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Found 17 results

  1. For me, Music and Food extend my attention span, I have no patience when my parents are talking to me. However during school, I fall asleep when the teacher starts to lecture, like within 5 minutes of the talk How about you?
  2. Hello all. I am FM Synthy Bassilicious Poniest Ponypony Pony. I am a member of this website. Yay. Let's see how this goes... Ask me all kinds of stuffs! I am online very often.
  3. A lot of episodes get flak for breaking continuity or being really stupid/unfunny, but which is most guilty in your eyes of being plain old boring? For me, it was actually Green Isn't Your Color (not a popular choice), because I thought Rarity's arc was pushed to the sidelines and left stagnant, in favor of overloading on repetitive "cute" Fluttershy antics ( But I've also heard arguements for Ain't Easy Being Breezies and there were I couple more that had trouble holding my attention. Thoughts?
  4. Ohke then, first entry in my diary of stuffs. If I'm being weird, that's supposed to happen. I'm autistic, so of course I might have some weird ideas about how stuff works. Deal with it. Today was boring in almost every aspect. School was boring, the weather was boring, my classmates were boring, EVERYTHING was boring. So I doodled. That's what I do when I'm bored at school, which I am almost permanently. It's a miracle I haven't been in trouble for not paying attention in class... The only time I actually got in trouble was when I was really sad, I thought: "hey, being happy is more pleasant for everyone, so I became happy, and then I became more happy, and I became really hyper after a few minutes of me being happy. The lesson that followed was a lesson with my (almost) least favorite teacher. He's a old teacher who's a bit too angry and just generally not having a good day, ever. He didn't like me being happy and literally bouncing in my chair, and apparently dropped a few hints, which I absolutely failed to notice in any way, and after five minutes suddenly got really mad and told me to wait in the hallway for half an hour. I didn't care and asked him wether I was allowed to bring a book to read. My classmates thought I was just saying this to annoy him, but I was dead serious. He said no. So I bounced outside, while humming a polka, and waited. A few seconds later my teacher came back out with my friend, and told us both to wait downstairs for an hour. I said ohke, and we went downstairs, and I was still bouncing. I asked my friend why we got sent downstairs for double the original time, and he said: "because I told him it was racist." It wasn't racist, but it was still funny. We waited for a ling time, which I didn't mind one bit, I turned in circles untill I fell over but didn't because of a wall, and we waited some more. That was pretty much all there is to tell, I guess. But today was just plain boring, with a boring filling, and coated in boring with a boring cherry on top. It was boring. I hope tomorrow something exciting happens, like a teacher getting really mad at someone, or something else. Untill then, I guess I'll just doodle on, and maybe tell a story or two... If anyone made it through this text alive, congratulations! Otherwise, meh. Please, if I'm doing anything wrong, please tell me. Ohke, I'm done here, I'm going to sleep. *snore*
  5. Day one of new blog, it was boring nothing new really to talk about today. Well welcome to my first post. It's just about my sad life leading up to me shipping out for boot so please feel free to ask me anything seriously anything.
