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Found 21 results

  1. Hey there everypony! Doing another one, Yup... Already. Now then, This topic's subject is your favorite three foods to eat and why! Don't forget, you have to EXPLAIN Why you like the foods you list! Alright then, lets get this topic on the way. Don't forget to show a bro-hoof if you like this thread, I really hope to see what dishes will pop up in this one! :3 1. Chili dogs: The main reason I love these is because well... Lets be honest. They taste great and it's easy to make fast. I enjoyed Chili dogs a lot when I was a kid. Adding Mexican shredded cheese with some chopped onions onto the chili is just yum. Plus it's really cheap as well and really easy to ration out to others of your household! 2. Grilled Chicken w/ Sauteed mushrooms: I really enjoy this dish. I normally have it when I can afford it. I love to marinate my chicken breasts for almost a whole day, then cook them on the stove top. The smell and the taste is just irresistible! I love to Saute mushrooms with fresh cut bell-peppers, onions, and sometimes a little bit of garlic flavored vegetable oil. I like to eat this combinations just as is most times. If I want a faster meal I go with steamed veggies instead! 3. Pizza: I absolutely love pizza, there's so many different styles and flavors! I even made my own at home and it was amazing! I love cheese and the sauce is always so rich... I try not to eat too much because I don't wanna get fat. ;~; Anyway! I made a special pizza yesterday and it was my first time attempting a stuffed crust recipe. I made a shrimp & fish pizza... It was really great! [if you want my recipe ask for it in a PM ] There's a large world out there with tons of different types of foods! So tell me, what are your three? I can't wait to see your favorites! (\^ 3^/) My stomach is even growling from making this thread! Happy posting everypony!
  2. Kinda surprised this wasn't reported on sooner. So yeah, over the past week, Blizzard has faced harsh criticism for suspending one of their pro players, Blitzchung, for a year and stripping him of his earnings, all because he spoke out about supporting the Hong Kong protests. And while any punishment would've been bad, the extensive nature of the punishment was what got people riled up. Adding fuel to the fire was when several college players showed their support for the protest, but were not punished in any way, showing blatant hypocrisy on Blizzards part. And speaking of hypocrisy, their US social media posts talk about keeping attention on the game and not political views, but their Chinese social media denounces Blitzchung, talks about what punishments were issued and how they'll defend the pride and honor of the nation. The official response from Blizzard has not eased things in any way, most notably for lacking any apologies and still defending their hard line stance and dismissing the notion that China had any input what so ever. Not only has the official response been rejected by fans and players but also by Blizzard staff, who have taken to walk out protests and covering up artistic plaques at their headquarters, specifically the ones preaching the core values of "Thinking Globally" and "Every Voice Matters." It's gonna be interesting to see how Blizzcon goes this year and how the company share holders will react to both the bad press and the spike in players cancelling their accounts. But what are your thoughts on the issue?
  3. Do any of you guys play hearthstone?
  4. So Blizzard announced a new title! Overwatch Here are the cinematic and gameplay trailers! Cinematic Gameplay (MUST WATCH!) So what is everyone's response to this? I as a "veteran" TF2 player am very hyped for this.. Looks like a total next gen. TF2 but with so much more things added into it. Some moba-ish style abilities have been added and every character looks, acts and seems to play very differently from the other, I also laughed at the Hearthstone bit. Thoughts?
  5. Hug the pony above you! It's very simple! Here is how it's played. Hug the person above you. The person with the most hugs by the end of a full week prior to this post wins. You may not hug yourself, and you may not hug the same person in the same day. You would have to wait a full day in order to hug a pony. You may only do one hug to the pony above you, and no hugs to the pony above the one above you. May the games begin! (\^ 3^/)
  6. Hi Everyone! Overwatch open beta ended today. Have You played? What's Your opinion about this game? How was it? Did You like it? Bought it already? What's Your favourite character? I loved this game a lot All those days I played almost every hour of my free time Can't wait till 24th May. Waiting for Your opinions and toughts!!!
  7. So a private server made for the intention of a vanilla World of Warcraft server known as Nostalrius has been recently shut down and is spawning a lot of controversy between the WoW players and Blizzard. Some people I've been following have been throwing their opinions out there and I thought I'd share mine real quick, then ask for your's. I consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable about mmorpgs and I personally think this move has a lot of potential for discussion from the point of Blizzard as a company and it's future. For a company to run a successful mmorpg, the company generally should listen to it's players and what they want. Blizzard's reputation has generally been extremely powerful in the case of how they listen to their fans, and has usually been set as an example for other companies in the field. Blizzard has also generally been smart with most of the decisions they've made in the past, and I've always told people "they know how to take common gameplays and revamp them to the scale no one has ever seen. They can take on an entire genre and set an example." It really baffles me how Blizzard has responded to fan's outcries over the shutdown of Nostalrius, and I'd like to get some opinions on it so I may see this from other lights and form a more proper opinion. (I'm not a WoW player) My solution? Create servers for each expansion. WoW has many servers already, and being able to transfer things from one server to another for the purpose of expansions shouldn't be too difficult if the problem surfaces. I'm not a coder though, but I'm sure this wouldn't be too bad. (If a moderator thinks this may be better suited for the debate pit, may I request someone move this? Thank you. )
  8. I was wondering if anyone else got into the beta for HotS. I just got in for free (I sent in an application a few months ago) and I'm about to start playing! It looks super awesome!
