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Found 163 results

  1. Hiya there! I've seen a HECKUVA lot of OCs, and a number of them remind me of different things... so I got to wondering what particular influences (if any) brought your original characters out of your mind to play among the rest of us? What was going through your noggin when you came up with them? As an exapmle, I'll go through my OC family: The Blackwaters. Dax Blackwater: I sort-of modeled him after myself during my teenage years, but he draws a heavy influence from both Peter Parker (not Spidey) and Scott Pilgrim - both lovable dorks who end up being the underdog. Harcourt Blackwater: He was built from numerous screenings of The Princess Bride - there's a LOT of the Dread Pirate Roberts (Westley) in him, as well as some Robin Hood and some Zorro. For his stint in Sombra's Shadow, I also borrowed some Bruce Willis (particularly from the movie Red). Oglevy Blackwater: One part David MacAllister from Home Alone, one part Jimmy Neutron, and two parts Corey Feldman from The Lost Boys. Vylia Blackwater: I borrowed a bit from Rarity for her, but I sprinkled in some Bette Midler and a dash of Catherine O'Hara from Beetlejuice (Mama Deetz). And just a smidge of Luella Parsons (if any of you legit know who THAT is without Googling, I shall be IMPRESSED). Luther Blackwater: I pulled his look and his attitude from Judge Doom off of Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Mr. Freeze from the original Batman animated series. But for what it's worth, he's FAR nicer than they were.
  2. So of course Vinyl Scratch is probably top in the MLP fandom, but this isn't Sugarcube Corner. Two of my favorite mute characters are Gromit from Wallace and Gromit and Plank from Ed Edd n Eddy So, what are some of your favorite mute characters?
  3. Ruchiyoto

    Octavio Pie

    What is your opinion on Octavio Pie? There is something about him that people say about him. As a big fan of the Pie family, I'm always intrigued on the lore and history of every character in the My Little Pony franchise. I'd like to get your thoughts on what you have with Octavio, is it the name, his attitude, behavior, etc.?
  4. It's amazing how as an adult you can look at animated movies and really wring out all the great lessons and characterizations in the movie itself. The MLP Movie was certainly no exception. Perhaps a few of the greatest examples I can pull from the movie are Tempest's painful past playing a role with her current role as the Storm King's sidekick Twilight's desperation interfering with her friends Not forgetting who you are and what you're made to do Let's go over the first. the movie when we first see Tempest, we see the familiar villain archetype: wanting surrender, wanting power and wanting to complete tasks for selfish gain. We get a hint of something due to Tempest's broken horn. Fast forward to Tempest's Song "Open Your Eyes", and this is where we learn the full story of what happened to Tempest. The pain of losing her horn caused her to become bitter and angry, because her horn was what made her so special. She loved to create beautiful sky displays...but all of that was taken away from her due to the Ursa Minor slicing off her horn. Even when Twilight saved her, she still felt remorse and sadness. She could not see herself as "complete" without her horn. Nonetheless, as the movie conveyed, "You are still you, perfect and beautiful, no matter what happens or what you look like." The next deep point was Twilight's desperation in wanting to save Ponyville over her friendship. This scene was honestly very hard to watch. After a delightful and joyous song "One Small Thing" by the Mane 5 and Princess Sky Star, it was discovered Twilight was trying to steal the pearl. This costs the Mane 6 their new seapony transformation and a banishment from Seaquestria. Twilight and Pinkie get into an argument, which results in Twilight stating she doesn't need her friends, paraphrasing. This was the big moment where Twilight realized she had become too desperate in the need of an item to save Ponyville and Canterlot, and completely forgot about the worth of her friends. This was where Tempest wanted Twilight, alone and with no one to defend her. This is perhaps the hardest lesson to swallow in the whole movie, because it teaches that you can't rely on physical objects to help you complete a task. In the end, it's the people/ponies/friends that matter the most that will help guide you through whatever you need. The last deep point I bring forth is one that has been repeated in countless movies, one of the first being "The Lion King", "Remember who you are". Returning to that hard scene where Twilight was desperate to save Ponyville, she forgot who she was. She forgot that she was the Princess of Friendship, and in that one scene where she confronted Tempest in that small cell, she said "Friendship didn't fail me...I failed friendship.". Friendship is an abstract idea. It is what brings us together. And in this world today, with all of this hate and stuff that's going around, we can easily get swept away in the vortex and forget who we really are, and in that moment, friendships can disappear with a poof. But alas, this quote has another meaning. Remember the pirates that the Mane 6 met who were supposedly henchmen of the Storm King? Remember how Rainbow Dash reminded them who they were and what they were meant to do with that one song "Time To Be Awesome?" Well, the same principle applies here. You can't let anyone steal your mojo and your charisma. That all belongs to you. To conclude, looking at the MLP Movie from an adult perspective really made me think about my journey through life thus far. It made me ask a lot of questions...such as: Do I know who I really am? Are my "friendships" really true and honest? Am I dwelling in past events too long? Has the past influenced my emotions? Am I letting people take advantage of me and making me forget who I am? Am I blaming other people for my wrongdoings when I am too desperate to complete a certain task? There are a lot more questions out there. In the end, looking at the MLP Movie from an older perspective can really help you evaluate yourself from all points and make you think about what has been successful, and what you need to work on, so you can become the best you can.
