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Found 6 results

  1. We all know who Discord is. The reformed Spirit of Chaos with a cunning demenor and has became an ally to the mane 6 and Fluttershy's sidekick of sorts. He has dialogue so vague that you can't tell if he's for real, or is just screwing with you. But there maybe an entity more powerful than him. One that can only be seen inside your mind. Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls is an omnipresent Dream demon who first appears in episode 19 "Dreamscapers". Whereas Discord is mischievous, Bill is sadistic. He won't hesitate to get inside someone's mind and tear it appart to the point of death if he wanted to. He can rip people's souls out and possesses their bodies, the only way he can interact with the real world. And he can make you question whether everything is real, or just a creepy illusion. So this begs the question, who is superior, Bill or Discord?
  2. Note: Bill types in all caps, so don't blame me for this. HI, HUMANS! I'M BILL CIPHER, AND YOU MORTALS CAN ASK ME ANYTHING! P.S. Bill will answer as a pony, so haha, now you guys have no excuse to say this is irrelevant.
  3. WHATS UP FANS?! ARE YOU ALL READY FOR WEIRDMAGEDDON? IM KINDA NOT. Ive been sort of crying to myself these past couple of days wondering if my baby cornchip has the slightest chance of being okay - that and the human characters i actually like will be safe from his reign of terror. Dont get me wrong, I'm aware that Bill's supposed to be the bad guy, but I'm a sucker for villains regardless. MY THEORY - Bill and Dipper/Ford and Bill's relationship reminds me of Batman/Bruce Wayne and The Joker's relationship throughout like, almost the entire series of Gravity Falls. They just love to mess with each other. Bill loves pissing people off, so does The Joker, and he loves getting under his enemies skin. He'll do anything to make a person's skin crawl, he'll do anything to make them crack - like, henceforth THE JOKER & BATMAN. But of course, Bruce/Batman is a big meathead adult and he never cracks. But finally, in this trailer seemingly is pushed over the edge and tries to PUNCH A DREAM DEMON IN THE FACE. (What the actuall hell, Dip-Dop? What makes you think that's a good idea?!) But in all honesty, lets trackback - Bill is responsible for invading not only Dippers mind, but both of his great-uncles, pretty much tearing his family apart, runing McGuket's life, (did I mention he possesed Dipper himself. Oh yeah. Bipper. Been there, done that.) and now, he's poessing his sister - MABEL. In the trailer we can clearly see that Bill is going to use Mabel for SOMETHING sinster and Dipper is going to be super pissed and do everything he can to stop Bill from acheving his ulitmate goal - because of - Mabel. Their bond is stronger than anything, it cant break not even when the world is ending. That's what I think Ford and Stan have to realize, possibly a fight breaks out between those two (i swear if it doesnt then these two will never have made up at this point. Seriously the last time they actually had a conversation that lasted more than five seconds with each other was during a Tale of Two Stans, and that's sad. They NEED TO HUG IT OUT)(before one of them dies) and then they realize they're being childish and they need to help the actual children in dange. Or SOMETHING. ANOTHER THEORY - Aside from everything I just said, not that I dont think it's going to happen, I think that Bill possibly has an elder sibling, twin, or some sort of family issues going on right now - as he said in Sock Opera to Mable "who go all out of their way just for a dumb sibling?" or something similar. Instating that, maybe he had trust issues with a sibling - not just turning him into the way he was (quite possibly he's always been an insane dream demon that he and his sibling where causing chaos for trillions of years that has never changed) but making him even more resentful than he was from day one. He possibly wants all this to come into place so he can call out his sibling and fight him tot he finish? (Sauske VS Itachi, much?) Maybe his sibling is sort of netural. Or maybe, his sibling acts like a total jerk like how Freiza's brother Cooler does (not that they're not both jerks already, but they dont really get along as my knowledge lead me to believe while watching the movies. They were both powerful, but they kinda hated each other. Cooler thought his brother was spoiled, and rightfully so. But they're both kind of spoiled.) So maybe that's it. I'm not saying that's what Alex is going to do, heck, if any sort of larger-power figure is introduced that Bill is actually intimidated by, it could end up in a double-crossing sistuation. Bill could side with/trick (or try to) the new guy, the new guy then double crosses Bill and maybe - almost - or actually kills him. Wether or not he's his sibling or family, we could just refer to the 'big bad new guy' or girl. Who knows. Lets not sterotype villianous roles here, people. It could even work out to be a triple-cross. Bill tricks the pines/main cast, convinces the new guy he's smart (cause that's how powerful he is) eventually the new guy lets Bill help him, and then its like, the new guy back-stabbs (if not literally) Bill or something. At the very end Bill comes back showing he's not afraid anymore or just at all, and helps the Pines Family defeat the bad guy... But... what about Bill now? Would he be good, bad, neuteral? Who knows. My head hurts now XD
  4. I was bored, so I made a 3D model of one of my favorite characters in Gravity Falls, Bill Cipher
  5. Hi! I decided to draw a picture of Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls and I really like how it turned out, so I decided to share it here. Let me know what you think and any feedback is welcome; I'm always looking to improve.
  6. Hey everyone!! I've recently gotten hooked on Gravity Falls, and I love it!! I've seen a bajillion human Bill Cipher versions, but I really wanted to draw my own interpretation!! Here he is!! Let me know what you think!! 83 Here's a link to his page on my DeviantArt: