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Found 44 results

  1. I'm just looking for my country-folk
  2. Feel free to discuss how awesome we are. I'm from Nova Scotia. We eat lobster all day.
  3. Some of you learned about a few Asian countries that were once under Japanese rule until 1945 in world history class at school, but what would your reaction be, had the Surrender of Japan failed, and the US and Canada's last presidents were Franklin Roosevelt and Mackenzie King before they were both replaced by Hirohito?
  4. Woohoo

    Alaska Trip Pics

    For all of last week, I was on a cruise with my family to Alaska. Here are some pics from my trip. Enjoying the view with a cold drink View from the top deck looking north Imperial Bar in Juneau where I had some delicious fish n' chips Looking over Skagway Downtown Skagway White Pass & Yukon Railway Selfie with the Majorie Glacier in Glacier Bay My sister and mom posing in Ketchikan My ship, the Ruby Princess Poutine from the Pink Bicycle in Victoria, BC Victoria Parliament Building
  5. I noticed there wasn't a thread like this so I wanted to make it. This thread is for people in the military or military enthusiasts or just for military related posts... (Optional) As your first post put what division, battalion, squard, you were in or If you were never in the military just put what you want to be. After that just post whatever want that is military related... I want to be in US Marine Corps, I am not entirely sure of my specialty yet.... One of my favorite Combat Videos....
  6. Happy 150th Canada and to Canadian bronys I'm proud to be Canadian
  7. Happy 150th Canada I worked all day and went to the fireworks And finished my Canada day off with Tim Horton's hot chocolate
  8. As of yesterday (June 23, 2016), the World-Famous North American Privately-owned zoo in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada (where I live right now), known for the use of its animals in Hollywood films (Life of Pi is one good example), documentaries, etc., has announced that they will shutdown after the 2016 season. I am very saddened by this, it's not even funny. I've only been there once when I was very young. It all started when PETA misleadingly showed the world that the owner was being abusive to one of the tigers late last year, and because of that I hate them for it. They have ruined the reputation of a privately-owned zoo that was highly respected for many efforts. It will shut down 3 YEARS shy of its 100-year Anniversary. Now I have to chase the opportunity to visit it once more this summer before it closes down for good.
  9. If anyone in the area is looking for a place to play, I have been hanging out here. It is a fun atmosphere. Thursday Nights: 6:30 to 10pm Board Games Friday Nights: 6pm to ??? Magic the Gathering Saturdays: 12noon to 3pm Pokemon Location: 33723 Essendene Ave. Abbotsford, British Columbia Pokemon Pre-Release event October 22nd, 2016 11:30am!!! Nerd Haven Location Each participant will be given a pre-release box, which they will use to make a deck (we also provide energy). They will then use these decks in a tournament! Everyone who participates throughout the event will receive 3 participation booster packs at the end of the event. XY—Evolutions Pre-release boxes include 22-card Evolution packs with preselected Evolution chains for more usable cards and a more exciting play experience! Each Pre-release box includes: 22-card Evolution pack featuring key cards from current and prior sets 4 XY—Evolutions booster packs 1 of 4 alternate-art promo cards 1 deck-building tip sheet
  10. Looks I'm going to my first screening of Shin Godzilla...I'm going with my two friends from High school on the 12th of October...I am feeling nervouscited for this! Who is going to the October 12th screening of Shin Godzilla in Canada? Because I will be there!
  11. Link to original topic by TheMisterManGuy: Being a Canadian co-production, most of the voice actors for Friendship is Magic are based in Vancouver. Still, what we really like about Voicebox Productions, the recording house for the show, is that they have the ability to hire a select few US voice actors for their work, which is how they're able to get Tara Strong to play Twilight (though having Dual Citizenship certainly helps too), and how they manage to get John De Lancie to play Discord. Pretty cool huh? They've done this with other Canadian co-productions before as well such as Kath Soucie and Tom Kenny for The Cramp Twins, Rob Paulsen for Coconut Fred, James Arnold Taylor for Johnny Test and at least 3 of the main characters for Mucha Lucha are all US actors. If Voicebox was able to get at least some non-BC Canadian voice actors (maybe like from Ontario for example) for a guest star, or a regular character, who would you like to see? For example; my choices would be... 1) Denise Oliver (Sidekick, Grojband, Wayside) 2) Scott McCord (Inspector Gadget 2015, Atomic Betty & Total Drama Island) 3) Tajja Isen (Atomic Betty) 4) Sarah Gadon (Ruby Gloom) 5) Stephanie Morgenstern (Sailor Moon, Atomic Betty) 6) Emily Hampshire (Ruby Gloom, Schitt's Creek) And FYI, I think Denise Oliver would make a great replacement to voice Twist since Alexander Carter is no longer in Canada...
  12. Q: You guys think MLP:FiM should air on YTV instead of Treehouse TV due to censoring words like "losers" and "stupid"? Any comments on that?
  13. Since it's Canada day today, it's only fitting to show appreciation to Canadas most awesome Band Rush.
  14. Happy Canada Day. Have a bald superhero.
  15. That new banner for Canada Day is just awesome. I love it! Gone Airborne, thank you for making that! What do you other fellow Canadian Bronies think of it (including non-Canadians)? I'd like to know your thoughts on the banner.
