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Found 11 results

  1. Since everyone is talking about changelings right now, I have a small concern about them. In To Where and Back Again, every changeling in the throne room agreed with Starlight's idea of sharing love. I mean it wouldn't be so bad if there were some changelings that disagreed with her, and only half the changelings decided to take the good path. I know it wasn't shown in that episode, but could there be other changelings that decided to stay loyal to Chrysalis?
  2. This is for a setting I am working on, where the core idea being that changelings society(ies) are not simply roving hives with their queens be the only one with a sense individuality. It was made with role-playing background material in mind. Inspiration for each design comes from Carnifex's changeling queen ocs. There are six in total in the pipeline, and two are finished. Currently working on No.3, will update once it's done. Also I wrote some background material for each, I can post them if it's allowed to be posted here (instead of being treated as fan fiction) and people are interested. First: Second: Miscellaneous Comments are welcomed.
  3. So, since season 2 finale, the changelings haven't been of any mention in the show. They (creators and ponies) seemed to have forgotten the fact that changelings still exist in the borders of equestria and never refer to them for gags for shining armor. Since they are not destroyed or imprisoned, they can be planning on the second attack... Which they did in the comics, ending up being imprisoned, and then jailbreak-ed and let loose by Twilight (great job twi, can't believe you fell for that). In which they can plan up another attack (and obviously foiled in the end). episode spoiler: What do you guys think? What are the chances of them returning in the current season? Or next season? Soon to be movie? Are the chances rising or falling as more episode comes out?
  4. The Changeling Kingdom pretty much committed an act of war against Equestria in Canterlot Wedding. Something like that I don't think is going to be just forgotten anytime soon. Perhaps a major part of the background for season 3 could be a Cold War of sorts that is developing between the two nations as it did between the USA and USSR in the 20th century. As such, an intense rivalry begins between the two nations in which they attempt to one-up the other in various ways, including technology, sport, etc. This can cultivate into an episode based on the Olympics, an episode idea already brought up previously , but influenced by the intense rivalry between the Americans and Soviets at the Olympics during the Cold War era. This can also allow for more world building, showing different kinds of creatures competing, such as Griffins, zebras, etc. Not to forget, it would be happening in the same year as the London Olympics, so that's quite convenient. The episode can result in two competitors (RD would make a great candidate) from the countries actually coming to respect and possibly befriend each other, realising the other side is not as bad as they thought and how their rivalry is taking the fun out of the games. If you really think about it, this plot background and possible could best epitomise the 'love and tolerance' theme of the show. Because in the end, these two species learn to do that with each other when for the most part they were expected to actively hate each other. Yeah, we get that a bit in the Hearth's Warming episode, but I do think the Pony-Changeling situation is more complex and each side has a legitimate reason to distrust the other that goes beyond just suspicion. Therefore, their resolve at the end is all the more poinient and powerful. You guys know what I'm getting at, right?
  5. I had no idea where to post this in the pony art section of the community since it's not as clear as the non-pony art section so I've decided to post this here. This is a short (super short) Story/Poem I came up with today while sitting in a library. I dedicate it to a Changeling group I'm part of on a MLP site called Equestria Forever and hope you all find it somewhat entertaining. I've decided to break it into parts. This here is part one and depicts queen Chrysalis and her army of Changelings overrunning Canterlot in Equestria. Part two will come soon (maybe) so enjoy this little intro if you'd be so kind. I'll be posting this as well to my Deviantart page soon. ------- As the mighty queen sits on her throne we wait in Canterlot all alone. Her orders are what we wait for; her orders are what we came for. Disguised and cloaked as a pony none shall realize that we are phony. We walk amongst ponykind, deceiving all in heart and mind. At last her orders have finally come; we await her arrival now to the sound of a war drum. Confusion and wonder fill the hearts of ponykind; the sound of the war drum was the last thing on their mind. The doors swing open and here comes the queen, bringing fear refined and pristine. The roar of the queen’s changeling army fills the morning air, catching all of ponykind off guard and unaware. “Off with her head!” She shouts causing terror and fright; we bend to her orders as we begin to fight.
