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Found 23 results

  1. I'm relatively new to this fandom. I've just finished season 2 and bought some trading card packs. I got Princess Cadence and the back of her card had something rather peculiar on it... It says "Element of Harmony-Love". After looking at this, I went back to that episode and watched Chrysallis get defeated by Cadence and Shining Armor. And sure enough, her eyes did the same thing Twilight's did when she used the elements.
  2. I just watched the taking x too seriously series by FOB equestria, when I came upon an episode talking about the possible tactical mastery of Chrysalis, If you haven't watched it, it goes on to say that Chrysalis actually planned everything , from twilight noticing she wasn't the real cadence to twily's freakout , so twilight would kill the real cadence in the caves, all to possibly render the elements of harmony useless. however since this didn't work out cadence escaped and Chrysalis' plan failed but what if it didn't? I noticed something at the ending of the movie , Cadence used her love to create a barrier that propelled all changelings away from canterlot, and Canterlot was saved, but what if that's what chrysalis wanted to happen all along? since the changelings fed on love, taking over canterlot would have instead produced fear, maybe chrysalis wanted cadence to escape and use her magic to fuel shining armor's barrier so that the love infused spell would not only expel the changelings but also feed them. afterall who better to consume love from, than the princess of love.
  3. Author's Note:So hey this fanfic is uplodead on and all but i figured it wouldn't hurt much if i uploaded it here... so... please don't kill me if that is bad. IT BEGINS!!! So came the day Queen Chrysalis planned for years. The day she had suffered ages to reach... like a devious Mastermind she guided her changelings, seeing through their eyes, watching from their perspective, and ordering them when necessary. She stood still as her connection to them showed her the Elements of Harmony being captured. Celestia, Luna, and the rest could not understand what she was so focused upon... their minds where bent upon escaping but Chrysalis was meticulous in her work and her cocoons slowly but steadily nullified all their attempts at escape. Her changelings guided the elements steadily back to where they begun. With eyes blank and shadows upon their faces the changelings escorted the encircled Elements back to palace. As they did Chrysalis heard the struggle of Cadence reach her ears. She turned with a frown of disappointment. "Tsk tsk tsk..." she said disappointed dismissing her vain efforts at escape. She put her hoof upon the window and rested her right cheek upon it as she watched bored the town that had been struggling with the changelings. By her orders the changelings had received none were harmed... none... not even when their own lives were at danger the changelings fought only willing to disable them. After all she had a use for them and she couldn't afford to waste them... not a single pony's energy had to go to waste in order for her plan to work. Failure could very well mean death for her after all. "You won't get away with this! Twilight and her friends will..." said Cadence angrily disrupting her thoughts once more. Ticked she turned narrowing her eyes as they angrily shone against Cadence. "No... she mustn't..." she said to herself on the inside as she felt the boiling anger heat her up. Fortunately for her patience the palace doors opened with a bang, revealing the ponies escorted by her changelings. Soothing thoughts of the success she had achieved, and the progress she had made calmed her down as she grinned to a gasping Cadence. "You were saying my dear?" she then looked at the changelings as she gave them an order both verbal and mental. "Go! FEED!" and with that the changelings left their Queen and her prisoners as they proceeded to join the others in their efforts to gather more emotions. She watched as the wielders of the Elements frowned to Cadence and Twilight. "I am sorry Twilight... we should have believed you... we should have listened to you..." said Fluttershy turning away from everyone's side standing against the wall with her mane covering her teary face ashamed of her behavior. "We should have..." Chrysalis started hearing less and less as the environment became darker by the second the wielders were confessing their guilt to each other. She realized her vision was the problem rather than the lack of sunlight... she focused her eyes upon Cadence as the wounded mare was receiving their apologies. Chrysalis felt a small pain in her heart beginning to intensify as she looked at Cadence. She knew that she had to keep them feeling minimal pain... To do that she had to keep them hating her until the last moment... A light bulb lit on her mind as the idea struck her. She begun singing dancing in circles spinning around herself and throwing a bit of laughter. This day has been just perfect The kind of day that i wished since i was small Everypony I'll soon control Every stallion, mare, and foal Who says a girl can't really have it all? Once again she felt their hate sustain her... clashes of emotions against her fed her. The negativity was what she was... what her changelings were... Ponies that became instruments of her own hate unable to be contained within her own body. And there she stood at the balcony in the