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Found 37 results

  1. Everyone tune into the course of this weekend for coverage of Bronycan main panels and concerts! Schedule:
  2. Hey Everypony :3 My name is Selfie Snapshots, aka The Selfie Pony usually at cons I just take selfies, and with this con being my 5th Selfie Quest, I have do something new. :3 I present: Equestrian Idol: A My Little Karaoke Competition Hosted by me and Co Hosted by Chi Chi So What is this Anyways? Basically in the last "Big Update" the MLK team came out with it added a tournament mode. 16 Players will go on stage, and battle each other, 1V1 Duels to The Fandoms Songs and show songs. During a battle the Player with the higher Score will advance to the next round. Note: This Panel will be Recorded and Live Streamed (maybe) so keep that in mind as well. This will be done Bracket Style Tournament. The winner will be Crowned THE PRINCESS OF KARAOKE. So Where and When is this? BronyCan 2016 Day 3 (Sunday) 2 pm In the Large Theater How Do I enter? On day two of Bronycan 2016, Look for the Equestrian Idol Booth where I (The Selfie Pony) and Chi Chi will be doing Sign ups. In the Vendors Hall (Time will be added later) ***IMPORTANT*** Only 16 Contestants Can Sign up (So make Haste to that Sign Up) Rules: All Players must be able to go on Stage in front of a crowed and sing your heart out. (Not Recommended if you have Stage Fright) Anypony May enter, no matter the skill of singing, (Have fun with it) A knowledge of the Songs on MLK is Recommended, but not Required. (Trust me, your going to wana know XD ) Have fun with it, and don't stress and remember to always Horse around. More News will be updated via youtube on on my Twitters @TheSelfiePony Update: Q/a Video! See you there <3
  3. Hey there! I'm Fisher, one of the staff in the Theming department for BronyCAN, and I've got a small problem. Long story short, I've ended up with an extra 3-day pass for BronyCAN and I'm looking to sell it for $54 ($5 savings off the normal price). I believe the $59 credit could also be used to upgrade an existing registration to a higher tier, or if you wanted to buy pre-convention merchandise like T-shirts or plushies, but I'm not 100% sure. PM me or reply to this post if you're interested. Thanks!
  4. So I'm nearly halfway towards a 100 respondents for my new Pointless Ponies survey. This is a reminder that the survey will continue to be open until August 13th. I hope to run this game at BronyCAN on August 19th-21st in Richmond, BC. Again, these are general knowledge questions and it's sort of an open book survey in which you can look up the answers online through places like the MLP Wiki or the IMDb. The reason I give 100 seconds for each question is that if I didn't have a time limit, then people would take their time to get all the answers and that defeats the purpose a bit. Once again, the survey is open until August 13th: Thank you, StatManDan
  5. Greetings, I hope everyone in the USA is having a good 4th of July Weekend and those in Canada are having a great Canada Day Weekend. Survey #3 is still active: However, I have launched a brand new survey that will also be active until August 13th, 2016. Of course, the purpose for two active surveys at once is so I can mix and match the questions that I shall use when I host the game at BronyCAN a week later. Again, I am hoping for at least 100 respondents for each of these surveys. The more the merrier. Here is Survey #4: I have made one adjustment to the surveys. For the questions that have multiple parts to it, I've increased the time limit to five minutes for all six or seven parts of those questions. The remaining questions are still timed at 100 seconds. To repeat, both Surveys #3 and #4 will close on Saturday, August 13th, 2016. Thank you.
  6. Well, my first ever panel has come and gone and apart from a few hiccups early on, I feel it was a success. The hiccups came when I wasn't given a laptop to operate my game board. I ultimately had to go back to my room to get my Mac and run the game from that. Since this is on PowerPoint, I prefer to use it on PCs since the board runs quicker. As it was, the board ran fine on Friday night. There was also a hiccup during play when I found out I hyperlinked to the wrong slide on one question. Fortunately, it didn't ruin the game and I continued on. Friday night was mostly about persistence as panels do have their problems from time to time. Still, people did give the game and panel positive reviews and for that I'm thankful. I'm also thankful to the crew at MLP-MSP for giving me the opportunity to run this panel (my 1st in the 15 cons I've been to). I hope to do this again at BronyCAN and/or Ponyville Ciderfest later this year. With that in mind, I have created a new survey with new questions: This one will run until Saturday, August 13th. Again, I'm hoping for at least 100 respondents for these surveys. It's challenging, but then that's the point for these "Pointless Surveys". Enjoy, StatManDan
  7. I should still be living out in the Abbotsford area, when the Convention happens. I haven't got my weekend pass, yet. Anyone going to be coming from Abbotsford area?