  5. Which characters (comics,celebrities,video game,fiction,etc) should get a pony redo?comment which characters should have a pony makeover!
  6. Bad news guys. MLP characters swear. Well, not EXACTLY. In "Owl's Well That Ends Well", Twilight says "shoot" when losing her descriptive paper on comets. In "Feeling Pinkie Keen", Spike exclaims, "Holy Guacamole" at Princess Celestia's sudden appearance. In "A Dog and Pony Show", Pinkie exclaims "Holy Moley" at all the holes the Diamond Dogs have made. In "Call of the Cutie" and "The Cutie Map: Part 1", along with a few other episodes, Applejack says "shoot", rather casually. In "The Last Roundup" and many other episodes, Applejack exclaims, "What the hay?" "Shoot" is a pseudonym for "Shit". While it may not be the same word, it certainly has the same intention and meaning behind the reason to say it. "What the hay" is a pseudonym for "What the Hell" or "What the Fuck". Again, the intention is the same through conveying a message through what is deliberately said. Same goes for "Holy Guacamole" and "Holy Moley" being pseudonyms for "Holy Shit" or "Holy Crap". So what do you say? Is MLP no different in dirty mouths as any other PG-13 reality TV show like Duck Dynasty or Storage Wars? I don't understand you, Hasbro. I just don't.
  7. This is from before I knew about MLP. I have a friend I used to work with about 2-3 years ago. He's also a couple years younger than me. When I first saw the show around Jan '14, Pinkie Pie out of all the characters reminded me of him. He always seems to have a "too positive" mentality and a lot of energy. I think a "very lively person" is a good description. He's definitely a very nice and very humble. He's definitely not spoiled or rich and does a lot of volunteer work. I've never heard him speak badly of anyone either. He's not stupid / just a goof-off either. When I first met him I was like "What's this guy's issue?"- kind of like like Twilight when she first "encountered" Pinkie. I didn't think anything bad of him, I just wondered why the heck he seemed so over-the-top. He was also a good worker. He's not someone who just stands around/just goofs off all day. The sad thing is his personality was misinterpreted as someone who just goofs off all day by some of the owners and he suffered because of this. The funny thing is that one of these owners (with whom I unfortunately directly work with) more than occasionally will drink a WHOLE 2 liter of Coca-Cola and eat Snickers bars SIMULTANEOUSLY and turn into a disruptive tornado of hyped-up uslenessness- But that's a separate issue. Let's just say if I wasn't as calm and patient a person AND he wasn't an OWNER, I would no longer be employed there for one reason or another. Over the course of about two years of not so good treatment- which I was unaware of for the most part since I didn't work with him all that much, he was seriously getting his spirit beat down and crushed. One time he told me that he absolutely hated it there and that he would cry when he got home sometimes. I didn't know it was that bad for him and it's more sad because he wasn't doing anything wrong besides being "too happy" of a person- which is just so horrible of a thing. :okiedokielokie: I train people there and am pretty good at figuring out who the problem people will be and he definitely wasn't one of them. Also from just talking with other co-workers, no one ever complained about him like they do about other lazy/rude ones. Anyways- not long after that he quit and ended up working for the city and at a restaurant and was happier for it. I still hang out with him occasionally but just find the whole situation sad, unnecessary, and unfortunate. So do any of you guys know anyone who really reminds you of one of the characters from the show?