light of day enjoying the precious rays of the Sun that were now under her control. In the meantime Twilight made an attempt to escape her restraints. As they were about to advance into more solid forms to nullify her magic she zapped them with her horn releasing herself. Her hopes were now resting with Cadence the only Alicorn that wasn't nullified completely during Chrysalis' invasion. Escaping her bonds Twilight felt her magic being freed completely and zapped Cadence's slimy bindings with wrinkles upon her face forming an expression of utter disgust upon her face. Once she made sure Cadence was totally free she pointed at Shining Armor and said "Quickly! Go to him!" she had to hope that Cadence could help Shining Armor perform his spell. Cadence could only watch in surprise as Twilight bravely struggled to keep the hope in their hearts alive. As Twilight talked she shook her head snapping back into reality and coming to her senses. Right now she had to do as Twilight said and bet that Shining Armor's spell would be enough to drive the changelings away from the city. Rushing to her love Cadence looked into his eyes. "Oh Shining my love... what has she done to you? Come back to me... please." His eyes remained blank as her pleas fell of deaf ears. Shining had only eyes for one mare now... and that mare was Chrysalis. She hugged him receiving no response as her sorrow for her lost love overcame her and a tear flowed from her eyes. Instinctively, as the tear fell down upon his chest, her own magic activated. A purple heart formed from her slightly glowing horn falling upon Shining's face... the magic of love was enough even in this small amount to dispel the hateful hypnotizing spell that Chrysalis had cast upon him. As his eyes and mind cleared Shining Armor returned to his former self feeling the presence over his mind shifting. He didn't know what happened... in a fit of confusion he turned to Cadence and the rest who were holding their breaths the whole time. He sensed their gazes upon him and looked at himself. He was dressed as if ready for a wedding while Cadence was looking at him with tears streaming down her beautiful face. "What happened? Is the wedding over?" he said as her grabbed his head rubbing the sides seeking to ease the pain and clear the alien grasp over his mind. In that time Chrysalis felt another short pain within her own heart and then one of her hypnotized targets escaping the control of her own mind... something was wrong... she looked around feeling a slight sense of panic which intensified when she caught the Princess of Love and her mate hugging confused near the altar. She flew with her wings buzzing landing with a thud next to them feeling their terror rush once again into their hearts as her shade fell upon them. "It's ALL over!" she declared "Your spell! Perform your spell!" said Twilight frantically to the couple. "I wouldn't do that if i were you..." said Chrysalis with her glowing horn pointing at Celestia and Luna trapped in the pods behind them. "Unless you want something bad to happen to your beloved rulers you won't make another step, you won't take a single breath unless i say so... we clear?" Chrysalis awaited their response and as she showed them struggle the glow intensified slowly creeping from her horn up to Celestia's pod. They all watched frightened but Twilight grunted defiantly at Chrysalis fixing her gaze upon her teal cat-shaped pupils. "Equestria might survive without two Alicorns but if you take over we'll be in a far worse position! We'll be worse than dead!" said Twilight but still hesitating to further encourage Cadence. There was something inside Chrysalis that seemed oddly familiar... oddly familiar with the mare she cherished as sister. As Twilight looked at them side by side her mind couldn't help but make the comparison between the two creatures. One was an alicorn of love that spread the message of love, the other was a changeling that stole love from the world. It was as if someone had taken an evil mirror and showed the opposite of Cadence before her... "Silly girl you just don't understand do you? I lied before... i don't want your kingdom... i want HER!" she said pointing at Cadence. Everyone just stood there without saying a word confused and curious as to what Chrysalis had just said. Smiling with content as she finally had everyone's attention she continued. "I am not going to set you free... not yet... not when I'm so close to fulfilling my dream!" Grabbing this instance Chrysalis zapped them all once again enhancing the bindings that reformed at her will. She left only their heads free so that they could hear what she had to say. Not that they had any other choice now... She approached Celestia once more and observed as the Princess witnessed the scene from inside her cocoon her muffled screams and voice unable to pierce the thickness of her magical cocoon. "You should have given me what i wanted... this would be much easier for both of us if you did." she said shaking her head. "Twilight Sparkle... what do you know of the Flutterponies?" Chrysalis asked... a seemingly irrelevant question to Twilight which didn't register at first as she was continuing to fight the hold of Chrysalis' spell. "Come on... what? The Flutterponies? What does this have to do with anything?" "Oh it has everything to do with this... The Flutterponies, the Equestrian Diarchy, the Lord of Chaos and his games..." Everything was going according to plan... she watched as