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Found 7 results

  1. I have heard the number 7-12.4 million bronies thrown around. I think that it's kind of a high estimate, and I think that there are more around 2-3 million bronies, a vast majority of which being located in the United States. What do you think?
  2. Hey everypony. I've noticed that this year's brony census is up for people to take. It will be more reliable the more people who take it!
  3. Super important everyone fills this out so we know how many bronies or fans there are and so we have loads of juicy data :>
  4. Everypony should go do their part and fill this out. After all, this is how we mane-ly get accurate portrayal in media and such. ------- Oh, well it seems the survey has crashed from too many ponies trying. Make sure you keep checking in, probably best to do so in a few days. So bookmark away! Woo! Was able to start and finish it finally!
  5. Unofficial MLP Forums Census With your host, Harmonic Revelations If you have any questions, concerns, or comments that are not addressed below, please post. Discussion of the census itself also belongs in this thread. What is this? What is this? Well I'm glad you asked, hypothetical user that only exists in the darkest crevices of my mind. This is an unofficial census that I hope to do yearly in order to see shifts of opinion and standing in the community, particularly here on the forums. The questions cover a wide variety of topics and provide plenty of choices. If it's a question with another possible answer, I will have included the "other" option, wherein you can specify your beliefs via comment. Every year, voting will start on April 15th, and end on May 1st. After that point, I'm going to tally the results, and generally catalog this data. The data will be posted here. Next year, the same thing will happen. Data will be sorted by year below. This is in essence an extension of my attempt to bring the forums closer together, as I did with my interview series. Through this, we can create a more tightly-knit and friendlier community. Why is there a thread? Since I'm hoping to do this every year, it is much easier on my part if there is a thread to compile the results into, furthermore, it spreads the exposure of the census itself to the users, providing more votes and thus more precise and accurate results. This thread also exists in case you have any questions, comments, or concerns, or just want to talk about the census itself. Another reason for this is that as you may have guessed it's a way more organized way to conduct the census. Where can I participate? Right here (Poll is already closed for this year), it's completely anonymous. Voting starts April 15th and ends May 1st. At the time of this thread's creation, voting has just started. There are no special requirements to participate, if you're here, then you are eligible to participate in the census. What will the results be used for? The results will be kept anonymous, however, the actual percentages and numbers may ,for example, be used in a research paper about wealth distribution on the forums. This can be a useful resource, and since this is planned to be done yearly, it will always be up to date information. As you can probably guess, this will be invaluable to those reporting on our forums, and can just generally lead to a deeper understanding of each other. Results will be tallied and posted in this thread on May 1st. Census Results by Year: 2013: Which of the following do you support (check all that apply)? Gay Marriage (58 votes [29%]) Legal Narcotics (28 votes [14%]) Researching Clean Energy (62 votes [31%]) Animal Rights (54 votes [27%]) None of the above (2 votes [1%]) How many people besides yourself live with you? 0 (1 votes [2%]) 1 (8 votes [11%]) 2 (23 votes [30%]) 3 (26 votes [33%]) 4 (16 votes [21%]) Other (Specify in post) (5 votes [7%]) Do you play sports (And how often)? All the time (4 votes [6%]) Often (5 votes [7%]) Sometimes (30 votes [38%]) Never (39 votes [50%]) Other (Specify) (1 votes [2%]) Have you ever attended Bronycon and do you attend regularly? I attend regularly (2 votes [3%]) I have attended before, but not regularly. (1 votes [2%]) I have not attended Bronycon. (76 votes [97%]) Do you support gun control? Yes (25 votes [32%]) No (27 votes [35%]) Maybe (25 votes [32%]) Other (Specify in post) (2 votes [3%]) What economic standing are you in? I'm in the 1% (2 votes [3%]) Upper Class (5 votes [7%]) Middle Class (63 votes [80%]) Lower Class (8 votes [11%]) Other (Specify in Post) (1 votes [2%]) How often do you use this site? As often as possible (29 votes [37%]) Very often (36 votes [46%]) Often (6 votes [8%]) Sometimes (4 votes [6%]) Infrequently (4 votes [6%]) Are you satisfied with the site's staff team? Yes (66 votes [84%]) Somewhat (9 votes [12%]) No (4 votes [6%]) Other (Specify in Post) (0 votes [0%]) Would you be interested in participating in future census of this type? Yes (61 votes [78%]) No (1 votes [2%]) Possibly (17 votes [22%])
  6. Unofficial MLP Forum Census 2013 More info available in the thread here. This is an unofficial census I'm holding for the community. It will hopefully show our standing both in our beliefs and our standing in society, namely of the forum as a whole. This is a way that we can bring the community together all while generally learning more about the opinions and standing of the fellow members that we may or may not pay attention to otherwise. Some key points to mention: The results are anonymous The voting starts April 15th, and ends Midnight, May 1st (EST) If you quote the results of this census, please properly refer back to the thread or back to this blog if you are using data from this particular year. Answer all questions honestly to avoid distorting the data
  7. I guess you could call this a sensus thingy. Well, more to just see what everypony thinks. Go ahead and take the poll. I want to see how many bronies are here, and their opinions. See you soon guys! -AutisticBrony