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Found 1 result

  1. If you have read my last entry you know I got written up at work for screwing up a few too many times in the checkstand, I am trying to of course get out of there and have many many good reasons for doing so and you will here a slightly more smart assed version of them than I will present to management here on in this blog entry. 1. Being a dairy clerk is enough pressure already: Yes like I explained in my last entry most dairy clerks in the company I work for also function as backup checkers, but in my own humble opinion it is completely stupid. Produce Clerks also function as backup checkers but they are called up so rarely that it dosen't even matter and plus as a former backup produce clerk I can tell you unequivocally that produce is a lot easier than dairy.Basic common sense dictates that it should be the other way around but they operate on logic that wouldn't even makes sense to Discord. 2. I hate being up there: I loathe and despise it so much that no matter how much I may try to hide it if it is not some smartass remark or frustrated grumblings under my breath or body language than something else inevitably gives it away. I don't even bother trying to smile because when I attempt that it usually looks something like this. Or this I could imagine a commercial now "we at *insert company name here* in addition to selling groceries now offer baby sitting services and we promise we won't molest your kids and those bones in the backroom are just chickenbones there is no need to call the police." It sure puts a whole new meaning to the term "service with a smile" dosen't it ladies and gents? It is oddly appropriate considering how myself and my fellow employees are getting "serviced" by our company every day, and how many of said employees pass their days by lying back and thinking of England. 3. I am a horrible multi tasker: There is such a ridiculous amount of stuff to keep track of up there that it makes me more cross eyed than Derpy at a muffin factory. Because of this I have to concentrate so hard that it feels like the blood vessels in my head are going to burst open and since there is so much pressure to go as fast as Rainbow Dash on a 12 pack of red bull it makes an already tenuous situation that much worse. 4. I panic too much: Remember the MLP episode Lesson Zero where Twilight kept freaking out because she was "tardy" with a friendship letter to Celestia? That is pretty much in a nutshell exactly how I am up there except not as bad, at least not yet. I can think of at least 8 different occasions where I freaked out so much that I was not able to function on even the simplest task up there. In large because there are so many mistakes that can get you written up or even fired the prospect of making said mistake brings out my inner perfectionist at its most extreme. The irony of course being that this fear makes me screw up even more. 5. My temper is way too volatile: I haven't lost my temper with a customer yet thank God but some of my checkstand freakouts have resulted in me losing my temper not at any person in particular but yelling and struggling not to spew profanity that would embarrass even a drunken sailor has a certain knack for scaring customers and even your fellow employees.