the changelings were set to prepare the ritual. "It also has a lot to do with how Cadence came to be your mentor's "niece". I suppose she used her political power to mask her true identity that was hidden even to herself..." Everyone was speechless... Cadence herself felt everyone's minds shifting into herself. Chrysalis was drawing runes upon the ground as if preparing for a grand ritual. "What's she saying Cadence?" Twilight asked. Cadence remained silent as if she had spaced out for a moment. "She has never met her parents..." says Chrysalis in response to Twilight's inquiry without shifting an eye from her own job. "Most likely Celestia became Cadence's Guardian by claiming to be her aunt... A little political influence into bureaucracy, turning her into an alicorn... it shouldn't be hard for someone like Celestia assume responsibility of an orphan right? After all every parent would dream of Celestia taking their child under their wing right?" Twilight felt herself addressed as the changeling Queen's words alluded. She narrowed her eyes... she didn't want to believe this... Celestia had stolen a child from the streets? But wait this could be... "But of course she could have just claimed that this was an act of charity... that she was also feeling lonely... Who would blame their ruler for caring for an orphan? Who would blame their ruler for unknowingly stealing my soul?" Her work had been complete... everything had been set and she was ready. Now the only thing she had to do was finish the spell... "I was known by the name Metis... a name that connoted wisdom and cunning. A thousand years ago i was ruler of the Flutterponies... known for my love for my subjects, known for my wisdom in justice, my cunning in combat... I kept our race safe and my name became characteristic of people that bore similar values. He/she has the royal "Metis" they used to say!" suddenly her face became bitter as she looked upon the ground in her own thoughts. "Until Discord came... one touch... one touch was enough to ruin EVERYTHING!" her voiced echoed in the room as she stomped her hoof down in anger. "I tried to shield myself in a spell... a cocoon that imprisoned me for a thousand years covered in butterflies... when it shattered i was different... i was... Chrysalis. But something else escaped, something had seeped out of the cocoon. It my love, my hope, my wisdom... it all dissipated and vanished... or so i thought." Once again her magic flowed in circles in her horn flying like a magical serpent grasping Cadence in a tight embrace. "What are you doing? Let me go! Leave us alone!" Cadence fought against the magic wiggling her hooves and shifting within but without any great result. "Don't fight it... you'll be much better soon enough. Come home Cadence... come home... i know you have felt empty for a long time... complete me. Look upon your heart, look upon your mind... and then look at me. Know the truth of your nature hidden within mine..." "I am nothing like you! Even if what you say is true... even if Celestia picked me up from the dregs of nothingness that doesn't make me a part of you!" In response to her doubt Chrysalis released her from her hold. When Cadence overcame her initial surprise and pain she looked upon to see Chrysalis bitting her own hoof as hard as she could causing two small marks appear on her body. At the same moment Cadence grabbed her own hoof only to see that there were two identical marks at her own hoof. No... it couldn't be... she couldn't be something like that evil bug! That was impossible! "Discord's spell split us in half... and as my escape from my pod took a thousand years so did your re-incarnation... That is what Discord's magic does after all doesn't it? It shows the evil nature of someone? Twisting them to the opposite? So it was that i became full of hate, anger, rage... Emotions like that radiated into our species causing our transformation... causing us to become monsters, parasites, worse than living beings!" slowly but steadily during her last sentence Chrysalis started breathing quicker, and a short time later her face begun to twist and turn as her blood boiled in rage. She gritted her teeth trying to contain her feelings... "I tried to warn you... tried to tell Celestia and Luna that i needed you... but all they saw was monsters threatening to hurt a young filly. But now you know... now the truth is laying in front of you... We can do this the easy way... or the hard way... but i warn you that the hard way has us both feeling excruciating pain, to the point of the danger of death." While Chrysalis was explaining things Cadence couldn't help but let the truth sink in to her. She was right... Chrysalis was like the Discorded version of her... and her memories... she had none of her parents, none before Celestia and Luna. Strangely enough she felt it all came together... how she knew about the changelings, how she could never truly do evil. She lacked the capability to do any evil act for that matter... she was practically viewed as a saint, a stellar example for other ponies. It wasn't because she had learned this way, it was because she was deprived of any evil thought... Evil did not exist in her soul... and that part of hers stood now before her in all her dark magic prowess and glory. "What will happen to me?" she responded in fear ignoring the voices of Twilight and her friends that protested in the background. She couldn't hear them now... even Shining Armor was