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Found 102 results

  1. I ship Shrek and Shadow the Hedgehog together as a couple. I mean look how cute they look together as a couple in this drawing
  2. I wish that Equestria would be in a Kingdom Hearts game. I mean I would love to see Sora, Donald, and Goofy team up with the Mane Six.
  3. What did you guys think about it's return back at 2017? I quickly went through the old seasons again just for the sake of nostalgia, I really wish there was a way to find the Soundtrack for every episode. Also, anybody remember that one episode when Samurai jack was 'catfished' by Aku when he shape-shifted into a woman?
  4. [MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD] I don't know how many people remember the old Reboot cartoon where people known as sprites lived in a computer system known as Mainframe, but as far as I'm concerned it was one of the most well written animated shows of all time (and one of the earliest CGI shows). The other day I had this horrible dream that they brought back Reboot as a live action series that was basically a ripoff to Power Rangers and had almost nothing to do with the original series. And the worst part of the dream is that they waited until the finale to bring back the original characters and the fans of the original show were portrayed as basement-dwelling neckbeards. Good thing that was just a dream. Oh wait....
  5. When the creator of Ren & Stimpy "John Kricfalusi" (who's a sick creep) got fired and got his company "Spumco" shut down by Nickelodeon, the company "Games Animation" took over to produce more Ren & Stimpy episodes. However many fans didn't think season 3 and 4 and 5 (which were produced by Games Animations) was near as good as season 1 and 2 (which was produced by Spumco) were. However I actually think that the episodes produced by Games Animation were about as good as the episodes produced by Spumco were. I also think that the Games Animation episodes are way better than the episodes of Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon" (which was made by John Kricfalusi and produced by Spumco) were. Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon" has to be one of the worst cartoons I have ever seen.
  6. Rosebuds

    Visual Art The Rose Arts Etc

    because I am a huge dum dum and didn't realize non pone arts board existed so I made one RIP featuring arts past and present. anyway...OH LOOK. SQUIRREL.
  7. What the title says. Besides MLP I also really liked LoliRocks and Miraculous Ladybug. They were almost as much fun as watching My Little Pony
  8. Thorgir the Mighty

    Your thoughts on anime?

    So i was wondering to myself,”Why is anime so popular,yet so weird and cringey? Just as cringey as the Emoji Movie (ok i overdid that one).” Me personally i hate anime with a passion. But i like Dragon Ball and Halo legends. Im not trying to be a jerk nor judgemental i just want to know after all that weird and perverted junk Japan puts in the cartoons,whats so good about it? Also anime is for both children and adults, i just don’t understand how its so popular. please dont get mad or triggered,i just want to know why its so popular!
  9. I am in the middle of writing a children's book called Mouse in the Coffee Cup. I might collab with someone to help illustrate it. Depends if i find anyone interested. Story Mouse is a very tired and lonely character. He doesn't act anything like his siblings who are active and social. One day, Mouse discovers a substance to change his behavior; coffee. Mouse starts to use coffee more and more often eventually changing him... and not in a good way. Mouse learns the dark journey of addiction.
  10. Who do you think is the most adorable female character in western animation? Aside from the obvious choices (Fluttershy and Bubbles), my 3rd choice would be Jenny "XJ9" From My Life as a Teenage Robot. Watching this show as a kid, I always wondered what separated Jenny from the common teenage girl characters. Maybe it was her uniquely cute design, maybe it was her combination of teenage interests and child-like innocence, or maybe it was her voice actress Janice Kawaye. It's probably a combination of all 3.
  11. PonyPassions

    Movies/TV Worst Cartoon shows?

