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Found 9 results

  1. So I've been watching a lot of blind commentaries for my little pony friendships and magic lately and I was just wondering what you guys opinions on them are
  2. So if you don't know they gave official names to some of the ponies that we named our selves like Lyra or Carrot Top, So what do you prefer, I left a poll of the one I am aware of. I personally like all the cannon names, they are creative and they have been with us all this time, what do you prefer? EDIT: Oh dang it I just relized I posted in the wrong forum..... this is supposed to be in suger cube corner.... I am a horrible poster
  3. (There is an optional drinking game for this parody. Every time it mentions beautiful, bottyfull, bootyful, etc, you take a drink of some sort of fluid whether it be alcohol or chocolate milk.) This story of MaryWeather, the blind special fab blind princess the third, she was a acliorn. SHE WAS SOOOOOOOOO BOTTYFULL THAT EVERYPONY DIED. jk, she was bootyful tho. one day she saw a evil descord and she ate him with her awesome dragon form that was awesome and bootyful thene she seed Sghining Armior and they did it and it was fab and bottyfuf. She was so happy that she decedd to be he waifu. they had a littl baby nanmed Milky Shakes and she had biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig byubs and her bootyful milkshake brought all teh boys to the yard and threy saw her and they thought he was butyfulfl. One day MaryWeather gotted into her dtragon fom again and was angstful. she decided all of equestria wold feef her rath and SHE BECAME SO BOOTYFUL THAT EVERYPONY DIED. but then she was good so she made a new world with ther star poweres and made a whole neew wold that was bootyful. it was called bootyfufle world and she was queen and has so many waifus now she so bootyful. I apologize for this horrid beast of a story.
  4. Here are the rules: Draw a picture of any pony with your eyes closed. This can be the head or the entire body. (Canon ponies only.) Post the picture on here. Do not tell anyone what pony you drew. (until someone tries to guess it.) Try to guess who the pony above you is. Simple enough, right? Example: No one is above me, so no guesses. Let's start off with an easy one. (I think.)
  5. ... on my part, that is. so, i try to get the best view of the pony through the small hole in the corner of the blind bags. and my mom was looking with me, and she gasped and shouted "THIS ONES SPARKLY!" ... i cried and just, threw it in the cart without looking. i found another two, but thought the one i had in my hand was purple, when it was either pink or blue, so i put the purple one down and left with my batch of 7. i got pinkie pie and rainbow dash. and left twilight. you can't even imagine the amount stupid i am feeling right now. anyone else got blind bag stories/fails/rages?
  6. First off, I apologise in advance for any sleepless nights, temporary blindess or vomiting induced by witnessing these creations. I dont know why i'm posting these here, they're not brag worthy, and burning them would waste fire - but hey, i've drawn them, and someone's gonna suffer see them. So here's the thing, i've been feeling quite down about my art lately , comparing myself to much better people and knocking myself back about it all. I spoke to a few members of the forums here, and they really helped me look at things a different way, so I sat and I thought for a while, and I stayed up drawing last night. Now - again, they're not good, and they're not special or anything, but this is the first time i've drawn properly in a really long time. I used to be better at drawing, months and months of being lazy has rusted my talents, and so I have to start somewhere right? Again... So...without further delaying, enjoy these eyesores artworks Anyway that's it for now, i'm sure i'll scare you all with some more later. And I apologise for the horrendous eraser marks and previous drawing sketches that you can see under most of the drawings here...but hey, that's what you get at 5am. Let it also be known that im far better at doing flat perspective than 3/4 perspective, or any other pose other than standing still for that matter. Basically, this is my GOOD work. And if you feel like critiquing then...well...go ahead - but please keep in mind these are my first drawings in lifetimes, and I have drawn better than this before, belive it or not. Millionth edit: So I finally managed to get pictures of them...with a camera. Because technology hates me, so you'll have to make do with non-downloaded crap quality pictures I'm not editing anything else...that's it, im done. That last drawing makes me cringe every time I look at it...did I really upload that? Scratch that...did I really DRAW that? I must've been tired.
  7. THIS IS NOW OVER xD Art winner: ScottishUnicorn Writing winner: EvilShy Thank you everyone for your submissions. It was really hard to pick just one :] OK! So some of you are familiar with the blind bags that Hasbro sells. Well I finally found some and got 10. I got duplicates and so I decided that I would offer them to people. Details: There will be two contests. One for writers and one for artists. Artists: Very simple. Create anything MLP related that you want in any form you want. Any style, size and theme (including R34. I don't care) The things that will be looked at when judging in order of importance: creativity (50% influence) originality (30% influence) technical skill (20% influence) Writers:Virtually the same as the artists. All you have to do is write anything MLP themed. It could be a fanfic or poetry. Sad, r34, comedy, I don't care. The things that will be looked at when judging in order of importance: creativity (50% influence) originality (30% influence) technical skill (20% influence) Submissions:All submissions will be sent to me in a personal message with the title "Contest Submission" and then a link to a 3rd party site with the submission or with the submission attached directly to the message. All submissions for both contests will be due July 17th (you have 1 month) The reward: The reward for both will be a custom blind bag model painted as any OC you would like. Here is the base model: It is the lily blossom blind bag model It's a rainbow dash model so if that doesn't work for your OC... sorry : I will be using paint specifically designed for models. I have experience painting miniatures so you won't be getting anything low quality. If the cutie mark you ask for super complex it will be the done to the best of my ability same with the eyes By sending your submission to me via private message on the website you are agreeing to the following statements: I have the right to change the details of the contest without warning or reason at any time I have the right to refuse anyone's submission. If you win you will give me your mailing address so that I may send you the reward and for absolutely nothing else. You will retain all ownership of your submission, but will give me permission to post it here on this website and any other website that may be related to this contest with proper crediting. You own the design you request if you win. That means no background ponies and no foreground ponies. It also means you can't use anyone else's OC without proper permssion. If you have any questions PM me or ask them here. Thanks :]
  8. So I was looking all around Internet, many shops in Europe and I couldn't find anywhere Wave 5 (yellow) blind bags! There's also no info about when/where it will be/was released. I even wrote to Hasbro and Toys'R'Us but got no answer. So anyponi knows anything about new wave? I must have 3 Princesses!!!
  9. Well... It's hard enough for my parents to believe that watching ponies DOESN'T affect my sexual orientation; and it's nearly impossible for them to even consider me purchasing (or having other people purchase for me) the merchandise for the show. So my only option is to hit the shops after school (possibly with my baby sister if people get suspicious...I'm not too open with brony-ism yet.) I want to get some of the blind bags--hoping for Rarity or Rainbow Dash (and when they're out) Lyra Heartstrings and Big Macintosh. Getting to the shop and locating the toys are the easy parts. My problem is my own skepticism if they are really worth it. They are just plastic figurines, and despite their epicness, shouldn't be more than a few bucks each blind bag. Because when it comes down to it, they are plastic and paint. Although, from what I've seen of them, the toys seem pretty durable (unlike previous generations of MLP toys.) But I know as well as you that anything based of any show gets it's price applejacked up to heights unbearable. Normally this wouldn't be a problem; I could normally just Google the toys and find the price in any of my local stores. However, no matter how I rephrase "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Blind Bags Price" (removing/adding words, abbreviating mlpfiim, changing phrases, etc.) I still can't find the price! Sure I get the review videos and tutorial videos on finding the one you want... BUT I CAN'T FIND THE PRICE! I make burnt offerings to Google, I want my results! If any of you have gotten the blind bags, how much are they? And do you think the prices given are fair?