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Found 48 results

  1. "Oh thank Luna! Somepony got an invitation. Look, today is mine and Lyra's wedding day. All of our close friends here in ponyville are supposed to attend. Unfortunately Derpy Hooves didn't tell anypony that today was her day off. So can you help a mare out and get these invitations around? Also, have you seen Lyra? no pony seems to be able to locate her and I haven't seen hide nor horn of her since yesterday. I'd just like our wedding to only be half the crazy of Crank and Matilda's was. Is that too much to ask? maybe she's checking on the wedding preperations again so that's where i'd start looking send the invitation badge to everyone you can and search through the forums to find Lyra or somepony who knows where she is
  2. Bon Bon deserves a fan page!!!! Please make her popular
  3. Sweetie Drops & Lyra Heartstrings Best Friend Forever
  4. ~WELCOME TO THE LYRA & BON BON FAN CLUB!~ Feel free to share anything to do with these two cute little ponies, whether you ship them (if you dislike shippings and art/love for them, feel free to turn back now ^^) or see them as closest friends! Forum rules and commonsense apply, and please try not to just post about only one of them; there's a fanclub for both Lyra and Bon Bon individually if that's what you're looking for~ ~FANWORKS~ ~Have fun!~
  5. Do you love Lyra? Like her? Know nothing about her? Whatever the case, this is the place to talk about the cutest, mintiest, and best background pony in all of Equestria! Until this month I barely noticed Lyra on the show. But then I looked at some pics, and it was like seeing her for the first time. Then I looked up some pictures, read 'Anthropology,' listened to music about her. Then I voted for her in the Most Attractive Pony poll and now I'm a fan for life. xD (You can vote Lyra too! Help her pull off the biggest upset in forum history! ) I don't just like Lyra, I LOVE her. I can't get that unicorn out of my head. I didn't understand background pony nuts or WAIFU fans before, but oh god, I think I've become one. Or both. So here's a topic about her. Tell me what you think about her, what kind of pony you think she is, post cute pictures of her...anything and everything Lyra!
  6. Inspired by Vinyl or Octavia poll, I decided to make the one with Lyra and Bon Bon. Who do you like more? I personally like both so I can't choose.
  7. Hello. I decided to write this little fanfic because of the episode "Applebuck Season". In it, Applejack is staying up all night bucking apples so she is sleepy and mishears ingredients, which leads to some muffins being made that give some background ponies food poisoning. They're all fine now, but I imagined what if after getting better, Lyra becomes afraid to eat muffins again because she's worried she'll get food poisoning again? Then, I came up with this. It's mostly dialogue, and very short, but it's my first attempt at MLP fanfic. One morning, Lyra was prancing down the streets of Ponyville. She thought she'd stop for breakfast at Sugarcube Corner. When she got there, Bon Bon was sitting at a table, eating a muffin. "Hey, Lyra!" said Bon Bob, "want some of my muffin?". " thanks," said Lyra, backing away hesitantly. "What?!" said Bon Bon, "that's not like you, Lyra! Normally, you barely leave any for me!" Lyra giggled. She was used to teasing like this from her best friend. "Well, the thing is, I'm scared," she said. "Scared?! Why in Equestria would you be scared of muffins?!" said Bon Bon. "Well, remember a few days ago when we ate those muffins and got sick? Pinkie Pie herself said that they weren't baked goods, but rather baked bads. I don't want to get sick again!". "Ly, it was a fluke!" said Bon Bon, "Pinkie said that she will always check the ingredients before making the muffins, and besides, they tasted terrible. We would've spat them out but we were afraid of being rude. But I say that if you don't like it, just spit it out." Just then, Pinkie Pie bounded over. "What's going on, you two wacky mares?" she said. "It's Lyra," said Bon Bon, "she's worried that the Baked Bads incident will happen again so she doesn't want to eat a muffin." "Don't worry, Lyra," said Pinkie Pie, "I now have a policy against having ponies who are sleepy help make the cakes, I check to see what they put and discard any muffins with yucky ingredients." She said this all in one breath, lay her head on her front hooves at the word "sleepy", and made a silly disgusted face at the word, "yucky". By this time, Bon Bon had finished her muffin, so Pinkie Pie ran out and got Lyra another muffin. She set down the muffin and said, as though Lyra was a stubborn foal, "Come on, Lyra-Wyra, just one bite!" Lyra leaned over the muffin and drooled, but she still looked hesitant. Then, Pinkie Pie burst into song, singing very quickly to the tune of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: "Lyra should eat the muffin. 'Cause it's very nice and sweet. She's always liked my muffins. And I'll make sure they're good to eat. Bon Bon ate hers and she's fine. Lyra will like hers, I bet. And if she eats the muffin, She'll be very happy yet!" With each lyric, Lyra's eyes and mouth opened wider and wider and she leaned in closer to the muffin, eventually taking one little bite. It tasted so good that she instantly forgot about being scared and scarfed down the whole thing. "Atta filly, Lyra," said Bon Bon. Lyra gave a satisfied smile and hoof-bumped Bon Bon, the two went on their merry way, and Lyra was never afraid to eat a muffin again.