distant... "Please Cadence! Don't do it! I can't bear to lose you!" However Chrysalis was the one to respond sending waves of magic muffling them all. "Silence! I do not know what will happen to you Princess... if your goodness in your heart is strong enough... if you value your friends, your wisdom, your lover... then they will persevere. This is a ritual that has not been cast ever before... as were the effects of Discord's spell." "But... the Elements of Harmony..." she protested. "The Elements of Harmony are too volatile and too dangerous for this situation... they are meant to cleanse evil not unite it with good. Even if the rest of the changelings were affected by them i would die... and this would drag you with me... the hole within your chest would grow, and it would eventually consume you out of lack of balance. No Princess... this has to be done this way, and it has to be done now... before it gets worse." Chrysalis had an imminent tone and was impatiently tapping her hoof on the ground annoyed by the stalling for time. "Alright... alright... i agree... let's do this." she breathed out in surrender and Chrysalis smiled satisfied. She guided Cadence to sit at the proper place upon the runes. Murmuring incantations Chrysalis' horn gathered the love that flew upon the air from the imprisoned changelings. Everyone contributed... even the Princesses... none's emotions were ignored, none... The energy flowed within the air drawing them to the epicenter of the runes that responding by lighting up in the floor. Within a burst of light streams of magic engulfed both Chrysalis and Cadence and begun expanding eventually joining in one. Cadence felt it... memories, experiences joining her... but she also felt Chrysalis' personality also seeping into her. The evil, the temptation, bit by bit she felt the lure of the dark side calling her forth telling them to embrace it... to accept it. What could she do? If she refused it she would lose herself, if she didn't she would lose herself as well... She started mentally saying the goodbyes to those that were close to her... Celestia, Twilight, Shining Armor... she felt her heart swelling with the bitterness of loss and the evil feasting upon it. Weapon... they would become her weapon now. No! She told herself, she wouldn't allow herself to be controlled like Luna or anyone else! She would be Cadence! She would keep those who she loved close to her and even if her name would be different she would still inside herself be Cadence! As she took that decision an explosion occurred as waves of magical energy swept upon Canterlot and the surrounding areas touching all the changelings they came into and harming none else in the process. The explosion also dispelled all the cocoons around and the ponies watched as the changelings started having cracks of teal light from inside their husks. As the cracks formed their shells shattered revealing what looked like unicorns with diaphanous butterfly-like wings of different complexity... it also restored their cutie marks. The ponies previously terrified by the hideous changelings approaching with curiosity and a bit of fear their former enemies. The Flutterponies no longer bound by their curse proceeded to apologize for what they had done. They didn't await an order from their Queen now, they were no longer bound in an absolute control, no longer were they filled with hate, anger, and malice. As a desire to make amends fixing the castle and the mess they had done. As for Chrysalis... When the explosion and the light fell down everyone gathered upon the area where Chrysalis and Cadence had been subjected to a great spell and as they did a shining alicorn figure descended. Everyone rejoiced thinking that Cadence had survived the spell but what came before them was not what they expected. She was an alicorn with black coat, and a teal sparkling mane. She wore blue shoes with Shining teal gems upon them and had a cutie mark of a purple crown with a small teal heart below it. As she opened her green eyes she saw everyone scrutinizing her top to bottom speechless. "Twilight... Shining... please don't look at me like that." from her mouth what came was the confidence of the voice of Queen Chrysalis... but both Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor recognized within her the kindness and the sweetness of the voice of their beloved Cadence. They looked into her eyes and saw inside her the reflection of their beloved... she was still there... her alicorn nature was still there, it was her and they felt it inside them. They both rushed at her and soon everyone followed sharing the happiness. "Oh Cadence! We love you so much!" Twilight said with tearful happiness overcoming her. "But I'm not..." she tried to react. "You'll always be Cadence for us... even if your name changes in our hearts you will always be Cadence." Shining Armor felt at peace knowing his beloved Cadence still lived somewhere. That day was the happiest day in all of Equestria... it remained in history as the day an invasion became the greatest moment of happiness. As for what happened next... that... is another story in itself. TADA!!! This is the end! Did you like it? Opinions? Author's Note:If you see any similarities with the X-blade and the story of Ventus and Vanitas then it's only natural as they were the inspiration for this story. As was Draco the Dragon. This was written upon three hours, later of course it was edited but no nothing else... so judge it as that.