  8. Omg BronyCan is over and by far the best weekend of my life. I had so much adventures and fun and ill miss everyone that I have met but I know for sure that in a year we will all be back together. I know a few of us are shedding liquid pride tonight Because we know that the time to make memories is over but The memories will stay and brighten our future. We all get picked on for liking what we love but what we need to remember is that any pain one of us is going though were are all going though it together because we are bronys and we are always there for each other. Never forget the friends you made this weekend because we are all alike, we all might be different but we all have one thing in common. A love for a great show. So stay united Bronys and pegasisters for together we can help each other though thick and thin. I love you all and thank you all for what you have helped me with. One last thing, Isn't it great to be different. Love, Skitter Run
  9. Hi all! It's highly likely that the rest of the staff are currently asleep, so I'll come on and express a sentiment I know they all share. Thank you for making BronyCAN 2013 awesome! There are so many people we need to thank, but the attendees are top of the list. We budgeted for around 450-500 people, and around 820 walked through the door. For a first year con in Vancouver, that's incredible. The con wouldn't have been successful without your support, so you get first praise. The attendees started the con by invading the stage and dancing, and ended the con by cheering the roof off. Personally, I thought you lot looked like you were on the world's biggest sugar high. A big thank-you also to our special guests, who were fantastic. They were enthusiastic, a ton of fun, and patient when things were sometimes late or didn't go quite to plan (that's live events for you!). A personal shout-out from me to Lee Tockar, who was everywhere helping us out, whether on the main stage, hanging out in con ops, or stepping up to do media interviews for us. Thanks also to the various show staff who slid into the con incognito. (I think everyone knows Sibsy was around, but did you happen to spot any others? I can think of another name you would definitely recognise. ) Huge, huge, unrelenting thank-you to the Vancouver furry community, who stepped up when our at-con reg system was delivered to us non-functioning and helped us out with tech and hardware support. Special thanks to Aphinity (who is on both BronyCAN and Vancoufur staff, and basically engineered the whole thing), Jason (one of the Vancoufur techies) and Poniverse's very own Feld0, who also saved our asses multiple times when the new server started misbehaving at the con. Numerous other staff members were from the local furry community, and they did a great job helping us get started. Special mention to Trapa Civet, the unsung background hero of many a con, for all his advice and support. Trapa's been founding, running or otherwise supporting conventions for a long time, and his involvement was invaluable. The radio kit we were using is his, the reg system software we use is his, some of the hardware our reg team used is his, so big thanks to him also. He unfortunately came back from a trip to Europe the day after the con, so we couldn't drag him on stage and thank him in person. And everyone should thank our small army of volunteers for their dedication and hard work. The local (and less local) bronies that came to the con as redshirts were essential in keeping the con running. They were professional, cheerful, and worked their butts off. I'll see if I can get something nice for you guys for the Saturday meetup. Finally, a thank-you to our community artists for all their really great work, as well as an apology to those few whose contributions never made the charity auction. There was a small mix-up and a few pieces got left behind. We're hoping to do something with those after the con. That said, the auction was still a success, and with the help of our contributors, we made over $7000 for the local children's hospital, which is something to be proud of. And on a personal note, thank you to everyone who turned up for my panel. I was a bit worried about how it would go, given the complete failure of my embedded video content, but the turnout was better than I could have expected, and we all had a ton of fun. The feedback we've had from attendees has blown us away. We're really glad that you all enjoyed the con, and we were amazed by its popularity. We had both pony and non-pony news networks attend the con, and I think we're up to 4 TV stations that have featured us as an item. It's really encouraging to see just how enthusiastic people were for the convention, and we promise to put all our effort into making our next endeavour bigger, better and brighter. I hope I haven't missed anyone. We really do appreciate everything you guys did for us, and we hope you all had a blast at BronyCAN '13. We'll be back very soon, hopefully with info on BronyCAN '14, but for now I'm sure you'll understand if we all take a little time off. I'm behind on my writing, and that backlog of video games aren't going to play themselves. We love you guys. See you soon! Silvershock
  10. Hi there I'm going to be attending BronyCAN this year and it will be my first MLP convention and was seeing if anyone had some advice or what I should expect for a new person attending. Also I'm interested in seeing who will be going this year, Vincent Tong & Maryke Hendrikse (voice actors for Flash Sentry and Sonata Dusk) have been announced as the first guests attending this year which is exciting I would love if Tabitha could make it would be awesome to meet her.