    You can name up to 10 cartoon shows. or they don't even have to be cartoon they can be kid shows. for ex: icarly, spongebob etc. Here is some bad cartoon/kid shows. not in any order. 1) Mad (kid friendly version) To be honest, this one has bad animation bad/immature jokes and it just straight out annoys me, and it seems they only take 5 mins to make the show. 2) Out of jimmys head- This show.... Well this show only aired for like a month, and its stupid how a kid just dreams of some really stupid animals, and just plain annoying. 3) Ben 10 - the whole plot of the show is kinda stupid, some boy that has a watch that can change into 10 superhero characters? its kinda like copying Danny Phantom. 4)Dude, what would happen -Well, this show isn't for kids, it just might inspire them to just like destroy a car and try to make a airplane out of it. 5)Ningago- i think the whole set up, everything about this show is stupid. 6)Level Up- I Really don't get whats so cool about some teens playing a online game. 7)My dad the rockstar- bad everything. the animation, storyline, acting, etc. 8) Hannah montana - I Mean really, your just going to want to make kids want to be a rockstar, then they realize they can't be one then they cry. 9)All Grown Up- They like turn from babies to teens? like in 2 years? Sorry the show isn't the best, i dont like the plot of it, they should have kept rugrats going. 10)True Jackson V.P.- Can't relate to it, Nothing good about it, just plain eh. If you respect my opinions, i'll respect yours.
  12. xxPrincelunoxxx

    Art is ART! come check out my style!

    Hey there! Prince lunox here! Im looking to see how many of you like this style!
  13. Star Versus the Forces of Evil There are some cartoons that are a cut above the rest, and some are a whole narwhal blast above them. As you can tell, I believe that this cartoon is definitely spectacular and among the best of all time. Everything, the characters, the plot, and the humor, make the show a complete standout among many others. That's obviously in a good way. Characters: The characters of the show are something else entirely. It’s difficult to find a character not to like, (*cough cough* Brittney Wong *cough cough*), but otherwise, I stand by this. Most all characters have some relatable element to them and are crafted very well. I say the word crafted because some of the characters are so well designed, we might as well call them art. For example, Star is adorable, somewhat rebellious, absurdly optimistic and, well… fun! Being basically the equivalent of a pubescent girl with magical powers, the personality fits absolutely perfectly. If I could find a flawed character, it would have to be Pony Head. Her jealousy disgusts me at times… Plot: The cartoon centers around a girl (14 years old, canonically?) from another dimension, on presumably a similar planet (They grow CORN… I mean a LOT of corn. I think it’s supposed to be a mockery of our society, which would be pretty funny if it were the case) in a monarchial country known as Mewni. She’s the princess of this monarchy and was sent to a dimension similar to our own (with a few historical differences, though not obvious ones) to practice magic in a place where it would risk less. Of course, this magic is unknown to the “Earth” dimension, but does exist and is used several times throughout the show. Now, a monster named Ludo is trying to steal her wand (magic wand?) so he can become powerful. The show presumes after this point, and no spoilers from here. Humor: If it weren’t clear, this show’s way of making me laugh is extremely effective. I love the constant usage of irony to evoke a laugh. For example, in one episode, a Demon Prince gets really mad and is calmed down by petting an adorable little white bunny. This show uses the tactic constantly to great effect. Of course, it also does some slapstick which is not on the level of the legendary Ed, Edd, and Eddy, but it’s still really funny because it’s usually handled extraordinarily well. To be honest this show could make anyone laugh at least once every episode (even the bad ones of the bunch have their moments!). In conclusion, I will say that if you can handle the occasional pandering to the targeted audience (younger teenage girls), you will absolutely ADORE this cartoon. Even if you do mind the pandering (I personally don’t), I don’t think it will hurt to watch a few episodes anyways. I think the likelihood is that you will still like it, and probably end up watching an entire season instead, if not become a fan of the show and tune in for the third season premiering in the summer, presumably mid-late July if it follows it's release patterns.
  14. Nerdy Luigi

    My anime and cartoon watch list!

