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Found 46 results

  1. Well according to me, Big Macintosh is one big susceptible lover. He is interested in more than one mares. I mean, Cheerilee (although they had love potion, they still blush to each other when they come across), Marble Pie and now Sugar Belle? What is going on? XD. Can someone officially tell me what is going on? I mean they explained Cheerilee but what about Marble Pie? They were not even looking at each other friendly. How fast Big Mac forgot Marble Pie to have a crush on Sugar Belle?
  2. Welcome to the Cheerilee Fan Club! Cheerilee is the sweet and kind teacher at the Ponyville schoolhouse who wants nothing more than to help her students bloom into the best ponies they can be, she was Big Macintosh's temporary waifu for a while (courtesy of the Cutie Mark Crusaders), and has great insight into the workings of Cutie Marks. RULES: -No Spamming the group to become the biggest fan. -No NSFW material (though certain suggestive images may be acceptable-PM me if you are unsure) -No hating on this group or any other. -Do not post material unrelated to Cheerilee. -Be respectful of other members -All rules of MLP forums apply here.
  3. Regardless of whether you ship Fluttermac, Cheerimac, Sugar Mac, or even Marble Mac. One thing I seem to notice is that Big Macintosh seems to have a thing for mares who are usually known for their kindness. After all, Fluttershy is the Element of Kindness, and she's often paired with Big Mac by fans. Cheerilee is a teacher who works with fillies and colts, thus kindness certainly applies to her. Sugar Belle is pretty quiet and soft spoken and has been known to be kind as well. Marble Pie is a little confusing. She's quiet and soft spoken, but I'm not too sure if kindness is a part of her. But nevertheless. The common ground of each of these mares is that they're known for their kindness towards other ponies. So I don't think that we should accuse the big red stallion of having bad taste in what he likes in a mare, no matter which of these 4 ponies you ship him with. Don't you agree?
  4. Arguably the most important part of a Cutie Mark is the Glyph, here meant to refer to the image depicted. It is from this that we gain the most significant indication of a pony's talent. That said, there is a fair amount of interpretation involved in reading Cutie marks. For example, Cheerilee's Cutie Mark, a Triune of Smiling Daisies is meant to represent her skill and passion for teaching. She described the mark in the episode "Call of the Cutie" What this tells us is that apart from the pure symbolism inherent in the Cutie Mark, a pony's personal understanding of it can play a significant role as well. This presents us with a bit of a Dilema. Using the system that I have devised would not give us the best understanding of a mark like Cheerilee's. The question then is this; How do we handle the subjective meanings of Cutie Marks? One possibility would be to simply disregard this aspect of Cutie Mark Interpretation as it makes the entire exercise a foregone conclusion if you already have an idea of what a Cutie Mark means. In it's capacity as a tool for character creation, this would be a perfectly tenable solution, but in it's secondary purpose of reading meaning from existing marks, this falls short. I recognize that it would be impossible to systematically derive the subjective meaning from a mark so I'm still left with the question of how to do it. As always, your input is welcome and encouraged.
  5. Good afternoon everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews." Today we've got the first normal episode of Season 7 proper, following the two season premiere episodes, and I'm very pleased to say that this was a delightful episode indeed. That's particularly important for the third episode of a season because, in past seasons, I've noticed that very often the third episode of any given season very much sets the tone for the general level of quality one encounters or can expect to encounter throughout the season. This was definitely one of the best third episodes of a new season the show has had in some time, so without further ado, let's begin. This is "A Flurry of Emotions." Hi, I'm Batbrony, and this is Flurry Heart... welcome to 'Jackass'!!! Alright, so the most important aspect of this episode was the first really full-episode feature of Flurry Heart since her first debut in "The Crystalling" last season. While I found her to be perfectly harmless when she first showed up last season, there were a fair number of bronies who, to this day, weren't too crazy about her. They thought she was just there for the sake of having an annoying baby character and weren't crazy about her being an alicorn either, and I always thought that was a little unfair to her as a character, even if the threat she presented in her debut was a little ridiculous. That said, we didn't really get much else of her after those two episodes, so the show hadn't really given her defenders much of a chance since then to really justify her existence. Today I'm glad to say that that has been fully rectified with this episode. Flurry Heart was not only even more adorable and hilarious than when she first showed up, but was also still believable as a young foal while clearly having grown and developed (at least by baby standards) quite a bit since when we saw her in her debut when she was only days old. She has long-term memory now, better control over her magic, and even something of a personality, and given the passage of time since she first appeared, this all makes sense. But despite these new additions to her, she still behaved as a foal her age should, and what we got was a foal character that felt very natural and well-put together. I was also very impressed that the show didn't try to pretend like Flurry Heart even had to learn a lesson here; oh sure, Twilight lectured her at the end, but that was largely just to calm her down in the moment because, well, she's a baby still and can only learn so much at this point in time. Overall, I thought that Princess McFlurry was an absolute treat to watch this time around, and Tabitha St. Germain's splendid voice work on her did not hurt