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Found 71 results

  1. This thread is for talking about the game Call of Duty Warzone. So what do you like about Call of Duty Warzone? What do you dislike about it? Have you played it yet? It's a free game, so if you haven't played it I recommend giving it a try!
  2. In honour of Armistice, Remembrance and Veterans Day on November 11, here is Opening Titles from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (COD: MW2) on the Organ. A Patreon Request. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton (Requestor Shout-out) [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here:
  3. Since I saw a thread about the most toxic online communities, and a post about a gaming community in there, I decided to make a thread dedicated to the absolute worst video game communities. Which do you think is the worst and why? I think League of Legends is an obvious choice. The community has constant drama and has driven multiple people over the edge. Not to mention it has a serious reputation for toxicity and trolling.
  4. Ok i have to admit something here...i like call of duty , ww2 era or the future era but there is something bugging me though should the call of duty franchise this year change there rating from M to T ? halo 5 got a t ratting and not much was changed , i mean its just the multiplayer and nothing much else besides a bit of blood you see on the screen , What do you guys think ? i just cant see it being a M rated game much anymore.
  5. Personally this is the first ever game to make me this much hype pre-release. I can't friggin' wait!!! And the beta is rolling out today. Too bad I can't play, because I'm on PC What are your thoughts about it?
  6. Okay, so I was feeling ambitious today, and decided to make cover art for a fic I'm writing. I can't upload it on my phone for whatever reason, so I got peeved and decided to dump it here... if it decides to load on this site at all, that is. Is that allowed? I think it is. I haven't been exploring Octavia's Hall as much as I intended. (All the "art" I make are just emblems from black ops 3. That's why they look so plain). Welp, I did something wrong. Mods, halp. I mades the oopsie Okay I swear I'm following the instructions on the screen. SHABAM There we go. That was way too complicated. I think I'm done attention-seeking for the next decade.
  7. I think by this point, it's pretty clear that one of the biggest clashes at the end of this year is going to be, yet again, between Battlefield and Call of Duty; arguably the two heavyweights of the multi-plat first person shooter genre. CoD has always beaten Battlefield on sales, while Battlefield (arguably) provides larger games of a higher quality. Well, this year could see even the sales tip in Battlefield's favour after all that has conspired in the early days of this month. If you are unaware, both Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1 have reveal trailers uploaded to youtube which you can check out here and here. Now, to put things into perspective, the new Battlefield trailer has gained around 11 million views since its upload around 2 days ago, with an overwhelmingly supportive 700,000 likes on the video with only 13,000 dislikes. But Infinite Warfare, on the other hand, has been hammered by fans due to the setting, execution and CoD 4 Remastered news. It is currently the MOST disliked gaming video on all of Youtube, the MOST disliked trailer on all of Youtube and is getting closer and closer to the top spot. It's sitting at a crazy 750,000 dislikes. How do you think this will affect the future of both franchises at the end of the year?
  8. While I know a plethora of people who aren't the biggest fan of BDobbinsFTW and his continuous preaching on his YouTube channel, I believe his recent video has actually brought up an interesting point about modern gaming and how Call of Duty has possibly affected the way that first-person shooters will be handled for years to come. In the video, along with quotes from developers and using examples, he explains how Call of Duty is such an expansive and successful franchise that other games trying to compete with it like Halo and Battlefield, have to sacrifice part of their own identity in order to leech fans off of the franchise. Every game has a focus group, a small band of gamers to play the game early and tell them what works and what doesn't; the problem is that these focus groups will play Call of Duty in the majority of cases, so when they play a game that isn't enough like Call of Duty, that becomes a criticism of theirs. I could explain more, but honestly the video does an incredible job of explaining all the information and it is a great watch:
  9. Now this, will make for an interesting discussion. Infinite Warfare is a game that is sparking a ton of controversy, with Activision purposely locking the Modern Warfare Remastered game behind an $80 paywall, among other things. The reveal trailer for the game has quickly become one of the most disliked videos on YouTube. Recently, Activision has responded to this negative criticism... It is as follows: Okay, I am not gonna go into this for now, but let's discuss this. What is your opinion on this PR response?
  10. OK, so COD Infinite Warfare is pretty much all but confirmed now. There's this cryptic trailer called Know Your Enemy. And the game's definitely going to be set in space. First of all, who is this SDF, ''Settlement Defense Front''? And how does this tie in to ghosts? Or is it completely unrelated to the Ghosts story? Or is this in the Black Ops universe? Please explain.