    So, since the forums went down, I decided to compile a list of cartoons and anime that I feel like I need to watch. I felt like I've been missing out on good cartoons for the past or 8 years, and have a faded memory of the classics. Here are some of the inclusions: Star VS the Forces of Evil- I've actually began watching it. I really like it so far. It reminds me of earlier episodes of Adventure Time, with a little bit of Regular Show and anime-esque animation and themes thrown into the mix. Steven Universe- I've watched ten episodes of it, and I really don't see what's so good about it. I just don't think it's all it's attributed. I personally find Steven to be annoying, Amethyst to be selfish and childish, Pearl to be straight-up mean (Eps 9 and 10 were REALLY bad about it), and Garnet to be an empty shell of a character. I just can't enjoy it. Gravity Falls- I've heard so much good about this cartoon, though I was initially dissed for some reason. I guess I felt like it'd be like Breadwinners or something... Rick and Morty- Supposedly really good, and my brother references it A LOT. Moved up 3 spots. Inuyasha- From what I've read, it's a solid start for anyone who wants to get into anime. (It's also not Naruto...) Moved down 2. Bleach- I read the manga and absolutely loved it, so why not the show too? Moved down 2. Makai Senki Disgaea- An anime for one of my favorite video games of all time. I hope it doesn't disappoint! Death Note- I've heard so much about it that I felt like I should try it. Fullmetal Alchemist- One of my old friends in high school CONSTANTLY talked about this show whenever it wasn't Bioshock. I've experience neither unfortunately. One Piece- I don't know why this one specifically. I guess because it was the basis of a not-bad fighting game I played plenty when I was "Ash's age." Black Butler- From the people that have watched it, I've only read how amazing of an anime it was. Of course, there's NO WAY I'm going to watch entire shows yet. Seriously, if I had to watch every episode of One Piece... That would take me months if not years alone. IT'S SO LONG. Any others you'd like to recommend? I have some others on the list, though, so it may be already on there.
  15. Hello there! I recently got into this show and by recently I mean I bingewatched the first half yesterday and by golly gosh I love it! It's interesting and funny and I could go on and on but I'll spare the rather uninteresting rambles about it. Anyone else seen it, and if so, did you like it? What do you like? can be just incoherent exclamations because that's me on the inside If you haven't seen it, I suggest at least checking it out! I haven't seen any of the past series (crime I know) but I still am enjoying it immensely!
  16. Which cartoon character (outside of MLP) do you relate to the most? Yes, I realize I'm a guy, but I'd have to go with Raven from Teen Titans (and its spinoff Teen Titans Go). I'm not exactly antisocial, nor so deadpan or pessimistic, but people tend to see me as very mysterious before they get to know me. I guess that's just a byproduct of how introverted I am... for better or worse, I've learned to accept it.
  17. Lonk Chase

    OC Portrait

    I decided to draw some OC's. Some are completely new, some have never been drawn, and one is Lonk. From left to right: -Lonk (the p0ne you all know and maybe love) -Jaraco (that orange p0ne from Casual Stroll that for some reason nobody had any problem with me ret-connning. I regret doing that. Makes Lonk a bit OP. Wish somebody would acknowledge him. Or maybe I'm not doing enough with him. IDK.) -Some lamia p0ne I just came up with today and don't know what to do with (who wants to give her a name? ) -Jeckle/Fleeting Image (he's a changeling who created his own identity [you may say I stole that idea from someone... and yes. yes I did :3]) I'm happy with my style now. I kinda goofed up on the shadows I think, but I'm satisfied with everything else. You might think Jeckle is new but he isn't. I made a OC page about him plus I'm working on a fanfic about him (kinda). This is the first time I drew him. This is the first time I drew Jaraco also (what's up with all these "J" names? We need a different name for the lamia... Wait I know give her an "I" name!). I always imagined him as the counter to Lonk: Pretty serious about everything, and also older, about 20. That's why he's looking with concern at Lonk. :3 The only p0ne that is completely new is the lamia pony. I was thinking of making one for a while but didn't know where to go with it but for this I decided "Screw it, just throw him/her... yeah her in there for no reason." Also, according to her cutie-mark, she's based off of a rattlesnake. God help us all. I've been thinking of doing a fanfic about lamia ponies but that would be extremely cringy and I don't wanna do it. If you wanna see it though... Gah. Also, sorry you can't clearly see that well she's a lamia except for her cutie-mark and fangs. I dun goof. Also all of them have outlines of their WIP cutie-marks above them. I also changed Lonk's cutie-mark a bit for lulz. That's pretty much it. Leave your comments in the, well, comments. P.S. Found a name for the lamia: Ivory. Probably taken and also extremely cliche, but who cares I just made her today P.P.S. God I love FireAlpacca. This is the first time I drew Jaraco. [EDIT] Yeah, my drawing of Ivory is terrible. I can refine it later, don't worry. :33333333333
  18. Just curious if there are
  19. Hello, this time in my Blog i just wanted to show you guys, my most well known Videos for my old youtubechannel, before i lost the password...there not amazing, but...dont know, maybe the one or another finds them interesting of some sort. I start the first part with my two most clicked videos..the reason why i dont put more on it, is simply because, only two Videos shows direct in the post while the other links just stay normal links Kid vs Kat Tribute - JQ Wake Up ( this was requested by a youtube user, and at this time, my english wasnt that good, so i didnt understood, what this song was about...i guess its not a so harmless song...but either way, the Video became my most popular Video Ever ) And second my Kid vs Kat Cartoon, which i made because i was a huge fan of the show Kid vs Kat, so i made a short cartoon, with my original KVK Characters and Litli, an oval smiley which was my first self created character ever ! ( beware, terrible german voice acting ahead ) For the english people on this forum...well...dont know, maybe you find the voices funny But since i cant go back to my old channel, im unable to upload an english version, sry ) This time ive used one of my own drawings as an entry image, since this post is somehow promoting my stuff...even though the old channel is dead
  20. Who's your favorite cartoon character? Mine is Bloo.
  21. Gravelord Neat-O

