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Found 2 results

  1. Thank you xOkamii for the cover ^^ (you da best you da you da best <3) Hello everypony ^^, this is my latest track I made which I had a lot of fun making. It was sitting on my FL Studio and I forgot about it (whoops) but I was reminded of it and finished it after I got me a Twilight Sparkle backpack (<3) it was my inspiration to finish it. Hope you all enjoy it! A song for Twilight that I made after I'd heard a few Radio Edits of electronic music. I like how they had no build up and instead had transitions that kept the beat going so I tried it and I really enjoyed how it came out. I also finished it because I got a Twilight Sparkle backpack I wanted for a long time XD I had a lot of fun making this and I hope you have a lot of fun listening to it! Enjoy! Remember, you can download it and do whatever you want with it just give me credit ^^ And if you feel you need to, any criticism is ok with me.
  2. Ok, so I got the idea of starting a thread for videos of peoples gameplay on Beat Hazard Ultra to show off their skills and/or compete for the highest score on specific songs. The rules for this thread are as follows: 1) Beat Hazard Ultra videos only! 2) The song you choose to play and share MUST be Pony/Brony related. 3) No hacks or cheats. 4) The gameplay MUST be your own! (No stealing other peoples videos and claiming them as yours) 5) Have fun and play fair! Beat Hazard Ultra is a game that changes the gameplay to the music that you are playing. Intense songs have a lot of action, enemies, and strong visual effects, and the firepower of your ship is increased too. The slower/mellower the song is, the less action there is in the game. It is completely dependant and unique to the song of your choice. The game also lasts as long as the song is which is another neat feature of the game too. The game can be found Here. There are ways to get a full working version for free (thats how i got mine) but I'm not sure if I can share that information on here or not, I don't want to get in trouble with a Mod. =P I don't know about you guys but I use the retail version of FRAPS to record things on my screen in high-quality and capture audio too. Again, I don't know if I can tell you where to get this program for free like I did... But it's not too hard to find a full working retail version for free if you use Google. after you record your video (assuming you used FRAPS) you will need to join your recorded video files (chances are your recording will be split into 4GB chunks because of the programming in FRAPS.) together using VirtualDub or a similar program and/or video editing software. Then all you have to do once you get your video made, is upload it to youtube or similar site and share the video on here, along with a small description of what your video is. I'll go ahead and start first: Song: Rainbow Factory INSANE I only made it 74% through the song before I died my third time , But i still got a nice Highscore in the end. I didn't have all my perks maxed out either (i've only had the game for about 12 hours now) http-~~-//