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Found 1 result

  1. "Come on Discord we're all bored and ICelestia says I need to learn something about you today!" Twilight pleaded . She had a slight whine in her voice to add effect. " No Twilight I told you before my origins are top secret stuff you cannot hear them! " Discord insisted for the what semmed like the hundredth time. It didn't take long for the group to think of another idea. " oh Discord look at these faces !" Pinkie Pie and Flutteshy began making unbelievably cute faces at him complete with quivering lips and puppy dog eyes . " ok ok I'll tell you ! Just don't hate me afterword!" Discord uses his powers to pull out a old but clean book that was writen by starswirl the bearded and began to narrate. ( cue flashback narrated by Discord ) "You see girls I wasn't always who I am today . Millenia ago when equstria was first found led there were humans here. I was one of the more infamous of coarse. My name was Eric Cartman and I .. Well I was jerk to put it lightly. I was arrogant , brash , stubborn , stupid , greedy , vain and a sociopath and most of all i was fat . I had been recruited by the remaining humans to fight for them . I hated my job . " ugh I can't believe I'm fighting against ponies !" I wouid whine.i tricked several other solders and generals into liking me and betrayed them to move up the tanks in hopes to have the power to make my own choices in the army. might've been lazy but I still killed quite a number of equstria's soldiers. Then I did the unthinkable I killed the mate of Starswirl the bearded . I didn't know it yet but that decision wouid effect everything about me for the rest of my life . Of coarse when I was told it was a bad idea and frankly of horrible moral to do such a thing I laughed at the human who told e this caling them a retard . The founders of equstria put a curse upon me in my sleep they said it turned my outside appetence into what I was like on the inside . Over the next few days I slowky became a young draconequess. I asked human and pony alike for help but the curse was permanent. On the final day of the week after I commeted the crime I felt a powerful burst of chaotic Magic and I became a ful, creature of chaos . After that everything and Everypony avoided me not only because of my personality but my body as well . I tried to make a new group of friends but they all ran away in fear. " who needs those assholes anyway?.. ." I muttered as the fled. In reality however I was deeply hurt I actully began to miss my childhood friends who had necer liked me any way . My only friends that stuck around were Kenny and Butters who had been recrutted with me . We had fun using my new chaos powers for our amusement . One day the disappeared and never returned . I spent my first young adult years alone with only my powers and the creatures of the everfree forest for company. Eventually I met Celestia and Luna we were secretly friends when we were young but starswirl didn't approve so they stopped being my friends. her that bad choice was partly what caused Celestia to dedicate her life to friendship . I however took it a much different way. " I'm done with being the joke of life to everyone ! First Stan and Kyle , then the military , then starswirl and the rest of equstria and now Celestia and Luna the only friends I've had in forever ! Fine if the world is going to treat me like a joke and chaos is my only friend then I'll turn the world into my own big joke!" I was now a full grown adult with my powers in full strength , my body my larger and my voice was much different . and an army of monsters behind me i took over equstria and made my own personal plaything. For hundreds of hers I did as I pleased I tugged at the hearts of every creature .. A,though I did desriminate against some species namely zebras , unicorn and diamond dogs . Equstria and all the lands surrounding it for be wer're like one big toy closet for me . For me life was one big movie that I watched . I denounced friendship and became the true embodiment of chaos. .encountered my old " friends " Celestia and Luna and laughed at them when they challaged me with your little elements of harmony . That was until the day the princesses turned me to stone . I had a lot of faith in myself and my creations. Maybe a bit to much faith .. Since I was turned into a statue for my arrogance . During my two stone imprusoments I refkected back on my childhood and old friends as a boy . Now that I think of it those children that freed me by accident their antics and traits remind me of my friends and I when we were their age . Very cute , crazy , chaotic and violent . I know I'm not just one person I'm Discord but im also Eric Cartman of South Park Colorado. ( end narration ) Twilight and the others sat mystified " so humans really did exist wow .." Twilight drawled as she lined this information. " Discord coukd we maybe diss us this more often so I can document Brian history ?" Twilight pleaded . discord sighs. " fine if you want starter information hers a book starswirl wrote on humans he met during the war ." Rainbow Dash snatches the book and flips through until she finds Discord's former name . " ha wow you weren't kidding you really were fat ! But .. Why does this description of your personality remind me of me , Scootaoo or Lightening Dust ?" Discord smirks at the frightened Pegasus. " hm its a mystery Rainbow Dash ." He reporters away leaving the girls to stare at the pictured of Discird / Eric Cartman in silence . That night in Flutteshy's cottage Discord lokked in the mirror before bed . " who am I Discord , Eric or both ?" He finally cane to a conclusion that night as he drifted off to sleep Cartman and Discord had always been the sane person at heart and always wouid be. He swore Flutteshy's voice sounded like Butters when she said " goodnight Eric ". Discord smiled it was good to be home .