  6. I have an English essay due tomorrow. It's a response to an essay we read in class. While this is frightening for most ponies, for me it's exciting! How did you come about this diseased way of thinking I hear you say? Well, I'm a literary god! I churned this puppy out just this morning! I'll be happy to listen to any criticism you might have! And for all you MLA format Nazis out there, this isn't how the actual paper I'm turning into the teacher is formatted. Is Breathing Air Slavery? The first reaction one will usually get when they read Emancipation for the first time is bewilderment, often closely followed by disgust. Whatever point the author was trying to make is lost under mountains of ridiculously obscure words, constant repetition of a broken and borderline offensive analogy, and confused if not outright contradictory morals and themes. This essay about environmentalism simply isn’t as effective as it could potentially be, thanks to its many flaws. The author’s purposeful usage of words known to only the most erudite of literary professors is extremely distracting to the average, and even advanced, reader. Words such as reciprocities, aboriginum refugia, Pitjantjatjara, manumission, and monocultured, are completely alien to most people. In fact, the word processing program used to write this essay labeled most of these words as misspelled, as even it wasn’t able to recognize them. Such inordinately difficult verbology frightens off the audience before the author is even able to get his point across. This essay’s title is Emancipation, presumably because the entire essay hinges on the analogy of comparing land usage to slavery. Lines such as “Land as a serf. In nineteenth-century terms, the land as a Negro.” are scattered throughout the essay. However, if one thinks about the analogy logically, it quickly falls apart. One of the many, many reasons slavery was immoral was because treating a sentient being like a commodity to be traded and sold simply isn’t morally acceptable. Land, however, simply isn’t sentient; it is perfectly acceptable, and indeed necessary for our continued survival, to use the land as necessary. If we start to treat dirt and rock as sentient beings, the insane elevation of other inanimate objects cannot be far behind. Do we not place undue stress on air by breathing it into our lungs and converting it into carbon dioxide? According to the analogy the author is trying to make, the very act of breathing is akin to slavery! One can only imagine the absurdity that can result by expanding even further upon the analogy. Furthermore, even if the analogy did work, including such a reviled subject as slavery without delicate handling can only distract and offend readers. Blatantly labeling everyone who uses land as a slaver is insulting to the audience and simply isn’t an effective way to write an essay. These flaws only add to the confused morals of the essay. A very important part of any essay is its main theme; Emancipation’s is a cry for humanity to step up and protect the environment. While this is indeed a noble goal, the way the author presents it is ineffective at best. Consider these lines from the text: “The real work of preservation, then, is our own salvation. It is not to save nature. Nature will save itself, no matter what climatic or nuclear hell we plunge ourselves into.” This line, and others like it, diametrically oppose the main theme of the essay. Why should we try to protect nature, if like the author says, it can protect itself from any harm we might try to inflict on it? Such radical changes of theme leave readers utterly baffled as to exactly what point the essay is trying to convey. When one uses words such as Nullarbor and abrogated, he/she shouldn’t be surprised when the audience fails to understand the point that is trying to be conveyed. When one gives inanimate objects personhood, something generally used in fairy tale and children’s literature, they shouldn’t be stunned to discover their argument loses its integrity. When one’s theme changes from sentence to sentence, it shouldn’t be a shock to find the position they are trying to defend loses all meaning. The story is much like what it tries so hard to defend: A harsh, unforgiving wilderness, the true point and meaning incomprehensible to the human eye.
  7. Warning this topic might or might not contain spoilers about several movies. Proceed at your own discretion. I can't understand this... i seriously can't... Don't know what i am talking about? Why Thrillers, Horror Movies and their cliche "Evil wins" endings. Where do i start? The "Saw" series? The "Final Destination"? Where somehow everyone dies? Like... i've seen it in SO many movies it has become insufferable and i am issuing a veto to my friends wherever we are to watch a movie like this. Let me elaborate... i understand that some movies no matter what will put a cliffhanger to continue their story in their possible sequels... I understand that most of the movies i have mentioned so far do have said sequels. But my protest is that it is used in EVERY... SINGLE... ONE!!! When is the "Final Destination" going to end? ((if it hasn't ended by now since i was seriously too fed up with this to continue watching it)). How many sequels is "Saw" going to have? Don't we like have... 7 so far? Jeez even Harry Potter decided to finally end after the 8th movie! Let me describe you some other cases. But oh no! It's not only the movies that have sequels that do it! I recently saw ((well most of since it was on TV and i missed the start)) the movie about Freddie Krouger ((I am spelling it wrongly now aren't i?)) and i was like "YEAH! KILL THAT *@#%$!" and i was finally satisfied that this idiot had died but i still felt that this movie was going to use that stereotypical "Not over yet!" ending... when the final scene before the credits showed Krouger was alive and killed that girl's mom i was like "Called it!" and then i was like "I'm threw with thrillers..." i regretted the moment and day i decided to sit down my couch and watch this overrated movie that the Internet had made me interested in... We watched the "Descent" with some friends. I was happy whenever the girls kicked some monster butt and satisfied that at least one of them had escaped. But then there was that last scene that showed everything was a hallucination and that in fact she was dead or soon to be hallucinating. I was like "COME ON!" the movie would have been perfectly fine without this BS ending! Why did they have to do that? What the hell is wrong with Thrillers these days!!! There are more cases i could talk about like "The Hills have Eyes" or whatever. I was at least satisfied that the movie 1408 ((2007)) did this but it at least did this in the middle of the movie... not in the ending allowing for closure, allowing for the case to be rested and stuff. Not all of these movies that used this cliche ending will have or had continuations... so why do it? Why do it EVERY... SINGLE... TIME? Is it so much to ask for closure after a good thriller? Is it because it loses the tittle "Thriller" or "Horror" when something like this happens? I can't understand this... so please by all means explain to me what this stupid stereotype is about! Because i don't get it! I really Don't!!!