  8. Seeing as the 100th episode is tomorrow I was curious about this. Which background pony couple do you think is the more popular of the two LyraBon (Lyra & Bon Bon) or OctaScratch (Octavia & Vinyl Scratch)?
  9. I thought it was time that I did a pic of these two in footed pajamas
  10. Hey, guys, I just posted my most recent story: Ponies Protecting Ponies. The premise is pretty simple: a select few background characters are members of a secret organization acting behind-the-scenes, and this story explores their involvment with Nightmare Moon's return in the first two episodes. Originally I was going to do an episode-like format with each chapter parodying a different episode from the show, but just after writing up the first two I had around thirty thousand words, and I realized that I had something much bigger on my hands. I may still treat this like a pilot or a movie that spawns a TV series kind of thing, but I'm waiting to see how reception goes first. So far I've only got the first chapter up, but the next (and much larger) chapter should be out before too long. If you want more information on what this story is about and the concept behind it, feel free to check out my blog page about it; bit of a long read though. Hope you all enjoy!
  11. So, with the release of Good Night Flurry Heart today, I've been itching to get it, alongside Lyra and Bon Bon, Agents of SMILE. Do they have some interesting stuff that expands the MLP lore? PD: Please, no MCFlurry hate here, I want to know if those books are worthwhile in terms of content and stuff
  12. Hey everypony! I've heard a lot of trash talk about episode 100 lately and was wondering if someone could explain to me why they dislike it so much. Personally, I liked it. Secret agent Bon Bon was adorable, and don't even get me started on how much I fangirled over Doctor Whooves. If I disliked anything, it was Vinyl and Octavia's rampage through town, but I really liked the song. So why didn't you like the episode?
  13. Hi, I am going to create a parody of the classic Cinderella fairytale, in an audio short form. Most of the cast has already been fulfilled but it is still in pre-planning mode. I will need voice actresses for these two characters, Bon Bon and Colgate. I mostly prefer the fandom voices of these two (the voices that are most preferred by the mlp fandom community.) You may send in ordinary lines from the MLP show or the fandom as long as the lines from fandom media aren't uncommon. Rules and other info: Auditions must be sent in a compatible mp3 format Auditions are due in summer in the pacific ocean time I will pm you my email if you get the part Voices of the characters must be fandom accurate That's all the info I have for now, goodluck!
  14. Basically, the story is about Bon Bon going back into her work in the agency she worked in some time ago. Instead of hunting monsters though, they assume a more "passive" vigilante role, in the same style as Person of Interest of Minority Report. They're using reverse-engineered cutie maps scattered across Equestria to analyze situations and see possibility of someone commiting a crime. The working title should be New Harmony, but I'm kind of afraid some people just skip over it and consider it yet another alternate elements fic. For now, I'm just wondering what you guys thought of the idea, and if you would read this fic.
  15. The First Meeting of Bon Bon and Lyra Heartstrings A Lyra Heartstrings Story " September 05th 2015 Dear Diary, Today i delivered apples to a random pony named Bon Bon today. She was a real cool earth pony. She liked band The Bucking Hooves and asked to hang out tomorrow. I can't wait to see her again. Lyra Heartstrings " Id grab my saddlebag and headed towards the park to see the new pony i met Bon Bon. I couldn't wait to see her. She was one of the semi-sane ponies in Ponyville i have ever known. And that was a refreshing thought. Id see the park and enter the main gate to then find Bon Bon sat there waiting for me. Bon Bon came up to me and said. Bon Bon: "Hey there Lyra. Its me from yesterday. How are you, And what's in that saddlebag" Lyra Heartstrings: "Ohh, its a few things i have made for us to eat here. I thought it would be great to eat with a perfect view of the sun and the sky, nature and fresh air. I thought it would be a complimentary meal for the both of us" Bon Bon: "Wow, thats an amazing way put an eating in the park scenario" Lyra Heartstrings: "Ohh and also. I bought some more apples. I thought because you had ordered a lot you may want some more just in case" Bon Bon: "Wow thanks!!. I love apples. Plus i am making a homemade adapted apple pie recipe that is made with the apples from this local farm. It's so fresh and made with care and content." Lyra Heartstrings: "Well. Im glad that you like my present for you. Anyways. Let me set the area that we will eat in. You just bask in the sun for a while" Bon Bon: "Are you sure, you don't need any assistance" Lyra Heartstrings: "No i am fine. You just enjoy your time. I have planned out the setting anyways. Don't worry. just relax" Id prepare the picnic scenario so to say and have made everything semi healthy. With a little bit of chocolate and a little bit of cake. A well balanced meal for a wonderful day. but i also had put in toms complimentary local apple juice that Bon Bon thoroughly enjoyed. When the day was about to come to a close and we both talked about Ponyville, our parents and a load of other usual chit chat. We both together watched the sun go down closing the day and creating peace and harmony with the moon's beautiful radiating light. Id grab my things and put them in my saddlebag neatly and said my farewell. Leaving her to enjoy the moon's glare. I'd walk to my home. Hoping and praying that i would see that pony Bon Bon once more. If we are the right ponies for each other, homefully become best friends. