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Found 1 result

  1. Woo! ^^ Hello all you (hopefully) Sonic fans out there! If you're here, I assume you're ready to discuss the one, the only, the blue blur himself: Wanna know why? Because he's awesome. And you know it, why else would you be here? For the free muffins?! Anyways, to open this up: As we all (hopefully) know, Sonic is one of the world's most famous video game characters of all time. He's the best one too, lol. He's kicked Mario's plumber butt left and right more times than he can count. Sonic's had more merch than Jimmy Carter has had peanuts. He was a peanut farmer, it's a joke. Sonic has even had his own comic book spin off, that's won world records for "Longest comic based on a Video Game". And recently, the big Sonic convention "Summer of Sonic" has recently won a world record too. There's just no stopping him! With that little introduction out of the way, I'm going to ask a few questions to get things going so some discussion can begin. If that's okay with you. ^^ ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Which is your favorite Sonic game? What are your top 5 favorite Sonic games? Who's your favorite Sonic character? Who's your top 5 favorite Sonic characters? What's your favorite Sonic song? Which was your favorite Sonic cartoon? Thoughts on Sonic Boom? Who's your favorite Voice Actor for Sonic? Who's your favorite Voice Actor for your favorite character? Who is your least favorite Sonic Character? Who is your least favorite Sonic Voice Actor? When did you become a Sonic fan? What is your least favorite Sonic game? and last... What was your first Sonic game? That should give you all something to talk about. ^^ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'll go ahead and answer these while I'm here. ^^ Now it's your turn! ^^ Let the discussing begin! *ding ding ding* (