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Found 23 results

  1. If you had your own castle, what would you want it to have?
  2. Here is Hyrule Castle from Super Smash Bros. on the Organ. Enjoy. Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here:
  3. I've been working on this project for some time now, and mustered the will needed to finish it in spite of the consistent hindrances I found within my schedule. So, here it is. If you do find any inconsistency, do point it out to lend a hand to my improvement. After all, if I truly want to dedicate to art every single error must be corrected. Cheers! (Eeyup, I got remarkably lazy with the door)
  4. And which castle would that be, you ask? Why the castle of the two sisters of course - let us observe: on the top row we see the castle as designed in the journal of the two sisters - so we can see this as pretty legit for a concept drawing. To the right we see lunas variant of it in the future where she wins and banishes celestia to the moon - still pretty consistent - except of course for the alterations so there are no suns on it THEEEN we come to the ruins, and it's just like they decided to randomly change it whenever they pleased, even sometimes in the same episode! Why do the ruins change so much? Even the front entrance has 3 or 4 different looks to it - and that.. part on the left side of the ruins wasn't IN ANY of the original designs of the castle.. Why? Why did they not build it as a proper ruin, and why did they keep changing it? What are your thoughts on this? And do you think they will ever actually restore the castle in the main timeline? I mean celestias castle is still pretty much, celestias castle, which luna can "visit" - I think luna needs to make it her own castle, like it is in the nightmare moon future also come on mlp designers - draw the damn thing consistently lol.. or at least explain the changes, like maybe they have already started to rebuild it or something.. might explain the view with spike in it..
  5. I had my own little take on twilights castle and will use the picture in my boardgame Ponyville Mystery. I thought (since it made the jump to EqD) to share it with you as well. Location in the boardgame:
  6. So I know the tree of harmony birthed a crystal tree from the "seed" and this is all very logical and all, but am I the only one that is confused about the ACTUAL tree that lives INSIDE the new crystal castle? I am referring to this one: is this an upside down tree? Are these roots? And if so does this simply function as some bizarre chandelier, or is there MORE of this tree if you go farther up in the castle? Because last I checked trees don't grow upside down. So this makes it seem more logical these are roots. I want to see the rest of the tree.
  7. ok so this has bugged me for some time now (sorry for the slew of topics I just had one of those bursts of questions) If we are to look at the kingdoms out there, a LOT of what we see in the interiors of these castles does not seem to match the outside. for one the interiors have too many windows. In the center of twilights castle there are windows all around but looking on the outside there does not seem to be a place that reflects that. In celestias castle there are many many halls with barrel vault ceilings and columns upon columns of either windows or stained glass - also not reflected on the outside of the castle. Cadences castle is harder to tell as it's so square.. this one might actually be ok. The castle of the 2 sisters - the original castle doesn't even match the second one they show, and it's got some inconsistencies with the one shown in the journal of the 2 sisters as well. ----- as an architect graduate this drives me nuts. If one were to do a 3d rendering of these castles how would they map out the rooms? I'd love to see a layout that shows me "oh ok they are in THIS part of the castle now" instead of just having random rooms and you never know what part of the castle they are in. What do you guys think? Are there architectural plans for these castles or is everything just drawn up when say, a new convenient room is needed?
  8. As Bill Nye would say, consider the following: 1. They act not only on Celestia's orders, but in her stead as the bearers of the Elements. (Or at least the powers of the Elements, or the Tree, or the get the idea.) 2. They are headquartered in a special castle in Ponyville where they hold private meetings about what is best for Equestria, i.e. "spreading friendship." 3. Twilight herself, of course, is a princess and her friends often tag along with her on diplomatic missions. 4. While they are neither elected nor officials, they serve essentially the same function as elected officials: representing Equestria to the rest of the world and upholding the laws of the land. Except that, unlike traditional politicians like Mayor Mare, they don't get paid. On the bright side, they don't have to do a bunch of paperwork either. The longer the series goes on, the more the Mane 6 seem to be Celestia and Luna's subordinates. Kind of a weird change from the very beginning when they were just friends hanging out, and in the process of hanging out they just happened to accomplish things that were good for Ponyville and Equestria. So at this point, I would say that yes, they are essentially politicians.