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I know that was a short one. But i think it was great to end it here on a pleasant note. Have a great day. -Burning Dusk
  16. G.M. Berrow has a new book starring two of our favorite background(?) duo. No further information is known other than it will be released in 2016
  17. Can you believe this? They made Bon Bon's canon name Sweetie Drops! Look at the wiki and you'll see what I mean! I mean, I know it's Hasbro's show and they could do what they want, but my opinion: I just don't really get what the big deal is about them changing Bon Bon's name. Same thing goes to them changing Doctor Whoove's name into Time Turner. Now the Doctor part I can agree on, that name is copyrighted, but Bon Bon, that's not a copyrighted name, it's a name of a type of food that I never even seen before in real life except in ice cream. Look, Hasbro could do what they want, I'm just saying my opinion. My point is: What do you think about Bonnie's new name? What's your opinion? Yay or neigh?
  18. Spanish dubbed shorts from Friendship Games have been leaked. Sadly, no Shadowbolts nor human Twi yet, but there are some Lyra and Bon Bon, Luna, and Photo Finish, and I can't wait for some Tabitha talking to herself in that one
  19. 100 episodes. One Second Opinion. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, GO! To subscribe:
  20. So these are some terrible attempts at drawing... I had better you go. Do you have any advice on how to improve?
  21. Their faces are DANGEROUSLY CLOSE! O.O and just LOOK AT HOW THEY'RE LOOKING AT EACH OTHER! It looks like they're going to just stop playing and furiously make out! (Or is that just me? O.o ) My reaction? ALRIGHT I'M DONE HERE! XD (I know this will never be a canon ship, but a guy can dream, can't he?)
  22. Hi Everypony :3 I finished my new art, and I would like to know what do you think about this? ;3 I really like Bon Bon and Lyra, but I was first time when I drew these. Hope you like it <3 You can see my other work here. Commission Info here.
  23. Darkness, and more darkness that’s Flash’s idea of a bad dream, and this was the one night every month where he would have that exact dream. Darkness and more Darkness… BonBon knew very well that this was that one night a month where Flash would have that dream, (based on his excessive amount of sweat and rapid breathing) and she knew damn well that this was the worst time for her to leave her lover and her lover’s home forever. Very few knew about their love, as for many people wouldn't understand what they see in each other. According to Equestrian rule #69 it is illegal for a member of the Cantelot Royal Guard to love a peasant. This was also one of the reasons why she was leaving… she didn't want her or her lover to suffer the same fate as Lyra. After the royal marriage it had turned out that Lyra was crushing on Shining armor, so since Lyra was a peasant, not only was she killed but she had her lifeless head hung in the middle of Celestia's bedroom. BonBon was going to head up to her Grammy’s house in the Crystal Empire and live a better life. She had no idea why she would leave, she had everything here, a house that she had fully paid off the mortgage on, and A Princess for a neighbor, but the thing that was most important thing to her here was Flash… “I can’t leave!” she mumbled to herself “Not without saying good bye” So BonBon pulled out a pad of paper and a ink filled pen and stared pour her soul out to Flash… “Dearest Flash I have been thinking lately about us, and what happened to Lyra… And I don’t want that happening to us… I care for you too much to see die right before my eyes. This is why I am leaving Ponyville for good. I’m going to a secluded location which I cannot tell you about, fearing that you will follow me… Love you BonBon” And just as BonBon was about to leave, she thought about what she wrote, And as she threw her Bag’s into the taxi, she said to the driver “I’ll be right back…” and ran into her lovers home once more. BonBon knew something was missing. So she pulled out a piece of candy that her grammy gave her that looked just like her cutie mark, placed it beside the note and wrote one last heart filled sentence… “And Flash Sentry …You are my candy…”
  24. This is a cute little picture I did a couple months (maybe a year) ago. It's... still very cute. The link to the deviantArt page is here.