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Found 2 results

  1. My apologies if there is already a topic about this. If there is, please either delete or merge. The Documentary, "Bronies, the Extremely unexpected adult fans of My Little Pony" was released today to those who donated. What does everypony think? This is for people who have seen the documentary, so if you haven't and wish to continue, prepare for spoilers. Personally, I loved it. Well worth the wait. It really got to the heart of what Bronydom is all about. The animations were great, and it was cool to see cast members and fandom celebrities in it. I loved the animations. I'm going to have to show this to my family. It was pretty cool how they started with peoples negative reactions and misconceptions, then led to explaining what we really are. They had a good variety of people they interviewed, from average fans to celebrities, artists, and cast. I think they had a good representation of what the fandom is. Also, it was pretty cool seeing my name in the credits.
  2. I just received the following depressing news from Mike Brockhoff I suppose it was inevitable that stuff would wind up 'in the wild' but I really hoped that, because we're the bucking Bronies, we would be able to buck the trend or at least hold it off until it got some mainstream distribution. I guess not. I haven't searched YouTube for it but I really hope that whomever posted this isn't calling themselves a brony because they've essentially betrayed the community they claim to belong to. From what I understand, this means BronyDoc is less likely to be accepted in to film festivals (though they're still goin to try); members of the project that deferred payment (a common practice) may not get compensated and no further time/money will be spent on unreleased segments that didn't make it in to the doc. Like I said, I'm jaded enough to have thought this was inevitable but it's still really depressing. While I contributed to the kickstarter and got a free copy, I will be buying another and encourage my fellow Bronies to help mitigate the damage done by piracy by purchasing legit copies. We've pulled together to help others, financially. Now it's time for us to help ourselves, which is ultimately what legitimately supporting this project will be doing.