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Found 29 results

  1. Welcome to the CheesePie FanClub!! This is the place to talk about the pairing or post pictures or even swap fanfics! Just keep it about CheesePie only! Rules of this thread -No spamming post to become biggest fans -This is a children’s show, and believe it or not there are younger people who go on these forums, just keep it cute and G-Rated -Do not post a picture of Applejack in the Rainbow Dash forum, because Applejack belongs in the Applejack forum. -Do not hate on another fan club, for example posting in the Fluttershy forum "Twilight is better!" -I have the ability to decide whether you are doing something inappropriate or not, if I deem you are doing something unnecessary and I ask you to stop, please stop. Common Sense my little ponies. -All of MLP Forums rules still apply. Like the above rules say keep it nice and decent everypony! Have fun!!
  2. "Do you think Cheese Sandwich is one of the best ponies ever?" "I don't think so... I know so!" Pinkie Pride's out, and with it is the newest constituent of Equestria's life of the party; Cheese Sandwich! Voiced by Weird Al Yankovic himself, he's energetic, bubbly and loves his parties! And underneath his fun-loving and goofy personality is a sweet tale of how his life was changed by none other than a Pinkie party itself; he loves spreading the good that he learned to love in his youth! So, if you love Cheese Sandwich, have a theory about him, or just want to post some cool fan content about him, this is your place! I myself reckon Cheese Sandwich is definitely the best stallion. Here's my piece on him when I wrote a review for Pinkie Pride: Best stallion for sure; second favourite pony next to Pinkie Pie. Thanks to Weird Al's injection of fantabulousness into Cheese, we have the best complement to any main character in the show; one that means well, bears a connection to Pinkie, and is full to the brim with his own quirks and traits that make him so distinct and lovable. What I love even more is his tale; I feel that it's an analogy for our fandom. Let me explain how: Do I speak for most of us when I say that we felt sans identity before we joined the Brony fandom? I know I certainly did; I stumbled across this fandom by chance and it lit up the happiness inside me. It's this fandom that distinguishes itself by being fun-loving, generally optimistic (...feel free to dispute that, but I love the spirit of this fandom) and a place for those wanderers to be taken in, loved, and tolerated... It was just like Cheese, feeling lost about his life, stumbling across the party and it occurring to him what life is all about; happiness, and enjoying yourself. And in further analogy, Cheese set out to try and give something back to the thing that turned his life around for the better; a wild party. Does that sound familiar? I'm thinking duty-bound Bronies who want to give back to the fandom that has helped them so much in the form of creative content. I saw all of this in Cheese Sandwich, and it's revitalised my ceaseless love. So, what are you guys waiting for? Let's go mad for best stallion.
  3. What do ya think? Weird Al/Cheese Sandwich making a whole album filled with MLP parody songs he writes and sings, including a polka track? :3
  4. This month's song is a quick and happy one that started out life as a commission, and then I decided to polish it a little more and post it! It is short, sweet, and perfectly silly. You can get the HQ download on ponyfm:
  5. As we know full well, the MLP franchise has been well established as a girls franchise. But with Friendship is Magic ushering in the Brony community, well you know the rest. Still despite the Bronies on the rise, the series itself still has a majority of the focus be on the mares and fillies. Granted, some are more masculine than others, and some are more feminine than others. But I think that the Brony community has gotten so huge at this point that it can't be ignored anymore and I think that they should try to have some episodes focus on some of the established stallion and colt characters such as Big Macintosh, Shining Armor, Dr. Hooves, Cheese Sandwich, Carrot Cake, Rumble, etc. as well as build on some character development for them. I think that doing so would show that MLP is truly aiming for a more extensive audience. Now I know that that Spike and Discord have gotten quite a bit of focused episodes, but I'm talking about the male ponies here. Spike's a dragon, and Discord's a mutant creature. Here are some examples: Big Macintosh: I've elaberated on this in another thread but I'd say "Brotherhooves Social" was a great starting point for his character development. I'd like to see the writers follow up on his desires to be a hero like his sister Applejack, in small steps such as having to step in for her whenever she's unable to partake in events that she usually does, such as the Canterlot rodeo among others. Shining Armor: As a member of the Canterlot Royal Guards, I'd love to see him come through for Twilight during a major threat, just like she did for him at his wedding to Cadence. Dr. Hooves: Have an episode dedicated to studies and inventions, and build a story arc for him to build a time machine. Or something like that. Would you like to see more Stallions and Colts get more focus and character development?
