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Found 10 results

  1. Hey there everyone! It's been a while since I posted around here, I hope you're ready for a little artwork spree I have 4 drawings to show you guys. I've made more but I want to use those that I like the most. For the first one, I wanted to make a little portrait of Berry Punch, since I don't see many drawings of her lately. Took the occasion to play with some lighting! Source: _________________ Secundo: I never drew Rainbow Dash while trying to make her look cute, except for one of those ''first drawings'' that I will never speak of again -_- I'm glad it came out the way I wanted it to be. I usually develop the concept along the way. Also, that rainbow was pretty fun to make ^^ Source: _______________ Remember these door stoppers? I used to play with them a lot. Such a satisfying noise! Or the most horrific, but that depends what kind of person you are haha! First I went with a smooth brush, but I wasn't satisfied of the result at all, so I decided to try with a paint style instead. Gave me the occasion to try a few brushes I found. So yeah! Here's Bubble Butt discovering some science. Source: _________________ ALRIGHT! Last one. This one is particular for multiple reasons. I loved my drawing ''Good morning Fluttershy'' so much that I simply had to print it on a mug. To be honest, it's literally one of the best thing I bought! But what I find the most amazing is that the true and only Andrea Libman (Voice actor of Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie) tweeted it and shared it on her Facebook. It's CRAZY I tell you! Here's what I mean: That's the second time she does that with my stuff I can't even. Also, for those who are interested in having one, I made it available on Redbubble. It's an 11 Ounce So if you want one, take a look! And the source of the image: _________ So there you have it folks. Extra point if you have read everything, and sorry if I make spelling or grammar errors, my main language isn't English If you have any critics you want to share, feel free! I'm always open to them, it helps me getting better and better
  2. Drunk pony in need of music and MLP videos. Music like this is ideal because it is suitably epic for drunken ponies. #Forever drunk
  3. Here's my first Landscape WW2 drawing hope you like it , its a little hard to see, i took it from my phone like usual and the camera is crap ... anyways,this took quite a while, but it wasn't as hard, it was mainly trying to make the depth look right on the explosion. please tell me what you think. reply, share, and scale from 1/10 and if you brohoof, please leave a reply with it! *Edit:...i just noticed that smudge near the Rum bottle gotta change that*
  4. Now to be honest, I'm in total favour with Berry Punch being drunk and sneaking alcoholic drinks from bars, cause thats really funny and cool at the same time,but is this going a tiny bit too far? I don't wanna be a sourpuss or a killjoy but I think that if she's a town drunk then she must be pretty sick and have hangovers every week, eventually she'll have liver problems and stuff and that's not a good sight. I know that MLP isn't real life, but I believe Berry Punch is more than an alcoholic and has more personality and let people still consider her a town drunk but just for fun not for making her just that and nothing else.
  5. Bari

    Ask Berry Pie

    Hello, I'm Berry Pie, Knight of Nonsense. I'll happily answer any questions you got for me. So, whenever you're ready, get to asking.
  6. I'm sure everyone was a bit surprised by Season 3's distinct lack of everyone's favorite cross-eyed Pegasus. All we have so far is the same train cameo in the opening from last season and a speculated head. Perhaps the animators have moved onto a new game for us? Berry Punch is obviously not a Crystal Pony, so what is she doing here in the Crystal Empire? I would be perfectly happy to have more out of place appearances of everyone's favorite alcoholic background pony.
  7. So, I was derping around in school the other day when I decided to work on some Alpha Foals. So far I only have Berry Punch finished, as well as a quick doodle of Sparkler and Noi, but the other three'll be up later! Berry Punch: Sparkler and Noi (Note: Their eyes are white because they're ghosts! ) I really only uploaded to get your guys' opinion: am I a good artist? EDIT: Hooray for updates! This may not be update art, but I felt like drawing it. :3
  8. This is made for the inspiration of the MLP Forums moderator here: Zoop Hope he approves.