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Found 35 results

  1. Hallo everypony! Recently I've been playing Zombies in Spaceland... Well, A LOT, and I was wondering if anyone would like to join me in my quest to get up to/past Scene 100. I have yet to do it. Usually on from 5PM to 9PM CST, whatever days I happen to be on. Oh, I should note I play on Xbox One... Kinda the most important bit... Anyway, my gamertag is xRagingSyphilis (don't ask) if you wanna add me. And if I'm on, message me and we'll play! ~ You're neighborhood Otaku
  2. Personally this is the first ever game to make me this much hype pre-release. I can't friggin' wait!!! And the beta is rolling out today. Too bad I can't play, because I'm on PC What are your thoughts about it?
  3. hello everypony OzSNIPEoZ here and i'm recruiting Brony's that are good at call of duty Ghosts for the ps3, if your interested in joing up with my team, named (My Little Brony) pm me or wright your info below hope to see you fellow brony's on and ready to game
  4. OK, so COD Infinite Warfare is pretty much all but confirmed now. There's this cryptic trailer called Know Your Enemy. And the game's definitely going to be set in space. First of all, who is this SDF, ''Settlement Defense Front''? And how does this tie in to ghosts? Or is it completely unrelated to the Ghosts story? Or is this in the Black Ops universe? Please explain.
  5. OK, before we start, I just wanted to say that there are lots of spoilers, so if your reading this, don't whine at me that ''I Ruined the Game''. OK, so, is Black Ops III essentially a remake of the original Black Ops? Because, here we go, in the first mission you get your arm ripped off by a robot, who proceeds to pummel you to death, is this Robot supposed to represent Kravchenko? Because the way it happened is similar to Black Ops, where Kravchenko pulls you as you fail to get on the plane because you had to protect it. After this you are ''Reprogrammed'', in Black Ops III, your ''Reprogrammed'' with a DNI, rather than a number, you think you are ''Taylor''. Now here is the thing, is ''Taylor'' essentially Reznov? Because I've realized, Reznov is definitely dead, but is Taylor this game's version of Reznov? First of all, the mission codenames actually spell out ''We are Taylor'', the same way the Mission names in Black Ops 1 spell ''Reznov is dead, or is he? There was no body, is he who he says he is?''. And the player begins having delusions that he is Taylor, so is Taylor Reznov? Is the DNI the numbers? Tell me what you think. I've played it, and I definitely think Taylor is Reznov.
  6. Have any cool Black Ops 3 Paintshops or emblems? Post them here! ​Ask for critiquing, advice, etc.
  7. OK, so here's a thing I've been worried about, from what I heard, Black Ops II was supposed to be another Vietnam-Era game in the series and it was supposed to focus on Reznov, but I think Activision deliberately bowdlerized it by turning it into a 2025 futuristic game, now don't get me wrong, Black Ops II was amazing, with it's Campaign which was slightly non-linear. And it did have slight continuation. But I don't like the fact that the ''Reznov is Dead or Is He'' message is essentially meaningless. Unless of course Activision followed the ''Completion Principle'' like Scott Cawthon did, but I think it's unlikely. The other thing that worries me is Soap Opera continuity errors. Coronation Street had this storyline, where after the fire, SPOILERS. Tracy was supposed to be redeeming herself, there would be a court case. But after the boss of the show, Stuart Blackburn, got axed. I think they did what Activision did. This means that Maddie's death is Meaningless and Maddie is still alive, and that Sophie and Kevin have become Underdeveloped. Also, are Activision hypocrites? They said during the court case against Jason West and Vince Zampella that they ''Tried to Hijack the IP for their own personal gain''. However, I think that Activision did something very Hypocritical, I think they bowdlerized Black Ops II. I'm not pleased that Black Ops III, SPOILERS. Contains no Reznov, and it basically has no continuity to the previous games apart from a reference in the beginning. The first one is related to Activision, because I think the ''Completion Principle'' goes perfectly well with COD: Black Ops. I believe this is essentially ITV and Activision basically screwing the entire continuity over. What do you think? I'm still looking at my theory.