  6. Cheese Sandwich wants to tell the mare he has liked since he was a colt that he likes her. But how should he? So he asks Rainbow Dash for advice. If you like CheesePie, I think you'll like my story! Come and check it out! I hope you enjoy it!
  7. Also who do you think is going to sing them? We got two confirmed villain songs this season, so I expect one from the season finale villain, and one from another villain later this season, probably a new one! The Mane Six are obviously having a song in the season finale, as well as Starlight. The CMCs haven't had a song together this season yet so I expect them to have one, and I REALLY want Spike to have his own song(s) this season! Yes, he has proven to be a good singer if you listened to the Xmas album. Every season so far except for season 3 had Rarity having her own song, so if she's lucky... perhaps the next episode. I'm hoping for new style songs too. I know how busy Danny could be but most of the songs in this series are kinda the same. I'm hoping for an 80s rock type song, a Blue's Brothers type song, or maybe something similar to what the Jersey Boys sing! The CMC song is probably going to be pretty catchy, cause seasons 1, 3, and 4 had some of the most unique type of genres for this series! So how about you? Any music in particular you wanna hear, like a type of genre or any particular character you want to sing?
  8. Hi everyone! Wow, i really never meant to let it get to May before i brought a new update on Equestria's Dawn. I promise the final pages have been scanned in and are ready to be inked, and then the prologue will be ready for publishing! I'm still debating whether or not to make a separate Tumblr page for it, it might be easier to do it that way purely because of the navigation system and i know how (sort of) to use tumblr (kinda ha ha). BUT. all is not lost, for a bring you a basic outline of what the Map of ancient Equestria will look like, the who and the where of what things will be where. of course it's going to be different to what Equestria currently looks like, i know, but please, use your powers of suspension of disbelief ^^ please forgive my horrendous handwriting. Also please note, the names at the bottom of the circles are the names of the 6 mane characters, however since then some names have changed. also, big picture is big and for that i am sorry. Also, i really must beg your forgiveness with these following pieces i've been doing - I've been experimenting with the use of Copic markers with my traditional art (not like i do a whole lot of it anymore BUT anyway...) and where I'm currently living i don't have access to a scanner. Lighting is also pretty awful, and my phones camera is a big pile of owl pellets, so please do forgive the poor quality. First up is Party Pooped - oh hush now, i really like Cheese and Pinkie together, they're so cute <3 Next is Zecora - back when i was about 14-15 years old, i became obsessed with drawing HUUUUGE Alice in Wonderland A3 sized pieces, and every single one of them had wooden frames covered in plant life and decorated like this. So i thought i'd revamp the old style a little and see where it took me. I love using the green colours and blending the shades and URGH this one was a lot of fun. Third, I've always loved the idea of Trixie, Sunset, Moondancer and Starlight all being potential candidates for the role of Princess of Friendship - they're all unicorn mares who share similar traits with their personalities, their diligence to study, their attitude towards other ponies...any one of them could've been in Twilights position. So as a part of Equestria's Dawn, I'm adding in a prophecy, one that speaks of this princess of friendship, but only says, "with eyes of the stars". What else do all of these characters have in common? a twilight/evening theme - Sunset, Starlight, Moon(dancer), and Trixie's last name is supposedly Lulamoon, but her colour and design theme also resonate with the evening. and of course, there's Twilight. bit of a no brainer there. ANYHOW. It'll be a bit of a side step in Equestria's Dawn, kind of a nudge at the FiM series going HEY LOOK THIS IS THA FUTURE WHOOOOAAAA. anyway....this one was taken in two parts because some of the closer detail got lost when i tried to take a picture of the full thing. Part One: Part Two: Also, if you'd like to know what the writing says on the side, it reads: To my Master Starswirl, It has been many moons since my last letter, and in my search for the Elements of Harmony I discovered an ancient archway and a plinth that spoke a prophecy of futures untold...that someday a Princess of Friendship would walk among us, a unicorn mare with eyes of the stars. Who do you suppose it means? Perhaps she reigns in years beyond ours. She would have to study and surpass many a challenge to earn the crown of royalty. Perhaps we should seek out candidates to teach and train... ...In the meantime, I plan to activate the archway shrine to see what may lie beyond. Perhaps I may catch a glimpse of this fabled princess... Please, Master - keep me in your thoughts as I venture forth... Your faithful student, