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Found 4 results

  1. Both have no qualms to assimilate you into their respective kind, or to kill you if you dare resist. Which one would you rather join?
  2. What do you think, if the Ponies kept on acting and behaving like this towards you?
  3. Would the Borg/Reaper versions of the TCB (The Conversion Bureau) Ponies and their leader realize the irony of the situation? And maybe even regret committing xenocide on the Human race? In the hypothetical (all of TCB is really hypothetical) event they wiped out the Human race (barrier, turning Humans into zombie Newfoals blah blah blah) only for the Reapers from Mass Effect to show up, or something like The Combine from Half Life? Note: TCB Ponies within this area of the multiverse can't win the war against either the Reapers or The Combine for they are weaker than them) Or would they be too dumb to realize the irony of it?
  4. The Borg and Daleks are the most feared enemies encountered in their respective universes - the Borg being a major adversary of the Federation, wanting to assimilate every sentient species to suit their needs, and the Daleks being bent on conquering the universe through mass genocide of all races they encounter. Both races are similar, bent on domination and subjugating any race which they deem to be inferior... although, the Borg are much more forgiving than the Daleks, not actually wanting to kill off races, but instead making them one of their own. Their lives are effectively lost, but they do become a part of something, at least - and not zapped out of existence due to hatred. This all being said... how would the Borg stack up against the Daleks? Daleks would want to burn them to the ground, much like how they started burning down Cybermen in "Doomsday", but I believe the Borg's ability to adapt to various attacks placed upon them would suit VERY well for them - and if a Dalek is assimilated, well... it's the end of the universe as we know it.