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Found 5 results

  1. For those of you who celebrate it, of course. What are your plans? What do you usually do every Easter? Have any special Easter traditions? Me, I typically spend Easter Sunday at home with my immediate family members. We wake up to a surprise of candy and other goodies in the morning (yes, I don’t care how old I am!) then later on in the day we dye eggs and then have a little Easter egg hunt (again, you’re never too old for an Easter egg hunt!) just the six of us (me, my three siblings, and my parents..although sometimes my dad can’t always make it) in our backyard. We usually have a “family movie night” the night before Easter or sometimes the night OF Easter. And something special about this particular Easter, I went out for a little Sunday drive with my brothers and we got Slushees from a gas station. It was so much fun, I do believe it’s our new Easter tradition!
  2. A calm topic, nothing mindblowing But.... i have a burning question Did you ever saw a movie that made you so interested in a certain domain or path , and you took that path with great confidence ? A path like a doctor , or a pilot or a cook, or a writer, or an journalist or anything that made you feel like ``this is me``. BTW ~check the tags ~
  3. Remember Iser ?, you know that ugly black eyed guy, from my last entry........ yeah me neither... ``Everything has to be done at it s time`` Everything has to be done at it s time like homeworks and projects something that Iser never did in his holiday weeks, soo dear Iser does it all in a day or 2. Iser is a simple man, he saw bed he woke up 2 weeks after for school. With a heavy load of food and `` clean plain not fizzy water``his brain is still fuzzy, life angel after a bath. ``I`m gonna start to do it right after this song/post/movie/dinner``, a phrase we use it everyday, it seems so useless, but it kills our own inspiration, our own motivation, initiative, something that Iser would have to learn on his own skin. Inspiration and motivation is so hard to find these days, not even taliking about moral support..... a very rare perk we have to dig very deep in this society. Everyone of us needs a quiet moment full of nothing, just take example of Rainbow Dash`s means of relaxation, standing on a cloud, if we all could have slept on clouds and recover our strenght of our mind...very few things could stand in our way. You might laugh or say it sounds like a doctor prescription, well laughing is good, so laugh and there is a reason why doctors recomend these breaks from society and from our daily routine, 5/10/15/20 minutes of sleep or any kind relaxation with your eyes closed is good for your mind, and thus for your friends mind. Anyone that can be strong enough to hold himself can hold a couple more friends with him, guaranteed... science, ohh and 70 or more of the information our brain procces everyday is through our eyes soo... you close your eyes everything gets cooled down, it`s that easy Iser understanded this, what he didn`t understand was the part with 10-15 minutes, he just did it for 2 whole weeks, so now he has to recover all his lost data.... bummer Next time maybe he will pay atention to a import lesson in life MODERATION. If there is a this we as humans don`t like to do is to take sides and balance things, with the few exceptions.... But to keep everything might look easy at the circus, not so easy when it comes on how we need to keep our time in balance. An example of a wrong balance: ``The day has 24 h right ?, so 8 h we play, 8 h we sleep, and 8 h we go to work/school, easy :3`` Quite wrong I must say.... our mind it isn`t set as a computer is set, we need to take in ecuation the recovery time, recovery time is needed when we change from a state to another, from school to free time, from playtime to naptime and soo on... At the end of the day we have our mind ...let`s say fragmented, and need to ``defragment`` it. Sometimes alone, sometimes with friend either case is good and it`s recomended, pushing our mind to extra information, could make us act weird and funny, like a drunk sailor after a battle with Davy Jones. Tired is my mind, sleep is what calls me For today this is my entry, hope you like it, if you did like it, post any kind of comment bad, good, weird, funny, Make things as you want to do it.... in a limit of your conscience.
  4. I was just wondering if there were any piggie/rabbit owners(like me!) here. If so, share pics! This is Ignatius Sir Pig: And this be Daisy:
  5. Brook

    Funny Bunny My Honey

    You know what I want? I want a girlfriend. No, I want more than that, I want someone that I can have romantic moments with, I want someone that I can say "I love you" to and isn't my family, I want someone to cherish, I want someone to treat like a goddess, I want... I don't know what I want anymore. Lately I've been having SO much thoughts about love, SO much things that occupy my mind, SO much that I feel like I'm losing my sanity. I hope this is typical for 14 year old boys, because I dunno, I don't feel like it is, I feel like I'm going insane over nothing that will even matter, and to be honest it probably won't, but I can't get it off my mind, I can't get... her, off my mind. GAHH I'm losing it! I even had a perfect plan on what to do yesterday and I didn't do it, I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY. My FUCKING god this is not healthy for me. There's a saying that goes "If you love someone, let them go", so why won't my brain let me forget about all of this? I have more important things to do goddammit! Buck like funnies. or vise-versa. That's how I feel my mind is right now. Chaos all over and no one ever seems to take out the trash.