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Found 7 results

  1. So Saint Patrick's Day was a couple days ago. How did everyone celebrate? I did nothing myself, but I don't know many other Irish people personally who actually care about the holiday, so... Anyway, I drew something to celebrate anyway. Here's a drawing of Lyra and Bon Bon "celebrating". Someone should probably stop Lyra before she hurts herself. Drawn by hand with a 0.3 pencil and colored with colored pencils. Let me know what you think, and as always: friendly criticism is always appreciated!
  2. I would love some feedback on a song i wrote right after the release of the 100th episode. I was a bit scared to show it to anyone so I never released it. I would love some Critique on basically any part of it. Please excuse my shaky/off key ness I was super nervous! Eep! Thanks!! Please do not use this song or cover it with out my permission. Please do not take credit for it! (if there is even anything you would want to steal lol. I doubt it.) This is a work in progress
  3. I will color this eventually, but this being inktober and all, I wanted to just go ahead and post this now I hope you like it!
  4. I started sketching a bit of christmasy drawing with Lyra and Bon Bon and got a bit carried away... These two are just too adorable! Please tell me your opinions! Constructive criticism is welcome. There's also a version with a really crappy background and a silly little animation. (All under the spoiler tag.) Merry Christmas everyone!
  5. these are some mlp background ponies that i recently drew... i don't like them but maybe you will! if you wanna ask me stuff go to my page on here or my Tumblr enjoy
  6. Here's a picture of Lyra and BonBon that I finished just recently! Hope you all enjoy it!
  7. Yesterday's Drawing: As per request of Electrobolt, here is Bonbon. Closer: I really liked this one. I wrote a story about it in my head but, it seems waaaayy too long to write out here... Anyway, hope you liked it. As usual comment, critique, brohoof, or even check out my other drawings if you haven't already! ...I'm totally buying a scanner over the weekend... PS: Extra brohoof to whoever can guess where I got that Rapier type sword from.