  8. are you already fed up with the CMC like me? I cannot help but mentally cringe and imagine that someone is pouring salt and lemon juice in one wound of mine whenever I hear that a CMC episode is coming. And actually those are the episodes that I almost never re-watch. All of this crusading, and doing stupid things to get their cutie marks is already very repetitive and utmost boring. It's swallowing away all the appeal and charm of the 3 characters and turning them into 2-dimensional characters with no personality each time they decide to do some more 'crusading', like what the thing that keep them together? finding their cutie marks? I feel like there's no connection whatsoever between them. It seems like they never gonna get their cutie marks, at least till the show ends for good, but I think that they should get them now because we already know what their talents are, which leads me to think that 'The Show Stoppers' came way too soon, because that was the episode that had shown their true talents, even if they didn't notice it, then in the following episodes they fall in the same idiotic behaviour of doing random stuff to see if they could earn their cutie marks, it's almost painful to watch. However, the good episodes of them are the ones that doesn't focus in crusading, like 'Sleepless in Ponyville' or 'Ponyville Confidential', ok that last one included crusading yes, but it was more focused on the work of journalism to the point were the whole cutie mark stuff was bg subject, I loved/hated Diamond Tiara as antagonist there. There are so much potencial if they get their cutie marks now. Sweetie is a singer, Applebloom is an artist(?), and Scootaloo is expert in acrobatics (?). They can do so much in the show instead of these crusading things
  9. (Somebody Requested that I review this game, I would not have normally done so) Today I'm going to be reviewing what is perhaps my favorite video game of all time (To use as an example of why people today will buy anything regardless of quality), Call of Duty. This is perhaps one of the worst games of all time. It's not a bad game in itself, what really makes it a bad game is how it's rereleased several times a year with minimum changes and people keep buying it. I'm going to go out and tell you that I dislike Call of Duty before you read any further, so if you're a major hardcore fan of it reading further may put you into fits or spasms that only otherwise happen when you're out of Ritalin, I'd recommend not reading it if you have a short temper and really like the game. If Call of Duty was released, say, once every three years it would probably actually be a very good game, but let's take a look at why it's not, shall we? __________________ Graphics The graphics are at the same time, decent and horrible. They're decent in that they're up to par with what we'd probably expect, however, my problem with the graphics lies in how they barely change from year to year, in fact, the graphical difference is only noticeable if you use incredibly far away titles, it was hard to notice the difference until I started comparing Call of Duty 1 to World At War. That's how slight their graphical changes are. Even taking into consideration just one of the game's graphics, they're really nothing special. The graphics didn't really innovate anything and all of the newest titles look exactly the same. 5/10 _____________ Gameplay The gameplay, don't even get me started. The multiplayer gameplay is as frustrating as trying to pack a rabbid racoon into a mini fridge with your bare hands while Hulk Hogan is giving you the Heimlich maneuver. The gameplay has perks, perks seem specifically designed to punish new players by giving old time players cheap tricks. Maybe the perks are the only good thing since they discourage you from buying this horribly frustrating game. If you don't buy it right when it comes out when nobody has those ultra-overpowered perks yet, don't bother, it's not worth it. This game frustrated me, it's impossible to enjoy. All my losses were soul-crushing, and when I did win it didn't even feel that satisfying. I'm not highly into competitive games as a whole so that may be a bit of bias. A huge problem the gameplay presents is it's abundance of glitches. Call of Duty has always been a breeding ground for gamebreaking bugs that annoy the hell out of all involved. Even when the game isn't glitching, the Single player is a frustrating and unsatisfying experience with all but a few exceptions (World At War and Modern Warfare 2 had decent singleplayer modes), when it comes to the rest of the series, I wouldn't even bother. If I had to say something nice about the gameplay it's that it has it's memorable moments, but once more, lots of the game is the exact opposite of memorable. Zombies are the only good thing about this game's gameplay, and even that could have been released as it's own separate game. When a gimmick is the best part of your game something is terribly wrong. However, in part, the zombies at least partially makes up for the lack of an enjoyable experience in most of the series. 