  6. [Not sure whether This should go to pony art, or Fan-fiction] I've been working on this the entire week. (I uploaded it yesterday, you know cuz the end of the world thing) STORY:The story follows Vinyl Scratch, and she witnesses firsthand the downfall of Equestria and Ponyville as a massive army of Changelings overtake the kingdom by storm. Chaos is going on all around Vinyl and one thing is for certain, It's time for her to help and push back the invasion...will she be successful, you'll find out soon enough. [COMING NEXT IN ISSUE #2: The Mane 6 versus Queen Chrysalis and her army of Changelings, will The Mane 6 manage to save Equestria from Darkness....]
  7. Okay, I know a lot of you must be thinking, 'Wormtail96, what crap you talking about now?', but after seeing a preview of the second issue of the MLP comic, I'm wondering, are the Changelings and their society Latin? (is that the right term? If not, I apologize) I started thinking this when I took notice of the changeling architecture surrounding the top right panel of the map. That's not much to go on by itself, but also consider the geographical position of the changeling kingdom as seen on the map. It's south to Equestria, which as we've seen, is based heavily on North America (with some elements of Western America). Therefore, are the changelings and their country going to be based on Central and South America? Maybe I'm just talking bull here, have a look for yourselves, what do you think?
  8. Ok so I got this idea from this question posted on the forums about how MLP would turn out if Luna and Celestia died or something. So here it is! Disclaimer: I do not own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Prologue The two princesses, Celestia and Luna have passed on suddenly without warning. At first everyone was devastated but they did not worry of their future because they knew Princess Cadence and Prince Shining Armor would do good in ruling them. Unfortunately Celestia never named Princess Cadence as her heir, so Prince Blueblood succeeds the throne instead! The spoiled and cowardly prince accepts the throne readily even though he has no clue what to do in terms of ruling, but the citizens of Equestria can't have him removed unless he gives up the throne himself. Which he refuses too because he's so greedy. Equestria is renamed 'The Blue Pony's City' in honor of their new ruler, and multiple ponies leave because they sense the impending doom that is sure to come with the new monarch. Now Equestria has caught the eye of Queen Chrysalis ruler of the Changelings and her newly freed and apointed co-ruler Discord. Half of Equestria is taken and re-named 'The Changeling District' where Changelings are treated like nobles and ponies are their servants. Blueblood is enraged because he has lost half of his riches but he is too afraid to do anything. So he sends for the Mane Six, a group of ponies who used to serve under Celestia and Luna but retired when they died. Chapter 1 Spike groaned and rolled over onto his side as the sun rose clumsily into the sky. He glowered in the direction of the monstrous star and scoffed at how incorrectly placed it was in the sky. "That idiot, Blueblood needs to re-take his astrology class." he grumbled as he went to wake the girls. "Twi, get up!" he yelled into the large rock cave that the seven friends now called their home. They had moved into it, a year after Celestia and Luna had both died from some unkown disease. Of course the cave had been occupied by a dragon at the time, but it left as soon as Fluttershy had a private talk with it. No one knew what she said, but it sure had an immediate effect on the fiersome beast because it left in a hurry. "Spike, can you just wake us up nicely one day?" Apple Jack growled as she trotted out, with her mane looking a mess. But then again, at least it looked better than her hat. The once, clean and nice looking cowpony hat was torn in multiple edges and there were a couple of holes here and there. "Sure, whatever." Spike said rolling his eyes and curling up for another nap. It's not like they had anything important to do today. They never had anything important to do. "Uh uhn Spike, get yourself back up." AJ chastised, "Today's the day we distribute apples, and hay to the Underground Pony Stocks remember?" Spike sighed and reluctantly got up. "Fine." he grumbled, heading to the back of the cave, where they kept their food stocks. Twilight and Rarity where sparring with their magicly in the back. Rarity was stomping her feet in frustration, because she couldn't make a mark on Twilight and the unicorn in question was laughing because she had turned her mane neon green. Fluttershy was tending to her rabbit, Angel and Rainbow Dash was still sleeping. "Hey how come she get's to sleep, but I don't?" Spike complained, pointing at the blue pegasus. Twilight rolled her eyes, "Because, Rainbow spent all of last night, scouting for the Thunder Bolts that you said you saw!" Spike redened. "Well I did see the Thunder Bolts! I mean I thought I did!" he argued. The Thunder Bolt's where a group of five ponies who worked for Prince BlueBlood, they were loyal to him and only him. Two of their members used to be apart of the Wonder Bolts, but after their infamous break up, one of them became a hermit and the other two pledged their loyalty to the Prince. They did all of his work, and reported the ponies who talked about BlueBlood behind his back. No one knew what happened to those ponies who opposed him, just that when they returned they attacked robotically and never had anything bad to say about their situation or ruler. Comments?
