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Found 25 results

  1. Here is Duel Zone/Battlefield/Fighting Polygon Team from Super Smash Bros. on the Organ. Enjoy. Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here:
  2. Here is the Main Theme/Battlefield from Super Smash Bros. 4 (for Wii U & 3DS) on the Organ. Enjoy.
  3. I think by this point, it's pretty clear that one of the biggest clashes at the end of this year is going to be, yet again, between Battlefield and Call of Duty; arguably the two heavyweights of the multi-plat first person shooter genre. CoD has always beaten Battlefield on sales, while Battlefield (arguably) provides larger games of a higher quality. Well, this year could see even the sales tip in Battlefield's favour after all that has conspired in the early days of this month. If you are unaware, both Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1 have reveal trailers uploaded to youtube which you can check out here and here. Now, to put things into perspective, the new Battlefield trailer has gained around 11 million views since its upload around 2 days ago, with an overwhelmingly supportive 700,000 likes on the video with only 13,000 dislikes. But Infinite Warfare, on the other hand, has been hammered by fans due to the setting, execution and CoD 4 Remastered news. It is currently the MOST disliked gaming video on all of Youtube, the MOST disliked trailer on all of Youtube and is getting closer and closer to the top spot. It's sitting at a crazy 750,000 dislikes. How do you think this will affect the future of both franchises at the end of the year?
  4. For those who are not in the know, there's a new Battlefield game coming out this year. And it's set during World War 1. Personally, I've never played Battlefield, but I'd say it's refreshing that we have a first-person shooter that takes place in the Great War instead of World War 2.
  5. Well the trailer is finally out come on people what the heck did you think, because it blew my small mind!
  6. Dear game designers, why is the future suddelly the big hype? I can understand thats because you can literally make everything up about the game, stort and mechanics. But why does almost every game designer follow eachother, sure you want to compete, but then makd something completely diffrent. Few Games dare to Go to An alternate timeline in war, for instance what if the Russians won the cold war? Or what if Japan was never nuked. You are just to worried to make something controvircal because it will get bad media. But the truth is, controvercial. sells better. See mw2, No Russia was sooooo controvercial,yet the game sold well. Please stop going in to the future. Go as far as 2025.
  7. No worries, I'll get more specific than "stuffs". cx I just really like that word and I'm really hyper. ouo Specifically, I'm looking for an MLP Forums server, or at least a Brony server because the bots are too easy + don't level me up and I get destroyed online. I want a nice, calm, socially active Brony server. And if possible, any MLP related mods. Also, to clarify. I literally mean Battlefield 2 from 2005. Not Modern Combat, Not Bad Company or anything like that. Just Battlefield 2.
  8. Welcome one and all. On this site I'm called Wake N Bake but on Battlefield Hardline I go by xamitlu47. I created a platoon for the Battlefield series. I created this group so that fans have a CONSISTENT platoon that is more open and keeps their members in the loop! Here is a link to the Battlelog page! This blog will features update for and from the platoon and directly linked to the Battlelog page. We are currently accepting members so if you wanna join or if you have any questions fell free to ask!
  9. Seeing as how there's no game discussion area yet, I may as well post this here.I'm sure this will cause a lot of replies and debates, plenty good for this forum! These two franchises are the largest in the industry, and now they're going head to head against each other. So, here's the question:Call of Duty or Battlefield?EDIT: Let's try to keep the flaming to a minimum. We're (hopefully) all mature bronies and are capable of non-agressive debates.
  10. Hey guys I created a platoon. Check out the blog! It's sort of the landing page. (sorry for being lazy, I've created several things for this platoon and I'm tired of reexplaining this on different platforms lol)
  11. Do you play Battlefield Hardline and wish to play with fellow bronies? Well look no more and join the "Canterlot Heists" platoon! About The Canterlot Heists platoon is a new platoon for Battlefield Hardline that was created as a way for fellow fans of the great show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic to play and chat with each other in the battlefield. If you ever feel lonely and wish to play with someone then this platoon is for you! We are currently RECRUITING members to join. We are based in North America (Canada and USA) but we accept anyone worldwide! Although we are primarily a Playstation 4 clan, we also accept anyone on ANY PLATFORM. This means if you have any of the following you are eligible to join: Playstation 4 Xbox One PC Playstation 3 Xbox 360 How to apply *Must have a battlelog account in order to apply* 1. Simply click on the following link to be redirected to the platoon overview 2. Click the "Apply" button on the top right Rules Just play nice! Leaders @Noire Panzer | Noire_Panzer (PS4) @FadedSkies | FadedSkies_ (PS4) See you on the battlefield!
