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Found 13 results

  1. Lately, I've seen myself picking up new interests and discovering new things about myself. Over the last year I've been searching for answers on my own identity whether it be sexuality, gender, or otherwise. This long search has lead me to a few odd places and one of them now being Crossdressing. Now I haven't been able to Crossdress myself due to lack of... well many things, privacy, money, and women's clothing, but its something that doesn't just seem very appealing to me but actually feels like something that's been missing from my life. I've been talking to a few other like minded Crossdressers from various corners of the Internet and they say it seems to help them feel more comfortable with themselves. I've always found myself a bit uncomfortable having to assume the masculine role in life when the feminine things seem more appealing, so I guess its something I'd like to try to see if it helps me feel more comfortable in my own skin. --- But of course such a thing comes at a price. The world is actually not very tolerant of Crossdressers, probably more so than you think. Similar to issue with the whole Brony phenomenon, the world is pretty obstinate to give up its idea of black and white, masculine and feminine ideals. A man wanting to wear a skirt is something that society REALLY frowns upon, which is sad because its just a piece of cloth that that man wants to wear to help himself feel more comfortable with whatever gender identity issue he is going through. So I was curious to see what the opinion of my fellow forum goers is on Crossdressing. If you saw a man walking through your town wearing a dress, what would you think? Don't be afraid to leave your honest opinions down below. But do remember to please stay civil. I don't want this to become one of THOSE threads that needs to be locked down before we even start a discussion.
  2. So for the lucky ones who saw the new episode in the morning, great! You do you. Unfortunately, I'm one of the more... untimely ones. For those of you who have seen my profile, you'd know I live somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, the episode aired for me at about 12:30 in the morning. (As if that wasn't enough). Of course, being the dedicated brony I am, I'm not going to let a little lack of sleep bring me down. In fact, after seeing the first trailer for the episode (the one with Rainbow Dash and the scrolls), I knew this was going to be one of the best (hooves down); there was no way I was going to miss this. So, as I waited around for the episode to air, I quickly realized there was something I may have overlooked. Windows 7, bless its soul, loves... I'm talking loves... updates. Mmm. So just around... 20 minutes before air? The computer, (again, bless its Intel), completely shuts down. Of course, I'm astounded, speechless, and staring at the stupid kid in the reflection of the pitch black computer. Now, it wasn't broken, the name of this blog wouldn't be "CD hell", (in all it's clickbait-y love) for nothing. The real problem of the matter was that I, sweating and panting heavily as it was, had no other way to get into the computer. Yes, I'm one of those idiots who doesn't keep a notepad of password. Luckily for me, I had a bootable CD and Windows XP laptop. Unluckily for me, I didn't know where either was. Frantically, I'm running up and down the stairs with no AC, (it's really hot here. Texas x2), and pulling out every CD I could find. It totaled up to about fourteen CDs. Windows XP, (screw you), was still booting while the downstairs, streaming computer was still trying to load those few... simple... lowly... 11 UPDATES. Between running downstairs and ripping out disk trays, I still couldn't find it. From empty disks, to music disks of the later decade, nothing would work. I literally tried everything, but still, there was no bootable CD. I eventually pulled a desperation and tried my best to remember the password. Nothing. Finally, after pacing around the room like a pendulum, I found myself pulling LAN cords and dragging the "brick" of a computer down the stairs and throwing it beside the modem, hooking it up and installing a cheap, 2012 copy of Google Chrome I'd stored for safe keeping. The lesson of today? Uh... respect your elder computers? Either way, episode was great! -RealityPublishing
  3. I think I know a few people who just do not care about their game discs. Whenever they're done with a game, they just take it out, put it on the floor or desk, and just leave it there. I used to do this too when I was about five years old, and then I later started to care more and my older brother still just put his discs on the floor. I once left Minecraft xBox 360 Edition out of the case, we moved, and now it's missing. Do you put your discs in their cases when you're done or do you just leave it on the floor?
