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Found 20 results

  1. So, what I mean by this question is: where do you, y'know, come from? For instance, I'm mostly Scotts-Norwegian, with a bit of Turkish and Danish thrown in. From what descent are you?
  2. What is the strangest dream you have had? Mine is I was setting up a tent at some sort of market, then the British insurance dog 'Churchill' comes out of nowhere and tells me TV advert mascots need help. We jumped in a TV and I saw the MnM brothers, the Android robot and more. There were these red things leaking through the screen and trying to attack us, so we fought them. Then I woke up, and when I woke up I shouted 'What the hell?'
  3. Ever since I was a kid, my parents would watch British shows on PBS. More often than not they would be shown on Saturday nights. Ever since then I've grown accustomed to watching these British Comedies myself. I've always liked such ones as: -Monty Python -Fawlty Towers -Keeping Up Appearances -Chef! -Vicar of Dibley -Mr. Bean -Black Adder -The Young Ones -Are You Being Served? etc. What are your favorite Britcoms?
  4. Hey guys! You may remember me, i was active on the forum games a few years ago and then disappeared off the face of the earth - but here I am again, to plug my latest creative endeavor! I recently started uploading videos to YouTube more often, specifically video game reviews and voice acting. I review good games, bad games, weird games and I'm also considering doing some Top 10 lists and the like! If anybody is interested, then I've some samples of my work here: So I hope you all enjoy what i have to offer - any constructive criticism is welcome, and all suggestions are also listened to!
  5. [Title belongs to Lisa Respers France, CNN. I'm bad at titles.] So I've seen some news that there's gonna be a Michael Jackson movie, "Elizabeth, Michael, and Marlon," and Joseph Fiennes has been cast to play him. Now, I'm not usually one to care about what Hollywood or its variations do, but Michael was an idol to me when I was younger. As such, I, like many other people who are opposed to Joseph's casting, take his words in this Oprah interview to heart: Michael's skin condition had clearly come to pass before 9/11, which is around the time that "Elizabeth, Michael, and Marlon" is set. The main argument against this choice is that casting Joseph, a white male, would go against what Michael had said he'd like to be remembered as: "I'm a black American. I'm proud to be a black American. I am proud of my race. I am proud of who I am." I'll try not to deviate from the matter at hand but I'd like to give those of you who aren't in the US, or those who don't pay much attention to the entertainment industry, a bit of background information: There has been a lot of criticism over the last few years that minority actors/actresses are purposely getting pushed away from the Oscars due to voter bias, wherein the majority of the voters are white, male, and fairly old. Here's the simplified version of a Los Angeles Times survey: It wasn't too hard for people to make a correlation between the voter bias and the constant stream of white actors over minority actors. This may have been another reason why people are so against the, as some have called it, "whitewashing" of a black American icon. Overall, I'm against the casting because I believe Michael's wishes should be respected, but what do you think? Is it fair for Joseph to play Michael Jackson under "creative freedom" as Sky Arts has said, or would it be a disgrace to Michael's memory to do so? And while you're here, do you believe that the Oscars have an unfair voter bias towards white men? Is it fair or not?
  6. 10. Favorite British People Not much with people, as I dislike most people, but have some favorite people & some in Britain (alive and past away). Here some to named, Stephen Fry and Stephen Hawkin and . For Actors, Patrick Stewart, David Tennant, Ian Mckellen, Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Crane, Hugh Laurie and Peter Capaldi. As for music, Beatles and The Queen and As for History, Sir Winston Churchill, Lord Nelson and Isambard Kingdom Brunel. As for ficional characters, Great Deletive, Sherlock Homes and Dear Waston, and of course, comic book character, Captain Britain & Union Jack (Yes they exist, in comic book). Politician, I respect & like, Nigel Farage & Boris. As for women, all I think is former wrestlers, Blossom Twins. I always support the British Armed Forces. (Sorry for not saying much, not good saying things on why I like it, but I did what I can.) 9. Countryside What can I say about, well place of green, fields, trees, plants, lakes and animals. It where not many people live. Also it place to relax away from cities and people, there area like Yorkshire Dales. Not sure what else to say, love countryside as I like to go and relax. 8. Football I’m been up and down with football, but still it’s a national sport and always will be. Even England team won just one World Cup, but do got a great league called Preimer League as well three Championship league and other leagues that called non-leagues. Also there FA Cup and League Cup. Manchester United is my team. Of course there other teams. But only team I care are Manchester United & England National Team (Yeah, this blog about British but when it comes to national team, I’m an England man). As my footy heroes (That British), Sir Bobby Charlton, Ryan Giggs, Wyane Rooney (Yeah some will disagree), Stanley Mathew, Sir Bobby Moore, and he as greatest footy manager, Sir Alex ferguson. Yes, there players there that was long time ago but they were great in these days, hope there players like them today. 7. Chicken Tikka Masala (With Naan) & Full English Breakfast It past Fish & Chip as nation’s favorites. I do pefer it than Fish & Chips. Like to eat it instead with rices. In the morning, there nothing better than full English breakfast. 6. Tea Nothing better than nice cup of tea, It’s one of British Icon, even it was from other country in the past but it come popular in Britain so much and British discovered it in india and bring it to Britain. So many Brits drink that it become one of British icons. 