  4. In a Canterlot Wedding Part 1. Shining Armour during his fit of rage says to twilight ''You can forget about being best mare, if I were you I wouldn't come to the wedding at all''. That is very harsh, shouldn't he know he would have to keep his sister at the wedding? Even Celestia dismissed her in anger. If the invasion never happened. Would Celestia hate Twilight forever and never let her back into her school? Would she say ''Twilight you suck, You failed, goodbye. You are not my disciple anymore''? And would Shining Armor be like ''You are not my sister''? Would her friends abandon her forever? Or would they all come back? Why is Shining Armor so overprotective of his wife. Why would he hate his sister simply for insulting his wife? Look I know she is royalty and it is wrong to insult royalty. But shouldn't Shining Armour simply reassure her ''Look Twilight, she is not evil. Everything will be OK''. Rather then busting in and saying ''HOW DARE YOU DISRESPECT MY WIFE!!! SHE WAS JUST HEALING ME!!! NOW GO AWAY!!! YOU CAN FORGET ABOUT BEING BEST MARE!!!''. My bit of Fridge Logic is that Chrysalis drained him that he did it out of emotional drain. What do you think? And is it really arrogance? Because Arrogance is Pride. It seems his has pride on his wife.
  5. I posted a somewhat similar topic earlier this month, asking about how 'dark' you all thought the series has went so fare. Asking seeing the answers and the debate over what is considered 'dark', I've decided to pose a different question, though on the same kind of topic. I am aware that there are definitely much darker kids' shows out there, Invader Zim, Adventure Time and Regular Show to name but a few, and on the whole, I've noticed kids' shows in general are getting significantly darker, which I approve. Now, for MLP:FiM, I do not for one moment believe it is meant to be a 'dark' show, especially when you consider the target demographic, which despite the fanbase, is younger and more female than those intended by shows like Adventure Time. However, when you take into account the intended demographic, the comparison to the previous generations of MLP, the episodes we've seen so far and what this show in general is about - cute, colourful ponies - would you agree or disagree that this show has some dark elements to it? I personally do believe it has some dark elements, as well as handling its episode situations with a lot more maturity than previous MLP generations. My biggest example for this is Canterlot Wedding, which certainly had a level of darkness to it out of all the episodes so far, i.e. Twilight sinking beneath the floor in a bright green flame, the villain(s) themselves and their plan in action. Props to the writers, of course, for managing to give it some darkness and maturity but not making it overwhelmingly so and keep the show true to its upbeat and positive roots. So what do you think? Do you think this kind of show is, or at points, has been 'dark' in any way?
