to him as he takes the gun from his waste ban. The Sōshi looks at him with a look of pure insanity “I had to kill all my friends again! They found me hiding and just looked at me and left me there with all my dead friends around me! They all had their necks ripped out and were dead but, they were not dead. They got back up and attacked me and I had to shoot with a gun I picked up and kill them again. I was going to try to see maybe if any other units made it but when I saw these monster bats fly by I just gave up and was going to kill myself. Maybe I could tell them I am sorry for my cowardness.” Sōshi starts to cry and raise the gun to his mouth when Malik stops him. “If you’re going to kill yourself man, then that is taking the easy way out. So, you’re a coward? You think any human was made to see this stuff and fight it! I was in a building that fell down on me and when I got out I saw people getting eaten by monsters. You wanted to play soldier and be a mall ninja, well now it’s has hit the fan and it real. I need guns and help if I am going to make it and gabu need his Mei.” Malik go back to the car and unlocks the back door “the choice is yours. You can get in the car and help me save my mom and anyone else or you can stay here and die and let those things eat you”, Malik points down the street at a mass of dead human walk toward them “make up your mind fast cause I can’t wait around! This is your chance to make up for what happen.” Sōshi gets up and goes back into his home and comes back with duffel bags and starts loading his gear into the back of the car. “I want to live and thank you, I was a little crazy but I am good now.” Sōshi said to his old friend with a smile. As Malik helps him load cases of ammo, 4 large army duffle bag of mix pile of rifles, shotguns, and other weapons into the back of the car and trunk, Sōshi hands malik an aluminum pistol case with his name on it. “I got you something for helping find who I am and getting me into guns.” Sōshi said as malik opens the case. Inside is a 9mm sig sauer P226 Combat with a wolf head logo cut into the side, four 20 round super capacity magazines with 4 more 15 round magazines , a Galco VHS Shoulder Holster, and 7 ½ long blade G-10 Espada cold steel folding knife. Sōshi hand malik boxes of ammo for 9mm for the gun with a smile as he puts on the new gear. “This gun came from the SIG SAUER Custom Shop were master gunsmiths made this the ultimate combat handgun! I spent 2,500 dollars on the gun alone and well I wanted the best for my best friend. Do you like it?” Sōshi asks looking at malik like a child looking for his dad approval. “I don’t like it. I LOVE IT!! You know me so well. But I have to ask before we get into that car, you’re not going to run off when the fight starts are you?” Malik ask Sōshi. “I think god is giving me a chance to save my soul for letting my friends die. I will not run or be a coward again. I trust you more than anyone else and I never told you this but no matter what, I got your back and I’ll take a bullet for you if it comes to that” Sōshi said. “Ok then, thank you? Now let’s get out of here”, Malik said as they both get into the car gear and starts heading to his mom place. As the head north they see more people that should be dead but are still walking around. Malik and Sōshi debate what they are and after shooting and running over one, they come to the conclusions that there zombies. When they get to the apartments Malik stops in the parking lot to find out the plan from Sōshi. “Well, what is the plan my man?” asks Malik as they both gets out and look around. “Oh no Malik, I am just here to take orders. After what happen, I just going to let someone else be the leader.” Sōshi says as he opens a large army duffle bag. “Well, ok then, there is a police station right up the street. I want you to go there and look for anything helpful and a ride for yourself. After I get my stuff and my mom we are going to make a convoy and head to the national forest that is in not far from here. It should be safe there because, these things are mostly in the cities”, Malik said looking at a map he pulled up on the cruisers computer. “Yes sir, do you want anything better than that handgun and shotgun? I would be more than happy to left you have anything you want, we had a lot of guns”, Sōshi said as he loads a glock 19 into a holster and checks his full auto Mp5 PDW. Malik checks what is in the bags. There is a mix of handguns with most being glocks, rugers, 3 sig’s, and the rest are revolves. He check the pile and other army duffle bag with longs guns in it and there are a mix of shotguns both short barrel and combat, ak-47’s and 74’s , AR-15s, one 7615 Police, a lever action 357mag , 4 Mp5 and a short barreled arsenal Inc. krinkov and FN p-90. He looks at both p-90 and krinkov and choose the krinkov because he knows how to use an AK-47 and takes 3 magazines for in. “If you were a militia group why so few AR or assault rifles?” Malik ask. “Well we had more guns but the Nazi’s destroy most of the weapons and most of these are my personal weapon collection” Sōshi tells Malik. After talking over the plan again they nod to each other and go their way to do their jobs. Malik has the rem 870 strap to his back, the sig in its shoulder holster, the glock in a pocket and the AK for his main gun. He moves slowly checking everywhere for movement but, all