  12. “Battlefield 4™ is a genre-defining, action blockbuster made from moments that blur the line between game and glory - moments found only in Battlefield. With dynamic destructible environments, epic vehicular combat, and the chaos of all-out war, Battlefield 4 gives you the freedom to do more and be more for an unrivaled entertainment experience.” Battlefield 4 official page here. ———————————————————————————————————————————————— Background Information on the game: Battlefield 4 is a new installment of the Battlefield series, and a modern first person shooter (fps) developed by DICE, and published by Electronic Arts (EA). It will run the game engine Frostbite 3. The game will feature singleplayer missions and a multiplayer mode. The single player was described as “...feature[ing] an intense, dramatic character-driven campaign that starts with the evacuation of American VIPs from Shanghai and follows your squad's struggle to find its way home.” If you wish to watch the 17 minute long trailer of the single player mode click here. The systems the game will play on are the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and the next generation consoles. You can preorder here. If you wish. ———————————————————————————————————————————————— "Exclusive Battlefield 4 Beta" information: Anyone who preordered Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition by October 22nd 2012 gets access to the Battlefield 4 beta, which presumably will be available in Fall 2013. Battlefield blog on the matter. Also, according to the last Battlefield 3 Premium exclusive video, simply titled "March Premium Video" all Battlefield 3 Premium members receive access to the Battlefield 4 beta. Also, anyone who preorders the Battlefield 4 digital deluxe edition, will also get access.
  13. Hello there, fellow enjoyers of ponies and Battlefield 4! This is basically a self-advertisement post for my work in creating pony-related BF4 emblems for use in BF4 multiplayer servers. Below you'll find a link to everything I've made available to anyone besides me who would like to sport it. I am in no way seeking payment; rather, I just want to see my handiwork appreciated and used by like-minded people. Of course, simply follow the directions on the website to use any of my emblems on your own soldier if you don't know how to do so already. Even if you have no interest in BF4, still, by all means, take a look! I find I enjoy creating these emblems for the same reason I enjoy writing closed-form poetry (i.e. sonnets, haikus): because they allow me to work within very strict boundaries and become better and better at being efficient with the simple shapes and colors and limited layers I have available to me. Perhaps you'll enjoy them too. That said, given the strict boundaries, I can't ever make anything perfect--but I can get pretty close. I think you'll be able to see that my skills have progressed, even from the relatively few emblems that I've made. The difference in quality between my first (Shadowbolt Rainbow Dash) and my most recent (Vinyl Scratch) emblems is pretty drastic. So I plan to keep making them for the time being and keep getting better at the craft. Finally, a note to mods: I placed this post in the Fan Art section because I consider what I'm doing to be art. The medium is, of course, the Battlefield 4 emblem creator, though. So if you feel like this post belongs elsewhere, then feel free to move it.
  14. hI I am sMaRt_GUn_Ma57er i gET PWneD EvERydAY I pLaY CoD, Bf, and Halo I hA73 t3BAGger5, cAMp3rs, and hACk3rs This is my picture aSK m3 anY Th1ng
  15. Personally for me they do, cod, halo, tf2 and battlefield, ever game I get is filled with nothing but snipers (Or in Halos case, people teamkilling for it) it becomes frustrating and unfun when I cant take a single step without being shot by three or four snipers. Cods unrealistic use of them is the worst. Running around using them as a shotgun is bullshit and annoying to deal with for me.
  16. The big companys are out there for the money! Period! Go bye yourself some indie games (the good ones) Those are people who are making games cause they are fun! ie. Papers Please! Go buy this now! CoD and fans: CoD may as well be on the moon. They don't listen to there fan base at all. EA and fans: EA will listen only if they feel like it and 99% of the time they don't. Bethesda: Fans have a hotline with them practicaly Indie: Fans are practically sitting next to the makers Big companys are not listening to the gamers and are making the same games over and over again (with a few exceptions) Play CoD 1 then CoD Black Ops 2. Fairly simliar in mechanics and gameplay.
  17. I'm creating the thread just to hear what you guys thought of BF4's campaign. I personally, didn't like it at all. It was too simple. In almost every mission, it was 'shoot these guys, move to this objective.' There wasn't much of it. And the campaign is unbelievably short. It didn't seem to be a campaign, more of STAR TREK LENS FLARES ERRYWHERE1!!!!!!11!!!!1, LOOK AT THIS EPIC PARTICLE EFFECT. But, in the end, it was slightly better than BF3's campaign. _______________ Guys, try not to reveal spoilers when talking about the campaign.