5. Doctor Who Believe it’s one of the best shows in the world. When it return in 2005, it didn’t interest me much till season 2 finale, that I become a Whovian cos that episode has Cybermen and Daleks come face to face. Daleks, Cybermen and Tardis are iconic of the show, my favorite monster will be Weeping Angels. As for favorite Doctor 5th, 9th to 13th. 4. Comdies Do like good comdies and like to have a good laugh. It make me feel little better. There some great British comdies, my favorite will be Horrible Histories (Kids show that popular with adluts) & The Young Ones, There great comedians, Rik Mayall, Ade Edmondson, Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean), Eric Morecambe, Ernie Wise, Tommy Crooper, Two Ronnies (2 comedians), John Chess, Harry Enfield, there many other but I name these that I know and like. 3. My cats Well, They all British and feel like putting them here. One things when I think of Britain. We got four cats, Ozzy, Germlin, Thomas and mum cat, also stray cat, Feilx that we look after and another cat which I called Ginger cat that come to our garden. Also cat that no longer with us, these that Vancent (first cat) and Fiver (disappeared) and Taby & Ginger, brother & sister to Ozzy & Gremiln that was sent to pet shop, never forget about these cats. 2. Union Jack (British flag) It a great flag, icon and represent of Britain. Made me feel proud when looking at it. I have many of them and also things of it, like teapot and notebook, pillow (well having got that one yet). 1. Favorite British Landmarks Britain got some great landmarks and I’m kind of obsessed of them. My favorite are Big Ben and Stonehenge they both iconic. Other landmarks I like, Tower Bridge, Tower Of London, St Paul Cathedral, Shared, Leeds Town Hall, York Minister, Durham Cathedral, Glastonbury Tor, Salisbury Cathedral, Whitby Abbey, Fountian Abbey, Rievaulx Abbey, Bodiam Castle, Dover Castle, White Cliff of Dover, Angel of the North, Penshaw Mounment, Lincoln Cathedral, Ely Cathedral, Scarborough Castle, Hadrin’s Wall, Battersea Powerstation, Rounday Park castle, Kirkstall Abbey and Oakwood Clock. Also Manchester Town Hall, Wells Cathedral, Blackpool Tower, Cliford tower & Roman Bath. There ruins and cathedrals, yeah I’m into them.
  7. Hello all So I'm a very patriotic Brit, and in order to show the love I have for both MLP and my country I made this xD Note: The watermark in the corner is mine... From an old forum What do you think?
  8. Just something stupid I made while bored. XD I apologize if it comes off as offensive, I'm not trying to be, I just want to have a laugh, ya know?
  9. Is there anypony who even knows about this show? It's on Netflix. It ended in 2009, and is my most recent fandom (at time of this post)
  10. For me, its Hollyoaks and EastEnders. You?
  11. I can't find a thread about Misfits (The British television show not the band) so I decided to make one. Anyone else a fan? If so who's your favourite character or your favourite power? Rudy's gotta be the best in my book, when he appears on screen hilarity ensues.
  12. Does anyone else watch The IT Crowd?? It's a great British comedy. It's somewhat nerdy, but not that bad. It is on Netflix o:
  13. Became a present to a British girl?
  14. If a British girl received Yaplap as a Christmas present ... A nation has a pink flag, yet has the strongest, most advanced, toughest, and most ferocious military forces in the world. And most countries would perhaps think twice about mocking this nation: people there are not even feminine, but they are an extremely aggressive warlike culture ... Someone is confronted by the Ponies. He throws GAK at them, thinking that they will melt into more GAK. It never worked. What do you think of those ridiculous ideas? How would you like to add to, or edit, them?​​
  15. Hey y'all on reddit there was a post about 20 movies you may have missed. One of them was Attack the Block. It's a movie about a teen gang in South London that are caught in the middle of an alien invasion. It was awesome, have any else of y'all seen it? Warning if you are going to watch it, it has swearing and violence. The trailer doesn't do the film much justice but gives you a little insight to the movie. The trailer is here:
  16. What do you think of the Queen ? Do you like the Queen of England? do you want her removed? do you want to be a republic? I'm British I think we all don't need a monarchy
  17.,,20757310,00.html Big news! After 30 long years, Monty Python is being reformed! The five remaining Pythons have expressed complete certainly that Graham Chapman is going to bust out of his urn to be in their new show too, and are currently talking to his manager in case of such an occurance. I'm so... SOO... excited about this. I'm probably gonna have a heart attack from squealing and fanboying too much.
  18. So, I searched for it, but it turns out that to my surprise, there is no Cristopher Nolan thread here. So, I took the liberty of creating this thread. Christopher Nolan is one of my favorite filmmakers out there. He is actually quite new. His first full length featare film was "Memento", and he made that in 2000. He is making a new film, "Interstellar" in 2014!!!! ...... Because it's the thread these Forums deserve.......but not the one it needs right now...... .....Just a quote, doesn't necessarily mean anything, Lol.... Lets get this show on the road!!!! :-D
  19. This will be the Ask thread for Naughty Bear, and all the other bears of Paradise Island! It's a place full of happy teddy bears! And ninjas! And the army! And zombies, S.W.A.T., robots, aliens, super-heros, pirates, and even vampires! Either ask a question for a specific bear, or just ask, in which case it could be any of the slightly-over 100 bears available! Maybe even the twisted mind of the Narrator...but enough of that I suppose. I will draw as many of the responses as I can, so I might be a tad slow on returning questions with answers. But alright! Any questions?