  11. Let me start by saying that I have been going to cons long beforeI was a brony, with my first convention being the San Diego Comic-Con 2000 when I was about 6. All i can say was that it was the greatest thing a six year old could ever experience, since then i have been to numerous cons. However, i hadn't been to BronyCon until January 2012 (the one at hotel Pennsylvania NYC). However, i found that most of the cosplays were awkward... there were a few really good ones though. Anyway, i want to know how your first Con experience was, pony related or not.
  12. Can we place our feedback on the BronyCAN (2014) on here?
  13. With BronyCAN just four months away, time to see who among us is going to be there and perhaps say hi for real. I am going. My badge name will be the same as my Forum handle and I'll have my excuse daughter with me as well being a fangirl, so I should be pretty obvious.
  14. So, the convention is on. What're you guys doing, like right now? Or just saw. Or just did. Or whatever. Keep us in the loop. (I'll be back tomorrow, promise.) My daughter and I just got hugs and autographs from Nicole Oliver! We're happy! Also, now that I've had a chance to Google it, I am pretty certain the guy in the Big Macintosh costume that my daughter complemented for his outfit was, in fact, Peter New.
  15. Hi, my name is Serena / Rainbowchaser and I was planning on vending at BronyCAN. I will be if no one can take over my table, but I was wondering if anyone was willing to take over my vendor's hall space. I realy want to vend and visit BronyCAN am a bit frantic preparing for PAX and moving/personal issues. If you are interested in vending, please shoot me a message at
  16. Room spot filled. If a admin could please delete this posting.
  17. Most of Canada's population lives in Ontario. 2 Million of which live in Toronto so I don't see why a major convention like yourselves don't come to Toronto. Sure there's the CANterlot convention but it isn't as official and isnt the same...
  18. Happy New Year, everypony! 2014 is finally upon us, and the countdown to BronyCAN is now kicking into high gear with over eight months to go. You’ve been waiting patiently to get your tickets for our next romp in Richmond, and now we can proudly say that pre-registration is now open for business! The registration system is up and running, the hotel is ready to reserve your rooms, and preparations are well underway! And to celebrate our return, we’re laying on a special deal for those that register early. Buy your weekend pass during January and you’ll pick it up for only $40! That means you get an extra day of pony events, for 33% than last year’s pre-registration prices! The links to buy your passes and book hotel rooms are at the bottom of the page, but before you start buying and booking, there’s something very important you just have to know about… Theme – Changeling Invasion We have heard recently, from Princess Apricity herself, that changelings are attempting to infiltrate British Columbia. You can read her message in full here. Being cheeky sorts, we’re going to giggle at the ghosties and turn it into our theme! With that in mind, this is a perfect opportunity to put your cosplay skills to the test. Come as a pony, a changeling, or a mix of the two. Even come as Apricity herself or her royal guard! Just remember to let your imagination run wild. You may be rewarded handsomely. Related events will be revealed throughout the year, so stay tuned! Website As a testament to the new theme, we’ve completely remodeled our website! We’ll be patching it with more and more content as the con approaches, so be sure to have it in your bookmarks! Click here to get started! Panel Submissions are Now Open We have our panel slots; now we need panels to fill them! Demonstrate your talents, give advice and tutorials, and interact with the audience to your heart’s content! Share what you love about My Little Pony with kids and adults alike! IMPORTANT: Panelists from outside Canada must have a passport to cross the border. Be sure that you and your associates can acquire your passports ahead of time before submitting. Click here to submit your panels! Memberships From now until January 31st, a standard weekend pass can be purchased for just $40 CAD, 33% less than last year. Don’t miss your chance to grab an early-bird deal! The following memberships are available for purchase (all prices are in Canadian dollars): Early-bird weekend pass - $40 Friday only - $30 Saturday only - $40 Sunday only - $30 Sponsor: A 3-day pass plus a shirt and entry to our ice-cream social!- $100 Patron: Goodies from sponsor plus a token for a free autograph, priority access to the market place, and an exclusive art print! - $150 Alicorn: The royal experience: a custom badge with your own artwork, complimentary entry to our ice cream social and VIP dinner, priority access and fast-track tokens, and more! - $3000 Kids 12 and under get in free when registered under a paid badge. You can upgrade your passes at any time.For more information about advanced memberships, please visit our registration page. Click here to register for BronyCAN 2014 now! Booking your Room Don’t forget to reserve your room at the Executive! Book alone or with friends or family and you’ll only be steps away from all the excitement at the convention. Use our promo code “BRONYCAN” and you’ll earn a sweet discount, as well as complimentary extras: overnight parking, high-speed Wi-Fi, and access to the airport shuttle. Click here to book your room now!