  9. This is a topic to post your battletags and what games you're active in. My battletag is VulpineTaco#1119 Have, but don't know how to find your battletag? Just open the client and click on your username in the top right! The number beside your username is your battletag. The games I'm currently active in are Hearthstone and WoW, though I may get back into Starcraft 2.
  10. Hey, guys! I was wondering, after seeing Legate Erik's thread on making a brony guild (see post for more info), how many "wowbronies" (© 2013) do we have out here? If you're not don't play WoW, do you play any other Blizzard games? Feel free to discuss the new xpac, other Blizzard games, whatev, so long as we're keeping everything so that Fluttershy could read it and not get offended. Cheers! --MrPandaa Pandaa, US-Arygos (H); Storathor, US-Kilrogg (A)
  11. Hey everypony, Yet another "Top three" I'm doing today. This time the topic will be about. What are three things that anger you the most? Don't forget to EXPLAIN why these things anger you! Anger can be a problem for most ponies. A discussion everypony can join in on, and hopefully help you vent your frustrations and other pessimistic problems! I guess I'll go ahead and list mine off. Give it a hoof-bump if you guys enjoy the topic! ^ w^/) Anyway! Here we go! 1. Squeakers: Don't know what a "Squeaker" is? It is a term often used in gaming to describe someone as with a very high pitched voice. [Around the ages of children of 5-10] Who SCREAM in the mic about non-game related content. Even if you have your volume turned down way low, they still put a spear into your ear drum. On side note of this, The reason I find it annoying is because it's not a child's fault. More so the moronic parent who buys their child a rated M game. Sure, it hurts my ears. What also hurts to know is that parents don't care about what their children are exposed to in an online community. Such as trolls and haters, which can be very... Influential. 2. "Repeaters": Through my youth I've found it highly nerve racking when I'd be concentrating on a task. For example... Dad: Move the pole down the hole slowly. Me: Alright. Dad: WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA, STOP STOP STOP STOP!!!!! Beyond anything, This highly irritates me. I know exactly what I'm doing 80% of the time, and he screams, panics, and otherwise makes anypony in this situation. VERY uncomfortable. Especially when I'm driving too... I guess you could say this has been somewhat traumatized into my brain. Since this is in the same subject, I also hate "Repeating" Myself. I tend to raise my voice in frustration if I constantly have to repeat something over and over. Mainly this concept only happens when dealing with other people say like... My Managers... =_= Manager: Claudia! Me? Yes sir? Manager: Claudia! Me: Yes...? Manager: Claudia! Me: WHAT DO YOU WANT?! Manager: That's very rude. Me: ... True story too. He was a jerk. Anyways... moving on! 3. Morons: Before we get into this subject, I want to make it perfectly clear that I'm not talking about anypony with mental/physical disabilities. A lot of people get touchy on a subject like this when it's not stated correctly. Main reason I say I dislike "Morons" Is because people with a brain don't bother to use their common sense. Most times when I have to walk places in my town, I'm constantly almost getting hit by idiots driving. NO one uses their turn signals, They constantly speed, They even roll down windows to yell rude phrases at me. I dislike them because people in the world have more sense and more capability to be what they are. Not only anger, but it also saddens me that most of the population of where I live is full of jerks. Just walking up here today! I was almost hit by an idiot who was turning from an intersection with a "No left turn" sign. He did it anyway! =.= I Digress... Anyway, I hope to read all of your interesting replies soon to come. Claudia~ <3
  12. Like the title already said, Is somepony also playing Starcraft 2. I kinda like it but I'm always playing against complete strangers cause i don't have any friends who like it. I'd love to play against another brony (or pegasister). I'd also like to say that I'm not really good at the game so if you're really great don't expect a big challenge .
  13. Blizzard: Yes! Just ask me whatever you like and ANYTHING, every comment will be accepted and answered!! XOXO - Blizzard Storm By the Way, There's my Profile
  14. Abel is, as you may be able to tell by the picture, Albino He plays a major part in my latest story idea, which I decided to call "Blizzard," since it is Abel's nickname that was given to him in his story. I don't want to say anything more about this story, due to spoilers. I will only say that it involves a lot bullying.
  15. Hey there everyone. I'm pretty bored as usual and there's not many ponies chatting with me... so I figured I would try this ask a pony out! So go ahead and ask any questions to my OC! Ask away!