is still as he goes up the outside stair to the front door. He unlocks it and moves inside and listens for anything but, all is still. He calls out and he hear someone in the master bedroom and he moves to the door and turn the knob with one hand and keeps the AK point at the door. As soon as the door opens someone comes at him with a baseball bat and he ducks knocking that person to the ground. After a few second on the ground fighting, his mom see it him and they both get up. “I thought it was one of them and they were coming for me!” she said halfway crying and talking. After letting his mom cry and ask him a few question he tell her to get all the food, warm clothing and anything else she thinks they might need and load it into the car and he hands her the 870 shotgun. “Were did you get a cop car from?” she ask him. “There was a dead cop and I took the keys off his dead body. We need the car and my friend is going to the police station to take some things we might need”, Malik tells here as he puts on a mix of hunting and surplus military clothing and slides the glock into a leg holster. She was about to ask some more questions when, Malik cuts her off “We don’t have time for any more questions! We need to load up the car and get out of here and also I have to show you how to use this shotgun so you can cover me if needed”, She tell him ok and there start to take stuff from the apartment to the car and he shows her how to use the rem 870. They were coming out of the apartment for their last trip down stairs when Malik stops and points at someone in the apartment’s court. 20 yards from the building a man is wearing a Waffen-SS uniform and is talking to himself and eating someone. Whispering Malik tells his mom to take aim up here on the rail and he is going to move closer and try for a head shots. Malik gives the thumbs up and they both start shooting. Malik fires his gun emptying the 30 round magazine into the head and upper body of the Nazi and the Nazi goes down but starts to get up very slowing from the surprise attack. Malik runs down the stair having a hard time getting a new magazine into the gun and drops it, drawing and firing the glock at point black range into the Nazi head. The Nazi goes down into a pile of dust and Malik turns to his mom and said “Well he is dead now, you might also want to reload now .”, His mom with a wide eye look comes and looks at the pile of ash with a pair of Short fangs hang out of its mouth. “What in all of heaven is that thing?” she says out loud giving the pile of ash a poke with a stick. “Why it’s a Nazi vampire. Only vampires turn to ash or so they say. But it looks like it for real and the part about head shots is also true it seems to”, Malik said reloading a magazine into his gun. “It looks like hell has come to earth and this is the judgment day for mankind. But if we stand together we will make it”, Malik said out loud looking off to the south at the smoke of the city. A police ford bronco pulls up in the parking lot and honks and Sōshi get out walking up to them. “I found a diesel Ford Bronco and lots of diesel fuel for it. There also a 1000 gal tank outback of the police station and we need to get some gas cans to fill up. It looks like someone killed everyone in the police station with a machine gun because the place has bullet holes in everything. Lots of bodies are everywhere and it looks like they didn’t ever get off a shot. Whoever killed the cops left didn’t take anything and I found some more stuff we can use. I also took some radios so we can talk to each other on the road.”, Sōshi hand Malik one and the 3 of them do a meet and greet , talk over the plan, learn how to use their weapons from Sōshi , and last they make a list of places they need to go to get things they need before leaving. After they find everything they need from the department stores in the area and fill up some gas can they start to head north to the national forest. Five miles from the national forest 3 hummers and M2 Bradley block the road. A platoon of soldiers in chemical warfare gear stand in the road with guns ready to shoot pointed at them. They come to a stop and a Staff Sergeant tells them all civilians should head to the Naval Air Station in Pensacola to get out of the United States to their fall back sight. “That BS, we can’t make it there. We need your help if we are going to get there.” Malik said looking the masked soldier in the face. “Well Mr. Malik, we have orders to attack the city behind you and most of the large cities are war zones right now. You’re group is well armed and you have lots of fuel, I am not going to ask where or how you got those things but, if you want to live. Go to the Naval Air Station, it one of the few base left in the state that is still standing.” The soldier said to Malik. “How do you know my name?” Malik ask “Well we have a face recognition camera on one of the hummers, so we know all your names and you check out and you’re not criminals. It’s why we are not going to disarm you and take your misapproped vehicles. Look there is something you can do for me. We have some unarmed civilians that need to go to the same place as you but, we don’t have the time to get an escort for them. If you make a convoy and take them with you, I have the power under marshal law to make your group security contractors working with the government. You would