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Found 5 results

  1. Just thought of wanting to share these artworks through here. So here you go. Background ponies =3 I haven't drawn much ponies yet though, ^^; but more coming soon =3 I hope you enjoy them ^^ Thunderlane Mercury Soarin Flash Sentry Doctor Whooves Braeburn Noteworthy Comet Tail Crescent Moon Pokey Pierce (Pinprick) Star Hunter Caramel
  2. I'vd decided to go back to drawing after some time now and I had thought of a thing where a game called "WarioWare" collides into MLP. *Too lazy to draw cutie marks, wasn't really finished* Took me some time to draw sprites and the ponies.
  3. I was just looking around at background pony stuff and I happened to be looking at pictures of Caramel when I noticed that the pegasus Sassaflash, Caramel's girlfriend seen in Hearts and Hooves Day, was the one he bumped into in Magical Mystery Cure and who then angrily shook her hoof at him. Did anyone else notice this? And does anyone else find it kinda sad?
  4. I'm back to pictures again, but this time I learned to do some shading. Just note it's my first time doing some shading. How'd I do?
  5. Trying a new technique in painting, so here's Caramel! Constructive criticism encouraged.