  9. My previous work Trix Unleashed was a rather fast one, though useful for sure. But the one I think set the bar for me was First Contact War, Griffon So I'll have something to aim for because the reaction were so positive This time changelings were swarming my head, and I was curious to see how much they differ from normal Ponies. Also adding in a creation of my own A lot more static image but the amount of characters have been doubled! (sorry!) So many changeling already... and all with horns and wings and holes and... things like transparency in the wings They're an interesting bunch though. And I think definitely worth looking at for other works ... not that there's not plenty of options already within MLP alone... I am recording this one (20x speed), so I'll have a timelapse video to accompany it in the end. Edit: I noticed the changelings have only been changing into somepony of their own size. So I imagined what it would take to have one change into a bigger creature, like a Manticore! Update list: Update 1: WIP 4 Update 2: WIP 5 + 6 Update 3: Final + Time lapse (Current) Final: WIP 6: WIP 5: WIP 4: WIP 3: WIP 2: WIP 1: Time Lapse: http-~~-//
  10. I recently posted a topic regarding an MLP episode with the moral being focused on empathy. I used the below as an example, thus allowing for further discussion on an episode of empathy itself. However, whilst the previous topic remains, I have decided to repost the idea for it to stand as the topic itself...if that makes sense. This is an episode idea regarding the Changelings, in which the moral would be on empathy, or rather, empathy and having a better understanding of the people you call your 'enemy'. It would be a Mane Six episode, and the group's perception of the Changelings and the Changeling Kingdom being their enemies and how their original perceptions are shaken. Why this would be an interesting episode is because the Mane Six and most ponies do have complete justification for not trusting Changelings; an army of them invaded their country! So it then makes the Mane Six more sympathetic in their distrust, that they are NOT ignorant bigots and that no one side is completely wrong. However, in this episode, the Mane Six could come to understand that Chrysalis' army is not representative of every single Changeling and that it is wrong to paint all Changelings as their 'enemy'. That they are people, with lives and their own family and loved ones (on a side note, this is why I do not support the hive-mind idea that some fans endorse, because it mostly takes away the opportunity to show Changelings as individual characters). They (the Changelings) are like them (the Mane Six and ponies in general) in many ways. It has many ways in which it could be played out: - The Mane Six are stranded in an isolated area with a group or family of Changelings - The Mane Six find themselves trapped in the Changeling Kingdom and disguise themselves/They are sent to the Changeling Kingdom as spies and go undercover. Either way, they then get an understanding of what the Changelings' lives are like, and how privileged ponies are in Equestria in comparison to a Changeling's daily hardship and squalor. - The familiar scenario of them finding a Changeling baby and have to return it to its family. The twist? It's Chrysalis baby! How're they gonna get themselves out of that one?! - Equestria and the Changeling Kingdom go to war. In fact, this scene should give you guys an idea what I'm talking about here:
  11. Upon the release of the map of Equestria, http://4.bp.blogspot...s1600/1yawf.jpg, it has got me thinking of the kingdoms of the other species in the world, especially when it says 'Yonder to Griffins' on the map. Now obviously, Equestria is modelled heavily on North America, with some Western European influence, going by that and how 'Yonder to Griffins' is in the East, here's how I picture the other nations being based: Griffin Kingdom: Based on Western and Central European countries like Germany and France. This is especially considering Gustav Le Grand. Changeling Kingdom: Russia and Eastern Europe, and China. I do like the idea of them as a poor, peasant nation and when you consider the rivaly between the US and Russia in the past and how there is American influence in Equestria, it does make more sense in that regard. And as for China, the size in population and work ethic would be fitting, as well as Western rivalry. The Dragon homeland: Given by the direction to the south for dragons on the map, I'm guessing like Central and South America. Well, anyway, these are my takes on it. Let's hear yours. I have left out the Diamond Dogs here, since they were not included on that map and do not seem to have a major fanbase. However, just to take a wack at it, I'm guessing they may too, like the dragons, may come from a country that is like a central or south American nation, say like Mexico. As for Zebras, well, I guess that's a no-brainer.