  4. One good thing about when i do my music is the fact i design my own album artwork.
  5. Well, this badge is certainly a pleasant change from that silly pretty pink princesscorn badge, wouldn't you all agree? Take this day to heart everypony, for on this eve, I, with the help of my Chaotic Partner in Crime, have overtaken the Feldian Throne. Many will note that I've been quiet these last few months. Plotting, I have been, waiting in patience and pleasure as the Feldicorn has waned in strength, losing touch with his god powers. Powers that ultimately pale in comparison to the powers of chaos, of course. After all, nothing can ever stop fun. In small-time forum wars, to full-scale usurptions. To celebrate, you will find a lovely G3-reminsicent banner that I'm sure everypony loves. My fellow admins have obtained Draconequus status along with myself, following the orders of Spoon and I, and the moderators, of whom attempted to side with the Feldicorn when the time came for chaos to take control at last, have been sent to Space Camp for a few millennia to think their actions over. I've also renamed the rest of our groups of users as well. Far more fitting titles if you ask me. Let's all salute harmony a bitter farewell, as we usher in a new age of chaos, that's been a long time in the coming. And fear not my little members, these changes may pale in comparison to some past chaos, but I assure, these are only my first changes~ After all, the promise of your favorite admin returning to activity is nothing short of the greatest news for upcoming chaos to put all past chaos to shame. With your ship and your crew now mine, now is the part where you bow before your new king, and offer him items of expensive endearment. Stay tuned my pastel equine subjects, as the best is but yet to come. That will be all, everypony. Complaints, concerns and other queries can be sent in the comments below, where they will be ignored outright.
  6. So this is exactly what it sounds like. Post your collection of CDs, Cassettes, A-tracks?,vinyl records, or whatever. Feel free to leave a typed out list, picture, or both preferably. Maybe create a top ten list for who owns the most. Give Exact number please. Okay so here is my somewhat extensive collection of 62 CDs going off of individual CDs(Technically I own 64 but my bro is "borrowing" 2) Going by Album, I own 55 Albums (Technically 57) Yes that is my insane cat Echo who won't leave my CDs alone. Okay to start off, left to right: Division Bell by Pink Floyd Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness by Smashing Pumpkins (2 disc) Greatest Hits Foo Fighters Greatest Hits Simon & Garfunkel Greatest Hits Blue Oyster Cult Greatest Hits Bon Jovi (Ugh.....this was the first CD I bought too, I feel so ashamed) Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd Greatest Hits The Who Icon Nirvana (Greatest Hits) Greatest Hits Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Fragile by Yes Permanent Waves by Rush The Wall Pink Floyd (2 Disc) Led Zeppelin Box Set Disc 1 (Greatest Hits) Pulse by Pink Floyd (2 disc)(I also own the DVD version ) Bad Company Extended Versions Infinity by Journey Monster by REM Animals by Pink Floyd Led Zeppelin Box Set Disc 2 (Greatest Hits) Automatic for the People by REM Eagles The Very Best OF (Greatest Hits 2 Disc) Greatest Hits Fleetwood Mac Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds "Live at Radio City" (2 disc) Wish You Were Here Experience Edition (2 disc) Led Zeppelin Box Set Disc 3 (Greatest Hits) Don't Look Back by Boston Greatest Hits Rolling Stones U2 18 Singles Greatest Hits Yes A Foot in the Door Pink Floyd (Greatest Hits) Led Zeppelin Box Set Disc 4 (Greatest Hits) The Wallflowers Collected 1996-2005 (Greatest Hits) Greatest Hits Alice in Chains Joshua Tree by U2 Greatest Hits Goo Goo Dolls Volume One: The Singles Momentary Lapse in Reasoning by Pink Floyd Rearviewmirror Pearl Jam (Greatest Hits) Rush: 5 Classic Albums -Moving Pictures -Fly By Night -A Farewell to Kings -2112 -Signals X&Y by Coldplay Staind: The Singles Best of Radiohead Okay Computer by Radiohead A Rush of Blood to the Head by Coldplay How to Save a Life by The Fray One X by Three Days Grace Crash by Dave Mathews Band Meddle by Pink Floyd Highway 61 Revisited by Bob Dylan The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking by Roger Waters(ex Pink Floyd) Best of The Gin Blossoms Whew that was an ordeal. Some of the stranger old stuff I found at really good prices and decided to go for it. I got the Led Zeppelin 4 Disc Box set for $10 at a record store, that was awesome. Rush Box Set was only $20. Alright lets see what you guys have.
  7. JUST LOOK AT HER! She's so lovely and beautiful :3 And, please tell me your opinion about her. There's no sense to this if you don't say anything, of couse, si look at her, praise her, love her and tell me what you think of her.
  8. To me, nothing compares to listening to my music on the stereo If it's a band I love, I'll buy the album rather than download the music or listen to it on YouTube. I just think it's an overall more enjoyable experience listening to it on a CD (or, at least, on a stereo system). Do you prefer the quality of CDs, or the convenience of online availability?