    Animation Anime or Cartoon?

    okay, so i've seen a lot of people get pissed off by calling 'Anime' 'Cartoons'. i consider it cartoons, but i call it anime out of respect and also because i don't like to piss people off.(even though i may be doing so without even realizing it) so, what do you prefer to call it, Anime? or Cartoons? I also want to read people's opinions so that i see everyone's point of view lol
  22. what is your favorite cartoon, vote please
  23. MLPFanatic34

    Movies/TV Ed, Edd N' Eddy

    Anyone remember Ed, Edd N' Eddy? I love it and grew up watching it and still continue to watch it today, it's one of the many classic Cartoon Network shows that aired along with Johnny Bravo, Courage, Dexter's Lab, Powerpuff Girls, and others. Feel free to voice your opinions on the show here!!!
  24. Well, it's time. Who here has ever seen this show? I know I'm not the only one who remembers how insane this dub was. So if anyone wants to, feel free to talk about it here.
  25. ChikoritaCheezits

    Magic Tricks

    All right guys, this is my idea for a cartoon written out in story form. This has been reviewed by someone else since I wrote it for my Creative Writing class. Enjoy. We open on a stage at the local auditorium. A voice from off screen is played. Moe (Offscreen): Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the guy who is more stupendous than a snake, more wonderful than a whale, stage opens, revealing Moe in a magician outfit and there is a flashy banner with the name, ‘Magic Moe.’ Me, MAGIC MOE! The audience is silent. Moe frowns frowns the lack of enthusiasm, but continues anyway. Moe (Clears throat): I bet I know what you’re all here for. You’re here to watch me amaze you with some amazing tricks! As he is doing this, Moe is pacing on stage, carrying a magic wand he pulled out. He stops pacing. Well, have I got a surprise for you! I have brought with me today my newest magician in training, and offspring! Starts to point towards curtain. MAGIC MARK! Curtain opens, but shows no one coming out of it. Cricket noise in the background. Moe (A bit nervous, and scratching his head) Uh, well, that’s just part of his act: appear invisible, go backstage, then appear with his daddy. Starts walking backstage. Let me check on him. He goes backstage. The scene then cuts to backstage, where we see Moe’s wife, Denise, checking up on the props while Mark, age 9, is sitting in a chair in a magician outfit similar to Moe’s, but in a kids size. Moe (approaches him and talks a bit softer): Mark, you’re on, lets start the show. Mark (Looks up at him with a mixture of sad and angry): I don’t wanna be a magician! They’re all as fake as reality TV! Moe (Looks shocked for a second, then goes back to his magician voice): Well, you have to. It’s the family tradition! Mark: Dad, you were the only one in our family that was a magician. Grandpa Stan owned a comic book store, We’re not royalty,and I wanna make video games. Denise (Comes up after finishing having last check on props): You know, he may have a point. Mark: Besides, you’re a pretty outdated magician. Moe (Gasps): Outdated? Why I’m one of the most famous magicians in Houdiniville! I mean just look. Pulls out magazine with his face on it titled, ‘Magic Monthly.’ Mark (Grabs the magazine from him): Yeah, in 1994! Shows him the date it was published. It says May 1994. Moe (Cringes for a second): Well, Pulls out another magazine. I’m on the cover of this recent magazine. Mark (Grabs that one and flips it around to show Moe. Yeah, in Remembering the 90s Monthly! Shows more view of magazine. It says, ‘Remembering the 90s Monthly.’ He puts it down. Moe (Feels defeated. He starts begging on his knees.): Please, just do it for your daddy! Mark (Looks at him and feels a bit guilty.): Well I don’t know. Moe: I’ll get you the new Danger Unicorn game. Mark (Shows him with a thinking face as he talks in his head.): Dad looks so guilty. I think I should help him. But not for the Danger Unicorn game. Even though that game does look sweet. Mark (Stands up with a more optimistic tone and face): I’ll do it! Moe (Looks up and gets happy again.): YES! Now, lets get this show on the road! He leaves toward the curtain with Mark slowly following. Denise (Watching them leave.): Those two really get along now don’t they? Back on stage, several, audience members have left but some are still there. Moe pops out of the curtains. Moe: Sorry for the delay, but I have brought with me, my magician in training: MAGIC MARK! Moe points towards curtain again. Mark (Appears out of curtains kind of nervous and nervously waves at the audience.): Um, hi? Audience sits there, dead pan with cricket noises still playing. Moe (Clears throat): Now for my first trick, I shall pull a rabbit out of my hat! Takes off top hat and proceeds to pull out nothing. He looks down with a shocked face as he starts digging around for the hat, pulling out other animals such as a frog, a rat, a cat, his car keys, a watch and a gold bar worth a million. Come on, come on, where are you? He feels something heavy. Man you’ve gotten heavy. He is panting as he’s trying to pull it out. He pulls out what appears to be an anvil. He lifts it over his head. It stays in the air as he looks up, rolling his eyes on how cliched it is as it falls on him. Mark (Stands there chuckling a little due to the cartooniness of it all. Then stops wondering if his dad got hurt.) Scene goes back to back stage. Moe walks up as his squashed appearance goes back to normal. Denise looks at him in confusion. Moe (a bit angry): Where is Ronald? Denise: He’s not with you Moe: No, he wasn’t in the hat. Denise (looks down): Oh, there he is. Scrolls down to Ronald the Rabbit. He is on a tiny recliner chair reading a tiny magazine named ‘Carrots Monthly’ with a bunny on the cover who looks suspiciously like Bugs Bunny. Ronald looks up at Moe, who is tapping his foot. He gets a scared face and jumps up, grabs his hat and jumps in. Cuts to back on stage where Mark is trying and failing to do a juggling act. A few more people have left. Moe walks back on. Moe clears throat): Anyways, for my next act, I will- The lights suddenly go out, with only his eyes in view. Laughter is heard in the background. Wally: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, FEAST YOUR EYES ON THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF WONDERNOUS: WIZARD WALLY! The lights turn back on and it shows wally on stage in a wizard outfit. Moe looks at him, confused and angry. Moe: Wally, what are you doing here? Wally: This is my show today? Moe: Are you insane? This is my show today? Wally: (Darn that scheduling). Well, the audience wants to see me more. Wizards are the new magicians! Moe: Oh, you mean the imaginary creatures who perform ridiculous spells? Wally: Says the magician performing phony tricks! In the audience, a little kid is heard crying, having his hopes and dreams up. The mother brings the kid out of the theater, ticked off. Wally looks at the audience, remembering they were there. Wally: And now, Wizard Wally has brought with me a special guest. My new wizard in training. Moe (Looks at him with a disappointed face): Oh real original (sarcasm) Wally: BEHOLD, WIZARD WILLY! Opens up his cape, and Willy comes out, in a wizard outfit similar to his dad. Willy (Looks around with an odd expression. He then sees Mark): Hi Mark. Mark: Hi Willy. Got roped into doing your dad’s act? Willy: Yep. Mark: Told you he’d buy you the new Danger Unicorn game. Willy: Yep. Cuts to both their dads, arguing over their acts ripping each other off. More audience members are leaving. In their arguing, the lights suddenly go out again. Another voice is heard. Ellen: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! BE PREPARED TO BE DAZZLED BY THE ONE AND ONLY, ENCHANTED ELLEN! Lights go on and there she is. WITH MY ENCHANTRESS IN TRAINING, ENCHANTED