not have to deal with the check points, it would look good after all this is over, and you will not be asked to give up your stuff.” The solider tells Malik. After talking it over with Sōshi and his mom, he tells the soldier they will do it. The soldiers and Sōshi pass out the guns from the duffle bags Sōshi has and they give a quick lesion on how to use weapons. Malik and Sōshi tell any info they know about what’s in the city and anything they have seen and last the staff sergeant tells the other civilians that there in charge and follow what they say before moving out on the again with Malik at the front of the convoy and Sōshi at the rear. A few miles down the road, Malik looks at the passes and ID they were giving when Sōshi comes on over the radio. “Malik do you think it a bio attack? You saw those soldiers back there, there is something air-born or they would not have that on.” he said. “Well if it is we all have it and so were SOL. You know maybe –“, Malik was about to say something when the roar of jets cut him off. Malik put his head out the passenger side window and see A-10 fighters loaded down with bomb fly so low he can see the pilots. Sōshi comes back on the radio after the jets pass by “Well it looks like the Staff Sergeant was right, we are at war and the cities are not safe.” Sōshi said. “Do you think the other people in the convoy trust us and think we are really PMC?” Malik ask Sōshi over the radio. “Well most people are sheep, there scary and looking for someone to tell them what to do. I think even if they don’t like or trust us they will do as we say. The man driving that school bus behind you his name is Bill Overbeck and he is a gulf war veteran. He knows were not PMC’s but, he said he would stand with us if we need it and not tell the rest were not security contractors. He has an Ar15 and a glock with him.” Sōshi said over the radio. “I pull up safe route to the air station and as long as we drive during the day and at night rest with one of the 4 of us on guard we should make it with little trouble. I am taking a nap and signing out now. “, Malik said putting down the radio. The convey moves easily going north and as they get closer to the air station more vehicles join the convoy. The last 100 miles before they get to base they pass thought a city to get food and for the first time they get a close look at a winning battle. They pass soldiers guarding a dead dragon the size of an eight story building that had crash into some buildings. After seeing that they could be killed, morally in the convey goes up and everyone get more hopeful about their survival. When they get within sight of the base some people don’t want to wait and pass Malik in the front to be the first one on the base. As Malik gets closer to the base he see that a heavy battle had been going on there and there’s burning vehicles all over the place. As Malik pulls to a stop behind the people who pass him he sees them just standing there look at the mess. Before he gets out of his car Sōshi comes over the radio. “Dam it, I told them don’t get out tell we clear it! Ok, let try to get them back in their cars and make a group to check the base. Weapons hot everyone, there might be some bats around here.” Sōshi said over the radio. Malik hears Overbeck telling the children on his bus to stay onboard and weapons safety’s being taken off and both his mom and him get out. As his mom helps an older woman back to her car, Malik hear Overbeck yell out “Bat’s at your six!” and he starts shooting. Some people starts running to their cars, other start shooting, some are running like chicken with their head cut off and other to his horror are still standing there looking at the bats coming at them. Malik drops a very big one that was trying to get a running child and it‘s body falls on a BMW crushing the empty car. Malik looks for the next target when he sees to his left a woman holding a small child and standing there as a bat comes flying at her. “Down, down, get your but down so I can shoot!” Malik running at her yells but, she does not move. He pushes her to the ground in time for the bat to miss her but the bat rams into his side pushing him and it into a fighting ball of wings and arms. Malik AK is pulled off of him by the bat as it tries to get a hold of him. He pulls away from it but the bat jump onto his chest knocking the wind out of him. The bat raise its wing claw and at the same time as Malik gets his sig 226 out but before he can shoot the bat drives it claw into his chest. He does not even feel it and lets lose 6 shots into the beast mouth and it fall back off of him. As he feels the blackness coming and hears his mom crying his name he thinks “well I see you later” and then there is nothing. Malik hears the sounds of people talking and feels that he is in a bed. He moves a little but pain shoots up from his chest and he stays still. He opens his eyes and there is a young woman looking down at him. Malik see the fangs and jumps trying to pull away from her. His mother quickly runs over to calm down him down and the young woman talk softly trying to avert his fears. After he calms down, the vampire girl talks to him. “My name is fleur de lis and I did not mean to scary you but, after what you have seen being fearful is understandable. I guess it’s why they asked me to talk to you and help take care of you, I don’t look too