  6. I really like this song so i descided to add some more bass n depth. Enjoy (;
  7. As per title. I made this thread mostly so Shoboni and I could duke it out without going off topic in my other thread Shoboni, I'll let you have the first word
  8. Hey everypony, here is my thought. In canterlot wedding Spike was supposed to make a bachelor party. And i think we all know what they look like. Strippers, pole dancers, lap dancing, gallons of alcohol, shitloads of fun. So.... if things like that exist in equestria, then in theory a pony could have a pole dancing cutie mark: Now my life wont be the same. I Totally want to go to Eqestria
  9. Okay, as much as I like the Changelings, I do have a problem or two with the way they're interpreted by some in the fandom. I have no qualms about them being portrayed as more sympathetic and not uniformly evil (the latter I actually advocate), but I keep seeing their actions being justified (like most MLP villains) to the point they are portrayed as victims, not wrong in itself, but a lot of fans begin to take this as fanon, or canon, or whatever it's classified as. I have a problem with this, because I cannot agree, no matter how much I like Changelings, that they were any way in the right in what they did in Canterlot Wedding. Also, my other gripe is how fans justification of their actions sometimes leads to making the heros out to be selfish and in the wrong. Celestia, of course, has been on the receiving end of that most of all, just like with Luna and Discord. I'm going to look at the issue and give my own take on it. Okay, so on one hand, the Changelings' primary food is emotion, namely love, which is the argument many use when making the Changelings sympathetic and trying to justify their actions. Feeding on other sentient creatures is more of a necessity than a desire, although the soldiers did visually take enjoyment in their invasion of Canterlot. In this point of view, the Changelings are just trying to prevent themselves from starving, making it a predator and prey situation, which then does not make the Changelings exactly evil. Even with Chrysalis, the point can be argued she was fulfilling her duties as queen to find love for them to feed on. With this in mind, it is perfectly understandable for people to sympathize with the Changelings. But then some people make out the ponies to be selfish jerks, Celestia especially, for the Changelings being expelled from Canterlot. A lot of fans seem to forget things from the ponies' side. Remember the predator-prey situation I just mentioned? Well, as the prey, Shining Armor and Cadance were simply both defending not just themselves, but their people as a whole, when they cast that spell to repel Chrysalis and the Changelings. It's like what Celestia and Luna did with Discord - they were saving their people. I mean, what do we expect the ponies to do? Just lay down and let the Changelings suck them dry? I mean, yeah, it's how they eat, but it is still wrong. This is kind of the problem, as one member whose name I have forgotten mentioned in one of my precious topics on Changelings, said about the two species living in peace. They basically cannot do that as the Changelings needs will have to be placed above the ponies, and the latter at the end of the day would just be cattle to them. As for Chrysalis, whilst it is noble to find your subjects food, it should be pointed out that she mentioned it almost offhandedly like some minor side-note, and she did not even try to use it to justify herself. Her personality has to be kept in mind. She definitely took sadistic pleasure, like her soldiers, in all the grief and suffering she inflicted on the ponies. It was pretty obvious she had more selfish, imperialistic motivations other than just finding food. I mean, yeah, her subjects get food, she gets to take over Canterlot and soon, an entire nation! This is just my take on the matter. The Changelings may have been searching for food, but they were still the ones in the wrong in Canterlot Wedding and the ponies shouldn't be faulted for just defending themselves from an invasion that would have spelt doom for their people. I look at the Changelings and see a complicated situation, not victims of the "tyrant" Celestia. If you have different views on the issue, please post them and discuss.
  10. When Watching "A Canterlot Wedding" I Was Plagued With Questions About The Rings Shining Armor And Princess Cadance Have, They Go On Their Horns Because They Are Unicorns, But What About Earth Ponies And Pegasi? When They Get Married, Where Do Their Rings Go? Are They Even Rings? What's Your Opinion?
  11. This is an idea of mine that I've come up with just today. I'm sure that some of you fellow bronies and pegasisters wish that everybody who heartlessly disowned Twilight after not believing her about the fake Cadence at the end of "A Canterlot Wedding: Part 1" all should have apologized to her one by one, eventhough I believe that it counts that Applejack herself apologized on behalf of all who turned on Twilight, so I personally invite all of you to come up with your own apology letters to Twilight written by Twilight's friends, brother, and mentor for the way they ditched her like she deserved it or something, which of course she didn't. I await your results!
  12. Just for fun, I'd like to post a campaign in these forums called "Apology Letters To Twilight" where users can come up with their own apology letters to Twilight Sparkle from her friends and brother and even Celestia for not believing Twilight about the evil Cadence in the Canterlot Wedding story. Is there anywhere in these forums where I can start this campaign?
  13. This is a oneshot I wrote in response to Antony C and BronyCurious's Reviewing is Magic episode 4 found here: I was very intrigued with their views on why A Canterlot Wedding was not one of the most awesome episodes out there and found many of their arguments to be legitimate. However, I do not agree with the idea that Chrysalis was a stupid villain. They point out that revealing herself and taking Celestia head on is more of a plan B type of situation. They then fail to deduce what plan A was. I decided to fill in the blanks.