EMILY! Emily suddenly pops in from backstage, in an outfit just like her mom’s. Emily (Looks around and sees Mark and Willy): Oh hey guys. Mark and Willy: (both look over): Oh, hey Emily. Got stuck in your mom’s act with the new Danger Unicorn game. Emily: Yep. Mark and Emily: Figures. Emily: That’s our parents. Mark and Willy: Yep. Ellen (Laughing maniacally and talking all crazy): BWAHAHAHA! I’M THE BEST ENCHANTRESS IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE! Makes really crazy faces. In the process of this, her husband, Cameron comes out. Cameron: Yeah, this is what happens when she’s had too much coffee. Moe: You know what, this is making us lose the audience, lets just do all our acts at the same time. Wally and Ellen: OK They all start trying, and failing to do their magic acts. More audience members are getting bored and are starting to leave. Mark, Willy, and Emily are watching. Willy: Man, this is a disaster. Emily: They’re gonna be the laughing stock of the town. Mark: We’ve got to do something. Willy analyzes all the tricks they are doing. He sees Moe still trying to pull Ronald out of his hat. Then sees Wally making a psychedelic effect with his wand. Then he sees Ellen making fireworks through an opening in the ceiling to avoid setting off the sprinklers. A lightbulb appears over his head. Willy: THAT’S IT! Sees light bulb over his head and turns it off. We’ll combine their tricks together and make the best darn magic show they’ve ever seen. Emily: How are we gonna do that. Willy: OK here’s the plan: They huddle together as he whispers the plan. The scene cuts to Mark sneaking under the table where Moe’s hat is. Mark goes under the table and sees Ronald, tired out. He pulls out a mini trampoline and puts it under him to make him jump higher. Ronald jumps much higher out of the hat. Audience gets interested Willy takes out a bouncy ball and throws it over at Wally’s want. Wally flinches when the ball hits the want, and repositions it over where Ronald is still jumping around. Audience is more invested Emily sneaks under the stage and calculates where the fireworks are positioned. He bangs the bottom of the stage to move the fireworks. They move over so they’re shooting near the rabbit and the effect makes a stellar combination. Audience is dazzled and cheering. The 3 magicians see the audience members cheering, smile, and continue doing what they’ve been doing. They have a big finish with all of their tricks for an even more epic combination and take a bow. Roses are being thrown on the stage. Moe: Why thank you! Wally: We hope you enjoyed the show. Ellen: Please come again soon! The audience starts clearing out. When they’re all cleared out, the cricket noises are still there. Zoomed in, it shows Calvin the Cricket, cheering with a bunch of Magic Moe merchandise as he realizes the show is over and hops away. Denise comes out, clapping her hands Denise: That was amazing! You did a wonderful job! Cameron: It was quite the show! Moe: Ah yes, it was a wonderful show. I certainly dazzled them with my rabbit trick. Wally: What do you mean your trick. It was my wand effects that saved the day. Ellen (Laughing): No way, my fireworks were the ones that impressed the audience. The three look at each other, then proceed to more arguing. As they are doing this, the three kids walk up to them. Mark: Um, Dad. You promised you’d buy us the Danger Unicorn game. Moe (Too busy arguing, but quickly remembers. He quickly pulls out his wallet, and gives him money.): Yeah, Mark, here it is, enjoy yourselves. (Goes back to arguing.) Mark (Looks at the other two.): Well let’s go. Willy and Emily: OK! All three walk off, as Ronald follows them. Mark: Ronald also wants to play Willy: Oh come on, he always wins. Emily: How is that even possible, he lacks opposable thumbs? Mark: Who knows? As they walk off into the sunset, Ronald comes up in front, with opposable thumbs holding a sign that says, ‘The End.’