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Found 11 results

  1. Aaand . . . we're back. This is probably going to be one of the most controversal seasons due to all the political debacle we've had in the month of November. So without further ado, let's get on the road! "Just what has RealityPublishing been doing all this month? He hasn't written anything since October!" For those who don't know, the National Pony Writing Month (NaPoWriMo), an event that challenges all fanfiction authors to writing fifty-thousand words by the end of the month (It's a lot, trust me). How did we get invited? We didn't; we walked in. I believe I mentioned it before, but instead of doing all the other work (like I was supposed to), I was busy pouring my blood, sweat, and tears into one of my worst works (Don't worry, we'll edit it). Unfortunately, after all the hard work (48k in), I realized I wrote the story in the wrong person. So I'll be clicking my keys away for the next two months trying to fix everything I screwed up on. No, this isn't like my traditional blog post, it's more of a status update; but there will be many, many more blogs in the future. I'm trying to return to the original "daily blog" schedule, but it's a bit harder with the move going on (yes, we're moving shop to Texas and we'll be cutting our internet on December 30th). Considering this is another one of my "weakest" blog entries, I figured I'd give a few sneak-peaks at what is to come for the rest of RealityPublishing's Tales of Unfortunate Tails: Season 3. We've got some big ones planned. . . such as: -THE KEIJO MARKETPLACE -WINDOWS XP GONE WRONG -LOWERING YOUR TEACHER'S EXPECTATIONS (PART 1 OF 1) -AMERICA GOES APE-CRAZY and -NICK CAGE READS EROTIC FANFICTION WITH A HIGH-PITCHED VOICE (wow, I really should have lowered my octave) (Titles subject to change) Thank you all for the support! It's been a crazy month and we're working to make some great content! Throughout this month, we'll be creating several new projects and fanfictions! We're still looking to invest in some drawing tablets and we've recently updated our engine for our (still in development, but almost done) first game, "Fallout: Equestrian Revolution", and will be expected to release sometime summer 2017 (perhaps August; it depends). We're still looking for artists, so if you'd like to see this game become a reality (get it?), then please message me (we'll probably be working with SFM for the first game). Again, thank you all for the support! See you on the flip side! -RealityPublishing Our Discord: (We'll be having a "5,000 View Special" whenever we reach the goal.)
  2. Yes, I waited until midnight to say this, but here's the special update. I've decided that I won't be writing RealityPublishing's Tales of Unfortunate Tails on Saturdays because I want to keep it strictly a weekday job. I know it's a bit abrupt and I actually never planned on taking a break. It's fun to write little stories about my mishaps in life, it really is! Don't worry about a thing, because I'll be back with a brand new story Sunday. After that, I wanted to tell a longer, more personal one before moving on. This next Sunday release is a doozy and will (probably) get me a warning, but... meh? It's got to do with Clop, but I've been making sure not to include anything suggestive in the actual story. IF you happen to want the full details, then I'd be happy to answer questions through Private Messaging. I'm hoping to extend this series as long as I possibly can. It will always have the same schedule. If not, I will do my best to catch up. New Issue Everyday with the exception of Saturdays -RealityPublishing
  3. Hey y'all! Since I'm on spring break I've had a good bit of extra time on my hands, so I spent some of that time on making pony drawings, I drew both of these well actually I drew part of the first one a while back, and finished it yesterday, and I drew the other one yesterday. I guess without further ado I'll go ahead and show you them . This one is just my attempt at trying to make a pony drawing with a open mouth, it still looks off to me though, I really can't find out why.. :/. Gonna need some help with this maybe, or just alot of practice. This one was just a upper body and face shot really, I just wanted to see how it'd turn out, I was actually thinking of experimenting with it and making it an avatar, but I'm not sure how great it'd be really. Like always both are drawn with GIMP, using my mouse(M705 Logitech .) I'll be honest that I really haven't been drawing ponies at all in a long while, but I do wanna get back to doing some. I also need to start working on doing more advanced things that aren't just standard shots. I plan on trying different expressions and different hoof motions, aswell as different backgrounds. That look better of course. And I'm also possibly going to be making another OC to be a partner for this OC possibly, but I haven't decided if I am or not, and I haven't decided on a color scheme for her yet anyways. So I guess thats about it for now, as always I'm happy to hear critique on my drawings so I can try and improve them and stop making similar mistakes over and over, and improve. I'm also open to if you want to suggest any ideas maybe for a drawing you think I should try or maybe something i should practice. Any tips are also appreciated, even better if you take the time to maybe even provide some form of reference or resource or something to help me. I have some ideas for drawings maybe, but I guess my problem is going to be visualizing them well enough to draw them. Guess I'll see, I'm gonna try and get some kinda drawing done atleast one before I go back to school! And I also wanna try and get more into doing pony drawings more frequently again so we'll see how that goes. Later y'all!