  14. Hello all! As you may know, I am Princess Mi Amore Cadenza. But that name's kind of formal, and way too long. So you can all call me Cadance! No need to bow, or refer to me as "Your Highness." I'm not quite ready for rule yet. Not exactly sure why, but Aunt Celestia keeps saying that my "true claim to rule will one day become clear." Whatever that means. She's always so cryptic, isn't she? So because of that, I don't see myself as a real princess yet. Maybe one day. Whoa, I seem to have gone off on a tangent, haven't I? Anyway! If you have any questions about love, or just even me in general, I'd be more than happy to answer them! Go ahead, everypony!
  15. It's a new mouth so that means a new MLP comic came out today and now is the time to talk about it. Warning there will be Spoilers and I don't know how to use the spoiler tag. READ IF YOU WANT TO!!! Last time, the mane 6 were on there way to the Changeling Kingdom. The changelings tricked the 6 into not liking each other and each of them went their own way. AppleJack and Rarity, Twilight and Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. In this issue we find out what happened to the Changelings after the Canterlot Wedding. The Changelings land in a town that I think are talking cats, who love everything. The Changelings begin eating their love. This part kinda ends something. Changelings do not have a kingdom!!! They take over an area and eat the cetaceans love tell there is nothing left and move on to the next one. Queen Chrysalis still has the CMC and might go cupcake on them if they don't shut up. She then has her army go to the location of the 3 groups and see what they are up to. Twilight is still mad at the other, but Fluttershy does a, Star Track references, saying the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. This makes Twilight want to say sorry to the other. AJ is doing her best to stand Rarity. Rarity acting like herself and wanting everything to be perfect. Rainbow Dash is trying to start a fire and makes a hand references. Making all the Lyra fans happy. While Pinkie Pie continues to act like Pinkie Pie. As she pulls random things out of no where. Like a giant costume of herself and Rainbow Dash. RD questioning where she got it, but Pinkie says, she had them the whole time. (Rainbow Dash costume looks like that plushie toy that is out) The next morning the groups are attacked by different animals. Twilight and Fluttershy are attacked by a Chupacabra, AJ and Rarity are attacked by evil plants, and Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie are attacked by Vampier Jackalopes. The 6 get away from them and reunite and continue their way to the Changelings Kingdom. Right after some sorry cake. This comic is so good. Not only is the story great, but this is pronely the darkest one. Queen Chrysalis just kills one of the cat thing. The 6 are saved because Chupacabra and the Vampier Jackalopes are enemies and just attack each other. (Off screen of course.) This also does a good job for Fluttershys character. As she is fine with other animals eating each other. As she looks at the 2 groups attacking each other say nature is so fascinating. I think it does a great job. The only thing I can complain about is how Rainbow Dash and Fluttershys wings look. They look way to big for their bodes. So who ever read it put down what you liked about it and what you want to see next time.
  16. i find this odd. when i was at wal-mart try not to be seen, i went to the pony section and i overherd young target audience girls saying how the toys are nothing like the show and how the canterlot wedding was not that peaceful. so if the target audience dosnt like the toys why don't they fix them toy show
  17. This is discussing the end of 'A Canterlot Wedding Part One'. There seems to be a consensus that Twilight did not deserve to have everypony mad at her and not be allowed to come to the wedding and that everypony else was in the wrong at the end of the first episode. I have gone over it quite a number of times to conclude, in my opinion, that this is not really the case. I know a lot of you are going to hate me for this, but I'm sorry, I believe Shining Armor and the others had every right to be mad at Twilight here. And before I’m accused of anything, let me make it clear that I adore Twilight. She is quite possibly my fav. Pony character and when she started to break down, I doubt blame anyone for just wanting to reach into the screen and give her a big hug. However, I am still willing to admit how she acted in that scene was out of line. Let’s review: Twilight burst into the rehearsal and immediately made extremely serious accusations against a member of the ROYAL FAMILY with ZERO solid evidence to back any of it up, whilst acting as hysterical as possible and said accusations consisting pretty much of her just screaming "Evil". This isn't on par with the Smarty Pants incident, this is a royal family member and an official royal wedding. This is pretty much as serious as it can get. Also, Twilight picks the near enough the worst way to bring these issues up - at the wedding rehersal, and