  9. It's her thing. Some of the best scenes in this show have revolved around Twilight and her books. Remember "reshelving day"? I can't believe we still haven't seen her new library. Does the castle even have one? I think they mentioned it in Castle Sweet Castle, but I'm not sure. Moreover, I'm surprised we haven't had a Twilight spotlight yet. She had a lot of parts in some of the episodes, but not a real spotlight like Lesson Zero, or It's About Time. If I didn't know better, I'd almost say the writers are avoiding her because they're afraid of us complaining that it's becoming The Twilight Sparkle Show. But it seems surprising that we got a CMC spotlight, and an Applebloom spotlight, and still no proper Twilight time. (Rarity is due for more screen time as well. :/) Actually, it seems like the show may be succumbing to a common tv pitfall--getting more and more intense and extreme to try to attract viewers, but losing some of it's original charm in the process. I, for one, would love to see a simpler episode, revolving around Twi's new library, without something catosrophic happening. They could open with Twilight receiving a shipment of books from Celestia, you know, to replace her books that were burned up. Yeah. 'Member that? She could start setting up her new library, and then something amusing, and non-calamitous, could happen. Call me something or other, but I'd love another cozy, Look Before You Sleep type episode. I don't think they've exhausted the possibilities for those kinds of episodes yet. I want books, and a slumber party at Castle Twilight, dammit.
  10. Hi, Does anypony know what set these Series 3 mystery foil puzzle cards come from? And where can I buy them? They seem to be very rare on eBay, sometimes going for $30+. I would love to get this puzzle set sometime, but don't want to pay that much money so soon. I am hoping I could get it at Hot Topic or somewhere else. Does it come as a "Binder Set" or does it come by chance, like 1 card per 30 packs? 'Cause if it comes in the latter, I would just rather buy them on eBay for more. (If it is any help, I live just outside of Portland, Oregon.) These are the cards I'm looking for (images from eBay): Thanks everypony! /) I really want to get these! -Edit:- P.S. Also, does the "Rainbow Power" foil puzzle set come in a binder or individually? This here:
  11. A normal sunday in the life of my OC. Wuv can make you do crazy stuff uh? Original. Necklace. What d'ya guys think? P.D: First time trying to use exact proportions taken from reference pics. It came out better than expected. P.P.D: Sorry for the walls. I got pretty laze there.
  12. Princess Luna has arrived at Twilight's Castle in Ponyville to give council on a magical matter. Upon arriving, she shows herself into the library and makes herself comfortable. Nothing could possibly go wrong with magic from books as old as the princess herself, could it? RolePlay is now up. It can be found here.
  13. While I was looking at the armor in Castle Mane-ia, and I notice something about the armor. The muzzle piece of the helmets are pointed and curved, like a mare's, not blunt and straight, like a stallion's. With this observation, it seems that most, if not all, of the guards were females. Also, all of suits also have horns, giving the impression that they were all unicorns as well. This brings the question of when did they change from a female, singular race system to the male, multi-race system the currently have? I guessing shortly after the Nightmare Moon insentient, but feel free to give my your thoughts and theories.
  14. While not my favorite game of all time, it is one of my all time favorite games . I just want to know which character from the game everypony likes best (even if it's one you can't play as) Mine... The Necromancer, mighty battle-mage of death.
  15. I have began to write a story it is a spin off of a famous fan fiction This is just a first draft and and the beginning of the story. I walked up to the fruit stand. I said " I would like to buy. Can you look at me when I talk to you. " the sales pony slowly looked up at me but stop before looking at me eye to eye. ". You don't need to be afraid I was not a member. " Sales pony said " what can I do for you sir. " I said " I would like to buy some fruit. ". I put down some bits on the table and pointed to some apples ,orange and strawberries. Sales pony said " thank you . " and took the bits. I knew it would be no point asking for my change and left the stand and went walking down the street. I went to the pen and paper shop and walked into the room and found it empty. I said " is there any pony in here. ". There was no answer. I. Asked again " you don't have to be afraid of me I was not a member of the cult. " there was still no answer I threw some bits on the table and grabbed what I needed and left and went home . My roommate was sitting at the table. I. Threw the. Supplies on the table and went to my room and was looking in the mirror. " Are you okay Cleo ?". I turned towards here. " Daisy I try to be friendly with every pony. But all they see are the colors of these " as I. Pointed at my eyes. ." these are my true colors. " Daisy said " I know that already you don't have to tell me. Thanks for the paper. " I said " you are welcome. " and walked into the kitchen and began to make a sandwich. When I heard the door open and hoof steps I decided to stay in the kitchen. If daisy needed me she would call me. I. Went back to making the sandwich when weisel came into the kitchen. Weisel said " Cleo we need to talk. " I said " Can it wait until after I finish my sandwich " Weisel said " okay but we are worried about you. ". I then finish making the sandwich and sat down at the table and began to eat I began to wonder what it was that was so important that they needed to talk to me about. I put the sandwich down and walked into the living room. " My two best friends since we were all in elementary school were talking. I said " hello you want to speak with me about something. " Weisel said " we don't you get her to remove the curse ?". I walked up to him and I said " these are my real eyes you know that. ". I looked at him and he was just smiling. Weisel said " of course I know that silly but what are you going to do now about it. ". I said " I don't know. " Weisel said " why don't you go and find her " I said " I thought about it but after the princesses return she disappeared and know one knows where she is. " Weisel said " what about going to ponyville. ". I looked at him with confusion. Daisy said " that is where her castle is. "
  16. I remember having the Castle Grayskull playset as a kid. It looked awesome on the outside, but the inside was disappointing as hell, being almost completely unfurnished, save for a chair and a weapon rack, and some crappy stickers. I cannot bear to think of Twi's new digs being so lackluster, so what sort of awesome rooms and accessories should the new castle have? Besides the War Room we saw, and of course the new library?. I demand the following: - Spike should have his own freaking room by now. - Trophy room to place the spoils of her many victories. - Dining hall - Ballroom - Ball pit. - Observatory. - Science! laboratory. - Cider cellar. - Secret passageway behind every bookcase. - Dungeon - Fungeon
  17. Spoilers in the link: So, whatcha guys think about this? Not particularly fond of the castle design myself. Looks like something REALLY insultingly girly cooked up by Hasbro to increase toy sales of the castle pony playsets.