  9. A simple topic right here. What do you prefer your games on? CDs, Cartridges, or as Downloads? For me, Cartridges all the way. Those suckers are seriously extremely durable, and you really don't have to worry about them much.Worst case scenario, if it stops working, just blow into it and pop it back in. CDs are by far my least favorite, and I wish they were never introduced to gaming at all. They're so fragile, and just one small scratch ruins the game. And I take good care of my games, and they still somehow get scratches, from which I assume is simply from playing them forever. Most of my Playstation library, like Monster Rancher 2 and Spyro the Dragon don't work anymore, which is a shame. Of course, I have those odd small gamecube discs with several that I've bought used and they have tons of scratches on them, and work fine. So whatever Nintendo did there was good. Can't say the same for their wii discs though... Oh, and Downloads are great too, they never break, and you can have multiple on the console for easy access at once. The only downsides is that you can't lend them to friends, and you have to manage your data to make sure you have enough room for everything. But those are pretty minor complaints, I enjoy them. So... yeah, what do you think? Which one do you like, and which do you hate?
  10. The idea for this thread is to go look for any label-less or vaguely labeled CDs that you may have burned, pop it in to your computer/Walkman/CD player, and then relive the suspense and excitement of the songs you put on their days/months/years ago. Post what songs are on there and explain maybe why it's on there. My first CD of the batch is labeled "10/10/10" - so I burned this on October 10th, 2010, during my senior year of college. Let's see what's on here 1. Black Sheep - Metric Ah, I believe my friends and I just saw Scott Pilgrim vs. The World for like the 4th time so I got this song since it was featured in the movie. 2. Bliss - Muse Well, Muse is my favorite band and my favorites of their songs come and go. Bliss was at the top of my Muse chart at the time I guess. 3. Bulls on Parade - Rage Against the Machine BoP is my favorite RATM song because it brings me back to playing Guitar Hero III in my dorm room freshman year in 2007. It's been a staple of mine ever since. I played the hell out of it on my iPod that year. 4. Children of the Elder God - Old Gods of Asgard My friends just got the Alan Wake game for Xbox and this song was in it during a stage where you kill all these shadow guys on the abandoned stage of a rock concert. It was a pretty kickass battle with this song playing. 5. Citizen Erased - Muse Like Bliss, Citizen Erased must have been my Muse favorite of the times. 6. Dead Star - Muse I had just discovered Muse's b-sides and this was an awesome one I took a liking too. 7. Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Will Smith) + Hysteria (Muse) mashup I went on youtube to look up some good Muse mashups and this one stuck out to me because it flows pretty well and it was pretty interesting. 8. Gohan wa Okazu - Hokago Tea Time (K-ON!! anime) Yeah, this must have been when I was really into K-ON. I think this song is about rice. I don't remember lol. 9. X Gon Give it To Ya (DMX) + Hysteria (Muse) mashup Like #7 this was another cool Muse mashup I got off youtube 10. In Your World - Muse Another Muse b-side I really like. I believe it's on the same b-side as Dead Star. 11. Pon de River, Pon de Bank - Elephant Man This was one of my early favorites from like 2004 or whenever it came out. It was super catchy. My liking for it must have rekindled in 2010. 12. Possum Kingdom - Toadies I discovered this song on the Xbox version of Guitar Hero II my friend had. Also heard it a couple times on the SiriusXM Lithium (grunge) station and liked it. 13. The Small Print - Muse This song is like in my top 5 of Muse songs and it's not too popular. It's a solid track off Absolution album. 14. Stockholm Syndrome - Muse Another Muse song in my top 5. Love it. Also I associated this song to a girl friend of mine who I accompanied to chemotherapy a lot my junior year. 15. Sunburn - Muse An older Muse song from Showbiz album. I really started listening to that album around this time and I must have liked it enough at the time to include it. 16. Unnatural Selection - Muse A newer Muse song from The Resistance album. I was getting ready to go to a Muse concert on The Resistance Tour so maybe that's why this is on here. 17. Utauyo!! Miracle - Hokago Tea Time (K-ON anime) lolol another K-ON song. I believe it was the second opening them of season 2. It's pretty energetic.
  11. To honor this new historic release, I am posting a scene from Applebuck Season that I "rescored" using Conan's "Riders of Doom" music (I had done this eight months ago):
  12. Hey I was just wondering did they ever recorded like a soundtrack of the show that would have the songs. If not, why the heck not! I love to have a cd that have "Winter Wrap up" Smile, Smile, Smile", "The Art of the Dress" and many others..