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Found 6 results

  1. Creative


    Lets face it, betrayal hurts, even when you get to know a person for a long time and you give them your trust and then one day they deceive you, figuring out one day this "friendship" they built with you was just a cover up to benefit their own agenda in a destructive way. People can be ruthless sure, and there are many people that will lie and make an attempt to crush you just to get what they want. Just know that you always have to be ten steps ahead. We have all been betrayed at least once in our lives and its not a good feeling. Do the culprits Reconcile with the ones that have been offended ? that is on their own accord. I could go on and continue to be poetic about this topic, but I will leave you with this one very important moral: Looks can be Deceiving
  2. Something which is bothering me lately, but first a little context: I won't go into too many details because this is a private matter, so suffice to say that i uncovered a conspiracy made against me under my nose by someone who i considered among my closest friends. He would not admit it even if i presented him with evidence, and he attempted to cover his tracks. I don't want to risk breaking the ties that we had since childhood, but at the same time i'm very disappointed by his actions so much that i feel sick. It's a serious breach of my trust in my friend, which is why this is a big deal to me. How would you deal with a breach of loyalty from those you consider closest to you? Do you sweep this under the rug, or do you confront them?
  3. All i did so far was to write little ficlets, but now i gathered enough experience and confidence to write a real fan fiction (i hope at least). This is the result of it. The first chapter of a story about love, friendship, pirates, booty, fablosity, and Suri being a douche. I would love to have feedback and suggestions! Don't hold back, let me know what you really think. Thank you in advance for your opinions, and your time. And here is the link!
  4. I'm sure this is something we've all been through at some point or points in our lives. Severity is one thing that can influence how someone responds to it and a person's circumstances being another. Quoting my friend @Winterbass, "Results vary from being annoyed to even suicide. Because, what use is it to live when even someone you trust so much breaks your trust?" Of course, when I say "betrayal", I'm basically talking about pretty much anything that challenges if not totally shatters a person's emotional investment in something; be it a pact, a person, a belief or even a community. That's assuming that trusting someone and emotionally investing in them are the same thing. Maybe it isn't but I don't really know at this point. So, how have you experienced and how has that particular event shaped or affect you to this day? One point where I experienced it very bad was during my transition from Christian to atheist but I'll avoid opening up that can of worms. Not only that, I got something that was much more painful to go through and still I feel the pain to this day. When I was part of that other pony forums, I used to feel secure there. People treated me well and appeared to be appreciative but that's all it turned out to be; appearances. When I proposed an idea that didn't work out, suddenly it's like all the fish turned into piranhas. Despite the heat, I did my best to stay civil all the way through even up until the thread's lock. Confused, I talked to someone I was friends with at the time. He revealed to me that people have been intimidated into silence all along because off of my points tend to be "backed up and fortified." For me, the implication was clear; people may have respected me but that wasn't out of genuine care but instead out of fear. What I realized is that the life as this senior member who has been accepted and appreciated was but a big fat lie. Never have I felt so betrayed and deceived, ever. The major upset eventually led to my ban there. To this day, the memory of which weighs me down in friendships both already established and new ones that formed since. It makes it especially hard to trust at a community level.
  5. I encourage all who have not yet heard Eurobeat Brony's works yet, to give this work of his, as well as his other pony works, a listen. Well, if you don't listen to this song below, this topic won't have nearly as much impact So please do so thnx~ You clipped my wings too close to the quick You have taken me out You plucked a bloodfeather out of my heart Not even telling what that was about I try to understand it Where's the you that I used to know? You know I try to be lionhearted I can't, when you're letting me go Guess I'll fly to another horizon into another land, ready to find my future Spread my wings out for departure Into the softened crystal rain Guess I'll fly in another direction knowing the friend that you lost will be gone forever Keep that in mind in the future Around the next friend you betray -- Some chronologically relevant pics: Let me just preface this all by saying, I, like everyone else, agree with Dash's decision to end her friendship with Gilda. Gilda, incapable of maturing past her abusive, bully-esque personality, no longer had a place in Dash's now maturing life, around her new-found friends who did not behave in that same way. But, unlike most, I find their relationship fascinating, and the fact that we've seen no return of Gilda to be a waste of incredibly powerful potential for feels and back-story. I'd have rather seen Gilda return than Trixie, and I still feel this way, despite having enjoyed Magic Duel very well. Upon meeting Gilda at a younger age and until the events of Griffon the Brush Off, Rainbow Dash could easily be described as a less intense version of Gilda. Like her, she's very opinionated, very