in the slightest either, hay, I'd even say it was a better job than her first time around! So all in all I was very pleased with how Flurry Heart's return went, and I do hope we get to see more of her going forward (although I should note that I really hope the show at some point lets foal characters actually get older, because it makes NO sense that the Cake Twins are still around Flurry's age. Heck, the first episode of the season pointed out why it makes no sense; Celestia mentioned that it has clearly been years since the show started in Equestrian time, and the Cake Twins have been around since Season 2, WHEN ARE THEY GONNA GET OLDER IN THE SHOW?! But I digress). Oh, also, before we move on, if you thought this show couldn't find anymore ways to jam-pack adorableness into a 22 minute episode of MLP, then you were quite pleasantly surprised by how cute this episode was. I mean, come on, take a look at this! Sweet Celestia, that's A LOT of cute!!! Anyways, moving on we come to the main character of this episode, Twilight. Through this first three episodes of this season, I've actually been quite pleased to find that the lessons that Twilight's been learning don't seem to be (1) redundant for her, or (2) something she should have learned already. I bring this up because last season, while an excellent season all around, had quite a few instances of characters in the Mane 6 learning lessons that they really should have known by that point in the show, and oftentimes they came off as either jerks or stupid because of it. Now while it may still be early in the new season, the fact that Twilight has been handled so well in the lesson department is an encouraging sign, to say the least. Both lessons make sense as being ones she might have to learn at this point in the show. She'd only just gotten used to being Starlight's teacher last season, so obviously having to let a student go on to her next step in life was something which she'd never done before and needed to learn how to do. Likewise, in this episode we see that Twilight still has a lot to learn about being a responsible aunt, especially when she doesn't see Flurry Heart all that often, which can make it easy for her to just want to be a fun aunt for the young filly, but as we saw today, she doesn't have much experience with full-time care of a foal that age, much less a relative, and couldn't just try to squeeze her into her already packed schedule. A foal Flurry's age needs 24/7 monitoring and care, and Twilight clearly underestimated how hard that'd be to do in this instance, especially while trying to juggle other responsibilities. But like I said, this did not seem like a Season 1 or Season 2 Twilight problem, I could totally buy that she'd need to learn this now. And the best part of it all in execution was that she learned it as the episode went on, not just all in one bunch at the end. Season 1 or Season 2 Twilight would've tried to grin and bear it from start to ugly finish, maybe even deny until she absolutely couldn't any longer that anything was wrong at all. But this is Season 7 Twilight, and by the time she got to the hospital, Twilight was already readily admitting that this day had gotten out of control and was quite the nightmare already, that she'd bucked up. She was just trying to make the best of it at that point and get through the rest. The only difference in the hospital scene was that Flurry finally caused enough of a disruption that Twilight needed to calm her down quite a few notches and admit to Flurry that she couldn't and shouldn't keep trying to drag her to all these places and just keep her off to the side. It wasn't fair to Flurry, nor was it fair to the ponies Twilight was supposed to be helping or who were going out of their way to help Twilight, as evidenced by the toy store clerk, poor Cheerilee (whose mouth must just reek of chalk now, poor earth ponies and pegasi with no digits or levitation magic), and Pinkie Pie in Sugarcube Corner, along with the hospital staff and the sick fillies and colts at the hospital. All in all, while not the deepest of lessons, I still really liked it just because I didn't mind that Twilight was learning it since it all made perfect sense. Twilight's got a lot of experience in a lot of things at this point, but one thing she still doesn't have too much experience in is being a responsible aunt to her alicorn niece. Very good lesson and very good characterization of Twilight. Off to supporting characters, we had quite a bunch of good stuff to go around. First, Spike was awesome. I've really enjoyed his rising maturity levels over the last 3 seasons now, and I feel like mentoring Starlight to a certain extent (in a big brother kind of way, even if he's younger and smaller than her) has really contributed to that. He's much more confident in his ability to have a situation under control now and he's still Twilight's #1 assistant as always, if not even better than ever, and here he just wasn't messing around. He knew the second Twilight proposed letting Flurry tag along that it'd mess up their entire schedule and he also knew that wasn't a good idea for many reasons; sadly, because Twilight needed to learn a lesson and (more likely connected to show canon) because Twilight still has a bad habit of not usually listening to Spike's advice until it's too late, Twilight did not listen, but still, Spike was very enjoyable all the same. He didn't seem too phased by Twilight not listening to him, which means he's either getting used to it or was just perfectly happy to watch everything blow up in her face instead. He also had some fun bits with Flurry Heart, like this bit with the Cake Twins where Flurry and Spike desperately tried to intervene to no avail and get the Cake Twins to stop fighting... "You see this s*** going on over here, dragon-dude? Mannnnnnnnnn, it's not good!" I mean, c'mon, how funny is that s***? Besides Spike we had a very fun subplot with Princess Cadance and Shining Armor, and I must say it's about damn time. We've really only seen these two as a couple during season premiere or finale episodes, usually in the middle of some kind of a national crisis, so I was very gratified that we finally got to see these