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Found 10 results

  1. One thing that confused me about "Hard to Say Anything" was what was Feather Bangs' reason for trying to woo Sugar Belle and doing so in such a jerk fashion? Nothing was said about who he was or why he was going to such extremely rude measures to pursue Sugar Belle. Are there any established reasons for his behavior? Plus why at the end did they decide to have Feather Bangs have a problem talking to mares. I feel it completely contradicted his behavior towards Sugar Belle I would have just put him on the spot about his actions throughout the episode or just let him walk off to mope over his defeat to Big Mac instead of the CMC's helping him for some problem that he never had throughout the episode. Are there any reasons for why this was never explained in the episode.
  2. Hello, everypony. So, I've noticed a few behavioral changes since I've started this Pony Hypnosis thing. One of the most interesting changes is this: Apples are freaking DELICIOUS now. Seriously. I can't get enough! Lol. I mean, apples were alright before, but now...every bite is heaven! Haha. And don't get me started on apple pies...this is a change I never anticipated. Another change I've noticed is this: I seem to be more caring of others and what they have to say to me. Like, I seem to listen better. And I'm not just saying that...I seem to be more aware of things. And speaking of listening better, it feels like I can hear birds chirping outside more clearly and distinctly. It's neat. Finally, I'm a lot happier and...more positive, it feels like. I don't know why. I'm just reporting my findings during this experiment. No negative effects so far. I'm sure there'll be something, but so far...nope. Onward, then.
  3. Celestia is included because she didn't really make it clear to the Mane 6 what they were getting into & she is responsible for not having the guards clear out trouble makers. On the other hand, this is the most prominent event of the social season, did she even know how unrealistic their expectations were?
  4. Alrighty, I was in the 'It's a horde encounter' Topic when I saw a post from ChikoritaBrony which inspired me to write this entry. If you want me to make a Ponymon entry for you and/or your Ponysona/Pony OC (PonyC? P0n3-C? ) Go ahead and ask, I'll be happy to try. Storm Shine: The Huggles Ponymon. This Ponymon is one of the more affectionate and trusting of the Ponymon world. Often found flying, napping, helping other Ponymon, or hugging random things. This Ponymon's speech pattern is odd, due to the fact that it is not completely limited to just it's name. This Ponymon can often be heard saying the word 'Hug', 'Huggies', 'Huggles', and many other variations of the word 'Hug'. This is often utilized when holding out it's arms and making itself look cute to lure in more people for hugs. It seems to prefer the word 'Huggles' over any other variation, hence the title of 'The Huggles Ponymon' given to it. Trainers who catch this Ponymon can expect it to be loyal, affectionate, and hardworking during battles and tasks. However, when given free time it will almost always goof off or wander the nearby environment. Trainers who hope to catch this Ponymon must not be afraid of hugs or physical contact, and can expect to be hugged before just about every battle this Ponymon will participate in. This Ponymon is so Hug-crazed that it can often be found hugging random Ponymon, wild or otherwise, as well as random trainers and even inanimate objects.
  5. I have been acquainted with the fanbase/fandom itself, and I enjoy researching things from their drama and behavior. Is this fanbase a good one to research about other fanbases?
  6. Here is an example. According to this page (and manga and anime), pink-haired people (especially girls) tend to be friendly, happy, over-positive and (sometimes) over-romantic. With some exceptions, of course. What are some behaviors that you think other people think people with pink hair have? Do you know any stereotypes regarding pink-haired people, especially girls (e. g. they act like this, etc.)?
  7. Does anyone else think the ponies on the show should have more pony/horse-like behaviors? Some examples I could see are: ears swiveling in the direction they are listening tails moving more often eating/drinking things lower down occasionally (water from pond/stream,flowers,berries,etc) Rearing upon hind legs more when scared/surprised It seems at least from the fan art overall that people would like them a little more people-like. You can probably tell I'm not a fan of the Equestria Girls spin off lol.
  8. I have found this in the MLP Gameloft game, in her description. I really want to know on why is Pinkie such a noisy chatterbug.
  9. I am researching about the psychology of an average Equestrian pony. I then threw four socks at him/her, one for each leg, and studied the reactions. What do these ponies normally do after they wear the socks?
  10. This is a followup to the original Harmonic's Guide to Posting On The Forums (If you haven't read it, please take a moment to do so). This one comes complete with pictures ( Some that I photoshopped myself to help illustrate my points) and also to make this article look beautiful. I thought that maybe I skipped some things that really should have been put in there, but really, there were quite a few, so I decided I might as well make it into it's own post. 1.) Don't Make Drama when Leaving the Forums This is a big one, and I made a joke about it probably yesterday (Maybe the day before that) about me leaving, just to see what would happen if I simply made a status about it. Enough people replied to that status for me to say inconclusively that making a status about it is okay, but not necessary. You know what's not okay? Making several blogs, dozens of statuses about leaving, making a post about it, and presumably flying a zeppelin with "GOODBYE" written on it fly over Canada in the hopes that Feldicorn will see it. Do you know why it's not okay? It's not okay because about nine out of ten times these users come back in less of a week. I guarantee it's usually because the users did it just for attention, and not because some magical fairy warned them that leaving would spell their impending doom. Rather, if you're going to leave, do so, but don't turn it into some kind of dramatic grand finale because you're going to make yourself look bad and probably won't actually end up leaving at all. Make one blog post, or (And if it's particularly complicated, perhaps and) a status update, but don't do more than that. 2.) Don't claim other people aren't "Real bronies" This one particularly bothers me, mainly because when it is said it's usually meant as an insult. Most common topics people say this in are debates about headcanon, opinions on episodes, and opinions on Fan Content (Especially R34 content), and it also bothers me because of how hypocritical it is. Saying something like that proves without a doubt that whoever saying it is immature, and illogical. Two things that haters love to target about the fandom. By doing this, they are: A.) Showing all of the tact of a mentally delayed cheeto dust covered comedy writer by targeting someone's personality over a minor difference of opinion. Not pictured: Brain food B.) Making sure that any logical person will side with your opponent, maybe even due to your immaturity. "One day they'll pay, they'll all pay." ______ So what I'm saying is that this is working against your credibility if you think that just because someone disagrees with you they aren't a "Real" member of the fandom. 3.) Don't Fish for Sympathy It should be noted that I'm not saying "Don't look for someone sympathetic", I'm talking about people who fish for it like they're in a contest to gather the most people to feel bad for you. I'm talking about people who turn everything into a sob story. I'm talking about the guy who goes into a thread titled "What is your favorite candy?" and says "My entire family was murdered by a roving pack of Chocolate Bars." "You bastard" That guy is the worst. The worst part is that for people unfamiliar with people who fish for sympathy, it's hard to tell the difference between these guys and people who are legitimately sorrowful. Which is bad because it then makes it harder to actually help people who need it. If I had to make a metaphor, it would be like a building collapsing and then a hundred people hiding themselves in the wreckage so that the emergency crews would have to look through all of them instead of those legitimately injured. 4.) Don't argue unless you intend to prove your point This is a big one. Don't get into an argument unless you actually have some kind of evidence to back you up. There is no way to embarrass yourself more easily than going into an argument, actually starting to win using logic and reason, and then having nothing to drive your point home with because you had no point in the first place. You might know what I'm talking about, for example, people who argue about things that can't be proven. "Yes, Bell Bottoms are still in style on Saturn!" Unlike Hoop Earrings, which we have clear evidence of on Saturn.