  8. Just like Twilight Sparkle writing letters to Celesita, you get to write a letter to your favorite pony in the MLP:FiM universe. Got multiple favorite ponies? Or maybe no ponies but a certain non-pony character? No problem! You get to write a letter to them too. Here in this thread, you can write any length of letter you want to your special pony/character and pour your heart out as to how awesome and influential they are to you. Just be sure to keep things appropriate and on topic to the forums. Alrighty, I'll start with my own letter to my favorite pony. Dear Fluttershy, Good evening! My name is Iris. I'm writing to you today to tell you some important things. Don't be alarmed! The things I'm going to tell you are not bad news. What I'm telling you in this single letter is... how much I love and admire you. You are a very special pony and you don't even know it. I know this is very forward to say these things but It's the absolute truth. There is no other pony like you in this world. You are so caring and kind to everything around you. So much so that you literally carry the element of kindness within you. You have banished evil, tamed beasts, and made unexpected friends with the kindness in your heart all over Equestria. I have seen you do it all and more. Yet... you still seem to miss some of that. It's ok, I know your struggles with anxiety and quietness. I am the same way with many things. I know what it's like to have a past with anxiety and bullying... but you wanna know something? WE SURVIVED. Did we ultimately give up on life because of what some fillies and colts said? No! Did we completely close ourselves from others and never improve? No! Did we let the world burn because we had a bad past??? NO WE DIDN'T!!! You and I worked extremely hard to improve ourselves and guess what? We did it. That's why I love you so much Fluttershy. Despite everything that has happened to you, you remained kind. You remained to be yourself. To end off this letter to you, I just want to thank you for everything. Especially for bringing me happiness during those hard years of high school. Thank you so much for being who you are. With lots of love, Iris Flower
  9. I know people HATE THIS QUESTION, but rank the mane 6 in terms of favorite to least preference. my best friend ranted about how she dislikes rainbow dash saying she's a bitch and i'm like: Are we still BFFS? Yes. Do we have different opinions? Not really. We need to learn to respect each other for the love of Pete. My preferences from fave to least: #1) Isn't it obvious? 2)Fluttershy 3)Rarity 4)Applejack 5)Twilight 6)Pinkie Keep in mind I love all of them though. :3
  10. 🏳️‍🌈Pride month is here and one of the best way to celebrate it is by sharing our favorite LGBT characters and/or couples! LGBT characters are not well known back in the days by now they are getting more acknowledged, so post up your favorite(s) and why? Here's mine!
  11. Hello everyone, I’ve been observing and analyzing the different personalities of characters from My Little Pony and thought of sharing them here. I’m deeply interested in typology, personality all which a branch from Psychology and am still in the process of learning more about the enneagram. The descriptions and information that are posted here are gathered from Fauvres, Enneagram Institute Discussion Board ( Do note that I am not the author of the aforementioned website, and that I am merely forwarding much gathered information from the site mentioned. Special thanks to Madhatter for compiling the 27 Tritype/Archetype descriptions. I have also included a way to find one’s tritype and main enneagram type at the bottom of the different descriptions, do try it out if you may Without further ado, let’s begin. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ponies Analyzed thus far: Twilight 136 Applejack 368 Rainbow Dash 379 Rarity 146 Pinkie Pie 279 Fluttershy 269 Trixie 478 Celestia 125 Luna/ Nightmare Moon 468 Spike 126 Apple Bloom 137 Sweetie Belle 269 Scootaloo 369 Diamond Tiara 378 Silver Spoon 268 Chrysalis 358 Discord 479 Octavia 146 Vinyl Scratch 279 Zecora 259 Lightning Dust 378 Cadance 269 Shining Armor 368 The results of the different characters above are known as 'tritypes' and their descriptions can be found here: ///Look through Pages 1-3 for Tritype Description/// Now I know a number of you are going to be skeptical, and so to reassure your doubts on their types as with their description, I've provided that description (found in the link above) here of Twilight Sparkle's Tritype. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twilight Sparkle, 136 – The Taskmaster Archetype Full Descriptions: The 136/361/613 is an incredibly discerning, focused and responsible type. She said they will be the most inclined to want to live up to a successful image by societal standards and to focus on duty in order to feel valuable. She called it the "true taskmaster" that is inclined to create structure and rules that others in society can follow and to implement them. She said the blindspot is that one can be so overly focused on the rules that they can lose touch with their own values and feelings in deference to what is acceptable or societally defined. This is the type at risk of becoming robotic (along with the 135/351/513). However the 135/351/513 is less relational than the 136/361/613. I was asked the differences between the 361, the 368 and the 369 tritypes. Since the question is which gut type is dominant. At a glance, it is most helpful to look at activity levels. The 361 is very industrious and busy doing to avoid anxiety, the 1 brings a need to do what is morally correct. The 368 is focused on fighting for justice, the 8 brings a need to overcome and prevail. The 369 is highly adaptable and focused on being in comfortable alignment with others. I am not 100% sure at this time but for now I am thinking 613 with 6 being very much in charge. I am a goal-oriented person who doesn't like being controlled by others..I am a friendly person. Sometimes, I come across as too mild/passive..I see it when people think they can control me. They are often surprised when they see I don't let myself get pushed so easily. Being a phobic Six makes it hard for me to truly stand up to someone though often and I end up relying on an "avoidance strategy". I focus mostly on competence/technical knowledge to get ahead in life so I don't go out of my way to manipulate/mobilize others. 