tomboyish, very brash and easily to anger, and generally a strong-willed individual. For all we know, she may have even had some of Gilda's bullyish behaviors, as a result from hanging out with her so much, in the old days *as one of the above artworks shows*. It's blatantly obvious that it was this fact that made the two such great friends, to start with. Seeing as Dash's days in flight camp were at a far younger age, the two of them have easily been friends for years. This brings us to the events of Griffon the Brush Off. A character's decision to move past and end a friendship with a long-time best friend, in the name of having matured past them, is a very powerful theme. The fact that Dash is the Element of Loyalty, and that in this particular instance, her actions are seen as betrayal in Gilda's eyes of all things, makes it even more so. Gilda may be lower on the maturity scale than Dash, but that's no reason to pass the situation off, and her, entirely. Way too many people don't bother to take in Gilda's point of view, because they do just that. Thus, many don't even bother to consider just how feels-ridden the implications of Dash's actions were. I don't know about you, but even without my wall of text here, that theme is told perfectly in Eurobeat's song, above. If I were in Gilda's place, I'd be pissed and feel betrayed by Dash, too. Just as Trixie had beef with Twilight over 'showing her up' with better magic, Gilda has somewhat of a personal grudge with Dash now, seeing as she was more or less betrayed. 'Betrayed' for perfectly good reasons, but to Gilda, it's all the same thing, because at the time, she could still see no other explanation. So this brings us to the present, again. As we progress through seasons, and Dash learns lessons about maturing further through similar characters like Lightning Dust, my hopes for some kind of Return of Gilda episode with implications regarding Dash's decision become less and less likely, unfortunately. We may very never see her again, and would thus never know if she would return the same, and seek vengeance, or if she would return with a higher-level of maturity, capable of understanding Dash's actions, and try to re-establish herself into her old friends' life. But then again, perhaps that's a good thing as well. Leaving this legacy as is, as a very powerful theme that is wonderful to see in a show like this, is great in of itself. All in all, I'd like people to take these things away from this topic: Right and wrong is a matter of perspective. Because Gilda's beliefs, maturity and behaviors are fundamentally different from Dash and the other ponies of Ponyville, Dash's 'loyalty' towards Pinkie Pie is practically a betrayal, to her. Loyalty is praised by its' 'friends', but hated by the opposition, in all things from war to relationships. Just because Gilda's point of view is not 'right', due to those beliefs and maturity level, does not make her feelings and thoughts any less real. While she may have passed off Dash and stormed out in the episode, I seriously doubt this rather quick end to her at least somewhat long-termed relationship with Dash didn't impact her later on, if only a little. All of these themes are powerful and worth thinking about, and I don't think this one in-particular gets nearly enough of that. Like most of my analysis topics, rather than aiming to establish an opinionated stance and argue a point through and through, this topic's goal is more to put a boldface on things, and give everyone who may not have ever considered these things before, that chance :3 Feel free to post your thoughts, and that if you've never really thought about any of this, if it helped broaden your horizons and give your brain some food for thought. It's what I love to do :'3 I really enjoyed Gilda as an antagonist that early in the show, while characters' personalities and maturities were in the process of being shown and developed. I would have preffered her to return in the show than Trixie, because due to her history with Dash in her pre-mature years, there would have been spectacular opportunities for some good backstory for Dash's character. Sorry, Fluttershy and Trixie fans. Sincerely, ~Chaotic Discord~
  6. Hi guys. A couple days ago I woke up at 2 in the morning, with a dream fresh in my mind. It involved a water gun fight and ponies watching football. After laying there for a while, the story pretty much pieced itself together in my mind. I'm in the process of writing it all down right now, but I would like a little proof-reading help from the community. If you're interested, please drop a response in this thread, or just PM me. For reference, this story is expected to be medium-short-ish in length: about 5 chapters, or about 10,000 words total. Expect the tags listed in this thread's title. There will be blood, but no gratuitous violence is currently planned. The "mature" tag is for a somewhat graphic scene, fleshing out the "trust" and "betrayal" balance between some characters. This one will be a bit lighter, and will feature a lot more character development than my last fic. Thanks for your help. UPDATE: As new chapters become ready for proof-reading, I'll update the links in this post. For everybody else, please consider it a work in progress. I won't submit it to any major sites until I've had a chance to go over the feedback/recommendations with whoever is helping. And in case anybody is wondering, yes this story apparently shares a title with a 90's film. There is no direct connection, though they both use sports as a backdrop and metaphor for life's deeper challenges. My story isn't really about sports at all, though. Fair warning: the first couple chapters are fairly light-hearted, but shit gets real soon after that. Chapters ready for review: Chapter 1: A Game of Hoofball Chapter 2: A Game of Tag Chapter 3: A Game of Fire (almost ready)