considering how we don't see a night transistion, I think we can rightly assume the wedding is on the exact same day! One of the things I like about Twilight is that she is smart and knows when and how to act. The way she handled herself was pretty OOC for her in my opinion. As for the others, they were already aware of Twilight's possessiveness of her brother, even after the Mane Six discussed it the previous night. Yeah, a lot of people claim they didn't learn their lesson from season zero, but unlike then, in this episode they actually did take the time to listen to Twilight's concerns. All they see is her badmouthing the bride for no reason other than possessive jealousy and an inability to be happy for her brother even after they tried to reassure her, which must have really disappointed them in her. As for Princess Celestia, she has taught and pretty much brought up Twilight, acting like a surrogate mother to her and sent her to Ponyville to learn more social skills. Seeing her prize student acting so immaturely really must have disappointed her because she knows Twilight knows better than that. It's made worse because Cadence is Celestia's niece, her family. She and Twilight are close, but family is still family. Shining Armor himself is an even more special case. He and Twilight are siblings and close ones at that, however there has been a certain tension between them over Twilight not being notified earlier on. However, he did expect Twilight to as least be happy for him and the foalsitter she loved. There was no reason, from his point of view, why she should not be accepting of their upcoming union. So when Twilight came bursting in and screeching her accusations like a harpy at who he believes is the mare he loves, she ended up really hurting and alienating him, again because of this aforementioned inability to be happy for him. It's also important to note that if we go by that SA was not as brainwashed yet and was genuinely upset was Twilight, it shows how much he really does love Cadence, as he's willing to defend her. We also have to keep in mind that SA's explanations were not diabolical in their intent and sounded perfectly believable in context, thus he and the others' reactions can be seen as further justified, which only makes the sting of it all even more painful. I mean, for all we knew, he was right and Twilight was wrong and had just been possessive. Hell, if not for the episode's very last minute, or even half-minute and the episode ended BEFORE that, we would have thought she was wrong too. Then how would the viewers have initially felt? Would it have been all "oh, poor Twilight" or that and "oh, Twilight, you moron!"? Also, on a minor note, I think SA telling her not to the wedding come is kinda a given, because why should she come to a wedding she's clearly opposed to even happening? I don’t see it as 'you're not allowed to come so to punish you' as it is 'if this is how you feel, then don't come'. This is my (lengthy) take on it. What say you? These are other reviews and analyses on the matter:
  18. Something a little strange in the last episode of Season 2, Canterlot Wedding Part 2, by putting the less cheesy and more action filled scene of the show, the fight with the changelings,and the the MOST cheesy part of the show, the "Beating evil with love" thing almost back to back? I mean, I honestly think that should have been done backwords or at least not back to back. When I think it through, it just seems a little...weird, for some bizarre reason to me. Don't take me wrong, I absolutely LOVED Canterlot Wedding in its entirety from second 1 to second 44 something. But...I dunno...seems just a TAD unusual. But eh, it's just my opinion.
  19. Basically, so far in the series, what point was the darkest the show has got? I would have to say Canterlot Wedding was the darkest episode/s so far. But tell me, what has been the darkest point in this show so far in your opinion? Second question, how dark do you think this show CAN possibly get, especially considering the show context and target demographic. I've noticed that quite a lot of cartoons recently have not shyed away from being dark, and considering how the fanbase has helped shape this show, I think it possible there will be more dark turns in the future. What do you think?
  20. I was thinking earlier that if this were the SERIES finale, I would be very satisfied with The Canterlot Wedding being the way they ended it. I was curious what others thought about it.
  21. Okay, Big Mac wasn't invited to the royal wedding. Now, AJ was there because Celestia wanted her to take care of the catering. But what is Applebloom doing there? She's apparently a flower girl (or flower filly I guess). So why no invite for Big Mac? Why do his sisters get to have all the fun? That's so unfair.
  22. Ok maybe i'm just the biggest sap in the world, but did anyone else cry during Twilight's song about her BBBFF?
  23. So i would thought I'd do something for Twi's BBBFF song. The song is at regular length. Link to listen: I will post the song in YT when I get the chance. "This Day Aria" may possibly have a remix as well. XD