136 tritype; elegant, stoic and resolute with a loyal professional veneer. (3)-6-1 - The Compliant 3 3-(6)-1 - The Competent 6 3-6-(1) - The Normative 1 Very self critical. Strong ideas about how they should act and have man guidelines that they must follow and cannot deter from. 1-3-6 : this One is usually very hard-working and well-organized. Dutiful and diligent, they also keep an eye on their own interests and like to receive prizes and praise and boost their reputation among their peers. They prefer a leading role and can be excellent managers and leaders: they can get things done as they’re efficient, more pragmatic and also more cautious and calculated. They can sometimes suffer from a bit of paranoia, and worry about their status, finances or health. Usual subtypes: social, 1w9 similar tritypes: 3-1-6, 1-6-3 flavors: hard-working, pragmatic, efficient and cautious 1-6-3 : conscientious, responsible, cautious and efficient, these Ones are very practical and productive. They’re down-to-earth, realistic and typically good managers of people and resources. They’re also quite good at predicting and avoiding possible pit-falls and are talented trouble-shooters: they’re preventive and like to play it safe. Want their hard-work and thoroughness praised and (financially) rewarded, and sometimes they might act arrogantly and engage in self-praising when they feel unappreciated. usual subtypes: social, self-preserving, 1w2 similar tritypes: 1-3-6, 6-1-3 flavours: efficient, practical, cautious and hard-working 136 Compliance meets Harmony and meets Competence. The 136 is focused on the rules.... it is an important point but they really, really task and are always busy. 631--A 6 with a strong superego. Lots of issues regarding personal competency. At lower health, the most likely of the 6s to respond negatively and reactively to pressure from others, since there is already a nearly unbearable pressure from within. --The first impression I get from this tritype is a strong image orientation. There's a constant need to impress others and to have a positive place in the social sphere. I see a need for perfection in all things, partly out of ego and partly out of duty. There's strong loyalty to causes, but more so community ones and not personal ones. But this is a very hands-on tritype who will work to achieve what (s)he wants to achieve. I see less manipulation here than the 3 might otherwise indicate, and more focus and drive. --That doesn't ring true for me ( I have this tritype ). Duty to those worthy of it, yes, but I don't find "societal standards" to be high standards at all, or worth emulating in the slightest. I find that most of "society" sorely disappoints the lowest common denominator rules. I also have a deep distrust for the public in general. So, the 136, 137 and 126 would most focus on preparing, being busy and responsible. The 1 and 6 feel they must be responsible, the 3s must do, achieve, and perform, the 4s must accomplish, the 8s must executing and so on. I have found the 136 needs to be busy to avoid feelings of anxiety …136s can enjoy needle point, baking, cleaning, organizing and/or reading to keep the anxiety at bay. [by timeless:] 6-1-3. That means they have the core desires of a 6, they interact with the world like a 1 and they like to be seen like a 3 would like to be seen. Breaking that down: Type 6 is security-oriented, and can alternate between serious doubt and serious loyalty. They tend to be pretty rule-focused right off the bat (as they are a superego type) but then add 1 onto the mix and, like that tri-type description gives you, they can get fixated on constructing appropriate rules. Type 1 is usually critical of themselves and others, which is the component that enables a Type 6 to channel their desire for a workable rule set into the desire to create a workable rule set. Type 3, the image type in this triad, likes to be seen as successful and effective. You can see how adding 6, 1 and 3 together would create a personality type that's dedicated toward seeking out the best rule set. 613 The Taskmaster. Discerning and focused 6. This is the most industrious 6. Eager beavers and highly responsible, they are always busy and can be mistaken for 3s. Fear is managed by achieving. They tend to feel the burden of obligation. They focus on duty and family. The core fears are of fear itself, danger, being alone, cowardice, submitting, deviance, uncertainty, being targeted, chaos, being wrong, bad, evil, angry, inappropriate, corruptible, condemned, failure, being incapable, or unable to do, inefficient, immutable, and inconsequential. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: I could also place the description of all the different character tritypes instead of providing the link above (do comment on it if so - I am at doubts too) though my reasoning on why not is simply because the descriptions of all the characters are long as you can see but accurate. I have also come up with a means to finding one's tritype. The assessment is based on the enneagram or RHETI, but I have come up with one that is much quicker and accurate (yet to see mistakes) assessment. Without further ado... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RHETI Tritype Assessment A much quicker assessment, three questions. Heart, Head, Gut. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 1: Heart Note: Of the three types seen below, which is more fitting of you? Type 2 is generous, demonstrative, people-pleasing, and possessive. (Supportive, involved, concerned, committed, interactive, people-oriented) Type 3 is adaptable, excelling, driven, and image-conscious. (Busy, practical, Type A, aspiring, competitive, adaptive, task-oriented) Type 4 is expressive, dramatic, self-absorbed, and temperamental. (Sensitive, aesthetic, intense, deep, creative, original, meaning-oriented) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 2: Head Note: Of the three types seen below, which is more fitting of you? Type 5 is perceptive, innovative, secretive, and isolated. (Shy, detached, ingenious, reflective, private, innovative, knowledge-oriented) Type 6 is engaging, responsible, anxious, and suspicious. (Cautious, ambivalent, skeptical, sensing, anxious, equivocating, safety-oriented) Type 7 is spontaneous, versatile, acquisitive, and scattered. (Curious, fun-loving, restless, shifting, entrepreneurial, stimulation-oriented) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 3: Gut Note: Of the three types seen below, which is more fitting of you? Type 1 is principled, purposeful, self-controlled, and perfectionistic. (Careful, conscientious, serious, single pointed, idealizing, values-oriented) Type 8 is self-confident, decisive, willful, and confrontational. (Strong, assured, masterful, grounded, frank, magnetic, power-oriented) Type 9 is receptive, reassuring, complacent, and resigned. (Kind, unassuming, imaginative, open, accepting, fair, nature-oriented) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Results: Place these three types beside each other (Eg: 459, 125, 368 etc) And you have your Tritype. EDIT: The order of the tritypes does not matter, though it would be preferable from smallest to largest. Thanks SilverHeart --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tritype Result Website: ///Look through Pages 1-3 for Tritype Description/// -------------------------- For More Information:
  12. Hello, I have a question regarding roleplay character profiles. I want to add a pony, but she's a crossover between MLP and an original character from an official anime so I'm unsure whether I am allowed to create a profile for it, as it's not a character of my creation. Thanks in advance.
  13. Note for this list I'm only putting in characters that are not characters that I absolutely do not want to be in the game, like Minecraft Steve, the TF2 Heavy, and Master Chief (sorry but neither of them belong in Smash, particularly the Chief and the Heavy) and also characters I don't really particularly know of or know of any interest of being in the game. This list also includes a couple of characters I would want in the game that have had zero discussion about them (Cecil Harvey and Rabbid Mario (though Rabbid Peach has been discussed, and frankly Rabbid Mario would be a better idea)). Also NO FREDDY. Please NO FREDDY. S [What I really want to and think should get in]: Geno, Cecil Harvey (Please Sakurai), Marx, Lloyd, Shantae A [What I would be also happy with getting in]: Rabbid Mario (One can only dream), Crash Bandicoot, Bandana Dee, Phoenix Wright, Eggman, Shovel Knight B [What I would be a bit meh for getting in]: Hat Kid, Paper Mario, Rayman, Doom Slayer, Tails, King Boo C [What I wouldn't care to or sort of don't want in]: Shadow, Dixie Kong, Funky Kong, Waluigi, Dante, Sora (Think of who else this would allow in for a second) Please don't come to my house with torches and pitchforks
  14. Eniac


    So the challenge is to write between 250-10000 words, I will most likely be leaning towards fewer, though 250 may be too short. It's like with art a really great artist can paint a large beautiful painting but also only use a couple of strokes to convey a message, the amateur will use a few but still require a lot of faff to get their point across. As I am new to the show (halfway through season 5) The writing theme I can only choose is a conversation between two ponies. So my thinking is to try and establish two characters, nailing down some good backstory, characteristics and personality. This way I know my characters and how they will interact in a given situation, it seems a bit excesses for a short story but I am not going into tonnes of detail just enough to make it feel natural, to me at least. One character will be my OC, plain and simple I can flesh out my OC as well as work on the story - win-win. I am vaguely aware of my OCs personality and backstory as he mirrors me in a way but is more fun loving and care free, something that is harder to achieve irl. He has a name, a gender so no thinking required there. The second character will be female, reason: I have a plan to base it off of a real life encounter I had will a close friend of mine regarding MLP and my enjoyment of it, however this will be set in the actual MLP universe, sort of self analysis of the setting. I came up with a nice name: Sugar Plum it fits in the naming convention, similar to the apple family except the plum family. Also it is close to Christmas so it's on my mind. So far that's all I've got, basic plot idea, characters and plan of action (sort of). I will elaborate on the plot when I think I am happy to as I won't be retelling the whole encounter word for word so needs tweaking. First report will probably be adding a few more details to the characters. I don't know if basing the story mostly on real world encounters will be good as it is not specifically MLP, however I will be using the features of the MLP universe in my favour, hoping for it to be comedic to.
