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Found 1 result

  1. Okay, so there's a huge chunk of story that might or might not make it into my fanfic, and this subplot is all about Gilda, who might even go on to become a major character. So I'm just kinda making an appeal here to see what everypony knows and thinks about Gilda. The deeper the better. "She's a big meanie" is okay, but I'm more looking for deep things, like why she is the way she is. I mean, she is a jerk, but the question I wonder is why. Better yet, she's very nice to Rainbow Dash, not gentle, but nice in that when she's around Rainbow Dash, she's her perfect playmate, instead of her jerk-self. I go to a school associated with a "ranch", kinda like a Foster home for kids who have been given up, abused, etc. All the kids from "The ranch" go to this school, and completely unlike the sweet stereotype, they're all highly notorious for being unruly and obnoxious. Gilda actually strikes me that way a little. It's like she's really emotionally damaged by something, which causes a great deal of anger that ends up surfacing in a way that makes her a jerk. She's a jerk to new ponies she's unfamiliar with, but she's much nicer and more comfortable around Rainbow Dash. Also, Rainbow Dash doesn't remember her being that way. Okay, you could say, maybe she doesn't remember how she really was, or maybe that's just RD's perception of her because they're friends. But remember, they had to meet and become friends at some point. And if Gilda treated her the way she treats the ponies in pawnyville, then RD would've ended up butting heads with her like Fluttershy's bullies. Better yet, if Gilda treated anypony or anygriffon like she treats ponies now, then RD would've stood up for the person Gilda was being a jerk towards, and would've never become the great, close friends that they obviously used to be at flight camp. I think what this says, is that maybe something's happened in-between then and now, "Junior Speedster Flight Camp" implies they were much younger at the time, and Gilda sounds pretty adult; in other words, it's been maybe at least a decade. From all this, I think Gilda used to be a decent chick/cub[?], probably very similar in personality to the Rainbow Dash we met in S1E1. The Rainbow Dash before she learned about choosing friends (S2E7) or reading (S2E11). Also, her obsession over "cool" seems to come from insecurity, IMO. RD's does a little, but RD isn't all about being cool, and doesn't call ponies "lame". So I think what we're seeing in Gilda is a griffon, that ten years ago, was almost identical to Rainbow Dash, except maybe had a little more pride, and had a bit thicker "walls", than RD, so to speak. In other words was less willing to "open up" and admit weakness. But those two differences were very small and subtle, almost impossible to see. At the time, they were so similar they quickly bonded and became great, and I mean great friends. "Only for you, Dash..." In those ten years since, however, either many small things have added up, or something big has happened, and she's been faced with a lot of anger that she doesn't control, and her pride and fear are too much for her to show any softness or weakness. Either that, or she's lived in a harsh spartan-like society, maybe not as extreme as the spartans, though, but where weakness is considered a major flaw, causing her to hide any angst she feels and respond to it by being a jerk, basically. EDIT: The really sad thing is, Rainbow Dash was like a window into the past for her. Around Rainbow Dash, a friend from the early days before all this happened, she doesn't feel like she has to hide herself behind a thick wall. And because of that, when she "comes out" and acts her old self around Rainbow Dash, it makes her feel vulnerable, and her response to that is to be even more of a jerk than normal; so how we saw her treat ponyville was worse than her norm. And it only makes sense she was jealous of Pinkie: RD was essentially her only source of an innocent kind of happiness that she really felt. RD may have been the only friend she could ever be herself around, instead of the thick-walled griffon she's become since flight camp, so many years ago. So to her, RD's new friends represented a threat to her own friendship with RD, and all the change that's happened since then. It's no excuse to treat the other ponies that way, or to make Fluttershy cry, but it is an explenation for why she acted that way. She wasn't that mad at Fluttershy or any other pony, she was mad because she was starting to realize just how much she hated her life compared to what it used to be, back when she was friends with RD, and she felt vulnerable because for the first time in so many years she was acting like her old, young self again, and instead of controlling herself, she let it out by teasing the other ponies, and then as a snap at Fluttershy. And when those pranks started going off on her at the party, she was beginning to feel entirely rejected by all of RD's new friends, and that was probably the very moment when she felt her friendship with RD was threatened the most. And she was right, but not because of what was happening to her, but because of how she reacted. /EDIT You don't have to post a multi-page, in depth, multi-layered "Pencils" analysis, I'm just looking for your thoughts on why Gilda is the way she is. Nobody's anything without a reason (It's not an excuse, but it's a reason.) EDIT: Okay, here it is, my extended scene-by scene look at Gilda: (Really is a spoiler, covers the entire episode!) You can even follow along and see what I'm talking about, if you like Gilda pops in with evil guitar strums at 7:21