  16. I don't know about where you all live, but here in Canada (to be more precise New-Brunswick) there is so much snow, I'm almost certain we will still have snow on the ground in August. As I type this, I can see the snow continuing to fall outside my living room window. This is the second snow day this week; we had school yesterday and that's about it so far this week. I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready for 'Winter Wrap Up'! How about you guys? What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?
  17. Hi, I'm planning some sort of vacation/roadtrip thingy with my friends in the US and Canada. I'm hoping to visit all 50 states and most of the provinces/territories. Its obvious what I'm going to do in places like New York, Hawaii, Toronto etc. What about places like New Jersey, Alaska or The Yukon? Can you give me some good but obscure tourism spots? The only reason why I would go to cities like Baltimore would be for Bronycon because I don't know much about them. Also Delaware. What's in Delaware? PS: The trip will be split throughout the months/years because if I do it all in one go it would probably take ages
  18. Hi there I'm going to be attending BronyCAN this year and it will be my first MLP convention and was seeing if anyone had some advice or what I should expect for a new person attending. Also I'm interested in seeing who will be going this year, Vincent Tong & Maryke Hendrikse (voice actors for Flash Sentry and Sonata Dusk) have been announced as the first guests attending this year which is exciting I would love if Tabitha could make it would be awesome to meet her.
  19. What is your favorite cartoon to come out of Canada? For the record, let's toss out US co-productions, so no FiM or similar shows. My personal favorite is Stickin' Around, it may look crudely drawn. But its visual metaphors and symbolism can be hilarious.
  20. Johnny Test. It's become a pretty infamous show on the internet, and for good reason, it sucks. It's not the worst kids cartoon I've seen *cough*Breadwinners*cough* but it's painfuly mediocre. Akward, stilted flash animation, unlikable characters, repetitive, unorigininal plots, asspulls, and that goddamn whip sound effect. Its about as cookie-cutter as Canadian cartoons get. Canada has given us some great cartoons, this just isn't one of them. There was a point however, where the show was actually kind-of entertaining. When it first aired on Kids' WB, it was a Warner Bros. production co-produced by a Canadian animation studio. It was decently animated, the characters had flaws but they weren't unlikable, and it had a lot of Fairly OddParents' old humor in it. It was far from amazing, but it was watchable. But after the 1st season, WB pulled out of the show's production, and it was picked up by Teletoon, a Canadian equivalent to Cartoon Network, The characters became flanderized to who they are today, the plots became lazier, and they threw out the decent traditional animation of season 1, in favor of cheap, poor quality flash animation. And of course, added obnoxious sound effects like the aforementioned whip. If you have any interest in this show, stick to season 1. Otherwise, avoid it like the plague. What puzzles me, is how the hell this show is STILL on the air.
  21. To those in the great red leaf country, How have the 2 major kids networks there, YTV and Teletoon progressed over the years in your opinion? Have they gotten better, gone downhill, or stayed the same?
  22. I saw John De Lancie, but didn't have anything Discord for him to sign. I did have Star Wars VI with me and Jeremy Bulloch signed the DVD sleeve! Also I buy things with money: -Walt Disney Comics: Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge, and Comics and Stories -Ramune Melon and Orange -Pocky Green Tea, Otona no Milk, and Strawberry Midi -Doctor Who Tenth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver that makes sounds! -Dracula Untold poster -Fanmade Megaman X and Zero poster -All 8 Kanto Gym Badges (Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow) -Nintendo Power Issue 12 Video games: -Magical Tetris Challenge GBC -Links the Challenge of Golf Sega CD -Ariel The Little Mermaid Sega Genesis -Street Fighter 2 Super Famicom Japanese Version -Skiing and Pole Position Atari 2600
  23. I was talking with my friend @FadedSkies the other night and he introduced me to this cool little show called Martin Mystery It runs out kind of like a Scooby Doo episode in the fact they're usually investigating monsters of some sort. The cool part to me is, though, that unlike Scooby Doo, the monsters aren't some dude in a costume, but they're real. Some of them are even based off of folklore, which I find to be fascinating The characters are also very interesting. There's a lot of bickering between Martin and his step-sister, Diana, and Java is a Caveman who they found on a mission once, as seen in one of the episodes somewhere The animation has a bit of an anime style to it, as well, and even though I don't really like anime in of itself, I really do appreciate how beautiful the animation and the art style is. It also takes place mostly in Canada, but that makes sense because it's a Canadian cartoon meant for Canadian audiences. I find that interesting as well, since all the locations in the show are real places (for the most part.) I love that in a show Lastly, the main characters are from Quebec. Go Habs Yeahh. I've been marathoning it for the past couple of days and I was just wondering if there are any other fans of the show on these forums If you're interested in watching it, you can just find the episodes on YouTube
  24. I know we have a lot of Canadian bronies here, so I thought this would be of interest to them. So, as of right know no official details on the shooter, or his/her motives. Will update as more news comes out. Possible video on scene.