  15. This thread is devoted to all the fans of queen chrysalis Rules: No R34,suggestive pics are permitted AS LONG AS ITS NOT EXPLICIT No spamming post to become biggest fans Do not post a other pics that are not Chrysalis Do not hate on another fan club, for example posting in the Queen Chrysalis forum "Twilight is better!" All of MLP Forums rules still apply.
  16. Have any of you felt like you had feelings for characters you knew that weren't real? If so, don't be shy to share you feelings during the week of Valentines.
  17. Of course note my sexuality here. I am gay so I cannot in all good conscience place female characters on this list. I will also only place human characters as well, so no Pip or the et cetera. Since Androxus will also not be on this list due to the curse that afflicted his body turning it into something that is debatably not human as well. Khan WILL be on this list because although you can't see his face or any part of his body through his armor in the base skin, you can with the Amerikhan skin, and he is human. SS: Fernando, Koga S: Jenos, Khan, Sha'Lin A: Strix, Viktor, Buck, Atlas, Lex, B: Zhin, Mal'Damba By the way, the aforementioned stipulations are why the tier list has been placed here instead of on Guru like my tier list by my opinions of how powerful each individual champion is in the current meta. (Here's a link to it if you want to check it out)
  18. Who is your favorite student in class 1-A? I’m sure you can guess who mine is but here is my list: - Katsuki Bakugo - Eijirou Kirishima - Denki Kaminari - Izuku Midoriya - Hanta Sero - Fumikage Tokoyami
  19. So just as the title said. I will share mine later on but go on ahead and share your favorite anime/manga characters and why.
  20. Since the top 20 list wasn't, well... very well-explained, I plan to make a new list soon. But, for now I'll talk about one specific show and what it does so well. That show being? Steven Universe. In my opinion, Steven Universe is just one of the shows I could count on one hand that ascends above everything else that has EVER come on TV. No matter how much I hate the fandom (it's NOT okay to tell people to kill themselves over a piece of fanart or to attack a kid DYING OF CANCER over the fact he got to watch episodes early before he DIED *cough cough* AwestruckVox *cough cough), no matter how much BS there is around about the show having a "liberal agenda" (it doesn't, if you really watched the show without trying to get offended by it, you'd understand it applies to everyone and works for everyone regardless of political stance), and no matter if it messed up a few episodes (I can admit that), I can't stop LOVING this show. Yes, I do think that the first season was downright ATROCIOUS, but after that point, it recovered quite well from it's mistakes and really turned itself around. It went from a show I couldn't stand to a masterpiece of a show that even at it's most disappointing, is far from a bad show. Here's just a couple of reasons why this show is just so amazing. THE CHARACTERS When I watched Season 1, I hated EVERYONE in the show. They were all annoying, one-dimensional wrecks (particularly Steven and Garnet... Ugh). But now, I don't even find RONALDO irritating, and he's a character that's always considered annoying by the animation community as a whole. I can't blame them, but he's even improved to the point I don't cringe when he/s on screen anymore... As for everyone else... Well, I'll give you the three best examples. Steven went from being immature and downright annoying to being mature almost beyond his father's years. He's really shown that he has a heart of, well, solid diamond of a sizeable carat. Gold is FAR from appropriate. Steven has an ability to just humanize ANYONE. To be able to really get to literally anyone on a deep emotional level. Heck, one great scene of his involves him destroying a weapon Bismuth MADE for him because he wasn't out to destroy gems, but instead to speak out to them, to teach them of tolerance and of kindness. I really can't believe it. They really went out of the park with him. From, I swear, giving me ANEURYSMS to being the absolute nicest, sweetest kid in... well, anything ever. Pearl went from a b**** with a serious nagging issue, to a character with more depth than I could possibly have imagined. She apparently was in love with Rose Quartz, was hiding a secret of hers for over 5000 years (one with DIRE consequences mind you), and has shown a level of concern and care for Steven that wouldn't even be expected out of the best of mothers. She also has been struggling with plenty of her own demons for the longest time. When Steven got into her mind, you really got to see what she has on her mind all the time. On the exterior is the organized clean freak we know her to be, but underneath lies a hidden depression, comprised of thousands of years of sorrow. I could go on, but Pearl's insanely deep even for a Steven Universe character, and that says something because they all have an amount of depth I've never seen anywhere else. Garnet went from being a complete f***ing buzzkill to being literally the best LGBT representation in ALL of media, period, and among the absolute best cartoon characters EVER devised. Garnet really shows the beauty of love, regardless of who it's between. Ruby and Sapphire (the two gems that fuse to create Garnet) are absolutely the most adorable couple I've ever seen. The two, well, women also offer up their own characters to the mix, really creating an interesting sort of split personality within Garnet that occasionally manifests itself. A part of