  18. I love Battlefield 4, aside from it's terrible campaign, it's a great game. So, I'm gonna create more wallpapers. I'll be doing the Tombstone members (Recker, Pac, Irish, etc..). Resolution: 1920x1080px Font used: Agency FB
  19. Since Azura created that thread with the BF4 sigs, I'm gonna create one with a Battlefield 4 wallpaper. Blindness - 100% The actual image was not created by me, I simply added some effects to make it cuul. The font I used is Advent.
  20. So, with Battlefield 4 quickly coming up over the horizon and Battlefield 3 fading rapidly in the rear-view mirror there is never a more questionable situation I find myself in than in fact whether or not to purchase this game, or what to think of it, or just the game in general. I would discuss it on the Battlefield 4 forums but if they're a sign of anything the average intellect of a member of the BF4 community is not polling in the triple digits as of current. Now, Battlefield is one of the few reservations I still make for FPS games in the current market, and while no doubt the series has left much of what made it Battlefield behind many years ago it still continues to entertain and provide a reasonably entertaining if not a bit untapped shooter to the market. Battlefield 3 to me was a giant dissappointment, but it was by no means a particularly bad game, and Battlefield 4 looks like a vastly upgraded version of that, however here lies the problem. Battlefield 4, simply looks like more BF3, and while no doubt the improvements to level design, weapon and vehicle customization, and general gameplay fluency speak for themselves, I largely feel that it could do so much better. Considering recent statements on what the developers want in Battlefield 5 it's almost brought to question whether these games are increasingly built to become obsolete. Don't believe me? March on over to Battlefield 3's extremely promising but poorly taken advantage of vehicle and weapon upgrade system and then look at Battlefield 4's vastly upgraded but also not properly taken advantage of version of the same system. I had my fun with Battlefield 3, we all did, but I like my Battlefield 1942, Vietnam, 2, and 2142 a lot hell of a lot more than I like Battlefield 3. So, the good, the bad, and the morally questionable. Well what's arguably the bad and good has been fairly well covered and we come to the inevitable business model. Battlefield 4 barely interested me until E3 2013 in which my interest shot into low level orbit, but since then it has fallen and fallen, climbing slightly in the beta only to dive off a cliff to several developments shortly after. Battlefield 4, or more specifically EA, have gone out of their way to pull out all the stops in combining everything people hate into one simple package. Pre-order DLC? Yep. Timed exclusive console DLC? How about that kids. A premium service which also nullifies the entire point of pre-ordering? Present and accounted for. Ingame microtransactions with a dubiously questionable system about how they're earned through legitimate play? You bet your ass they're there. So, what's excited you about Battlefield 4? What's left a sour taste in your mouth? How do you feel about the business model? Are you getting the game? Or do you just not give a shit? I'm interested to hear so get posting.
  21. If anyone out there plays Battlefield 3 for the Xbox 360, please come join my Platoon on Battlelog at The Platoon is called Bronyfield and all are welcome to join. Also I run a Battlefield 3 server that is pretty successful. The server name is... Bronyfield - Operation Metro 24/7 Conquest & Rush Please join!!!!!!
  22. Calling all Brony Servers on Battlefield Three! I want you to post the names of your servers in this thread. Anyone who is the owner of or in a Brony Clan on Battlefield, I'm sure a lot of us would want to join. If you don't know how to create a clan, Go to and sign in. You can create a small one and i will join gladly. ^^ My Xbox LIVE Gamertag is TOX1CxR3C0N I'm sorry if this threat is already made and active. Thanks! EDIT We have a platoon! Please join, I'll accept you in ASAP. Please send me a message here when you do, too. ^^
  23. Hey Bronies! I was just wondering if any of you play Battlefield 3 on PC? I have currently been playing it a lot and have seen that we are the biggest community there BRONY WIN!!! http://battlelog.bat...54624772278002/ I wonder if there are any of you who play it so we can add each other on origin/battlelog and even make a clan!
  24. TO ALL THE BATTLEFIELD 3 PONIES OUT THERE I just made a Platoon for everypony on this forum to join..! It's called the 'MLP Forums Platoon' If you have Battlefield 3 for PC and/or console, do go ahead and apply for it! Here's the link: See you on the battlefield!