scary. You’re a lucky you know that? We were told a convey was coming and the marines were hiding in the main building on the lookout for you guys. All other personal were on the USNS Comfort when we hear the gun fire and we hear to be ready for wounded and possibly a KIA. The bat was trying to pull your heart out when you killed it and it did a lot of damage to your heart and you were bleeding out and in shock. When you came into the ER they said you were going to die but a few of our team are heart surgeons and they found you a new heart. The bats DNA is like stem cells it will mix with anything. You must understand they experiment on you because you were dying and it was the only way to save your life.” She pauses to check his IV. “The one you shot they removed its heart and put it in you. It was a success and it bonded with your body better they thought. You are going to be better than ok just look at your chest, it heal a lot faster than any human would after having open heart surgery just three days ago. Every doctor on the floor has come and looked at you, your recovering at a speed that can be seen.” the vampire stops talking and waits for him to take it all in. “What the hell is going on and what am I?” Malik said quietly looking down at his hands in fear of the answers. “Well to answers that I have to tell you something first what you call vampires and those bats things are really something called changelings. What you are is something we don’t know. Humans, changelings and my kind equestrians all have DNA that is close to each other, like monkeys and humans. The changelings carry what is called the vampire virus with you know the lore about vampires right? Well if they attack a human they become a changing or ghouls. I am a part changing and my blood kills the vampire virus, heals humans, keeps a human from dying and does many other things. Well you were dying and I gave you a lot of my blood and this is the first time we have done organ transplantation from a changling to a human. We have in a lab taken human organs and put them in a changing so we know it can be done. If you felling any pain it’s the vampire virus trying to take over but, my blood well kill the virus. So, they are calling you a human- equestrian -changing hybrid. They will be studying to see what happens. You’re not going to die but, its unknown what will happen next.” fleur de lis said giving him a kind caring look. “I know this is a lot to take in but let tell you that you should be human for the most part but, like me you will have increased depth perception, sense of smell, hearing, healing and still be able to eat human food. The equestrians -changing children are like changelings but lack some of the powers and weakness. So, I am just like you, I don’t fall into one group.” fleur de lis said. “Why did this happen?” Malik ask fleur de lis “In the beginning there was war between the species and many died. Then one day a being you humans call Satan came and for survival of all species they banded together to fight him. When it was over we all had lost many but a peace accorded was made between the species and laws were passed like never to attack humans, not to don’t drink human blood, not hunt or attack each other anymore. There was peace but, one group did not want the peace and liked the killing of old. This group was called Millennium leaded by queen chrysalis and was made of the worst of each species; they are the scum of the earth. The changelings were made to police these laws and keep the peace and we have kept them in line but, they were building an army. We have been with the human governments for a long time and you humans got pulled into our war. Their plan was to restart the war and they tried to do a power grab on the princesses’ ruler of all equestrians and changelings and at the same time they did a worldwide attack on all of the powerful nations of the world to kill off any human forces they could. The king sombra coven, the nightmare moon coven, fleur de covens, and the changing princess forces are the 4 most powerful coven’s and we were given the task of getting the humans and the rest of the races up to speed and get them ready for this war. “, fleur de lis stops and looks at him and sees he is not believing what she is saying. “ I know you ran into the bad changelings but, look around at most of the doctors here. Changelings and other things were sent to help any human armed forces and my team is all medical staff humans and changings. We don’t hate you and I hope in time you can trust us.” fleur de lis stops talking again because she sees he is still not getting what she saying and digs into her bag and pulls some things from her bag. “I was talking to your mother and I thought you might want these things”, fleur de lis said with a smile and sits an I-pod and his blood stained shoulder holster with his sig sauer P226 Combat in it. Malik picks up the gun and hold it like a talisman to his body. “She told me what bands you like and I download some of them for you. Sorry, the holster was the only thing I could save of yours. The gun is loaded and there are 2 spare magazines for it in your rig. It should give you peace of mind if you still scared with all these changelings around.” she said. fleur de lis checks Malik over and gives him something to sleep in his IV. “I gave you something so you can get some rest because you and everyone else on broad have been conscripted and you will get your training in Iraq. So get some rest because you’re in World war 3 now. Oh, yeah everyone in your group made it. You saved them all” fleur de lis said as Malik falls asleep.
