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Found 4 results

  1. I'm no longer able to access the poniverse login through my blackberry 10. Poniverse (not MLPforums) is listed as a security risk and I am not granted accsess. Not even the ability to say that I accept and undertand the risks. Just straight out denial. I used to be able to login prior. Has something changed about poniverse recently? And if not, is there another way for me to access the login screen?
  2. I'm currently toying around with my dads 7 year old Blackberry, and I'm finding out that, while not as powerful or versatile as even the Iphone 3G, it's still a pretty decent piece of hardware. And things like a physical QWERTY keyboard and the 'new' for the time optical touch pad make it an easier handle than a touchscreen. So does anypony here still use or has used a Blackberry device, and do they still have a market in this very touch screen, apple dominated world?
  3. Admin Note: I've approved the existence of this group. Please note, however, that it is not managed or supported by the MLP Forums team. ~Feld0 hello im marty and i love black berry if your fan of black berry please give me you thots on the topic and if any pony wants to join the mlpforums bbm group? ;3 add me up and il invit you btw my pin is 27D88D29
  4. MrMeep

    Mobile Tech Thread

    So what's all your mobile tech of choice? What's your preferences on phones/tablets? What are your favourite apps? What pony apps do you have? I started out my smartphone days with a G1, the first Android phone. I never came off Android from then I love the Operating System and I find the customisation great. iOS is okay but I don't find it as fun and intuitive as Android is. I got a HTC Desire after my G1 which served well until a few months ago, then I bought a Dell Streak 5, a mini tablet/phone combo which was/is quite unstable but nice to use when it was working fine. I decided I needed something more reliable so recently I got an Xperia Arc S cheap on contract. I've also bought a HP Touchpad from a friend in the past few days. All my devices are rooted.. the Xperia Arc S is running a custom 2.3.3 ROM made to look like Android 4.0, the Dell Streak is running a ROM called the Dell Streak Club (DSC) and the HP Touchpad is running Android 4.0.3 (Cyanogenmod 9.0) alongside WebOS, (which is alright to use too). What's everypony else's thoughts? Left View - Right View -