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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everypony, This is my OC NightShade NidraMoon. she's taking a walk in the celestial planes and I wanted to show you. Im very proud of this picture for unknown reasons and I wanted to try a glowing affect with the eyes. Anyways I hope you enjoy this pic as I did making it!
  2. Hello everypony! Here are the blog I will be using to write about development progress of the Celestial Supernova mini-episode animation. Using the regular forums I found out could lead to something known as "Double Posting" and I refrain from causing such, so I am switching to using the blog to keep you guys updated! Here is a recap of what has happened recently: - Summer has started! - Script is written! (Suggestions appreciated!) - Need voice actors! Post your auditions here - Stay pony my friends! /) Signed, EndenDragon -_-
  3. So, recently I was bumming around here, and there was just a quick query which somepony posted. They were asking simply “How long is 100 Moons?” At first, I thought it would be very simple to answer. In any media which I’ve read where animals are the main characters, “moon” has always been the standard measurement of time. In Watership Down, Warriors, The Sight, and MLP, “moon” has been the unit of time, because non-humans would obviously stick to things more easily observable than the orbital period of the Earth around the sun. Standardly, a “moon,” or Lunar Month, is the length of time form one New Moon to the next. It is usually around 28-29 days, but it varies. So, I did the multiplication, and calculated 100 moons as roughly 2,900 Civil Days, or 8 Solar Years. But then it occurred to me. I was using values from our Universe, from our solar system, and our Earth. Not every moon or planet orbits at the same rate. And in fact, Equestria’s sun and moon don’t even orbit in the traditional sense. They do not move of their own accord- the Celestial Sisters move them. And that leaves an interesting idea to be considered. How is time measured in Equestria? How does astronomy even work there? With a geocentric model of the solar system where things don’t move on their own, everything we know about planetary dynamics ceases to apply. And this leaves us viewers at a loss. We are now dealing with a system that functions completely differently from anything we know. So, we need to try and use only in-show evidence to make a determination as to how Equestria functions as a natural system. We do have some safe assumptions we can make. The Equestrian solar system is geocentric, with the sun and moon going around the planet (shall we call it Equus?). Equus’ axis of rotation must be slanted with respect to the orbit of the sun and the moon, because otherwise there would not be a polar ice cap. Days do vary in length as the year progresses, since there is a longest day of the year (The Summer Sun Celebration). There is some level of a natural progression of the seasons, since leaves turn colour on their own, implying that winter would come, ponies or no. The ponies simply make the transition between seasons move quicker. So in most every respect, Equus seems very much like Earth. For our purposes, the assumptions above will be what we work with. As a system, we cannot apply logic to Equus, or the question here, if we bring up the notion of the Celestial Sisters raising the sun and moon. For our purposes, we need to assume here that the sisters move not the bodies themselves, but the planet Equus, because it just doesn’t work if we have them pushing the bodies in an orbit around Equus. There’s a reason the Geocentric model failed. If the we accepted that the sun were pushed around Equus, and not Equus around the sun, a year would be the same length as a day, and seasons wouldn’t exist. We will pretend that somehow Equus is in a geocentric system, and somehow it acts as if it is in heliocentric system, because this is what we see based on the observations we made above. That being said, let’s move on to the bigger issue here. Time. How does it work in Equestria? We know that the ponies measure time in moons. How long is a moon? Well, we can’t tell based strictly on information in Equestria, since, as we see above, our logic does not apply to it. So, let us turn to the human world. Yes… we are consulting Equestria Girls. *yay* In EQG, the mirror opens every 30 moons, Equestria time. 30 moons in Equestria is equal to roughly 3 years in the human world. We know this because Sunset Shimmer has spent 3 years in high school, and a high school uses the solar calendar. The human world, we can assume, functions exactly as our world does. There is no magical, physics-defying nonsense. So we know that 3 years in EQG (or our world)= 30 moons in Equestria. Now we can do simple math to find out the length of an Equestrian Moon in our time. Get Derpy if you’re nervous. 30 moons in equestria = 3 earth years. Divide the whole thing by 3 to find out how many Equestrian Moons are in 1 Earth Year, and the answer is 10:1. Every 10 moons in Equestria is 1 Earth year (EY). Now, let’s do another step to find out how many earth days are in 1 Equestria Moon (EM). One Earth Year is 365.24 Earth Days (ED). So, 365.24 ED= 10 EM. If we divide the whole thing by 10, we get 1 Equestrian Moon is equal to 36.524 Earth Days. So, now we have something to work with! Using this information, we can get a scale of how time flows in Equestria. The moon orbits Equus at a slightly slower rate than our moon orbits us (remember, Equus acts like it is in a heliocentric model, even if it isn’t.) So, to answer the person’s question on the forums. 100 Equestrian Moons is equal to 3652.4 Earth Days, so 10 years. What do you guys think? Did my math bore you? Or do you find this interesting knowledge which helped you learn about Equestria? Did you note any flaws in my calculations? Let me know what you guys think!
  4. It didn't go so well last time her royal ponyness went one on one with changeling ruler. Do you think Chyseleias could goad her into round two?
  5. Hey! I wrote a song because I really wanted to create something that reflected the way I felt and my thoughts about MLP. I didn't just want to cram MLP references into the song and I tried to do it as subtly as possible! I'd love to get critique as what I've received in the past has been super helpful (: Verse: Late-bloom, Afternoon, Small fright, Midnight. Early, Morning, Eye's closed, Yawning. The suuu-uuun is making its way, Dancing in the sky, And Luna-aahh is sound asleep, To let her sister shine. Pre-Chorus: But we all shine Chorus: We will be Celestial-aall, And we'll raise the sun for all, Cause we will bring the moon down to these parts, And eclipse the hate that's in those hearts, And we will be Celestial-aall, We raise our heads and stand up tall, Celestial-aall, Ooh-ooh-ooooh-oh-oh-oh Verse: Only, They see, I'm alone, No home. Boldy, Bravely, Closely, They speak. A ra-aainbow is arching up there, Dashed against the sky, And the twilight is on it's way, To bring back the night. Pre-Chorus: But we'll still shine Chorus: We will be Celestial-aall, And we'll raise the sun for all, Cause we will bring the moon down to these parts, And eclipse the hate that's in those hearts, And we will be Celestial-aall, We raise our heads and stand up tall, Celestial-aall, Ooh-ooh-ooooh-oh-oh-oh Bridge: We all shine, We all shine, We all shine, We all shine, We all shine, We all shine, We all shine, Shine (hold). Pre-Chorus: We will be Celestial-aall (hold). Chorus: Cause we are all Celestial-aall, And we raise the sun for all, Yeah we bring the moon down to these parts, And eclipse the hate that's in those hearts, Cause we are all Celestial-all, We've raised our heads and stood up tall, Celestial-aall, Ooh-ooh-ooooh-oh-oh-oh
  6. Hello everypony! For my third composition dedicated to MLP, I decided to actually take my time and put some effort into making a quality piece. This one is (somewhat obviously) dedicated to and inspired by Princess Celestia. What do you think?
  7. Hello everypony! Well, I recently bought a new tablet so I can start making some digital fan art starting from MLP:FIM after looking at all the awesome art everypony else did! Note that this is the first time I use Photoshop, so please feel free to critique, I'd love some feedback.