her is insightful and mature, while another part of her is energetic and almost childlike in a very charming way. They literally fused out of love, and they've stayed fused for most of almost 6000 years! That's true love, if I've ever known it. True dedication to each other and to their fusion. She, well, they are just such a great way to represent the community as a whole. I could never ask for such. It's also a huge plus that they're "marriage" was the most adorable thing I've ever witnessed in all of animation... Garnet is really a show of how strong the bond of love can be, and an impressive one at that. THE MESSAGE I also love the message of the series as a whole, which I would say is that we should let everyone be who they are, regardless of any standards we may place on them. That we should accept people's expressions of themselves. If you hate the show for having a message like that, well you're offended and you more than deserve to be... Seriously, this show is beyond insightful and if you decide not to see that because you don't like it, you have a problem not the show. There is so MUCH to get out of this masterpiece of a show. There is a lot about individuality, a lot about abusing power, and a lot about the importance of the connections we have with others, among a lot about other things as well. Seriously, there's just so many good things this show could teach EVERYONE that listing them would take far too long. All I'm saying is, this show is deep and thought-provoking with messages that can apply to literally anyone, regardless of who they happen to be. This show is a show for everyone, young or old, conservative or progressive, male or female, white or black, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity... I can't recommend it enough. Though I also can't recommend skipping the first season enough either. There are a few key episodes that should be seen to start with, but this is more about how good the show is and not anything else. This show is a phenomenal show. It's even more than just a show... It's an experience, and it's one heck of an experience. It's one that I think every single fan of animation should give a try, and a real try not just make some pointless 30-45 minute videos trying to criticize it's animation style that don't really go anywhere and prove more or less you're trying to hate the show as hard as you possibly can (I've seen more than one of those ...). All I ask to people who do that s*** is to really give the show a shot before they start bashing it. Maybe you can see the same thing I do in it.
  21. With Star Trek: Discovery getting to the halfway mark of its first season and me being about half a season of Voyager away from ending my recent binge of the whole series (upon creating this thread), I decided it was time to poll the community on the subject of Starfleet captains. Who is your favorite Starfleet Caprain? Who is your least favorite Starfleet Captain? I know who's probably going to be answered the most in both questions, but I just felt like asking. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ My Answers: My favorite is Jean-Luc Picard. A very philosophical captain that rarely did anything that really offended or really could offend, he's exactly what I'd want in a captain. One that listens to the concerns of his crew and addresses them, even always giving the respect of saying "your objection is noted" when his actions are questioned by senior officers even under the most trying of circumstances. Plus, he was portrayed as a captain who had his own way of commanding his ship, and his own personality that is as deep as it is well-defined. My least favorite is Kathryn Janeway. She is easily the worst captain for reasons I've [posted about multiple times before. She's an egotistical hypocrite with a contorted sense of morality that always sems to fit her actions, no matter how unjustified. She treats her crew in a way I find downright disrespectful (she's especially bad about it towards Chakotay and Seven of Nine), and she's a downright moron. It doesn't really help her case that SHE is the ONLY REASON Voyager got stranded in the Delta Quadrant in the FIRST PLACE... Also, the way I'd probably rank them: 1. Jean Luc Picard --------------------- 2. James T. Kirk 3. Johnathan Archer --------------------- 4. Benjamin Sisko 5. Kathryn Janeway
  22. Out of all the characters in the current generation of MLP, who is the best and worst written in your opinion? Here's mine: Best written: Scootaloo. When I was born, I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, so the fact that Scootaloo is a pegasus who can't fly is extremely relatable to me. In every episode, I find her actions, words, and just everything so real. She feels like the character that in my opinion, could be a real person in real life. She's childish and determined. Brave and easily impressed, yet she has limits. I love the way she's written, and clearly with The Washouts being her newest centric episode, the writers have not failed to bring spirit and charisma to Scoots. Worst written: Fluttershy. All her early episodes, as had been said many times, were just poor rehashes over and over. Now, some have argued, her character has gone past that phase, and while I think that's true, I believe she has entered a worse one. Her episodes are now extremely forgettable, and all memorable/lovable aspects of her personality have vanished. I feel like Fluttershy was never really written all that well, especially with the archetype she's supposed to fit in. I'd love to hear all of your opinions, though, and please specify why.