two, extensively, JUST as a couple doing couple things as they tried to get an afternoon to themselves to get a break from Flurry Heart. Even better, I loved very much that the show was very real in that they went to something, an art show, which neither of them were particularly crazy about, but it was better than nothing at all and Twilight just happened to be in Ponyville too, so it worked, because that's just how much they needed a break from parenting a foal this age. That was delightful in its accuracy, as I've heard of many a parental couple who get to a point when they have a young baby that they're willing to do anything if it means they're out of the house and get a day or an evening of a break from their parenting, even if it's not something they really like! What was even more fun was the art show itself, namely because of Spearhead, Shining Armor's old Royal Guard buddy. This guy was a blast! As I said earlier, he's that rare type of "dude-bro" who, rather than being insufferable, was kind of awesome and hilarious; he wasn't full of himself, he just loves being a dude bro in every sense of the word, and I totally dug that. His approach as an artist as well really worked for me. Not the pieces themselves, but I kept seeing throughout this thread people commenting that they thought the writers were being snarky about modern art and people not liking it. I think that's true to an extent, but I think it changed when Spearhead came in. I don't think the writers were critiquing modern art, I think they were critiquing how some modern artists insist that their art have one interpretation alone. THAT is what makes modern art really insufferable; not so much what it looks like (even if much of it is nowhere as impressive as classic pieces of art) but the idea that such vague and general art can only have one interpretation, which some insufferable modern artists do insist. Spearhead here, however, made his art very accessible for others by insisting that enjoying his art was all about his patrons interpreting it as however they wished, injecting meaning into it that meant something to them. His art meant something very specific to him, but he wasn't going to begrudge others having it mean something else to them, but rather encouraged it. For such a seemingly simple character, and in a subplot no less, this was actually quite a nuanced and subtle message about how to appreciate art no matter what form you encounter it in. For that, I have to give major props to the writers on such a well-written and fun new character. I doubt we'll see more of him this season, but I wouldn't complain if we did, Spearhead was a blast! You're cool in my book, Spearhead, you're cool. Dude-on mah dude-bro! To close out the supporting characters we had some fun appearances from Nurse Redheart (I seriously can't remember the last time she had a speaking role, and it was fun seeing her softer side this time around as opposed to when she made herself Pinkie's mortal enemy when the Cake Twins were born), a new toy store clerk who absolutely unloaded some sass on Twilight about proper organization (and yes, I loved it ), Cheerilee who, as I mentioned earlier, got quite the shaft from having to write all those equations on a chalkboard all over again with the chalk in her mouth (but hey, at least Twilight is getting her apology cookies), but I do love getting to see Ponyville's favorite teacher getting small little bits like that now and then, really helps further bring the town alive when the supporting and background ponies there get to play more active roles, and finally a really funny scene with the Cake Twins and Pinkie Pie in which Flurry Heart had the most adorable, failed attempt ever at trying to teach the Cake Twins how to share (I'd count the hospital scene but there were so many background and supporting characters there that none really stood out aside from Redheart, and I guess we learned what the horsey hives are as well). All in all, for a single episode, it was a pretty darn solid one as far as activity from supporting characters goes. Besides that, I don't have too much else to mention. The animation as usual was lovely and I continue to appreciate the experimentation we continue to see the animators engaging in, ESPECIALLY in some of the faces they throw into the show (which I should also credit the storyboard artists for considering that's where a lot of that starts I'm sure). I mean, get a load of this face, can you even imagine seeing something like this in Season 1 or Season 2? That's hilarious... OK, one more Perfection Besides the facial animation, I was quite impressed by some of the magic animation in this episode, it was unusually ambitious for a slice-of-life episode. Think about it, we had not one but two very powerful magic users (three if you count the few times Cadance used magic, but she barely did here), oftentimes using magic at the same time and sometimes on the same things, and one of them was also an infant, which meant that the magic had to look as though it were being employed, to some extent, by a baby who doesn't entirely know what she's doing all the time. Very impressive, if I do say so myself, and it's hard to believe we've gotten all the way to this point in their magical animation since Season 1. There was also a pretty neat reference to the G1 villain, Grogar (considered the second most evil G1 villain behind Tirek) in the story Twilight was telling to the fillies and colts at the hospital, but whether anything else comes of that remains to be seen. He may be a canon character who shows up at some point, but for right now he's at the very least a fictional character in Equestrian lore, if not an actual historical one, we don't know. If something more comes of that, it'll be very cool indeed that they mentioned him earlier this season. Overall, this episode was a blast and a very, very, VERY solid third episode of the season, which bodes well for the entirety of Season 7. I can't wait to see what comes next, but for now I'll settle for rewatching an episode as immensely enjoyable as this one. This has been another edition of "Batbrony Reviews," everypony! Until next time, everypony, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit*