6.5/10 _______________ Story The main overlying story is based on real life. I could spend all day critiquing how shitty real life is, so I'm just going to skip this part of the review for the most part. I'll say that as far as character development goes it does okay, I didn't particularly feel attached to any of the characters but they did at least have a touch of personality. 8/10 ________________ Controls Did not find any real problems with these, the game does what it says it does, that's enough for me. They're responsive, well-mapped out on the console, and well, I can't really review the PC controls since you can configure them. 10/10 _________________ Soundtrack Pretty decent, actually. It fits with the over all theme of the games, and I really didn't have any problem with it. it was varied enough to keep me entertained. the easter egg songs on the zombie maps are a nice touch. 8.5/10 __________________ Realism I wouldn't normally cover this but I have to because everybody says it's why the game is so good. No, just no. This game is less realistic than anything I've ever played. Let me explain in detail why. Besides the real guns and military maneuvers, this game is the most unrealistic portrayal of war I've ever encountered. The characters commit handfuls of war crimes every mission and barring that, if the game really did reflect real war most of the characters would have objectives like guarding the base while nothing happens or reading letters from their family and maybe getting into combat and killing a few people, not gigantic military assaults. Those are quite uncommon in war, that's kind of why when a huge military assault happens it's really big news. The whole inner workings of the games are unrealistic, but that's actually good in terms other than realism because games are supposed to be played. It's no fun if it's realistic, but people still continue to say that this game has realism. The guns' clips are too large, at least on the automatics. The full clip of the AK-47, for example, lasts maybe three seconds before needing to reload. I can of course see why they wouldn't make this realistic. I'm not even going to address the realism of the zombie or competitive modes, that would be a waste of time. 1/10 _________ Summary Sorry if the review came off sounding too negative. It's not that I hate Call of Duty, wait, no, that's exactly what it is. I hate Call of Duty because it's an example of how the video game market is decaying. The game itself is not too bad, but it's only decent. It's nothing special. Which is to say it does not deserve to be half as successful as it is because it's not even the best war game there is (That honor goes to Medal of Honor, specifically Rising Sun), yet people throw their money at the game every year like it's some kind of currency black hole. I'd rather spend my time doing things that aren't playing Call of Duty, that's all I've gotta say. It takes the bad elements of realism and combines them with the bad elements of nonrealism. That's not exactly a formula for a fun game. It's a game people by and love, never-the-less, and I still don't understand why. If you feel like telling me why you like or don't like the game in the comment go ahead. It's not a horrible game but it's not a good game either. This isn't to say you won't enjoy it, this game might make you happier than Men Without Hats dancing if they want to and leaving your friends behind, playing it is really the only way for you to find out. This review is just my opinion. Overall Score: 5.5/10 Edit: Somebody said I didn't give CoD enough credit. They're right. Overall Score: -15/10
  10. Cocodrillo

    Ask Coco

    I´m bored (end of the summer...), so I decided to make a "ask a pony" topic. Ask me anything. Opinion, crazy stuff, the fact. Either my pony me or the real me will answer your question - depends on the question.