  8. Another year, another Call of Duty. I know many have now grown tired of this franchise, and I can totally understand why. For me though, Black Ops 2 was by far my favorite in the franchise and it was because of the first one that I loved the multiplayer, so this particular series holds a special place for me. So I will definitely be picking this one up. Anyone else getting it tomorrow at launch? This might be my final COD purchase as the other two companies developing them are not really impressing me anymore. If you all want to add me on Xbox One, my gamertag is on my profile! ^____^ Also, here is a thing I did for the third game: Yup, I do that for every COD at this point. Good way to start the excitement.
  9. Seeing as how there's no game discussion area yet, I may as well post this here.I'm sure this will cause a lot of replies and debates, plenty good for this forum! These two franchises are the largest in the industry, and now they're going head to head against each other. So, here's the question:Call of Duty or Battlefield?EDIT: Let's try to keep the flaming to a minimum. We're (hopefully) all mature bronies and are capable of non-agressive debates.
  10. For all of you call of duty fans out there there is a teaser towards Black Ops 3 that has been released on xbox360 today so we get be get to be hyped about the new game. Feel free to share gamer tags and which console you play on in the comments below.
  11. You don't really need to read whats in this first post since i think you all know what this is about now... Nice to know that this thread is almost 5 months old now and you guys are still posting on it! If you don't already know black ops 2 is coming out this year 2012 so far there is not much info on the subject but here is what i do know. The reveal of the game is going to be on the first of may during the basketball playoffs on TNT and, the game will probably be released around November. my opinion of what the game could be like is that it could carry on from the first game but at the end it says "mason we have won." that dose not mean it cant carry on as a sequel but i think that it could be set in the far future due to the quadrotor in the picture and the video FPS Russia made on it for the callofduty web site he says that it is a military equipment of the future. that could mean the game is set in the future (and the gun in the picture looks quite modern!) they have made a short video as well saying "the enemy could be anywhere and it could be anyone." this probably means they are going to be using the spy perk that allows you to show up as a friend on the enemy's map. another small thing is that there is a picture that says TACITUS that could be one of the groups in the game. website i got info UPDATE! The reason I am not updating the info on this post is because I think there is a nice amount of info givers below that will probably find things out faster than me. So if you need info on the latest updates to the game look at the comments below. (I may update occasionally.) POSTING NEW IMAGES! more info I think the main guy in the pictures is called Harper and the place is set in los angles (found that out ages ago though) because when i saved the picture of him it said Harper just a theory though. UPDATE! Now most people know what the campaign is going to look like i am getting excited about the multiplayer and zombies the might show something a E3 THIS TOPIC IS HOT YEAHHHHHH!!!!
  12. Hello My name Is Nova and I am looking for a (large preferably) ghosts clan to join. or if you just want to be Xbox friends just friend me at Wamphyre75 Thanks Nova out.
  13. After the failure of Ghosts, I have been uncertain about purchasing AW. Many people have noted that AW is actually decently optimized for PC very unlike Ghosts. Despite this, there are still mixed opinions on the games at least according to Steam reviews. For me, I will either not buy the game or buy the Digital Pro Edition when it will [probably] be on sale during Steam winter sale. Is it worth buying? So far I enjoyed every COD games I have played except Ghosts. Preferably, I would like to get answers from people who have played the PC version of the game and note how stable it is. To me, it seems like there's enough new features for the game to be interesting. Some things I'm particularly interested in knowing are: -Lag compensation: Not sure if this is the correct term but in Ghosts, it would take about a half second to kill someone but you would die almost instantly after you take damage (you usually don't get enough time to react to avoid damage). Is this issue fixed in AW? -Connection issues: Some have reported having mostly no problems while others have said there is quite a bit of problems. One person explained to me that a patch that was released fixed the issue. Is this true? -What is playerbase size/how active are players? -How much stuttering do you notice if at all? -How much of an issue is hacking?