  6. Inspired by an IDW cover, but to be honest I didn't read it. This is really old. Outfit and pose source included.
  7. Alright, good afternoon everypony, apologies for taking some time to get around to this review. This morning we got what I would call an average episode with an exceptional ending, at least by Season 6 standards. That's not to say I didn't enjoy "The Cart Before the Ponies," but it hit beats that were very predictable in many regards, as we'll see. Without further ado, let's begin, this is "The Cart Before the Ponies." So this episode's biggest problem really comes down to the type of story it's telling. We've seen this story in a million different ways before, the "older sibling/parent helping out the youngster with something, and getting carried away by their own ambitions/nostalgia and in the process forgetting what the activity's really about" storyline. It's not a story thread I'm a particular fan of, for one big reason: it demands that the adult character act more immaturely than the younger character. This isn't to say you can't do that, you certainly can; adults are often stupid or immature in their own ways, far too often. The reason it doesn't work a lot of the time in this particular type of story is because the adults are usually being immature about something very petty, in this case a derby race. This felt very out of character for all three of the Mane 6 here, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Rarity, ESPECIALLY when one considers that this is a Season 6 episode. If this had happened in Season 1 or Season 2, I could've bought it at the very least, but this is Season 6 and all three of them were being ridiculous for the first 2/3 of this episode. They felt like stereotypes of themselves, and not in a good or even humorous way. But like I said, I don't blame this on the episode or the characters so much as just the particular type of story that was being told, and thankfully the episode had enough redeeming points to overcome the bad story-type. I need that hat... I NEED IT First of all, Cheerilee featured prominently for the first time in a while, and I remembered how much I love when that happens, for a couple of reasons. (1) Cheerilee's adorable and I have a soft spot for her since my mom's a teacher, so a good teacher character will always win me over, (2) she's voiced by Nicole Oliver, who doesn't get NEARLY enough screentime in the show between Cheerilee and Princess Celestia these days, simply shameful considering she's a great VA who has so much fun in both roles. Cheerilee was basically what she always is, hilarious and adorable. She has a very deadpan sense of humor where she usually just gets fed up with something stupid going on around her, while somehow remaining chipper all the same, and her cheerleader outfit in the final scene was TOO CUTE!!! She was also the most mature adult pony here and called RD, AJ, and Rarity out for their BS at the end, which was gratifying to see. WOO, YEAH, TAKE IT OFF- uh, I mean, yeah, go Cheerleader Cheerilee, go Cheerilee, go! "Getting real tired of your BS, Rarity." Secondly the humor was top notch, especially for a slice of life episode that really brought Ponyville to life. We got to see A LOT of side characters and background ponies in prominent roles, and that's always fun and gave it a very early-seasons feel. I was especially pleased by how much of my best pony, Derpy, there was (and her possible brother/nephew/son??? Seriously, who the buck was that colt???), and she got the biggest laugh from me in that flashback scene with Rarity (don't ever underestimate how creative my best pony is, ya'll! ). The whole town came alive here, and that's always one of my favorite things to see in the show. Also, Scootaloo wanted to make a chicken-cart, THAT IS EPIC TROLLING FROM THE WRITERS/ANIMATORS!!! Who are you, mysterious colt?! FLAWLESS VICTORY, EPIC CELEBRATION! Never underestimate a mailmare! Third, we got a killer song at the end despite the fact that it was basically RD, AJ, and Rarity singing about how much they were bucking up. It was fun, the whole town was involved, and it had a killer tune to it. Not much else to say about that other than I liked it. Did they just make a bucking Wacky Races reference? Brohoof if you know what the buck I'm talking about! THIS STORY THREAD IS SO FRUSTRATING, GAHHHH!!!! Ponies: you know they're cute when they look adorable even in this! Finally, the resolution was satisfying despite the fact that I could see the message coming from a mile away. Pretty much everypony in town was ticked off at RD, AJ, and Rarity, and rightfully so because they screwed up the whole derby for everyone. The CMC got to vent their frustrations as much as they should have, the Mane 6 members learned their lesson well, everypony got to have fun in the end and all was made right. Overall, while this episode was utterly predictable and utilized a very tired and not terribly good story thread, it was satisfying enough in its execution to be enjoyable enough. It wasn't great, but it was better than average on the whole, and I'm perfectly fine with that. Should be fun to rewatch, especially for the little things that elevated it. That's all for this week everypony, until next week this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit*
  8. My first piece of art relates to my first post here Here it is: This is a wallpaper showcasing 6 other ponies representing the Elements of Harmony. I used Gimp to make this.I got the characters and elements from Google images so I don't own anything. I used a gradient for the background and lowered the opacity for the Mane 6.Behind the elements I used a gradient flare for each of them. And as you can see these are my choices for the ponies who would carry the banners for the elements if by some chance the Mane 6 couldn't defend Equestria. I just thought it would be a neat concept. What do you think of it?
  9. For my first thread I figured that I would discuss something that I've had on my mind for a while. Something that is a common theme to certain adventure shows: The theme is that "there are others who are worthy of being the heroes of the story instead of the heroes we expect", and at times in these shows it is done well. I figured that everypony in Equestria often times relies on and expects the Mane 6 to save the day and be the heroes. However there comes a point in the series in which the villains know that Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie are the ponies to stop them from whatever plans they have. So I figured that at some point in the show, the villain in question is going to wind up easily defeating the Mane 6 (IE: injuring, kidnapping, brainwashing, etc) to the point that the Mane 6 are completely incapacitated and cannot perform their duties as defenders of Equestria. At this point the sense of dread and tension lingers, as everypony in Equestria is thinking: "Oh no! If the Mane 6 can't save us, who will?" Have no fear. Even though the Mane 6 wield the Elements of Harmony, I