  11. As if COD wasn't absurd enough already. It seems Infinity Ward might be trying to go as crazy as possible with the next title in the over-saturated COD series. Apparently, according to rumors, the next title will be set in the 'very far' future, making Black Ops 3 feel like the 'stone age'. Supposedly it will even feature space combat. So essentially, any chance of COD making any sense at all is now gone. With the absolutely horrendous campaign and story in Black Ops 3, the hopes of the COD series actually have a decent story are destroyed. Of course, most people buy these games for the multiplayer, but we all know it is gonna be relatively the same, with the 'space combat' being merely a gimmick that they will market heavily to get sales, only for the feature to be lackluster. Yay. So what do you think? Do you like or hate this idea? Or do you just think the series needs to die? I am on board with the latter.
  12. Dear game designers, why is the future suddelly the big hype? I can understand thats because you can literally make everything up about the game, stort and mechanics. But why does almost every game designer follow eachother, sure you want to compete, but then makd something completely diffrent. Few Games dare to Go to An alternate timeline in war, for instance what if the Russians won the cold war? Or what if Japan was never nuked. You are just to worried to make something controvircal because it will get bad media. But the truth is, controvercial. sells better. See mw2, No Russia was sooooo controvercial,yet the game sold well. Please stop going in to the future. Go as far as 2025.
  13. I know this is probably a weird place to put this, but we really want to kick this clan off. It's a Call of Duty clan on Xbox One. We want to make it a mostly-serious clan, so if you're decent at COD, private message me. Again, I know it's a random thing for this particular site, but we need anybody and everybody we can get that is good.
  14. Hey everypony! Just wanted to announce, I had a great idea to start a Call Of Duty Elite clan/group, for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2. Anypony is free to join, just have an Xbox 360, and Xbox Live. I thought that all the ponies out there that are lookin' for other ponies to play with/group up with on Black Ops 2, so anyone lemme' know whatcha' guise think, and if yall' are up for it. Any day, any time! Hope to see at least some of yall' on Black Ops 2!
  15. Which do you think is the best perk in the Call of Duty Zombies franchise? Except Juggernog!
  16. Want just a quick summary? Head to the Final Verdict for that and my rating! Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Platform: Xbox One, PS4, PC, PS3, Xbox 360 (*Note: The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions differ from the other versions) Genre: First Person Shooter Publisher/Developer: Activision/Treyarch Oh Call of Duty. The FPS cash cow that is being pumped out yearly by Activision to make more and more profits. It seems the series has been on a steady decline over the years, with Ghosts and Advanced Warfare not winning many people over. Many were hoping that Treyarch, the renowned maker of WaW and The Black Ops games, could bring the series back to greatness with Black Ops 3. Well, did they? Gonna be honest here: No, no they did not. You all know what Call of Duty is at this point. It is a game where you run, you shoot, and that is the general emphasis of the gameplay. The gameplay here is hardly changed, with the only real additions being some of the equipment, scorestreaks and slight changes to movement. Now you have a small boost after you jump! How creative. While the gameplay remains the same, some guns actually do feel like they have some kick and recoil to them, something that has been lost in the past couple of years. Still, if you are tired of the COD formula of gameplay, then you will not be reinvigorated here. The gameplay here is fairly copy and paste. There are new specialists here instead of any kind of character creator. You unlock customization pieces for these characters that hardly make a difference and each character has their own special abilities, but none of these really feel like a drastic addition. I respect Treyarch's decision to try something different, but these characters have one-note personalities and have some of the most generic lines I have ever heard in a video game. It just doesn't add much to the game. Trust me, the game rarely ever gets this exciting The game also seems to fumble in the graphics department. Nothing in particular here stands out and in some ways, the game actually looks WORSE than Advanced Warfare, with often muddy looking textures and obviously inferior looking character models. Not a single aspect here looks drastically different than what we have seen before. Even little details, such as your character leaving footprints in snow as they walk, are completely absent, giving a sense of cheapness to the overall experience. The sound quality is overall decent though, with the guns having a nice punch to their sounds, though explosions still sound incredibly weak. Even after 3 years to do it, Treyarch has somehow managed to make a game that, in many ways, looks no better than Black Ops 2 on the Xbox 360, 3 years ago. The game also features tons of reused animations that we seen 6 years ago. Shocking. The graphics feel like a step down from last year's game The game offers 3 made modes of play: Campaign, Multiplayer and zombies, pretty standard fare for Treyarch at this point. The campaign here, is abysmal. While Advanced Warfare had a campaign with a predictable story but pretty decent gameplay and set-pieces, this game has an absolutely laughable story with a plot that makes absolutely no sense and gameplay that gets insanely repetitive very quick. The story here makes little to no sense. Characters are established in about 20-30 seconds time and we apparently are suppose to care about these characters when they die, despite me not even being