  4. Most fanfic reports mention that any Pinkie Pie will violently attack (or even kill in some scenarios) the perpetrator or violator. Pinkie Pies rarely forgive them. Now, say Mr. X made that Pinkie Promis, but "accidentally"/secretly broke it (for the lulz). Now he notices the Pinkie wailing in anger, screaming and pursuing him, catching him out of nowhere. I am currently studying a Pinkie Pie's average behaviour. Can you describe what exactly happens when that specific Pinkie Pie catches him at last? ( ) ( : "<a class="profile-link" data-rapid_p="37" href=""
  5. No, it's not because of something that happened here but actually because of my real life circumstances. I really need to pick up with my schoolwork and take things seriously and that means balancing work and rest. I've been finding that just sitting outside and watching the trees dance to the wind and listening to the birds chirp... Doing pretty much anything on the internet as "rest" ends up in me getting glued to my seat for much longer than I intend. I'll still drop in to check for PMs or just lurk in threads I'm most interested in like the cute pony pictures thread and the funny pony pictures thread. You're just not going to hear much from me. Those of you who have me on Skype may have noticed that I haven't been showing up as often lately. Until next time.
  6. Hey guys. I am sooo excited for Christmas break!! Going to my condo with family and it will be awesome! Secret Santa in class was great. Got some candy (yay) and an awesome cat magazine. If your a fellow cat fancier why not comment, follow my blog, or friend me? Anyone else have some awesome plans? Post in the comments below if you want to.
  7. I, Harmonic Revelations, am leaving the forums. Whether this will be permanent or not depends on how things go. Anyways, I really wanted to tell you guys in a way that expresses how much the forums mean to me and why I decided to leave. When I signed up for the forums, I had no idea what I was getting in to. I thought I'd spend a week or so on here, tops. Oh how wrong I actually was. I very much enjoyed my time here, but things have changed, perhaps for the worse. The main reason is that I feel under appreciated. If people don't care what I say I shouldn't waste my time saying things, no? That is the main driving force behind my leaving. I don't have the same driving force behind the things I say that I used to. Nothing I say matters, because nobody really cares what Harmonic has to say. They cackle and roll their eyes, ignoring anything I actually do for and with the community. Then there's the fact that certain people from the forums that I will leave unnamed have been sending me death threats through my E-mail, this is something I don't appreciate, and it's definitely something that has a bit to do with my decision to leave. It's uncalled for and when you attack me everyday, it's not something I take lightly. It boils down to the fact that nobody here really cares about the things I say or do anymore so it doesn't feel like it's worth it to do or say these things anymore. I sit here for long periods of time running in circles and doing nothing meaningful. The way I spend my time helps nobody so I don't think I should bother. This may or may not be permanent, I may have a change of heart, but as it stands, that is my decision. Goodbye, my friends. ______________________ EDIT: I'm not leaving, due to the assistance and kindness of no less than everybody. I had several long and thorough talks with various people (Especially @SCS) who have convinced me to stay on the forums. I would like to thank them for their continued support through this situation of a quite complicated nature. I'd like to thank everybody who commented and everybody who personally went out of their way to help me. On the subject of the death threats, it is being taken care of, and for that, I am grateful. Things were incredibly stressful last night and I honestly had no idea what I was doing, I appreciate all those who went out of their way to talk some sense into me. Thank you.
  8. (Mods, If this needs to be moved to a more appropriate forum, please do so) I am writing this to you to help explain a few things that some of you may have heard about this weekend. As some of you know, when I am not trying to dispense helpful advice to my fellow Bronies, I started hanging out in the Forums Games Section. While in this section, I frequently found myself engaging what I thought was harmless fun with other members that involved asking what would I do if the member above me kissed me, or would I date the member above me, etc. Well, you all know the one's I am talking about. The thing is it would get a bit crazy trying not to get ninja'd by others and what not, so I would send a PM to whomever I was playing with and thank them for being a good sport and reminding them that this was all in good fun and not to be taken seriously, because I am married and have kids after all. Friday night, as I was preparing dinner, I received a phone call. This was phone call from an outraged father who informed me that I had been talking about kissing to an eight year old girl. This person did not divulge this information on her profile (and she's not required to, of course she could have lied anyway). He then proceeded to call me perverted and announced that he was going to call my local police and report me and go on Craig's List and "ruin my life". He has succeeded. As I am writing this, I am sleeping on the couch, because my wife has banished me here for putting her and my family in this situation. I know also live in fear that there will be a knock on my door and the police will take me away for playing a stupid game. What I want to say to all of you is: I am sorry. I have let my family down and I have let you all down, because in one parents eyes I have become one of the stereotypes that I sought to dispel: a creeper. I am not of course, but to him perception is reality and this means I have failed you as a community. There's an old saying that it only takes one oh shit to ruin a thousand attaboy's. My failure is as a result of my failure to check myself and my usage of this forum. So, for the foreseeable future, I will be taking a leave of absence from here. I had originally PM'd Feld0 and asked him to delete my account as I believed that I was no longer worthy of being a member of this site. SkullBuster intervened on my behalf and asked that I be allowed to remain a member. I would like to be able to come back and be able to contribute as before but I will leave that to Feld0 and you, the members of this forum, if you will have me back. Again, I am sorry that I have caused embarrassment to my family and to this forum. I really do care for all of you and I hope you will accept this apology. Good bye for now.
