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Found 16 results

  1. Hello everyone as the title of the thread states this is a free request shop. You see after a bit of thinking I decided to go back to where my art career started and do some free requests. Now with that being said I will place some rules below. 1. I will not draw anything NSFW I know this primarily a safe site but I want to make sure I put that out there first and foremost. 2. Please do not stalk my profile,note me or post here asking when its going to be done. My life has gotten a bit busier since I joined a few years ago and I will be probably getting a new pc really soon so it might take a bit to get your piece done 3. Be sure to have good references. Text and pictures with shading are harder to get colors off of. But anyway I can give it a go. 4.Tell me what you would want I.E. chibi,full body 5. Have fun and request away
  2. If technology would allow you to make your life significantly longer or immortal by enhancing your body mechanically or replacing it completely would you do it?
  3. Perhaps you came down with a fever, sore throat, vomiting, etc. When was the last time you got sick?
  4. I'm talking about those weird things which you have or can do, and nobody else can. No, hearing voices doesn't count. I won't go into detail on how i found this out, but i never shed tears from my right eye. Like, ever. I think if i really try to irritate it, i might tear up but never spontaneously.
  5. How soft and huggable would Pinkie Pie's body feel if you touched her in real life I'm in love with Pinkie Pie's body I just want to hug and snuggle up to her all day including snuggling into her tail
  6. WARNING: TACTICAL HYPOTHETICAL THREAD INCOMING Lets say you're traveling to work one day right. Everything is A-OK. Meanwhile, in some alternate dimension, some Unicorn somewhere is doing a spell to switch their Mane style with somepony else's. However, it goes horribly wrong, and it swaps your body with somepony's in Equestria! What pony would you want to swap with? Now remember, you're in two different dimensions, and you're in this pony's body, and they're in your body. No pony knows you've swapped bodies except you and the other pony who is in an entirely different dimension. And the chances of switching bodies back is very very very very very slim. Now, for my opinion, I would want to switch bodies with Twilight. Why? Very simple. You see, most ponies would assume I would want to switch with Trixie, and while I would be her, she wouldn't be in the same dimension as me, keeping us apart. So if I was somepony else, that relationship would work. And I chose Twilight because Twixie shipping is so popular, and Twilight would probably have a better time coping with being a human then somepony else. So, who would you swap with, and for bonus points, what would you do?
  7. Yo I think it would be cool if the show included more diverse body types for the ponies, because right now, most are about the same. Personally, I think more chubby body types would be really nice since I find them to be very cute and only so many ponies have them (e.g. Torch Song, Babs Seed, and Mrs. Cake). What about you?!
  8. My favourite parts are mane tail and eyes.
  9. So I'm going to give an example. Write name with hands: Maysun with elbow: m,zahyxsun with foot: mjavuyjsdeiiu7nmj
  10. Well I have begun study proportions of pony's. But thought might post some my study's here that might help other people with there study's. And also to get general feedback to help myself too draw better. This body type is based on Sombra, abut 4 head tall. I give my own little twist on front view, i know most front view's, make most pony´s look like round balls, from front. But thought considering how he look, from the side and 3Q view. That his cheekbones would go inwards a bit.
  11. If I could be anyone...I would be Anna Faris. :3 She was a voice actor in the movie Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, and I find her to be a very good actress. She's just really awesome, ya know?
  12. I looked, and I didn't find another topic like this, so here it is. On average, what is your normal body temperature? Mine is unusually low at an entire degree lower than average. I want to know if I'm the only person with a random body temperature.
  13. The only reason I ask this is because I was rewatching A Canterlot Wedding and I noticed in the flashback scene Twilight has of being younger Cadence has the same body type, leg length and shape as Alicorn Twilight (and mane 6) has now. As far as I can tell so far the only real physical change in becoming a princess was the wings, and as most ponies don't have the long legs even though they are considered fully mature (ie mr and mrs Cake) I wondered if this was a feature unique to alicorns that the develop over time, along with other changes. So anybody else think we will see Twilight looking something like this in the future?
  14. Here is another sketch from my continuing project to draw myself as an anthropomorphic...I want to say wolf...I haven't figured it out yet. Anyway, here it is. I may find the other threads and link them together for all to see.
  15. After days of restless procrastination, I finally went onto the infamous stage of drawing my first anthro character, which is essentially just a furry version of me, known as Phase 2: Body. Also, due to extreme boredom, here is a bonus image that I took 5 minutes to draw. Feedback on the body sketch is appreciated, but don't bother with the 2nd one. It was just for fun.
  16. It seems Spike has accepted himself as a fellow citizen of pony society, and will therefore not subject himself to selfish tendencies that border on the obsessive, which will not allow him to grow physically. So does that mean Spike will live in that of a baby dragon forever?