am very certain that the virtues of the Mane 6 have rubbed off on other ponies as well. I'm sure that there are other ponies who also showcase Honesty, Loyalty, Laughter, Generosity, Kindness, and Magic. I figured that even though they may not be as experienced in the field as the Mane 6, They are just as worthy of carrying the Elements of Harmony to save Equestria. So here are my picks for each individual element: -Element of Magic: Shining Armor I admit that this is kind of a toss up between Shining Armor, Sunset Shimmer, and Starlight Glimmer for this element but I figured that one key factor in choosing Shining would be because of the element of family. Being Twilight's brother certainly helps, as well as his being a member of the royal guards. Plus I figured that since Twilight had come through for him and his family a few times before, here would be a great opportunity for him to return the favor. -Element of Kindness: Cheerilee Now this might be somewhat of a stretch since technically we haven't seen her interact with Fluttershy nor is she a pegasus. But I personally can't think of any other pegasi who exhibits any particular level of kindness at Fluttershy's levels. But Cheerilee has a lot going for her in the department of kindness since she is a schoolteacher after all and the love and care she shows for her students mirrors the way Fluttershy is with animals. -Element of Laughter: Cheese Sandwich Initially I thought that as a joke I'd have Maud Pie carry the banner for laughter. But to be serious I knew that there was only one other pony who can showcase the Laughter element at the same levels as Pinkie Pie. As a party pony, Cheese Sandwich is capable of expressing the same levels of humor and bringing joy to other ponies as his one time rival and idol. I can't think of anypony else worthy of carrying the Element of Laughter. -Element of Honesty: Big Macintosh On a personal note, seeing "Brotherhooves Social" and learning of his personal desires to be a hero just like Applejack made me come up with this idea in the first place. Personally I'm afraid that the writers are going to not follow up on the story. So I figured that this would be a great chance for Big Macintosh to live out his dream. Also, Honesty is an Apple family value from what I've been lead to believe so Big Mac would be most fitting to carry the flag for Honesty in place of Applejack. Now I thought that some might think that Apple Bloom might be a better choice considering how close she is with her big sister as opposed to her big brother, but I've decided not to include any of the Cutie Mark Crusaders on this list because they already had their story arc and might suffer from overexposure. So I thought that this story arc would help develop Big Macintosh and his character more than it would Apple Bloom. Plus his strength would be a huge contribution. -Element of Loyalty: Spitfire This one was a very tricky one as I couldn't seem to find any other ponies worthy of carrying the banner for Loyalty, and I couldn't pick Scootaloo due to reasons mentioned above. But that isn't to say that Spitfire isn't worthy of carrying the flag for Rainbow Dash. I'm pretty sure that she's learned a lot from Rainbow Dash about loyalty considering that the Wonderbolts have had their fair share of traitors in the past. I'm sure that she is capable in the fight against evil, but again this was a very tricky pick. -Element of Generosity: Sassy Saddles Again this was a very tricky decision as it was another tossup, this time with her as well as Coco Pommel and Minuet, and no to Sweetie Belle for the CMC rule mentioned before. But I figured that Sassy being in charge of the Canterlot Boutique would be a factor, as well as learning about Generosity from Rarity. Considering the time that has passed from her appearances that she has probably learned to be generous as well. Again this was another tricky choice. One thing of note when coming up with these decisions, As you may have noticed, each of my choices is somepony who has a personal connection with the Mane 6. Plus I wanted to balance out the Earth Ponies, the Pegasi, and the Unicorns as evenly as possible. But nevertheless, these are just my picks. Also just to be sure, The replacements are only going to be temporary and will only be for a possible 2, 3, or 4 part episode. What do you think of these picks? Which 6 ponies would you choose?
  10. I wondered, what specific academic subjects would these characters teach, if they were ordinary schoolteachers, instead of being either school principals, librarians, and et cetera ... ? * Principal Celestia * Principal Luna * Principal Cadance * Shining Armor * Principal Cinch * Chrysalis * Sombra * Cheerilee
  11. Good afternoon, everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"! Sorry I'm a bit later than usual, but I was just starving and had to get some lunch after the new episode. Well now... that seriously just happened. And, I'm not gonna lie, it was kinda perfect. This was something else, really, even by this show's standards. A day we've all been waiting for for a long, long, LONG time has finally come, and quite frankly, in true DHX fashion, they did it better than really I think any of us could've hoped for. Got a lot to cover with this one, so without further ado, this is "Crusaders of the Lost Mark." So given how much happened in this episode (and trust me, there was A LOT), I'm gonna change things up and review the three acts of this episode, before moving on to more miscellaneous items. I just feel it'll be easiest to organize it that way. Starting things off, we had the CMC resolving yet again, after a brief moment of doubt, to keep working to earn their cutie marks, until good ol' Pipsqueak (still best #1 fan of Princess Luna, I might add) showed up seeking their help for his campaign for student council president against Diamond Tiara. This of course leads into the election itself, which lasts about 5 minutes (most of that being a musical number), and results in Pipsqueak blowing out Diamond in a landslide, because it seems for once that all the other fillies and colts in Ponyville (and even Silver Spoon and Miss Cheerilee, GO CHEERILEE! ) are sick and tired of Diamond Tiara's usual bull crap and attitude and actually calling her out on it. Quite frankly, I can't blame them, as she was in rare form even by her standards in those first few minutes; she was basically a combination of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and every corrupt politician in Chicago (which is all of them), and basically did everything you should never do to win an election (at least in ponies faces, I mean, subtlety thy name is not Diamond Tiara ). Anyways, this was probably the most standard section of the episode, nothing really spectacular happened here aside from nicely setting up the rest, but there were still some nice things about it. There were some nice nods to continuity in their mentioning both Tirek and Discord's attacks in Ponyville, the two opening songs were nice, Pipsqueak