  16. Hey there everypony! Do you love Rarity? Do you think she is the best pony? Well then! Don't I have a gift for you. I have an amazing rarity gif I wanted to share with you. I hope you all enjoy it. ^^
  17. Sorry I haven't been as active as I usually am. I've been attending an Adult Education Program... which is a kind of mini-school trying to go for my GED test. If all goes well I'll have my GED and hopefully I'll be able to get into college without a bunch of family interruptions. On a side note I've been a little busy with other MLP sites as well, trying to see if I can find some art and inspiration for my OC and possibly side-OC as well... I haven't forgotten about this wonderful site that got me up on my feet. On a side note lets get this straight. So I finally found my ID card my mom sent MONTHS ago. She sent it to the wrong address on September 26th. When I was walking home from the library one day I managed to walk by a house with a simular address to mine and I saw a phone book was like. "Hey! This is abandoned, free phone book!" When I noticed the addressed it had mail for me in it... "Claudia Claire" I Immediately went... "WHAT THE FUCK?!" Because... well, so many complications keep occurring because I never had my ID. The next day I went to the DPS and got myself a new state idea for Arkansas... Then the chain of stupid events comes into play, I went up to Hot springs to get a doctors note to excuse my absences for my injured foot & severe cold, because the last time I went up to the office they couldn't see me because I didn't have an ID. Well when I got there, the woman told me they couldn't see me because the McDonalds "Offices" were closed for the day, and that even if they were to see me. I would have to pay for the visit. Because last time I went up to the clinic, I didn't give them a drug test. Which I couldn't because they wouldn't see me without an ID. McDonalds was suppose to pay for my visit. Which... they didn't, I tried to go to my job and ask if I could work. but they won't allow me because I was sick on "A weekend" so now... I don't know what will happen. :/ If I can't get a job, I'm screwed. I know I haven't been very active on the forums, but I hope everypony understands my situation. Maybe once I get a stable job, maybe I'll be on more. thank you all. Claudia~ <3
  18. I've been doing some algebra practice before my GED practice test here in an Enrichment center. I got a 20% score on the test which made me flustered... I mean, I'm smart enough to compose my own songs, create my own video games, and code websites but I can't do algebra!! All the expressions, variables, and etc make me so confused. I said to myself it wasn't humane. Then I realized something shocking.... That's just it! Algebra is not! and I mean NOT from this world... only bringing me to one answer. Aliens...
  19. Hey everypony, Claudia (Or Kitsune to some of you...) here again! There was an "accident" in a McDonalds... I was cleaning the men's room on slow hours... -Shiver- x.x Then there was this one guy who left his work boots in the toilet stall and he told me. "Ma'am, could you watch my boots for me? I'ma close the stall so no one steals 'em." So I told him "Alright sir" Then a Mexican guy bursts in the bathroom and bangs on the stall door... He says, "HURRY UP I'MA BLOW" ... He rushed out before I could even tell him no one was in there, but he saw the boots in the stall.... Then he said "Screw this!" He tried to run to the women's restroom... but he pooped himself on his way there. XD He came back into the men's room, ready to kill someone.... He looked under the stall and saw nothing but boots... He looked at me and was like "WHO THE HELL DOES THIS STUPID STUFF MANG?!" I told him without trying to laugh... "Um... I'm just cleaning the rest rooms, I have no idea who did that..." He stormed off and the old guy came back and told me... "Thank you Ma'am! :D" Other then that, that's all that happened at work today. XD Disgusting... but hilarious, alright everypony. I'll see you some time soon. <3 With lots of love~ Claudia <3
  20. The status option would not enable me to post my full thoughts on my page for everypony to read... So I'm posting it as my first blog entry. So here you go everypony. Well... I just went through a rough breakup with my Stallion after three years... He got tired of "Waiting for me to open my legs" which just put a very disturbed thought into my mind. I couldn't believed I stayed with somepony for so long, who mainly just wanted to use me for a place to stay. I guess I'll be single for a good long while. Maybe something good will turn up in the end, not sure how long it will take... Only time will tell in the end. Thank you everypony for even so much as reading these. Ever since I've joined Brony/pegasister community's like this one, It's been life changing. I never knew such a fan-base like this one was so wonderful... I have a few things I'd like to say to all of you. 1: I think everypony is very special in their own way, I love to meet a new pony, getting to know them and finding something really special in them. Words are simply not enough to express how much this community means to me. 2: The content everypony submits here is amazing, the art, music, stories, even your ideas are something that can get you very far in life, I would like to encourage everypony to keep doing what they do best, your talents are amazing and I fully enjoy all aspects of this site. 3: I know many of you don't know who I am just yet.. I am going through a difficult time in my life at the moment. I just want to let all of you know, I love you all very much. Coming here really helps me with my issues everyday, you make me feel as if I have something to look forward to everyday. Sorry if I drew the out a little too long.. > w< I hope you all have happy holidays..
  21. [media=] [/media] in the newly released Diablo 3. all i can say is "wtf?!"