able to remember their names. There is even a boss fight with a character that I literally had no idea who she was, then I remembered that she was a character in the beginning of the game that got maybe, 25 seconds of screentime before disappearing. Well, she is apparently important to the story now, I guess. The plot even unravels itself towards the end and the last 2-3 hours of the game are nothing but padding and endless shooting, just constant shooting. The campaign and story here are absolutely pathetic and it is a shame that Treyarch clearly has no idea how to write a coherent story. There are some positives to the capmaign, such as being able to customize your loadouts as you please and use weapons of your choosing, but this was in Black Ops 2. The only other majorly worthwhile addition is character ranking, but this feature does not make much of a difference, but I am glad it is here at least. Overall, the campaign here is terrible and it is one of the worst single player campaigns that I have ever played, bar none. Then there is the zombies mode. That should be awesome right? Zombies was always fun even if it got convoluted at times, right? Well, sadly, zombies is the most disappointing aspect to the entire game. Instead of maybe giving us a few maps to play with or maybe even include some classic maps since they are already made and whatnot, here, we get only one zombies map. That is right, ONE ZOMBIES MAP. To give perspective, Black Ops 1 had TWO zombies maps out of the box and Treyarch had an entire extra year to make this particular game, yet they include less zombie content than Black Ops 1. Fantastic. Now I know some might say "but there are actually two maps, the Giant Zombies map!" Well, no, it is locked behind the $50 season pass so it doesn't count. We only get one map here. Well, is it at least fun? Sadly, no. This map is a huge disappointment. It's setting is confusing as hell and the game focuses far more on objectives than, you know, killing the ZOMBIES? Whereas past games had some objectives that you had to complete mainly to unlock new areas, this game has you running all over the place, having to pick up this, take it to there, bring this here, do this do that, and soon, killing the zombies becomes a secondary objective and you will find yourself just training a single zombie constantly to complete these pointless objectives. It gets old and tedious and none of the new characters stand out. The zombies here also are very brutal and can kill you with a flurry of hits very quickly, which feels really weird considering the past games. There is a ranking system here as well, but honestly, I got so bored with this mode that I gave up after a while. Now, most of my time in the game is spent on the multiplayer. So that leaves us with the multipalyer. The multiplayer here, is standard COD fare. You run, you shoot, you die, repeat. As I said before, there are specialists here for the multiplayer, each with their own boring personalities, dialogs and special abilities, but most of these special abilities are boring, non-team focused and if you die right after activating it, you have to let it recharge. None of the maps here stand out either, with no special events that happen or any major advancements there, the maps feel incredibly static, even with an emphasis on multi-layered terrain. Of course there are tons of challenges to complete, tons of levels in the game and a bunch of weapons, but this is all standard fare if you played any of the recent COD titles. You know what you are getting and honestly, it is getting very boring. There are plenty of weapons to use here and that can provide some variety at least, but that is if you are not already bored of the gameplay, which is still mostly the same. One new feature that is not very new at all, are the supply drops making their way from Advanced Warfare. Here you spend Cryptokeys earned while playing to unlock Supply drops and earn new camos, character animations, player cards and more. while unlocking these things is kinda cool at first, you realize that is makes customization feel fairly meaningless and based on random chance. Not to mention, earning these keys is tedious and slow and just paves the way for the micro-transactions .Yes, this $60 yearly title has both a $50 season pass and micro-transactions. Fantastic, thanks Activision. Even with all of this, there are still no dedicated servers to speak of, resulting in lag and glitches online. Final Verdict: And there you have it, one of the biggest disappointments of 2015 for me. Honestly, I am not seeing why some people are praising this game. They say it is better than Ghosts and AW, which in some ways, it is, but that doesn't make it a good game. In any case, thank you all for reading! It is great to be back doing these! ^____^
  17. OK, before we start, I just wanted to say that there are lots of spoilers, so if your reading this, don't whine at me that ''I Ruined the Game''. OK, so, is Black Ops III essentially a remake of the original Black Ops? Because, here we go, in the first mission you get your arm ripped off by a robot, who proceeds to pummel you to death, is this Robot supposed to represent Kravchenko? Because the way it happened is similar to Black Ops, where Kravchenko pulls you as you fail to get on the plane because you had to protect it. After this you are ''Reprogrammed'', in Black Ops III, your ''Reprogrammed'' with a DNI, rather than a number, you think you are ''Taylor''. Now here is the thing, is ''Taylor'' essentially Reznov? Because I've realized, Reznov is definitely dead, but is Taylor this game's version of Reznov? First of all, the mission codenames actually spell out ''We are Taylor'', the same way the Mission names in Black Ops 1 spell ''Reznov is dead, or is he? There was no body, is he who he says he is?''. And the player begins having delusions that he is Taylor, so is Taylor Reznov? Is the DNI the numbers? Tell me what you think. I've played it, and I definitely think Taylor is Reznov.