  14. Hello brony gamers! I have an idea that I want to share with you today. I would like to make a custom zombies map on Call of Duty: World at War. The theme will be My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Obviously! I haven't seen any maps on this theme, so I thought I'd make one myself. Now there will be a plot, or story line if you will, but I haven't yet come up with an idea. So, if you have any suggestions on a plot for the map please let me know and I will include it. I'm going to make the map look like Ponyville for the player to explore. If anyone is interested in being the beta testers for this map, please let me know down below. Or if you'd just like to help in general. Thanks if you read this!
  15. Strange mix, I know. I'm just curious about the stats...
  16. hello everypony I'm ChickenFuzzNuts and i'm recruiting Brony's that are looking for a Brony Clan in call of duty Ghosts for the Xbox 360, if you're interested feel free to join up with my team P.S. all bronies are welcome in
  17. Personally for me they do, cod, halo, tf2 and battlefield, ever game I get is filled with nothing but snipers (Or in Halos case, people teamkilling for it) it becomes frustrating and unfun when I cant take a single step without being shot by three or four snipers. Cods unrealistic use of them is the worst. Running around using them as a shotgun is bullshit and annoying to deal with for me.
  18. SO TODAI ON DA SHOW WE TALK ABOU TTHE BEST GAEM OFF AL TIME. CAL OF DUTYE; GOSTS NOW THIS GAM EIS THE BEST OF THME ALLL BESCAUSE OF DOGES AND GRAFICS. THE GRAPFICS ARE GODE AND YOU SHOLUD LIKE THEM AND IF U DONT U R N00B. LOL. ANYWAYS, HTTE GAME PLAY IS GOOD AND SMOOTH AS MY BUTT (HAHSAHHAHAHA) just kidding my butt is not soft i hate this game and everything about it. the gameplay is repetitive, multiplayer is the exact same as every other game, but with new maps and glorified weapons. i give this game 4/10 because it is slightly fun to play with some friends, for ironic purposes, of course.
  19. I Have created a CoD Ghosts Clan For any Brony that wants to join. Its for the PS4 I don't care how good your skills are (I Suck) The clan name is RainbowDashArmy My PsN name is Cody1Meadows Right now the only way I can figure out how to invite someone to my clan is to befriend them. You also need to have a COD account. This is my first clan so I may need a before I get the hang of it. just send me a message telling me your from the mlp fourm so I know. Thanks
  20. The big companys are out there for the money! Period! Go bye yourself some indie games (the good ones) Those are people who are making games cause they are fun! ie. Papers Please! Go buy this now! CoD and fans: CoD may as well be on the moon. They don't listen to there fan base at all. EA and fans: EA will listen only if they feel like it and 99% of the time they don't. Bethesda: Fans have a hotline with them practicaly Indie: Fans are practically sitting next to the makers Big companys are not listening to the gamers and are making the same games over and over again (with a few exceptions) Play CoD 1 then CoD Black Ops 2. Fairly simliar in mechanics and gameplay.
  21. This is just a little thing I've been noticing through the gaming community. It doesn't apply to all gamers, but I am going to be asking the gaming community as a whole this question. Around the time Battlefield 4 and COD Ghosts was released, I talked to a few gamers about the game. One question I asked all of them is "Why did you buy the game?" Most of their answers were centered around the visual presentation. Not one of them brought up the core gameplay, what makes a game truly a game. This got me wondering; do we, as the gaming community, have standards? Are we losing what's most important? Are we drawn in with graphical presentation or story and not what makes the game what it is; the gameplay?
  22. Hellooooooooo!!! Fellow Brony here trying to find a clan on Ghosts to play with fellow bronies!! It's so hard to find one x.x;;
  23. well since I'm exicted for the new cod game I sketch the ghost symbol
  24. I have been highly interested on joining a MLP based clan for Call of Duty since the new game, Ghosts, has a completely new clan system to where anyone on any system can be part of the same clan. I want to help out and move an MLP clan up the ranks but I am having a hard time joining one. I am good at the game with my only problem being internet connection and time due to work and school. So if there is anyone that knows or is in a clan, I am willing to help out when I can.
  25. Seems like a mixed opinion thing, But I am curious on what people think.