  23. I've been thinking about this question for a while now and I was wondering. Should I be adding what the character feels in a situation rather good or bad?
  24. Well, I was originally going to vent here, but I got inspiration after watching a YouTube video to do something less simultaneously migraine-inducing and controversial. I'll just discuss some of my favorite characters to play as in video game history, and why I enjoy them so much. The only rules here are one per game. These are not in order. Barik (Paladins)- The Dwarven god among men himself. My main when I played Paladins, he brought me so much enjoyment playing the game that I can hardly contain myself right now with the literal nostalgia I have on the topic. I actually don't know why I enjoy him so much. Maybe it's my signature playstyle of plopping turrets wherever I see fit and destroying everyone? Maybe it's his emphasis on positioning? Maybe it's dashing in circles like a little madman high on drugs? Maybe it's even because I'm playing as the Paladins equivalent of Goldeneye 007's Oddjob? I really don't know. But he's so enjoyable that I managed to play as him in over HALF of all of my matches playing the game. Axton (Borderlands 2)- My recent obsession, Axton has become my favorite Borderlands 2 character to play as. Why? Only one line must be said here. "Have you met the misses?" Are you starting to see a pattern here? Turrets. I freaking like turrets. Axton's turret has great offensive zoning potential building an Engineer build, and it also gives you INSANE buffs to your damage output running the Battlefront skill. Combining this with weapons with high damage potential like the Unkempt Harold results in the DPS being taken to MAXIMUM overdrive. Sure, he has the worst melee in the ENTIRE GAME and I like playing melee builds, but his turret build is even better than Melee Zer0 for me. Yoshi (Smash Bros)- Oh. My. Word. The. SPIKES. I've always found Yoshi a blast to play because there's just so many ways you can burst your opponent into submission. But the most fun will always be spiking straight into volleyball combos. If you're unaware, Yoshi has the capability to pretend you're a volleyball and smack you into the next ZIP code with a combo of chaining down and up airs. They keep saying Villager isn't the face of mercy, but Yoshi is RUTHLESS. He'll knock you into the next ZIP code with his tail, He will throw eggs at your face like grenades. Heck, he will even use his HEAD as a weapon of mass destruction. Seriously, that noggin has some serious kill potential. Sniper (Team Fortress 2)- There's a good reason he was my go-to when I played the game. He's a great example of how a sniper class should be executed. He's got a surprising amount of versatility, and he's got a lot of ranged damage. Sure it's at the expense of close-quarters... but... IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE! Take a Shahanshah. Sure it deals bad damage if you melee somebody at above half health, but when you get flanked, it's super useful because your health pool is going to get low enough to get the damage buff at low health. With that boost, those annoying scouts are history. Also, he's even got support options! Get a Sydney Sleeper and you can mark targets for your team to take down for you! Mordecai (Borderlands 1)- Note that I didn't say one per SERIES. Sure, Bloodwing is a bit of a subpar action skill without investment, but that's more than made up for running him with a Sniper or a Pistol build. Sniper builds on him are BETTER than Zer0 in all honesty. With skills like Trespasser that allow you to have up to a 100% chance to IGNORE SHIELDS and skills like Killer that allow you to consistently chain damage output, it's not hard to see what makes him fun to play but also really good. This isn't to mention his potential with pistols (especially revolvers) running the right build, especially with the right Class Mods along with skills that buff reload speed and DPS. I may add a League of Legends character and a DotA 2 character later on, but this is it.