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Found 9 results

  1. New song's out. "Destiny" feat. Haymaker, a hybrid orchestral song that's about Twilight vs. Tirek. I did my best to try to capture what I thought about the episode. Version: Enjoy Source: Carbon Maestro - Destiny (feat. Haymaker)
  2. New song's out. "Destiny" feat. Haymaker, a hybrid orchestral song that I've spent a long time on. Version: Enjoy
  3. Hey guys, here's a new Luna song that I've made featuring Haylizbeth. Enjoy "In The Night" by Carbon Maestro And here's the version/download:
  4. Song number 15 for my Derpy and Carrot Top's Epic! Derpy will fight the Windigo Queen and save Carrot Top! Artwork by Ziom05: Clashing Forces (Orchestral/Hybrid) Download:
  5. Hello again! I've composed and wrote a new song about Cadence, Sombra, and Shining Armor. I feel like this part of canon is underappreciated. After all, I personally think Cadence is the best singer of the princesses. Golden Age (feat. Haylizbeth): Instrumental:
  6. Hello again! I've composed and wrote a new song about Cadence, Sombra, and Shining Armor. I feel like this part of canon is underappreciated. After all, I personally think Cadence is the best singer of the princesses. Golden Age (feat. Haylizbeth): Instrumental: Source: Carbon Maestro - Golden Age (feat. Haylizbeth)
  7. Hello! Remember that song from the Season 4 finale? Thought I'd share this: This one's has a piano melody as a placeholder. The one below doesn't. Go knock yourselves out! Downloads: With Piano Melody: No Piano Melody: Source: You'll Play Your Part [instrumental Cover]
  8. Brony Musicians or aspiring musicians, hey buddies! Hi, I'm Carbon Maestro, musician and freelance composer, and I've opened up this read as the public place where you can share with me your WIP or finished song, and I'll tell you on whether I like it and tips on how to improve. I'm personally an orchestral musician, but I pretty much use synthesized instruments to sound orchestral, and I have a pretty comprehensive knowledge on most mixes and masters. I review every genre, and I'm more than willing to help you out with a direction to go to for your music endeavors. I've played cello for a decade and have taken quite a decent number of music theory courses, so if you want my tips for your song, I'll answer via this thread. Rules: 1. Please embed with youtube or or soundcloud. It would be appreciated. No download links to your WIP, please. 2. I'll allow a song post, followed by a single response to my post. I won't answer the second response post from you, unfortunately. This is so that I don't flood the topic, and if you want more feedback, message me in private. FAQ: Q: Minimum Song/WIP Length? A: You should have at least 3 minutes or a completed song before getting it checked out by me. Not to be picky, but I'm not inclined to review 30 seconds of content and give my opinion if the song hasn't "moved" yet. Plus, I can get an idea of the mood and content of the song and give a better opinion. Q: Will you review non-brony music? A: Sorry, but considering that this is MLP Forums, Brony music will always have priority. Q: Will you review Metal, Dubstep, Rap? A: Of course I will. I can review any genre. I have some knowledge in those genres that I know can help you out. Of course, for each song, these specifics will vary and I'm okay reviewing them case-by case. Q: How long will it be before you leave a response to my submission? A: It depends, and I'm inclined not to answer some in public if it isn't "suitable." Usually I'll add one whenever I'm online. Q: Will you review completed songs? A: Oh yes, I can review completed songs. That's no problem. I'm fine with listening to completed songs, although you can expect a lot of critiques and tips on how to improve, even for those. Don't be afraid though, I'm sure I have something to say that could help you.
  9. Youtube: Another one of my dead songs that I salvaged for a commission. I typically stay away from repetitious themes with a lack of melodies (hence its short length). But this song has some really nice harmonies and chords that I was practicing, so I decided to refine it some more and post it since I've been pretty slow in new songs recently. Orchestral music is deceptively simple, and I needed some practice on various instrumentation. Enjoy Warrior, aka Chord Progression Practice aka Song of Many Harmonics.