  18. Have any cool Black Ops 3 Paintshops or emblems? Post them here! ​Ask for critiquing, advice, etc.
  19. OK, so here's a thing I've been worried about, from what I heard, Black Ops II was supposed to be another Vietnam-Era game in the series and it was supposed to focus on Reznov, but I think Activision deliberately bowdlerized it by turning it into a 2025 futuristic game, now don't get me wrong, Black Ops II was amazing, with it's Campaign which was slightly non-linear. And it did have slight continuation. But I don't like the fact that the ''Reznov is Dead or Is He'' message is essentially meaningless. Unless of course Activision followed the ''Completion Principle'' like Scott Cawthon did, but I think it's unlikely. The other thing that worries me is Soap Opera continuity errors. Coronation Street had this storyline, where after the fire, SPOILERS. Tracy was supposed to be redeeming herself, there would be a court case. But after the boss of the show, Stuart Blackburn, got axed. I think they did what Activision did. This means that Maddie's death is Meaningless and Maddie is still alive, and that Sophie and Kevin have become Underdeveloped. Also, are Activision hypocrites? They said during the court case against Jason West and Vince Zampella that they ''Tried to Hijack the IP for their own personal gain''. However, I think that Activision did something very Hypocritical, I think they bowdlerized Black Ops II. I'm not pleased that Black Ops III, SPOILERS. Contains no Reznov, and it basically has no continuity to the previous games apart from a reference in the beginning. The first one is related to Activision, because I think the ''Completion Principle'' goes perfectly well with COD: Black Ops. I believe this is essentially ITV and Activision basically screwing the entire continuity over. What do you think? I'm still looking at my theory.
  20. So... Call of Duty Black Ops III has been announced, and I love the Black Ops series. Below is a teaser trailer: SO EXCITED FOR THIS GAME!
  21. Both games are releasing pretty soon, along with H5: Guardians and Fallout 4, but these are way more hyped for than those. My question is what are you most hyped for? The newest clone in the CoD army? Or the newest cash-in from EA? Personally, I'm more excited for Battlefront 3 than I am for Black Ops 3, mainly since I prefer larger scale battles within a sci-fi universe over small scale skirmishes in a slightly sci-fi universe.
  22. Whether it's Steam, GameFAQs, or private message someone at a browser game I play, I barely get any replies about anyone has this game for the console. Maybe I'm stupid and have an ugly personality, I don't know but I'm always angry to know I barely get a response, or if anyone has that game at least to play with. I haven't thought of asking this here but seeing this is a big community, I'm giving a shot if someone here must have the game still. If you have that game for PS3, let me know.
  23. I got my code but I haven't played yet (Due to school). So I won't be able to play til this weekend. Til then whats your opinion on the beta so far?
  24. Hello everypony! This thread is for CoD Bronies and Pegisisters to come play some call of duty, I hope to make a Clan and have fun! Please use this thread for Ps3 only, and not XBOX. I hope to get some good games in!
  25. I am back! With a new Ponified shooter box art! Some of you may remember my past work with these. It is essentially tradition for me to do these when the yearly shooter games are revealed and now, I have finished applying the entire mane 6 to their own box arts! This time it is of course Applejack, being on the cover for Black Ops 3. I remember when I did one of my first edits nearly 3 years ago and it was for Black Ops 2...Memories! Anyways, here it be: For reference, here is what the original looks like: Ironically I was quite tired when I started this one and I was tired when finishing it.