is adorable as ever (and I seriously did not remember him being that tiny, HE'S SO CUTE!!! ), Diamond Tiara got a really satisfying comeuppance, but perhaps most importantly of all, this was all that the episode description was about. This impressed me, in hindsight. The episode description made it sound like the entire episode was going to revolve around the election, and going in I kinda assumed that at some point Diamond Tiara would blackmail the CMC or something into helping her. So imagine my surprise when that was all done 5 minutes in. A vote for Pip is a vote for adorableness Um, why exactly is super strength that everypony knows about something to be self conscious about, again? GIRL, YOUR TALENT IS TO BE A SUPERHERO, THAT'S BUCKING AWESOME!!! Best... campaign poster... EVER!!! Well done Dinky, you're making your mom proud This leads us to the second act of this episode, where it quickly started becoming apparent that this was no ordinary episode. No, it seemed that the CMC finally mustered up the courage and resolve to try and help out their longtime archnemesis, Diamond Tiara. Turns out, well, her life kinda sucks (material wealth not withstanding). We'd met her father before, but aside from being a neglectful parent, he didn't really explain her behavior; Filthy Rich, from what we've seen, while again being a neglectful parent and a bit too preoccupied with his business affairs, is all around a cool guy. He's a local whose family has been in Ponyville for a long time, he seems to get along just fine with all his neighbors, and an important fixture in Ponyville's community overall. No, no, apparently, as this episode taught us, Diamond Tiara's special brand of awful comes from her mother, Spoiled Rich. Oh goodness, Spoiled Rich, where do I even begin? This is one of the nastier minor antagonists this show has ever had. We've seen some snobbish Canterlot nobility in the past, but nothing quite like this. She was literally talking the whole episode about looking down on their "social inferiors," and when she wasn't doing that, she was blatantly emotionally abusing Diamond Tiara. It was taken so far, in fact, that I can't help but have some minor issues with it. The biggest reason I don't necessarily buy her behavior is because frankly I don't know how Filthy would've gotten with her in the first place, unless it was an arranged marriage. He just doesn't seem like the kinda guy, from what we've seen, who'd put up with someone like that, especially if she treated their daughter that way too. Minor quibble, though, for the most part I bought her, even if she was just a tad over-the-top in her awfulness. The message still hit home that oftentimes kids are bad or mean and nasty because of the environment they grow up in and what their parents are like, and it definitely helped paint Diamond Tiara in a whole new light quickly. You felt for her just like the CMC did (though quite frankly I'm a bit surprised that in a town as small as Ponyville, they'd never seen her mom before this episode), and they quickly decided to try to aid her in any way they could after it turned out that she really doesn't know what she's really good at, and is very self-conscious about it. This is a HUGE point in the episode, vastly important. You see, at the start they were happy to help Pipsqueak, but they also thought it'd be a good chance to get their cutie marks too. Obviously that didn't work out. However, when they decided to help Diamond Tiara, their mortal nemesis, more or less, they didn't mention their cutie marks at all. They just wanted to try to be good fillies and maybe friends with her, reach out to her when no one else, including Silver Spoon, would. It was a selfless act, and one without any intent to get their cutie marks. It also illustrated nicely how much all three have grown since they first befriended each other; they still cared about getting their cutie marks, but this season especially they've cared more so about helping others for its own sake, especially those who, like them, didn't understand their special talents. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, friendship!!! That moment they introduce a character worse than DT. Yeahhhhhhh, this b*tch was just the worst. How bad? She made me feel sorry for Diamond Tiara in 10 seconds flat after being introduced, I think that says everything you need to know. Bon Bon, honey, I know you apparently must have some money given how much we see you in Canterlot (and hey, I'm sure being a spy has all sorts of nice employment benefits), but you SERIOUSLY need to reconsider who you're hanging around with in your off time besides Lyra! Anyways, their attempts to befriend Diamond Tiara make some headway, ever so slowly, but things are almost all put to ruin when it turns out that Pipsqueak can't get the money to refurbish the elementary school's playground, and Diamond Tiara sees an opportunity to take back the student council presidency and go back to her old ways. Thankfully, however, the CMC talk her out of it through song (in a very impressively choreographed sequence, if I do say so myself, the music and the running chase scene went very nicely together and complemented each other well), and she chooses to try a different path. She chastises her mother and discovers that her special talent turns out to be getting ponies to do what she wants (which can manifest in a very nasty way, obviously), but in this case, when she was acting more positive, it turned into positive leadership. She was able to get the funds and labor to make their new playground a reality, and I thought that was a very cool spin on her talent and showing how talents can both be good and bad things depending on how we use them, because technically she still utilized it before, just in very, very nasty ways. In the process, she reconciled with Silver Spoon and her classmates, and ended up making some new friends and taking her first steps in the right direction. This is another minor point of complaint of mine, but her turn at the end was a bit abrupt for me. Not her doing the right thing, no, just how well she did it. It was like she was just a complete polar opposite self, and given the fast pace at times of the episode, that was just a tad bit jarring. However, for the most part it worked I thought, and like I said, I only have a minor, minor, minor complaint about it in that one scene. I won't lie, I didn't cry, but I wanted to SO BADLY!!! This, of course, leads us into the last act. Oh my, the last act. That was... wow, that was just wow. They got 'em. What else can I really say, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo, after 5 seasons of trying their hardest to get their cutie marks, finally got them. It was kinda perfect, like I said earlier. They weren't trying to go them, they weren't doing the most ludicrous thing they could think of, they were just being great friends and doing what they've truly become good at, helping another figure out what their special talent is. That is really kinda perfect for their special talent, and it was set up quite nicely this season especially (but also in seasons past in episodes like "One Bad Apple"). On top of that, it really was perfect too that they got their cutie marks all at once. I think there was a window in earlier seasons where it would've made sense if they got them one at a time, but at this point, when they have grown so close to each other, they really needed to get them all together at the same time. It just makes perfect sense and was really the best way to handle it. And finally, the payoff itself was perfect. The whole town celebrated alongside those three. First their classmates, including new friends Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, along with their beloved teacher Miss Cheerilee, then the townsfolk (including my beloved Derpy, who I might add was one of the first ponies in town to happily spot their cutie marks ), and finally the Mane 6, including their sisters/sister figures. Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Applejack all had lovely moments with the CMC, my personal favorite being Applejack's simply because she actually mentioned their dead parents and confirmed very explicitly that they're no long with them. Yes it'd been confirmed by the writers before, but never did I imagine they'd be so explicit about it, and it was done very tastefully and had a very emotional impact, if I do say so myself. Applejack's not just a sister or sister figure for Apple Bloom like Rarity and Rainbow Dash are, she's also a mother figure for Apple Bloom, so it was just too lovely getting to see her celebrate Apple Bloom's achievement. The moment was perfect, the closing scene was perfect, the music was perfect, the celebration was perfect, the call backs to previous episodes with them were perfect, the whole closing act of this episode was just perfect and exactly what Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo deserved after getting their cutie marks. A whole new road is now open for them, and they can focus from now on on cultivating their special talents and helping other ponies who are struggling like they did for such a long time figure out what their special talents are. Well... that's basically all I got. A few minor notes before we close this review. I've only watched it once so far, so don't have any of the song titles memorized or anything, but I was very impressed by all the music here. It was lovely, nicely spaced, fit the younger characters starring in this episode very, very well, and probably the most music we've had in a single episode since "Magical Mystery Cure" back in Season 3. The whole pace of the episode for the most part worked well too, with again just a couple of minor nitpicks from me in certain spots. The animation as always was lovely, and I very much adore the Cutie Mark Crusaders' cutie marks, the color schemes and patterns just work perfectly and it's too lovely that they all resemble each other, just simply perfect for them. There wasn't a lot of humor by the show's normal standards, but that's very understandable here given how much was going on and how serious the issues at hand here were. All in all, this is probably... yeah, I'm gonna say it, this is the Cutie Mark Crusaders' best episode to date, and it was simply the perfect way for them to get their cutie marks and mark the actual 5th anniversary of the show (not to mention it was very nice that they let Amy Keating Rogers, who left the show after they'd wrapped up production this season, write this episode). It's weird to say you're proud of fictional characters, but quite frankly I can't help it, I'm proud of all three of them, and I tip my hat to DHX on a smashing job well done. Congratulations Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo, you finally did it. You... did... it, and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for all three of you! Until next time, everypony, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit*
  12. Another crappy comic that I tried to do as quick as I could while maintaining some degree of quality.
  13. Hey guys, I've noticed that each season before season 5 has followed a set formula for character episodes/ Season 2 and 4 all basically have: 1) 4 two part episodes 2) 2 episodes for each of the mane six 3) Two CMC episodes 4) Two Spike episodes 5) Two mane six full cast episodes It appears they are trying to break this mold now in season 5, but there are still many SECONDARY characters that deserve their own episodes. I repeat, this is not for your own dime a dozen "Background characters and LUNA need more episodes", but actual characters that deserve more time. Here are some ideas of mine... 1) Big Mac DESPERATELY needs an episode, as so far we have seen little from him as a character. 2) Shining Armor/Cadence needs more time focusing on their relationship, or they could go another route and show Shining Armor's history with Twilight, and their deeper relationship. 3) Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon need focus on their relationship, and I for one would live for Silver Spoon to at least be redeemed. 4) Princess Celestia also NEEDS an episode. All we have seen so far is the blank, perfect princess and the occasionally bit of fun. We need deeper insight to her character. Give her an episode on her day off, or her struggling to cope with her duties. Just SOMETHING. 5) I would love to see an episode clearing up what exactly happened 1000 years ago. I would love to see something of the REAL Starswirl, in addition to clearing up Sombra some more. He seriously needs fleshing out. 6) Whilst this is already being touched upon slowly, I want to see more PARENTS. We have only had small glimpses at the parents of Rarity, Twilight and Pinkie, but I want to see an actual parental relationship episode, preferably with Rainbow Dash, Twilight or Fluttershy, or just clearing up what happened to Applejack's parents. Do you guys have any ideas? Which characters would you like to see? We could get an awesome thread going here, and I would love to hear your ideas on both what you want to see, and what you don't...
  14. Everytime I see a picture or something with Cheerilee in it I say "It's Miss Cheerilee!", does anypony else do that or is it just me?
  15. So, we have a new entry to the main line of the comics series! What are your thoughts in regards to this one? Personally this kinda feels like a return to form for the comics, IMO. This one is easily among the best in the series; though it also really feels like a Friends Forever issues than a Main Series issue, but that could be a good thing. It definitely has a more "Slice of Life" feel than the two previous arcs, and that is probably what was needed. I may expand on my thoughts in the near future, but what about the rest of you?
  16. Cherry Berry and Cheerilee My New Style of Drawn and test my Background skill...
  17. This may possibly be an entry to PTA II. I may have possibly outdone myself for this one. XD It did not take me long to make this ponified theme...