  11. I went to the mall today, with my mom and my little brother. I brought my wallet with a shitload of money in it, and I ended up not buying anything. I wanted to buy a band t-shirt or some patches and buttons but, they didn't have any. They had plenty of sports jerseys and Obey shirts, multiple stores that sell them but no band shirts (of bands that I like). I ordered a band shirt EXACTLY two weeks ago from today and it hasen't came in the mail. WTF? My brother got charged for it, they said it would take 2-14 days and it hasen't came in the mail. I want my fucking shirt Dx They didn't have much MLP stuff either, I wanted to buy a blind bag pony but they didn't have any. There weren't any trading card either. My little brother was also being really annoying, he kept on whining because he wanted a puzzle. Eventully he did get his puzzle, so he did shut up for a while. Then, we finally went home. I knew from the very start that I should've just stayed home but, I got optimistic. I have too much money that I've been saving up from my daily allowence and I want to blow it on something. Who knew that two dollars a day could add up to so much?
  12. So today was my day back to college and boy was it different. I went to school expecting the worst time. It wasn't bad at all. Just another example of me turning an anthill in a mountain. My first class was Psychology and the chairs were so comfortable. When class started i just stared at the teacher. Everything was going well until i broke my concentration with brony songs. I kept singing love is in bloom remix and tapping my foot. I basically zoned out and missed the entire lecture. After that class i had to hike uphill to get to my math class and i walked in right when the teacher was taking role. So 1 hour into the class i had a scene playing out in my head. I wanted someone to make fun of me being a Brony so i could fight them. I would be sitting there and they make fun of me. we then would have a back and forth and i would win. He would get upset and i would destroy him with my martial arts. while this was going on the teacher was looking at me and he yelled out. " i would advise you not to space out in my class." everyone laughed and he went back to the lecture.
  13. So, My school district's exam season is starting up, with two state tests in November and an ACT scheduled for sometime in December. This means my school/social life is going to slow to everything, but a halt. Since reality is going to be a bit more...for lack of a better word, Boring for a while I'll be living in these forums for a while. See you around! P.S Here's a picture of Pinkie to make you smile today.
  14. Well then, I figured I would showcase the military models I've forged over the years. For me it is a primarily passive hobby which is only done on rainy afternoons or evenings, sometimes with the assistance of my father. The parts are so small it is often rage-inducing and frequent breaks are... recommended to say the least. Here's a few that I have done in chronological order! Since I have had more practice and taken more time to improve my hand stability as well as patience levels I am most happy with the Bf-109 xD Here's a pair I got from the Winter Holidays this past year which I have not gotten around to doing quite yet, super excited to do the Jagdtiger model though. 1:35 scale and it is Otto Carius' specific tank!~ Now then, enough about me I can't stand the spotlight, as it were. What are your experiences with models, if any? Comments are appreciated~
  15. It is implied each of the CMC has a talent. A general consensus is that Applebloom should get a hammer (carpentry), Sweetibelle gets a music note (singing), and Scootaloo gets a scooter (scootering). However, despite performing these talents numerous times none of them has received their mark yet. Wouldn't they have earned a mark with how often they are doing each of these things? One prevailing theory is that in order to receive your mark, you must utilize your talent in a truly spectacular way. For example, Rainbowdash always loved flying but she didn't receive her mark until performing the Sonic Rainboom. This would make sense as none of the CMC's have really done anything great with their possible talents. It might be possible though that if a cutie mark doesn't immediately appear when performing a talent the pony may give up that pursuit in search of another. As shown in numerous episodes, the CMC gave trial runs to activities including farming, mind reading, hair dressing, and comedy. Each of these proved unsuccessful, and were ultimately abandoned. But what if one of these activities was one of their talents, and it had been dismissed? In the episode "Stare Master", Applebloom and the others test out carpentry on some of Fluttershy's furniture with poor results. Based on past CMC habits, this will be crossed off of their potential talent list and they will move on to new pursuits. I believe that eventually Applebloom, like all ponies, will be drawn back to their true talent eventually, but missing her skill on the first pass could severely delay receiving her mark. ? I guess what I'm trying to say is... Do you think its possible to not realize your talent in the frantic search for a cutie mark, only further delaying its arrival as you move on to other pursuits? Or will your talent shine through and become apparent? And what does it really take to get your mark? Doing something awesome? Acknowledging your talent? Singing a song about it? Is it completely random and varies from pony to pony?
