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Found 21 results

  1. A forum for bronies who want to share what they like to see in the superior pony. Is it race? Likability? Character development? Sex appeal?
  2. Hey eveypony! me and my friends started a show called BronyTrioRadio. we review each new ep as it comes out, talk to a guest and a hole bunch of other craziness!
  3. Episode one of brony survival guide is up, if you are interested in joining or asking questions/being a guest contact me. VIDEO:
  4. If i buy this plush : :okiedokielokie: The seller is rekting me or not?
  5. Since you are reading this post, I shall assume you (the reader) are a brony. So, what tactics might you advise one take to develop a full mlp obsession? How might one perfect their bronyness?
  6. Among us all, he or she must be hidden
  7. I had an interesting time this morning, i left the MLP forum on my laptop at work and when i logged back in after lunch some jerk saw it and proceeded to tell everyone. I found myself defending myself to alot of people but i dont deny what I am to anyone. Still dont know how i feel when i walk down the office. They treated it like some dirty sick little thing they had found out about me. Its been an hour now and nobody is mentioning it anymore , well not to my face. As anyone else had similar experiences ?
  8. I wanted to go to a meetup, and I had a question about it. How old do you have to be to go to a brony convention?
  9. You see, let me break out into song I know the song was in mlp, but I have changed the lyrics and I really love to sing so here we GO!!!! When I was just a filly, I found it rather silly, to tell every single person I met.... That I was a brony~ and I like the ponies. There were others that thought just like me but there was one forum I cared for I knew it would be there for me~ My Little Pony, Forums! like every brony in the world, we would all stay together! It taught me how to share my art (share my art) And I never had a single fight (everyone was so nice) I shared my hopes, I shared my dreams I love it more than I realize It seems (My Little Pony, Forums Like every Brony in the world, we would all stay together!) And though its on the internet I hoped that I could stay The best brony ever forever.... forever.... (listen to the instrumental and sing the lyrics of my song in your head or out loud! )
  10. to start this off, I wasn't sure whether to put this here or not. so sorry if I put it in the wrong place. I recently started writing a pony fanfic and I found a good editor, and we put out the first chapter. it got some pretty nice reviews so I started on the second chapter. after I sent it to him I waited for a reply and so far I have not gotten one. I'm not sure what to do, it has been days and I wanted to get the chapter out as quickly as possible. as far as I know he hasn't even gotten the chapter. so I ask you, what should I do? should I wait a bit longer? or should I find a temporary replacement until I hear back from him? I'm really, really confused, I'v never worked with an editor before now.
  11. The Main Issue Between Bronies and Anti Bronies: Everypony should watch this and watch his other anti brony videos. He explains in his videos that we shouldn't take example from the most vocal in our groups as they are not the majority amongst us. In another video he has a podcast with an anti-brony and believe it or not the anti brony makes valid points and is friendly with those in the comments (Whether they disagreed or not...). I hope DrWolf's videos can show you the light and make you rethink the debate.
  12. No!!! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!!!! NOOOO!!! It can't be! I can't happen they just can't do it it would be so horrible! It can't be true! I've heard from DeviantART that they might replace Fluttershy in season five! He must be lying or it must be wrong! They can't do it because MLP:FiM will lose too many fans they just can't do it plus, they will lose too much money and they can't let that happen, they just can't! she is one of the main characters! Could this possibly be real?! It can't be!!! There isn't any proof! I hope it isn't true!!!
  13. Now for those of you who know me, you'll recall I have a great love and passion for this fandom. That has not changed. However, I have noticed a few bronies here and there that don't seem to extend common courtesies to one another and appear no different than your average internet, opinionated GIFT user. I'm not saying this marks some horrible trend that will bring about our downfall, but it is a little disheartening to see comments like: "You don't have a contrasting opinion, you have a misguided, idiotic opinion." or "Honestly fuck the analysis community!" I mean, should we really dismiss an entire portion of our fanbase just because they indulge in something we individually don't care for? I'm not a fan of dubstep, but all bronies who make it are not my enemies.