  19. Homedogs, you cannot comprehend the noodles of awesomeness that is @Feld0. He is all goodie in the hoodie, Feld0 does not forgive, Feld0 does not forget, expect him. Feld0 is seriously dope. Feld0 did not choose the thug life, the thug life chose Feld0. Discuss, dawgz
  20. Word on the street has it that Canada's first pony forum is teaming up with Canada's first pony convention... That's right! It's my pleasure to announce that Poniverse is now officially partners with BronyCAN! We're hosting their official forum right here on MLP Forums and are placing an ad on our front page to give this wonderful convention some well-deserved exposure. In return, we'll get a similar space on their site and a full page of their con book all to ourselves. Having met Jay and Silvershock from the BronyCAN team during my weekend at Everfree Northwest, I'm thrilled to be working with them to bring the brony community together. They have some really cool stuff planned, including a charity auction with a fun twist (which they're now seeking submissions for); and the con will be held right across town from Poniverse Home Base, so I'll be attending it both days. See you there!
  21. Hi there everypony Its your friendly neighbored Pinkie Pie saying hi! I enjoyed my time at BronyCAN but Oh my! Fun is hard work! I hope everypony had lots of fun and I made everypony smile! I love making my friends smile~ I hope everypony who was there this weekend, is there next year Pinkie sure is going to be there!! FUUUUUNNN~~~~!!!!!
  22. Only one day left to go until con time here in Canada! Some last-minute notices for everyone: Our Everfree Radio live interview with Stay Brony, My Friends is now available on YouTube! Interviewees are Sunset Shimmer / Twilight Sparkle (singing) VA Rebecca Shoichet, Rabbitasaur (BronyCAN's Head of Guest Relations), and Senn555 (BronyCAN's Head of Public Relations)! --- We will have our registration booth open tonight! Come see us at the registration kiosk at the hotel Friday, August 23rd, from 5 PM to 8 PM. --- Due to personal issues, Automatic Jack is no longer able to attend BronyCAN. We once again apologize for any inconvenience on our attendees. --- We have been making numerous changes to our events schedule. Please be advised that the most up-to-date schedule will be on our website, and that our finished con book's events listing may be outdated. Among the changes to our schedule: New panel: "New in Town: Meet Rebecca Shoichet and Vincent Tong!" (Saturday, 11am to 12pm) MittyMandi has been replaced by SoulScape on the "Artists of MLP" panel (Saturday, 2:15pm - 3:15pm) "My Little Karaoke" has been moved to Saturday, 4pm - 6pm "Aspiring Musicians" - this panel has been canceled as it was to be hosted by Silva Hound and Automatic Jack, both of whom are no longer able to attend BronyCAN. New panel: "Phoenix Wright/My Little Pony Crossover - Turnabout Storm" (Sunday, 12:30pm to 1:30pm) "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Tumblrpon" has been moved to Sunday, 12:30pm - 1:30pm There may have been other changes to the schedule not listed here, so please check our updated events page. Click on an event to view its description and to see more details: --- Last but not least, our vendors hall map is now online! --- We would like to remind everyone that those interested in registering for BronyCAN may now do so at the door. More details here: As well, anyone looking to purchase a hotel room for the event is encouraged to use our special promo code "BRONYCAN" to get an awesome discount exclusive to our attendees! (Free gift basket full of pony merch, Wi-Fi, airport shuttle, and parking included in price!) ROOMS FOR SATURDAY, AUGUST 24TH ARE NOW SOLD OUT: If you book a room at our hotel, the Executive Airport Plaza, you will be entered into our Hotel Booking Draw: You could win an invite to our VIP dinner with our guests and staff, your hotel room, your two-day weekend pass, and a $100 gift certificate to spend on meals! Finally, we've got many more great announcements on the way, so make sure to keep tabs on our message board:, follow us on Tumblr:, follow us on Twitter:, like us on Facebook:, and keep an eye on our website for the most up-to-date BronyCAN news! BronyCAN is being held Saturday and Sunday, August 24th and 25th, 2013, at the Executive Airport Plaza Hotel and Conference Centre, Richmond, BC. --- We have talked with the hotel, and Carver's & Ceili's will serve pony-themed drinks! Ask for any of these beverages: --- UPDATE ON AT-DOOR TICKET SALES: Our at-the-door weekend pass price has been reduced to $60 for both days!
