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Found 6 results

  1. The guard dog of hell doooeeess seem a bit TOO chummy with Flutters doesn't it?
  2. Ok. So in the episode It's About Time. Cerberus manages to escape Tartarus. But how did he do it? Shouldn't he be imprisoned in Tartarus as well? If he guards the gates. Or is it just his stupidity? Will this frequently occur? And will villains similar to Tirek keep escaping Tartarus? Tartarus is supposed to be hell. So why does it have an entrance? Hell, Heaven and Earth are supposed to be seperate from each other and must not merge. And if Cerberus and Tirek came from Hell. Does that mean Tirek was already dead(Unless he is satan?) And that Cerberus is also already dead?
  3. Most likely Cerberus had him ended up as a chew toy in retaliation for what he did to Celestia, Luna and Cadence.
  4. What would you say the name of the Pony version of Cerberus organization from Mass Effect would be called? They behave exactly like them, wish to dominate all the other alien races, and even side with the Reapers as in Mass Effect 3.
  5. what does everypony think is behind the gates of tartarus? there are so many monsters running around equestria that it sorta makes you wander what was bad enough to be locked up with that fearsome guard dog.
  6. I was watching "It's About Time" while eating dinner, and something Spike said caught me off guard. The quote in question happens during the scene when Twilight's face is cut by the letter from Celestia(?) that turns out to be a "dog flyer." Here's the quote: "What's the big deal? It's just a dog flier. I guess the princess hasn't heard we found Cerberus yet." Is the dog in question Cerberus? If so, would this mean that Cerberus has an owner? Possibly Celestia herself? What do you guys think? It may not be that big a deal to some, but I'd find it quite humorous if Celestia was the owner of a gigantic three-headed dog-monster.