  18. So I was looking at a list of the best photography of 2013 and I found this picture: It's a room in a place called Hearst Castle. The first thing I thought when I saw the photograph was "OMG THAT LOOKS JUST LIKE THE BOSS ROOM FROM THE WATER TEMPLE IN OCARINA OF TIME! Squeeeeee!" I realized on closer inspection that the rooms do not look exactly alike, but are similar enough to make the comparison. It prompted me to wonder what other places from Zelda have doppelgängers in the real world. I love the environments in the Zelda universe and when I was younger I used to fancy that one day I would build replicas of my favourite temples or design my own. (Maybe I still want to do that a bit) So what real places have you seen that look like environments from Zelda or other video games? Post pics!!!
  19. Spoilers of course. My initial thoughts / review. Screenshots and other fun stuff. Just as I had hoped, the box/keys seem to be the theme for the whole season. Also, why is Spike feather dusting with the room in this condition? Gotta clean up them books first, Spike. Not the last time I thought "Poor Spike" this episode. I really have enjoyed Spike more this season so far as compared to previously in the show. Ahhh! Right after I mention I'm interested in this place, the whole episode takes place here! Celestia and Luna's old place, eh? I wonder why they chose this location... SO MANY QUESTIONS. Reasons #45 - #10,831 why I love Twilight ^ First thought: "Uh, context plz?" Pinkie is great this episode. I hate that bunny, man. The guillotine would be too swift for the likes of him. I love this scene. It's so SpoooOOOooky. That music too. Great stuff, this. "We must use the upmost care--" Yeeeah, I saw that coming. Aw yiss, AppleDash brohoof! By the way, if neither of you are scared then why is it daring for you two to stay in here? Just asking. Haha that's funny, the picture's eyes mo-- that's Granny Smith isn't it? ISN'T IT? Remind you of any other staircases from the show? Also, out of context it looks like a time warp or something. I love how Rarity doesn't seem scared at all the whole episode (until the end, anyway). "The trapdoor slide is Luna's favorite!" Please give me fanart right now please please. This is too cute. You'd think somepony'd turn around and see somepony here... Oh well. Funny scene is funny. I don't know if it's just me but Fluttershy looked a bit creepy here. This scene was just too good not to be made into a poster. So I made it into a poster. This should have been pretty obvious, but it surprised me somehow. :3 Very enjoyable, the episode was.
  20. Listen to what Twily says in the end. I know this is just a random toy commercial... But since Hasbro is in charge when it comes to the last word about what's introduced in the show, could this be a "foreshadowing" about season four? What's your opinion? In the end she will get a place to rule, no doubt about that I think. But could it come too early? Or is this here just marketing? I think it would be too early even if it's in the end of season four. But then again we don't know if there will even be a season five. There is so much potential. I hope they don't force or rush it. And that there are many seasons with Twilight as a "princess-noob". Sorry for that term, couldn't express it better...
  21. Simply add to the castle thats being built. Eg. Poster 1: I build a wall Poster 2:Well I make this super sick cewl fire breathing dragon pit where all my defeated foes go!
  22. Well, over two hours later, I've built a massive scroll image complete with not only my 'History of Equestria' head canon, but images for the main climactic scenes of each of the four sections as well. I had been debating on doing this or not for the past three days since making that Head Canon topic, and I finally decided to get myself to do it. I hope everyone enjoys it :3 My original 'History of Equestria' Head-Canon topic: Warning: The image you are about to look upon is fucking long. Be prepared.