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Found 6 results

  1. Here is Bowser Castle from Mario Kart: Super Circuit on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here:
  2. And thus, Bowser becomes the victim of a tribute to both Spy can't decide and Pinkie Pie can't decide by ZavCoyote/Ezecoyote
  3. Super Mario Bros. The 1993 film. Many people dislike this film, for many reasons. But does it really deserve the bad rap it gets? The main complaint people have with the film is that it doesn’t follow the plot of the games. That’s understandable for people to complain about, right? The most obvious thing you would want the film to do is be faithful to it’s source material. It’s just common sense. Or so you would think. Here is an excerpt from an official Nintendo publication (The Official Nintendo Player’s Guide), that is the “plot” or Super Mario Bros. “One day the Koopa tribe, led by the powerful sorcerer, Bowser, invaded the peaceful Mushroom kingdom. The Mushroom people were ruled by a good king and queen. Although these gentle people fought together against the Koopa, they were defeated and turned into horsetails, shoots, bricks, rocks and other things. The only one who can release them from Bowser's magical spell and return life to the ruined Mushroom Kingdom, is Toadstool, the princess of the kingdom. But princess Toadstool was captured and imprisoned in the dungeon of a faraway castle. When Mario heard this story, he felt sorry for the Mushroom tribe. So, he's about to start a long, torturous journey to rescue the princess and help restore peace to the Kingdom of the Mushrooms.” This film was made in America. And so, if they had actually followed the “plot” of Super Mario Bros. the game, it would have ended up featuring Bowser as a stereotype witch doctor, the Koopas as stereotype tribals, and a bunch of horsetails, bricks, rocks and other things laying around. Does that sound better than the Super Mario Bros. film we have? I don’t think so. Now, you may say “But what I wanted was a film that followed the game’s plot!”. Tell me, what is the plot of Super Mario Bros.? It’s a plumber (and his brother, if playing 2 player) jumping over obstacles and repeatedly entering the wrong castles to search for a princess. You can’t make a film out of that. It would just be watching an actor jump over bricks and stomping on turtles and brown mushrooms for the length of a film. Sounds boring, right? The other games vary the plot slightly, but the same thing remains: The Mario series is not a story-driven one. The little story it has, even with all the games released by 1993 put in consideration, does not even come close to being properly adaptable to a screenplay. So, what are they left to do? Nintendo wants a Super Mario Bros. film made, but there’s barely anything to work with. So what can they do to try to make something like Super Mario Bros. entertaining to the viewer, and not just essentially watching somebody play the game? Artistic license. The Super Mario Bros. film is not a terrible film. There are far worse films out there by far. It’s case is unfortunate: Since it bears the name of a beloved video game, people expected something entirely different. They went in with the wrong mindset, and as a result, it bombed. But, let’s look at the film for a moment, pretending it has no affiliation with the Super Mario Bros. game: A couple plumbers living in Brooklyn are being driven out of business by a ruthless competitor, Scapelli. One of the brothers falls in love with a student conducting an archaeological dig under the Brooklyn bridge, named Daisy. Scapelli’s men sabotage the dig site by leaving water pipes open, and while the brothers are fixing the pipes they are knocked out by a couple strange men and Daisy is kidnapped and dragged to another dimension. The brothers must rescue her. Sounds like an interesting film, right? As long as it has decent acting, a good musical score, and great effects? These are all things the Super Mario Bros. film has going for it. Now, I’m not saying the film is perfect, but it doesn’t deserve the bad reputation it gets. The acting is great, the effects are superb for the time, it tries it’s best, and all and all it’s an entertaining film, its biggest problem being that it became a popular thing to hate. If you’re interested, you might try watching the movie again, with a different mindset. If you have never seen the movie before, you could at least try watching it before forming an opinion.
  4. This here is the fourth installment in the Paper Mario series. It is the first game in the series to be made exclusively for a handheld game console, that being the 3DS. 5 long years after Super Paper Mario (the 3rd game in the series) Nintendo finally released the much anticipated Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Critics are crazy as we all might agree on, but, just to state the facts, the game didn't earn as much respect as the previous three, but it has still been cited as a worthy inclusion into the franchise and a great addition to the 3DS library. Well, I'll be the judge of that. Story: The game begins on the night of the annual holiday called the "Sticker Fest", where the citizens come to watch the Sticker Comet fly by, which is said to make wishes come true. While Princess Peach is on stage, the Sticker Comet slowly comes down to be showcased. All of a sudden, Bowser comes in and crashes the festivities. In an attempt to steal the Sticker Comet, Bowser plunges towards it but is pulled back by a few Goombas. Mario tries to attack, but is overpowered. In the end, Bowser falls on the Sticker Comet, shattering into 6 different pieces. Mario wakes up the next day to find the Sticker Fest ruined. He soon meets a sticker tiara named "Kersti". Kersti blames Mario for the disaster in a case of mistaken identity, but soon finds out he on her side. She tells that the explosion caused stickers to scatter all across the lands and that the 6 pieces of the Sticker Comet have also been scattered. Mario sets out on a quest, along with Kersti, to retrieve the "royal stickers" and make things right again. Gameplay: Exploring the overworld is very similar to past Paper Mario games. You play as a paperized version of Mario in a 3-D overworld, where you can explore. Throughout the land, you will find stickers which you can collect and put in a sticker album. These stickers can be used in battle... Or, may I say, WILL be used in battle, as they are the only means of fighting. In the overworld you will often be required to solved puzzles which sometimes involve sticking special stickers in strategic locations to move on. While in battle, you can choose any sticker you have collected to attack an enemy. You and enemies take turns attacking each other until you defeat them, or by disgrace, get defeated. Mario using a fire flower on some Goombas. Good/Bad? - The idea behind all that collecting stickers thing can be a bit irritating at times. Because, on rare occasions, you can run out of stickers in mid-battle, so you are basically left to die, unless you run away and go hunt for more stickers. The thing that makes it more irritating, is that you don't get any kind of reward like a level-up like in the previous games in the series. All you get are coins... So, the only thing that is really worth fighting in this game, are the bosses, since they are the only thing required to battle to progress through the game. Aside from the sort of controversial battle system, the game itself handels smoothly, especially while exploring the overworld. The level designs are quite well put together and offer good challenges compared to the other Paper Mario games (This is the hardest game in the series, in my opinion). It's a really good game. Worth the Price? - Seeing as Nintendo predicted it would sell well and would be one of the better 3DS games, it costs 40 dollars. Now, 40 dollars can be a bit pricey if you haven't been a big fan of Paper Mario, or the Mario series overall, but any dedicated Paper Mario fan will surely find the price just right for this great game. Final Score: It all comes down to the final score which is: 8.8. I hope you enjoyed this review of Paper Mario: Sticker Star and check back for more reviews coming soon.