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Found 8 results

  1. Well, do you? Vote and if you want, put your opinion in long, detailed words down below!!
  2. I want to get into voice acting, but my computer's mic sucks, so I need a better one. Requirements: * Must be a USB mic. * The price of it has to be 100$ or less, but I guess I can haggle. * I'm not asking for a professional-grade mic, just one that blocks out background noise and static, etc.... Soooo... any suggestions?
  3. I was kind of curious as to what kind of spelling do most people prefer. Personally, I'm from Canada so I grew up spelling things how the British do. A lot of my teacher's tell me that since I live in the US now I can't spell things the way I learned growing up. I think that's a load of garbage, but that's not the point of this thread. Which do you prefer British spelling or American spelling. Also, if there is another spelling that I don't know about put it down anyways.
  4. WALMART.YOU HAVE FAILED US FOR THE LAST TIME. Another walmart goofup on the MLP franchise and then some nice quotes.
  5. Well I have an Project Idea, for a tumblr blog! Oh Yeah! After the final day ends on Vocational Death Cruise (You wouldn't understand unless you actually read it) I will be recruiting Voice Actors for it! yay! Probably after I get the next Pancake Reviews done (Hoping people would watch :3...but probably not D:) The last blog of that series will be over. (My brain scheduling is absolutely perfect!) So yeah, that's my plan for the future! Sooo, all 5 of you reading this, What do you think of my idea?
  6. Now this is definitely not going to happen anytime soon. It is just an idea. Still need to make the script. Before I became aware of ponies I started a series called "Toys Unite" It's about toys who go on adventures and stuff. I even made a movie where they had to stop Winnie The pooh and Cat In The Hat from destroying their beloved group. Well you see, I made this in my second year of Middle School. (I was a noob at making videos) And I made a whole bunch of other videos with them going through misadventures. So I want to give my childhood videos one last adventure until they are gone for good. This has been a blog of one of my Ideas for the future. Till next time.
  7. Well I made a blog because everyone else did. Soooo, if people actually read this I will probably talk about my Project Ideas and stuff. And maybe some funny stories if I have some.
  8. I know it's not finished, but what I do when I am making a video is I will show some people it when I'm half way finished just to see if anybody has any serious issues with it just so I don't submit the final product and find out that it is the most hated thing since something like, say, Miley Cyrus. Besides, this is the first time I have ever done anything even resemblant of a PMV or even an AMV for that matter, and I'm kind of worried that I may be doing something wrong. But anyway, here's the video. Also, if you haven't seen the original intro you can see it here The short breaks were there to signify that there is a gap in what is finished and what isn't.Even though the original idea was to redo the game intro with ponies instead of anime characters, I'm gonna edit what I have done here to make it 3D just because it adds more flavor to the video and having ponies flying at your face would be awesome I also still need to finish up the video itself, find/write more text to slap in there, get more vectors and blah blah blah. Anyway, tell me what you think so far.