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Found 12 results

  1. OK, before we start, I just wanted to say that there are lots of spoilers, so if your reading this, don't whine at me that ''I Ruined the Game''. OK, so, is Black Ops III essentially a remake of the original Black Ops? Because, here we go, in the first mission you get your arm ripped off by a robot, who proceeds to pummel you to death, is this Robot supposed to represent Kravchenko? Because the way it happened is similar to Black Ops, where Kravchenko pulls you as you fail to get on the plane because you had to protect it. After this you are ''Reprogrammed'', in Black Ops III, your ''Reprogrammed'' with a DNI, rather than a number, you think you are ''Taylor''. Now here is the thing, is ''Taylor'' essentially Reznov? Because I've realized, Reznov is definitely dead, but is Taylor this game's version of Reznov? First of all, the mission codenames actually spell out ''We are Taylor'', the same way the Mission names in Black Ops 1 spell ''Reznov is dead, or is he? There was no body, is he who he says he is?''. And the player begins having delusions that he is Taylor, so is Taylor Reznov? Is the DNI the numbers? Tell me what you think. I've played it, and I definitely think Taylor is Reznov.
  2. Have any cool Black Ops 3 Paintshops or emblems? Post them here! ​Ask for critiquing, advice, etc.
  3. So... Call of Duty Black Ops III has been announced, and I love the Black Ops series. Below is a teaser trailer: SO EXCITED FOR THIS GAME!
  4. You don't really need to read whats in this first post since i think you all know what this is about now... Nice to know that this thread is almost 5 months old now and you guys are still posting on it! If you don't already know black ops 2 is coming out this year 2012 so far there is not much info on the subject but here is what i do know. The reveal of the game is going to be on the first of may during the basketball playoffs on TNT and, the game will probably be released around November. my opinion of what the game could be like is that it could carry on from the first game but at the end it says "mason we have won." that dose not mean it cant carry on as a sequel but i think that it could be set in the far future due to the quadrotor in the picture and the video FPS Russia made on it for the callofduty web site he says that it is a military equipment of the future. that could mean the game is set in the future (and the gun in the picture looks quite modern!) they have made a short video as well saying "the enemy could be anywhere and it could be anyone." this probably means they are going to be using the spy perk that allows you to show up as a friend on the enemy's map. another small thing is that there is a picture that says TACITUS that could be one of the groups in the game. website i got info UPDATE! The reason I am not updating the info on this post is because I think there is a nice amount of info givers below that will probably find things out faster than me. So if you need info on the latest updates to the game look at the comments below. (I may update occasionally.) POSTING NEW IMAGES! more info I think the main guy in the pictures is called Harper and the place is set in los angles (found that out ages ago though) because when i saved the picture of him it said Harper just a theory though. UPDATE! Now most people know what the campaign is going to look like i am getting excited about the multiplayer and zombies the might show something a E3 THIS TOPIC IS HOT YEAHHHHHH!!!!
  5. [Fixed] So I want to know, what is your favorite shooter game to play, console or pc, and why. If you don't see a choice you like, just tell me and I will add it in. So, GO! ps. To lazy and tired to do other types of games like RPGs, Racing, and everything else. Sorry.
  6. Anyone want to play Zombies? I will probably been on, so send me a friend request and we can start a game. PSN: HeLlZrEtRiVeR
  7. Since I have officially dubbed Mutiplayer total BS, I have dedicated my time to simply playing zombies instead. And since the Black Ops 2 thread is full of MP discussion, I have made a thread for the epicness that is zombies. Discuss anything related to CoD Zombies. If you want to play Zombies with me, my PSN name is HeLlZrEtRiVeR.
  8. Since there is a lot of Call of Duty players on this thread than I expected, I have decided to make a discussion thread. Share your tips, weapons, rank, emblems, anything to do with the series. Please, don't come here to hate or post about how much you hate the series.
