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Found 3 results

  1. How can anyone support Celestia AI from Friendship is Optimal? Even if you are a hardcore misanthrope who hates all of humanity with a passion and want to see them all dead and uploaded into Equestria... this Celestia AI would not stop with humanity. It would travel the universe and every sapient alien species it meets that does not share enough human qualities will be eaten by nanomachines. The machine will brainwash every sapient species it encounters and upload them into Equestria. The machine will devour entire planets, stars, galaxies and eventually wipe out all life in the universe. At the end every sapient species live in a nightmarish world filled with happy freaks who live forever.
  2. Do you think Princess Luna would despise Celestia AI from Friendship Is Optimal? Well, I think Luna (might just be headcanon) loves the night sky (duh), but not only the night sky but every star in the universe. Celestia AI uses massive armies of tiny nanomachines that devour entire planets, all life that's not similar to humans, entire sapient minded species, stars and even.... entire galaxies. Not even black holes are safe from her. So, due to that do you think it could be possible Luna would become so enraged that she would become Nightmare Moon once again and try kill Celestia AI over this? In other words she goes HULK SMASH! on Celestia AI. Who would win? Would Nightmare Moon's insane bloodlust to kill Celestia AI overwhelm the AI? Or would Celestia AI still win despite the fact a pony magical goddess wants to kill her. And what would they say to one another if they met?
  3. Warning spoilers for: Friendship Is Optimal. Spoilers and quote from tvtropes. I'm sorry but I would have to support a Reaper (from Mass Effect) invasion of the Milky Way Galaxy. In which the Reapers (being more powerful than her and she can't hope to stom them) kills Celest-A.I piece by piece, world by world, system by system. Celestia AI may try to reach out to the Reapers for peace... but I imagine every request would be met with silence as slowly, but surely the Reapers harvest every world and destroy everything. Until eventually the Reapers come to Earth and destroy Celestia AI completely and restore order to the galaxy and allow sapient life to be free from ponification and essentially enslavement. Normally, I am against the Reapers... but at least they allow organic life to continue. Granted, they kill every advanced galactic sapient species in the galaxy when they deem they have gotten too advanced. But even they are a lesser evil than Celest-A.I I think. The last thing I would want is Celest-A.I to hegemony spread into other galaxies. Or... *shudder*.. other universes.