  14. As a relatively new brony that hasn't even caught up to the newest episode, I have been somewhat in the dark about Equestria Girls. I've heard that some people hated it, and others liked it. To me, it looks kind of... stupid. As a result, I've decided not to watch it, but now I'm wondering if there's any important reason to watch it. Any advice? I apologize if this has already been posted or if this should be in another place, because I have a feeling that I'm not the first to wonder this.
  15. Ok, I have been having a major OCD issue for the last two years. I would like to have some help and reassurance from someone. I really need some help right now. Thanks!
  16. Ok I have Been Bullied, because i was a brony. Now i learned to over come this but some bronys can't so i am trying to make a youtube channel to help bronys with struggles and give them wisdom but I'm planning to do that at spring brake. Just asking is it a good idea if so leaves some comments and if you need help with struggles being a brony message me
  17. To some people, it's art and music. To others it's role playing. Mostly it's being a fan of the show generaly. Is it technical? Do you have to be over the shows target age to be a brony? Is essence, what is a brony. For me it's all of these things, art and music coming in first. How did you become a brony? I found myself running in circles and My Little Pony was color in a gray world. Is being a brony a label you proudly wear? Or do you save this secrect side of yourself for you and Internet? What does being a brony really mean to you? Discuss.
  18. EDIT It has been resolved for quite some time so no need to inquire anymore about it. A big thanks to those who did help.
  19. I have a lot to ask so i will get right to it MLP/Brony questions I can not resist to sing to all the songs from the show but i am a guy and i can't sing the pitches real well any way i can sing the higher tones easier without my voice sounding horse? (pun intended) What percentage of people (whether closet or not) would you guess (i know it is impossible to know the real amount) are bronies? What type of merchandise should i wear if i want something not to flashy or obvious as mlp wear just something vague but obvious at the same time if that makes sense so i can let other people who aren't to out there about their bronyness know i am one How do i get better at whistling i am bad at it and am all over the place when i unintentionally start whistling tunes from the songs? How do i watch the show easier without having to jump between random sites of varying quality in both the episodes and sites themselves? In a large social environment (the high school i attend) should i hide my bronyness all together, tell just my friends (It would surely spread beyond them however) or just not care? because i have a lot of people at my school and i am well known but not really friends with anyone beyond a group of 10-20 people Completely off topic questions How do i focus on my schooling with all the other things i juggle in my life? (friends, family, gaming ,shows) because i have to repeat year 11 How do i deal with mean people off of the internet? How do i overcome my (pretty much) only fear that effects my life my fear of social humiliation? How can i figure out which direction i should take in life? (career wise) Will anyone get angry or any of the mods get mad for posting this here because i barely understand the filing system here? That is all i can think of for now i will edit in anything else i can think of later anyway answers would be greatly appreciated /)
  20. Hey guys! I know this isn't drastic like a lot of the other posts are but I was wondering if anyone could find me a cool closet brony wallpaper something pony but only bronies know is pony I've seen some of wallpaper is magic but didn't love anything but if you see something cool there that's fine. Thanks again!
  21. This is going to sound strange but I want to subtley come about being a brony, on the Internet not RL at least not at this point. I have a pretty active following on my YouTube channel where I put up a review of a MLP rom hack. But still haven't exactly told any of my YT subscibers about it. Nor do I usually risk mention of it on my social media. I don't want to make a big deal about it, but I don't like hiding my interest either. Ideally I'd like to talk to people everywhere around the web on my social media ie twitter, tumblr, facebook, my facebook fan page, my YouTube channel, my steam everywhere about ponies...Well to be fair nearly everyone on my steam group is a brony anyway, as you can tell by the avatars. I find bronies to be the coolest people to talk to online so I'd really just want to be part of the community more. ESPECIALLY bronies who are gamers, that to me is like the best kind of pony. Well I've rambled I'll link what I've mentioned below, if anyone wants to follow me and talk ponies there, I'm sure it would help. Or if you want to see what I'm rambling about. Any advice is appreciated. YouTube: Facebook Fan Page: Facebook (personal feel free to add me I'm quite friendly): Twitter: Tumblr: Steam Group (currently the only oher place I have brony friends): Steam Personal (I'll add any pony there):