  9. Alright guys, never thought I would be making a message like this. Anyways, due to some reasons I might say below, I have decided to take a small break from this fourm. I will not be leaving permanently, just taking a break. The reasons I am taking this break is simply to try to fix up my life some. I have let the fourms sorta become the one thing in my life I look forward to, and my grades show it. (I'm looking at you 55 in Word History Honours . I've also not done anything productive in weeks. I need to use the coming break for winter from school to catch up on any work I am missing and to try to take a breath. Anyways, I will not be giving up ponies( I love them to much), I'll still be watching the new episodes and all that, maybe even take the time to work on a fanfiction I have started. Anyways, I will see all of you awesome people sometime either after Christmas (If we make it that long, I mean what if we all die on the 21st and people's spirits and ghost's tell everyone I told you so) or the New Year. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I will miss all of you people and will see you all soon. Goodbye for now!
  10. So was surfing the net, and while on google, a particular thread caught my attention. I immediately knew it was going to be... interesting. After all, the title of the article was "Bronies: Adult Men Who Like My Little Pony And Why It Disturbs Me". Now I always like to hear what people think, even if I disagree with what they have to say, as I feel it allows for an expansion of perspective. So naturally I clicked the link and read the article that followed. I will post the link below so you can see for yourself, but essentially the article came down to being a rant lableing all "bronies" as sexual deviants that are dangerous, and asking if she (the writer of the article) was alone in thinking this. Below the article, I saw that she had closed the article due to "threatening and hostile comments [that] have only proven to me that this whole bronie trend leaves a bad taste in my mouth". NOW THAT grabbed my attention .So I spent a good 1/2 hour reading the comments, and naturally there were several supposed "bronies" dropping the f-bomb and being disgusting, but i feel that they were trolls being trolls. Actually the majority of the comments were very postive and open-minded as well as being civil. But as I continued to read, I realised it did not matter how polite or civil the comments were. It became apparent that the writer was not truly looking for what people thought, but rather looking for opinions to confirm what she felt. Overall, the saddest thing about the whole deal is that the site the article is on,, has "It's all about the families..." for it's slogan. Really hypocritical if you asked me. Well, anyways i figured the article would make for an interesting read, and wanted your thoughts on it all. The article can be found here : Thanks for reading and as always stay pony my bronies /)
  11. Third week without new episode of ponies begun today... Degradation of morale that took its onset somewhere halfway through last week is making a cosy nest in my psyche. Constant browsing of fan made pony content no longer seems to have influence on the progression of the condition, all the material seems nothing more than a hollow surrogate mother like those in zoos they use to feed bird infants. A sight so depressing and pathetic that it makes one question the righteousness of their acts of kindness. Now applied to my own life that same scenario seems almost like a cruel joke played on the expense of a mind that somehow can grasp it but does all it can to survive. Make no mistake, ponies are like a drug. A brigthly colored trip into a moment of bliss that distracts you from the gray toned reality filled with people afraid to differ from the faceless gray mass that slowly drifts on the streets like muck in a narrow groove of concrete. Ponies give both sense of belonging and the feeling of nonconformity as you partake into something unorthodox and break the gender norms. Some may experience guilt for it but I revel in it like an old cross dressing businessman revels in his little kink that allows him to get in touch with other parts of his psyche he has worked a lifetime to suffocate under posturing and machismo. Albeit not as accentuated hobby as his, ponies mean a lot to me, they symbolize the freedom of choice I wish to possess over my own life and how I wish to lead it. The greedy bastards at Hasbro haven't yet even noticed what they have in their hands, the smell of money makes them twitchy and nervous however. Like hyenas smelling a carcass in the night, they are circling closer to the mother-load of money, but in the meantime they keep doing stupid moved like issuing take down notices and biting themselves in the feet like clumsy and impatient mutts. Then these breaks that their channel drops in the airing times of their show, potentially even more harmful to their own merchandise when their yappy lawyers go around making sure less people have access and chance to meet their show on its arbitrary breaks. The half mocking silence this time has imposed upon my life now plays the tune of a piano built out of bones as it's dry creaking symphony echoes through my mind. The pale faded comfort that each passing minute takes me closer to new episode in the future is much alike the hope you have when you are in the desert without water. Taking steps half aimlessly hoping that you survive long enough to land on some marker of water before you dehydrate. seeing already to the horizon that there is none or even hope of one until you have crossed that horizon at least once. So many steps to take, each one carries you closer to the end, was it then water or death, was it then new episode or brutal act of violence as you snap without the drug that has given you strength to remain human. Of course this all is just minute and superficial to rational thought as well as to an outside observer, but the strife is real, the lack of ponies is real. As I brush over my stubble and glance at the cold gray landscape peeking through the window blinds I am only more painfully reminded by the desaturated reality that overcast sky paints darker before me. Ponies are no longer a meager distraction, they are a symbol and a promise of something greater than a man; change for the better, and this change I need to be reminded of by the beloved series of mine. The reminder each new episode brings me helps me through these weeks. Seeing other people enjoy the series casts in me a hope of better tomorrow.