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Found 31 results

  1. Today went to Target go more Bakugan rpg toys found two new ones and the upgraded Pegatrix Ultra,( aurelus) Gillator (pyro) and Eenochs (dark)
  2. So about a year ago my fiancè came home from the store and showered me with pony gifts! Included was a few packs of a new thing I'd never seen or heard of before, the collectible card game. As pretty as they were I was skeptical that this was actually a thing, seeing as Magic the Gathering and Pokémon seemingly dominate this market. I, as I had thought, found it hard to find somepony or someponies who a) had played before and they could teach me b ) someone to play with and c) a get together of people who play regularly. So is there a group of ponies or bronies that I'm missing out on who are playing this game? Or was it something Hasbro was trying to break into and really didn't take off? I have heard from MLP Merch that there are to be specialty cards released with the movie, which leads me to believe that it was successful or they might be beating a dead horse (PLEASE EXCUSE THE EXPRESSION) If you play or know people who play I would love to chat! Message me!
  3. Anyone into the CCG game like me?
  4. Not sure if i should grab a fatpack of innistrad or another commander precon to mess with. I'm leaning towards the fatpack. Also, for the same price I could get the last 4-5 cards for my niv-mizzet EDH. Anyway, I know at least some of you play mtg as well. Can we get a general discussion thread going?
  5. Made one more card with the lovely Derpy in all her sweetness and happy feelings she brings. Added in some background like candy cane and a few little cute stickers to act as a frame. This is free to use to spread in joy and greetings!
  6. I'm out of ideas for a subject right now, so I came up with this. If you'd get to spend quality time by wagering money in a perfectly legal method with like three of your favorite ponies, who would they be and who'd be the dealer? For me, I'd pick: Players: Twilight Sparkle Pinkie Pie Big Macintosh Shining Armor Dealer: Princess Molestia (As much as she's hated, her antics would make very amusing small talk)
  7. Question is in the title, Does anypony duel on dueling network?
  8. Alright well today i finally went and got my first mlp merchandise in store. I went to kmart (not my fav) and got some MLP trading cards... I ran into a brony friend there and we just kinda perused the aisles looking at MMA and table tennis stuff, then we go to the counter and snag all of the trading cards they have left, we had two lanes to go through, one with some guy who i assumed would have thought was crazy, and another guy who seemed kinda like us... picked his lane, we go up with our stuff and he had just gone to one of those MLP anime conventions! he talked about the cards and all that, it was crazy... I even got two awesome foil cards of my fav pony ^^ (i'll post pics later) Anyone else have some good or bad shopping experiences?
  9. I have been playing this game, and it seems no one I know plays, but a whole ton of random people do. I was wondering (as I was playing it just now) if anypony has played it or is. If so, I would like to add you as a friend, and maybe play you if ya wanted. :l If you have a phone or some kind of app playing device, I would like to say this game should be put on it, but it isn't for everypony. It's a collector's card game that's multiplayer. But when you play your cards, they affect a tile board with four towers that can be captured and two main castles, one for each player. The person uses the cards in his/her hand to destroy the enemy's castle any way he or she can. It's fun for someone like me, and I'm hoping to play somepony I can finally chat to about it (not over the top with it, but just to share thoughts and ideas). Anyways, PEACE!
  10. I'm surprised I never heard of this game before today. I thought the only MLP Card Game that existed was the CCG, I looked up a few videos on the game already. It all seems confusing as hell right now. But maybe if I can learn to play it. It'll be a blast to whip out at my next Brony Meetup. Anyone else play or at least heard of this? How do you play? Also mods if this thread exists somewhere already I'm sorry I searched for it but didn't find anything.
  11. I had ordered two starter decks of MLP Trading Cards because I wanted to collect them and I also wanted to try my hand and play the game. I play Magic TG and so I thought this would be cool to try out and if I don't like it, I've got some neat MLP cards! I am learning the game, as it is a complicated one with some pretty neat rules, which I enjoy and I plan on continuing with it. Do you have MLP cards and if so, do you collect them for fun and/or do you play the game?
  12. So I've been getting back into magic recently, and I have a new deck that I've been working on. It's not standard legal by any means, but it's as close as my current collection allows. This is what I've got so far: Creatures: Sunhome Guildmage x 3 Boros Elite x 3 Bomber Corps x 2 Foundry Champion x 2 Mardu Hateblade x 2 Fencing Ace x 4 Daggerdrome Imp x 4 Blood Artist x 4 Reckless Waif x 3 Rakdos Shred-Freak x 3 Instant/Sorcery: Act of Treason x 3 Searing Spear x 2 Lands: Mountain x 4 Plains x 5 Swamp x 5 Boros Guildgate x 3 (Replacing with Sacred Foundry) Bloodfell Caves x 4 Orzhov Guildgate x 3 (Replacing with B/W Shock land) Any suggestions on how to improve this would be helpful. Standard or not, I don't care as long as it makes this better
  13. Hello everypony, how many of you ever collect those gross funny gory cards back from the 80's and beyond? Yes i'm talking about the Garbage Pail Kids cards that used to only cost a quarter a piece with 8 stickers and a piece of gum! I'm sure you remember later Topps Card company had to change the cards later on because they got sued over gory versions of the cabbage patch dolls. Now to refresh your memories here's ones you have probably heard of ? Bony Tony, Nasty Nick, Alli-Gator, and Adam Bomb! So tell me which ones you collect and which ones you liked the most ?