  16. Disclaimer: I did not see one. This is where you post those articles online that make you go "WTF". Let's begin shall we? It's one thing to stage a do-it-yourself renovation on a table, mirror or painting found deep in the weeds of a yard sale. It's quite another to attempt a repair job on a one-of-a-kind 19 th century fresco by the Spanish painter Elias Garcia Martinez with a few broad brushstrokes. Such was the lesson learned by an elderly member of the Santuario de Misericodia church in Borja, in northeastern Spain. Her handiwork, or lack thereof, was discovered after the painter's granddaughter donated the work, "Ecce Homo," to the archive of religious paintings housed at the Centro de Estudios Borjano, also in Borja. When officials from the center went to examine the work at the church a few weeks ago, they found it was not as Martinez had left it, the U.K.'s Telegraph reported. The last photo taken of the artwork before any damage was done, in 2010, showed Martinez's intricate brush strokes around the face of Jesus. A photo taken in July by center officials for a catalog of regional religious art showed the painting splattered by white marks, possibly the work of the woman trying to remove paint. The final photo, taken this month after Martinez's relative donated the work, showed broad and thick layers of paint now covering important details in the work, such as the crown of thorns on Jesus' head. While not a good day for art historians, local officials said the restoration attempt by the woman, said to be in her 80s, was not malicious, just misguided. Juan Maria Ojeda, the city councilor in charge of cultural affairs, told the Spanish newspaper El Pais that the woman turned herself in and admitted causing the damage when she realized it had "gotten out of hand." He added that the woman, who was not identified, attempted to restore the work with "with good intentions." The U.K.'s Independent reported the church and center are now trying to assess the damage to the painting and determine whether a professional can restore Martinez's work. Ojeda added that the woman herself would meet with restorers to explain what kind of materials she used to help them undo the damage. There was no figure given on the value of the work, said to hold more sentimental than artistic value because Martinez's family is known in the local community.
  17. ~The Shakespeare Thread~ Ahh, Shakespeare to some, he is a wonderful playwright and inspires generations with his work and retellings of stories. To others, even his name gives the thought of boredom, cheesy lines and silly clothing! Knowing that a few of the members here enjoy a good Shakespeare play I’ve felt the need to create his own thread for all to share their opinions, experiences and thoughts on all of his works. Whether they be the numerous film adaptations, written plays, or even the live performances themselves, here is the place to indulge yourselves! I was exposed to Shakespeare’s work at a very young age, my family and I would go to an annual event in the summer called ‘Shakespeare in the Vineyard’. It was a quaint place, amateur actors and actresses would perform there with no profit, it was all for charity! The whole thing takes place outdoors next to a vineyard and a small building where wine, chocolate and other goods are sold. Sadly, we don’t attend anymore and the last time I hjave been was probably 2 years ago now. All the plays we saw were Shakespeare’s comedies, even as a child I was not bored by the chipper actors and actresses doing their part! I could even understand the dialogue, which I know a lot of people around here have a hard time doing. All of the plays I have seen, watched, or read: Comedies: - The Two Gentlemen of Verona - Much Ado About Nothing - A Midsummer Night's Dream - The Taming of the Shrew - Twelfth Night Tragedies: - Macbeth - Hamlet As for my favourite of his plays, mine would have to be Hamlet. I have read it, seen it and watched the film adaptation that stars Kenneth Branagh as Hamlet. I simply adore Hamlet’s character and his susceptibility to strong emotion and rash action. I really felt for his character and his goal. Also, as a little factoid Hamlet is a retelling of a Scandinavian legend named Amleth. What is everypony else's feelings on their favourite plays and your experiences with his writing?