  18. I have three questions regarding the creepy, yet adorable, Sweetieboos. They have a tendency to haunt Cheerilee (and occasionally Derpy Hooves) 1. If I adopt one, how should I treat it? 2. What is the average behaviour of a "Sweetiboo"? 3. Is this a sign, showing that Sweetie Belle's favourite teacher is Cheerilee? Source: fruitymilk (a NSFW blog)
  19. So there are some characteristics that standout from her character to me. Those would definitely be caring, passionate, self sacrificing, patient, and smart. We don't get to know much about her from the show's standpoint asides the fact that she is the elementary teacher. They never really have shed light upon her past too much either. So here's hoping they give her the spotlight in a upcoming episode and not like hearts and hooves day that was a funny episode but it seemed kind of forced. I began liking her character a lot from reading several fanfics on her character and *not Cheerilee's Garden*... Artwork by philo5 Gorgeous picture btw Well its artworks like this and from one of the fanfics I read. It almost seems like Cheerilee is one of those characters who is really under-appreciated. Going back to the episode where the CMC remarked to her and was surprised she did not have a special somepony her facial expression idk felt like it gave a bit more depth to her character then. Like she wears a happy front at times but inside she may not be happy with herself. *Quoted from philo5* " Cheerilee never gets invited to parties. She wasn't at the Gala or the wedding and I can't recall any other party in which she was present. And she stayed home on Nightmare Night. Anyway, this (in my mind) would be her dress she'd wear if she ever got an invite to a party. It took a long time to get this design right, or at least to a point at which I could say, "Yep, that's a dress Cheerilee would wear." Obviously it's based heavily on her colors and her cutie mark. It's OK, Cheerilee. For now you'll just have to go back to a world of making lesson plans, grading homework, bratty students, snobby parents, and intrusive crusaders. And not having a special somepony. Just keep up that brave and cheery facade and things will turn around for you eventually." So yeah those are a lot of reasons I like her character a lot :3. Some ways I see myself kind of like her maybe so... All in all I did not expect to make this long at all but I let myself get the best of me xD! Have one last awesome drawing! Artwork by TwilightFlopple
  20. When Cheerilee expresses concern and confusion over one of her students, an especially bright filly named Perennial, she and Big Macintosh try to learn more about her and her mysterious grandfather, a "Doctor Forelock," and wind up in an adventure that will take them to the ends of Time and Space in this Friendship is Magic retelling of the very first Doctor Who tale, originally written by Anthony Coburn. Not sure what the preferred way to post fics in-site is. Seen both copy/pasted in-thread and linked to google docs or FiMFiction. Given length of chapters though, I'm going to opt to just link from here. An Unearthly Filly
  21. Apart of your balanced breakfast of fillies and oats alike! Saw this just randomly browsing around and it made me laugh a lot xD
  22. What does Cheerilee do when she is not teaching? And you can not say "Clopping." Create an interesting and original answer. Please do not copy another users post. I think she just goes and helps out twilight.
  23. Despite Cheerilee's claim of of loving to teach and her cutie mark representing the smiling faces of her learning students, it bugs me that she has not shown the greatest sensibilities for the job. Take Call of the Cutie. Diamond Tiara passes her a note. The instant it touches Appleblooms mouth Cheerilee snaps at her, despite the other half still being in DT's mouth. Then, DT comments on how the blank note reminds her of AB, and all the kids start laughing at her. Not a comment from Cheerilee. Though for that matter this was an episode failure for adults later on too, as when DT mocks applebloom at her party around a bunch of other adults, not a one calls her out on it and you can even see one smiling away and laughing. Return of Harmony. The CMC are arguing, then get into a physcial fight.over something dumb. Cheerilee doesn't bat an eye. She doesn't try to break up the fight, she just gives them some extra homework. Ponyville confidential has to be the worst example of it. Making DT the editor in chief was bad enough, but apparently she never once glanced at or read the school paper, despite it becoming popular enough to make it to cloudsdale. And even if she did, she didn't try to talk down the CMC from their scandalous work. Family appreciation day: DT IN FULL DEFIANCE calls Granny Smith a cookie old lady. Besides a shocked expression, Cheerilee doesn't react or punish her. I was about to lose my last bit of respect for her in the cutie pox when it looked like she was about to yell at applebloom while she was feeling so proud of 'earning her cutie mark' She gets a pass for hearts and hooves day for underreacting to the CMC forcing a love potion on her and big mac and only making them do some chores. She does have her good moments of course, like giving Spike a hat simply because she found it was his birthday, and I don't hate Cheerilee, but she just seems awfully neglectful and doesn't act appropriately.
  24. All in the title. I noticed in the episode Hearts and Hooves Day + Equestria Girls that it doesn't take much to annoy her. So I started thinking that she probably isn't all that happy with her job... Now don't tell me that i'm only basing this off a few little expressions. Just a thought.
  25. So, this just started as a random sketch of Cheerlie, with no context at all. Then, after I was pretty much finished, Vinyl somehow managed her way onto the page as well (which is why she is partially cut off since she was added so late). Honestly, it kind of makes me want to do a little comic about this; doubtful I will though. I am sure there are multiple things that need addressed with this one (one of which is I need to start shading!) but there are some things I do like about this piece, namely Vinyl's expression and the attempt to add a sense of movement with the hair. Whether I succeeded or not...Anyway, let me know what you think! On a separate note, would it be preferable to post my pieces on here individually or in a single, collective thread?