  14. Happy Holidays, Everypony! Here's a Hearth's Warming card for everypony: Front: Inside:
  15. because I love making these threads where I ask you a completely random question here is another one there are 52 cards in a standard deck of playing cards what is your favorite card (Red and Black Joker count) mine is the 4 of Clubs
  16. YEA I KNOW ITS LIKE A YEAR OR 2 OLD. But I wanted to review it because recently Ive been playing it a ton. So, for those of you who dont know, Hearthstone is a turn based card game centered around characters from the World of Warcraft series. Heres a picture. Looks weird right? Yeah. 10/9 I spent 20 bucks on an expansion I cant beat.
  17. I'm just curious... does anybody else play Yu Gi Oh Millenium duels? I've recently gotten into the game a month or so ago, and I'm wondering if anybody else plays it. I play the game via PS3. I feel as if I'm the only one that plays the game here I could be wrong, meh.
  18. I want some animal/monster art to add to some cards I'm gonna make. The cards are going to have random attack and defense attributes just like Yu Gi Oh!. Also if you have any art for action cards I can use it as well. I am not going to pay anyone so I am just asking for art that you may want to do something with or just make me some for the fun of it. I'm going to make it have a computer game that as you progress you gain cards to print out. If you have any art that you would like to contribute please send it to Thanks in advance to anyone who wants help me with this project and please send some game suggestions to my email or below as well.
  19. Would you like to trade some of your useless steam games and other random steam things, such as items and backgrounds? Well you've come to the right place! If you have any trades you want to make, put your steam name in your reply, and the item you are trading, or receiving. REMEMBER! You can only trade games bought as gifts! For Example. Username: theoldnose looking for: castle crashers trading: portal 1 and 2 (Just an example not actually trading) Just like that! Happy Trading
  20. Even if I recently went to BronyCon and got autographs by the actresses, I might go next year to the next Bronycon and I was wondering if I spend my 20 dollars to get a signature by an actress, am I only allowed to get one autograph or 2 atleast? It's just that I have this drawing and want to get it signed but it would also be cool to get those a Enterplay cards signed as well
  21. I drew both of these cards for my boyfriend using Pigma Micron pens and Prismacolor markers. These were fun little drawing projects that I think turned out pretty cute
  22. Sooo, I'm starting off my new project, which I'm going to end! (Loads of my projects end, because I'm not that into doing it later...) I'm going to ponify the Rider-Waite -tarot card deck. ~ Here's my first one: the Fool, Pinkie Pie. I shall be posting here the rest of my project too ^^
  23. So, the topic is tarot, as you can probably read. Do you believe in tarot cards? Do you have a deck? If you have a deck, what kind of deck is it? Do you use them much? And, OFC, general discussion about tarot cards. ^^ I, myself, don't believe in tarot cards, but I find them fascinating, since they have been developed since the early middle ages. And! I am a big fan of symbolism, so the cards fascinate me even more due to that. I have two decks of tarot cards - the classic (mini) Rider-Waite-deck and the Marseilles-deck. But I find all the time more decks online that I'd like to buy XD Thank god I'm a picky buyer, or I'd have all kinds of fantasy decks...
  24. So my family is moving into a our very own house. FINALLY XD. And I really want to get a new puppy, but I need the money first. I have 2000+ Pokemon cards that I have been collecting since I was little, including many foil cards and several very rare full and completed evolutionary sets. Most of these are first gen pokwmon though the gens of the cards vary and none of them are from B/W or X/Y. Diamond and Pearl is as bew as they get. I need 350 dollars for the puppy but I have no idea what a collector would pay for all my cards. Does anybody know what they be worth?
  25. Hihi everypony! So earlier I posted on a thread about the trading cards, inspired by another bronie's thought of playing a game with the cards, to make our own TCG, since it wouldn't work well with the official cards. I've designed two TCGs in the past. One just for fun Kirby based one, and another which has been fully designed by me and my friends in our game making "company" (Im going to college for video game design next year and have been making games since grade six) but was paused due to our lack of artists. So I'm all for making a TCG, and you can be confident I know what I'm doing. I've also played Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon TCG, and the new Vanguard TCG. And I play in official pokemon metagame tournaments. So be confident in my understanding of TCG me mechanics. Anyways, all of that out of the way, I'm making this thread to recruit Bronies to help in this project, as I know it's certainly too much work for one man alone! So comment if you want to help, and ease use this form. Reason for wanting to help: Helpful abilities/skills: What makes you specially helpful to the project: Availability (how much time you can dedicate to this project): Other possibly helpful info: Thank you to everyone who volunteers, and I personally can't wait to see this completed, and to work with all of you wonderful people!! ~ Gemini Rain, Robert PS, sorry if this is the wrong thread. It seemed like the best place to put it. If I'm wrong, then please move it. I'm sorry if this is the case.