  9. Ever since I saw YouTube videos of the Team Fortress 2 classes being ponified, such as the Pinkie Pyro, or the Flutter Medic, and so on, I started thinking about other games and doing the same thing with those characters, recently I've been thinking about the zombies story line from Call of Duty: World at War, Black Ops 1, and Black Ops 2. There's something about the zombies story line I love so much, unlike the campaign, which I find rather dull to play through. It might be the characters, and their quotes that make them so enjoyable to listen to, or it might be the fact that there's a lot of mystery in the story that isn't too apparent in the game, and you kind of need to make your own theories. For the past few days I've been making a list in my head of which ponies closely fit which of the characters/survivors. Like the TF2 classes the list was made paying no attention to gender. Nacht der Untoten, Verruckt(WaW): Marine #1: Lyra Heartstrings Marine #2: Bon Bon Marine #3: Carrot Top Marine #4: Berry Punch I chose background ponies for the marines on Nacht der Untoten because the marines are nameless and I don't think they have voices(I started playing zombies in Black Ops 1, just going off the wiki here.) Any background pony would work for these characters, these are just the ones I chose. Nacht der Untoten, Verruckt, Shi No Numa, Der Riese, Kino Der Toten, Ascension, Shangri-La, Moon(BO1): Edward Richtofen: Discord Tank Dempsey: Rainbow Dash Nikolai Belinski: Pinkie Pie Takeo Masaki: Fluttershy I see Discord being a lot like Richtofen, as they both want control over the world; Discord with his chaos magic, and Richtofen with his current control over the zombies. Dash is like Dempsey because they're both aggressive and somewhat egotistical. Pinkie is like Nikolai because they're both considered, by me, the comedy relief of both the Mane 6, and the Survivors respectively. Fluttershy is like Takeo because they're both usually the quietest and least obnoxius of the group. Five(BO1): John F. Kennedy: Mayor Mare Robert McNamara: Undecided Fidel Castro: Undecided Richard Nixon: Undecided Mayor Mare is JFK because she's the only pony in politics that I can think of. Call Of The Dead(BO1): Sarah Michelle Gellar: Rarity Danny Trejo: Undecided Robert Englund: Undecided Michael Rooker: Undecided Sarah Michelle Gellar is probably the most lady-like survivor yet, making Rarity a good match. Green Run, Die Rise(BO2): Samuel Stuhlinger: Undecided Marlton Johnson: Twilight Sparkle Abigail "Misty" Briarton: Applejack Russman: Granny Smith Twilight is like Marlton because they're both smart. Applejack is like Misty because of Misty's country-style outfit, and the fact that Misty's voice sounds like a combination of Rainbow and Applejack, anyone else notice this? Granny Smith is like Russman because they're both elderly. Other Characters: Dr. Ludvig Maxis: Princess Celestia Samantha Maxis: Princess Luna Celestia is like Maxis because of the fact, Maxis guides the survivors in Green Run and Die Rise, much like how Celestia will summon the Mane 6 to save the world against evils such as Discord(Part of the reason why he's Richtofen), and King Sombra. Luna is like Samantha because she's the closest relative to Celestia, much like Sam is the closest known relative to Dr. Maxis. I hope my fellow zombie fans found this interesting to read. I apologize if it's a little confusing and a little bit long, but I feel like with more thought from other minds, the two series are more comparable than you might think in terms of characters, again, just like the classes from TF2. Any suggestions for character comparisons would be great, even if it's a zombie character that I've already compared with a pony character. It'd be kind of cool to start seeing art of this popping up on the subject, such as ponies dressed up as the survivors. I'm no good at drawing, but I've been thinking of trying to draw Fluttershy, in Takeo's uniform, holding the Arisaka. I'm actually a little surprised as to how little art I've found on the internet on this subject, proving it's something people haven't really thought of. Only things I managed to find was an OC that looked like Dempsey, and someone who turned what looked to be a G3 pony toy into a Richtofen pony.
  10. I see a ton of My Little Pony emblems floating all around Call of Duty: Black Ops II. So I decided to take a snapshot of whatever emblems that I find, and post them to the official COD forums, linked below: This page also has a few YouTube tutorials so you can "pony up" your Black Ops 2 experience. If you have custom designs, you can submit them here, or I could take a snapshot of your design if you have Xbox 360. My GamerTag is, "Rugged Savior." **I'm new to the site, so if I post anything in the wrong areas, please let me know. Thanks!**
  11. I made this topic to get some Black Ops 2 teams together. Make the start of the game not so dull. This could be a topic where we can just kinda find some people to team up with. I'm looking for two or three people to team up with, PS3 style. Unfortunately I don't have a mic. This will be more of a team of mass destruction and fear. If you wanna join up with me, my PSN name is Meirno. Let me know on here if you go to add me. I try and not add randoms. Not interested in any kind of official clans. I use PONY as a clan tag, but always looking for groups to link up with and destroy stuff.
  12. Hey there everypony! Yup... another Thread. I figured out how to finally view my stats on black ops without actually having to be in-game. If you play Black ops on the PC, Xbox, PS3, Wii. Why not show your stats? Here are mine... Just don't look at my side-arm statistics. You'll yell at me. XD Also! You must rate between 1 - 10 to the user above you. Stating what it is you like about their emblem, weapons used, streaks and etc. This isn't meant to be a forum game, but a way to express every-ponies gaming capabilities. Hope you all enjoy! > w<