  22. Or had he? A true godmodder never gives up in their goal to make everyone rage quit. And this godmodder, who had single-handedly hacked the source code of Minecraft to give himself anything he wanted, was not about to give up! No... He had another plan. A better plan. A plan that would ensure victory for the godmodding cause once and for all... But just then, A rift in time and space appeared! A hand reached through the rift. "Come with me if you want to succeed. Your 'Operator' plan is doomed to fail, but I have a better idea..." He ran through the rift just as it closed, splitting the timeline in two! "Okay, what is your so-called 'Better Idea'? It better be good, because you made me give up my totally AWESOME plan to come with you." The Godmodder said. "Oho, it's much better alright," said the voice. "We are going to troll the most easily trolled group in the multiverse... the bronies." ...And of course, that's where you all come in. Welcome to the (totally not)official sequel to the hit Minecraft Forum thread - Destroy the Godmodder! In this game, you have to destroy the Godmodder, a character whose job is to make everyone in the universe ragequit! As defined by Urban Dictionary, a godmodder is someone whose character is for all purposes, invincible. No attacks or any techniques will work against said character. The godmodder can instantly recover from anything that happens to him/her. Of course, the godmodder can do anything to any other character and the other characters aren't allowed to defend against it. This Godmodder, the most powerful godmodder in existence, has attacked Minecraft before. But this time, the Godmodder owns his own Minecraft server Has traveled to equestria with new found powers, so it will be even harder than the last game! However, there are many things that aid you in your fight. You can choose between fighting against or for the Godmodder! You can also remain neutral. But the end goal remains the same. Destroy the Godmodder, destroy his server, and save the entirety of Minecraft Equestria from destruction! Rules: 1. To damage the Godmodder, you have to use attacks that can't be godmodded. 2. The Curse of Unoriginality prevents anyone from using the same attack twice. 3. You may only post 3 times per "turn". A turn is the time in between my posts responding to all of your actions. I may edit this number later depending on how many of you actually play. 4. Do not double post, or it will not be counted. 5. Don't use spoiler tags, they may mess up the editor. 6. This is NOT A ROLEPLAY. You may make up your own "backstory" but don't expect it to be integrated into the main storyline. 7. In addition to regular attacks, you may summon characters and creatures know as Entities. Depending on how long you charge them up for, the stronger they will be! The format for summoning an entity is "I summon <Insert Entity Here> (1/Whatever you're charging them for) 8. If an entity is killed or defeated, the Curse of Unoriginality prevents it from being summoned again. This doesn't apply to generic summons, for example, a turret or a wall. 9. You can assist other player's charges in your post to increase the charge by 1. 10. You can only have a maximum of 3 charges at a time. Fully made Entities don't count towards this limit. 11. We don't have anything like Alchemy in DTG2. Sorry. Now, let the battle begin! =========================================================================== The Battlefield: The Godmodder [Godmodder] HP: 100:100 =========================================================================== External Links: Destroy the Godmodder 2: Operator! - The current edition of the official Destroy the Godmodder, maintained by Twinbuilder. Destroy the Godmodder - The original, discontinued thread. Destroy the Godmodder: TVTropes Edition - TVTropes' take on a sequel to the DTG Game. TVTropes' page on Destroy the Godmodder - Tropes that are contained in the Destroy the Godmodder series.
  23. As you've all seen, Tirek was perhaps the first villain upon which any magical attacks were ineffective, because he could just absorb them to grow in power, and then use them against the attacker. So using Magic against him was not much smart idea. (Twilight & Shining Armor, ur not using ur brainz! ) But this made me wonder: How a villain like this could be beaten, if one didn't have any Harmony Boxes kickin' around? Here's an idea I've got: MAGICAL POISONING If he likes sucking in other ponies' Magic so much, maybe there's a way to poison that Magic somehow, so that it would damage him from the inside and weaken him? I thought about sending him some Dark Magic. But then I realized that it could be dangerous if this Magic wouldn't do him any harm, and if he could be able to use it against the attacker too. Also, he sucked in Discord's Chaos Magic, and if he hasn't got any indigestion from that, then I have no idea what else could make him sick Maybe do you have any ideas of how such "magical poisoning" could be done? Or maybe do you have some other ideas / strategies for fighting Tirek without reverting to any deus ex machina solutions like the Harmony Box?