  23. Hey there everypony, I just want to say something and have a backup plan if this thing goes wrong when I get to BronyCAN. It seems as though that i have missed my chance to get a ticket online. However I know that I may be able to still get a ticket at the door. but the only problem is that they may be sold out before I get one, because i won't be able to go there until Sunday. So as a precautonary, Id'e just like to know that if I am late to buying any tickets if anypony will sell me theirs so I can get in. Hopefully I'll be able to get a ticket before they sell out, but you know, just in case right?
  24. Hey everyone, As our con draws ever so close - less than a week away now! - we have had a lot going on behind the scenes, and with that comes a lot of updates on our website as well as mini-announcements. They are all here, compiled below: --- We regret to announce that both Andrew Francis and Silva Hound are no longer attending BronyCAN, due to professional obligations beyond our control and personal issues respectively. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have on our attendees. --- Online pre-registration is now CLOSED. All passes will be available at the door for attendees who missed our pre-registration period. You MUST present personal identification and then sign our Acceptable Use Policy to be granted entry into the convention. All details about passes and at-the-door entry are available here: --- Need to know our hotel parking rates? Maybe you need information or directions on how to get to our venue? Or perhaps you're looking for restaurants, cafes, or shopping centers near our venue in Richmond? We've got you covered on all of these queries! Feel free to visit our Hotel or Travel Info pages for more details: --- Our full events schedule is now available! On our Events page you will find our complete events listing as well as the following: - Convention hours! - Venue map! - Information on special guest autographs! (Talent autographs are $20 each and CAD cash only) - Cosplay Contest details! - A color-coded, printable events schedule in grid layout! Click on any event on our Events page to view its description and to see more details on each event! --- Our Vendor Hall Guidelines and Information document has now been made available! Feel free to view our Artist's Alley Rules here: We have also made available our complete listing of vendors who will be present at BronyCAN! View our full list of vendors here: --- BronyCAN's Code of Conduct is now available! Please see our FAQ page and be sure to read our Code of Conduct before entering our venue: --- UPDATE ON EXCLUSIVE FUNKO FIGURINES: Force Start has renegotiated the cost of the Chrome Metallic Derpy vinyl figure down to $45 apiece. The pre-order form (linked below) has been updated to reflect this change. Everyone who previously paid more than $45 for the Chrome Metallic Derpy will receive a refund of the difference via PayPal within the next 72 hours. --- Mad Greek Restaurant in Richmond will be offering the following special dinner menu exclusively for BronyCAN attendees! Let your server know when you order that you are from BronyCAN to get the special menu. Located just across the street from our venue! Choice of: Chicken souvlaki w/ tzatziki Beef souvlaki w/ tzatziki Lamb souvlaki w/ tzatziki Kalamari dinner w/ tzatziki Vegetarian plate w/ tzatziki The above are served with greek salad, rice pilaf, roast potato, and your choice of coffee, tea, or soda pop. $18.00 per person plus applicable taxes. More info: --- Last but not least - WE HAVE SOLD OUT OF ALL AVAILABLE HOTEL ROOMS FOR THE NIGHT OF SATURDAY, AUGUST 24TH! --- We would like to remind everyone that those interested in registering for BronyCAN may now do so at the door. More details here: As well, anyone looking to purchase a hotel room for the event is encouraged to use our special promo code "BRONYCAN" to get an awesome discount exclusive to our attendees! (Free gift basket full of pony merch, Wi-Fi, airport shuttle, and parking included in price!) ROOMS FOR SATURDAY, AUGUST 24TH ARE NOW SOLD OUT: If you book a room at our hotel, the Executive Airport Plaza, you will be entered into our Hotel Booking Draw: You could win an invite to our VIP dinner with our guests and staff, your hotel room, your two-day weekend pass, and a $100 gift certificate to spend on meals! Finally, we've got many more great announcements on the way, so make sure to keep tabs on our message board:, follow us on Tumblr:, follow us on Twitter:, like us on Facebook:, and keep an eye on our website for the most up-to-date BronyCAN news! BronyCAN is being held Saturday and Sunday, August 24th and 25th, 2013, at the Executive Airport Plaza Hotel and Conference Centre, Richmond, BC.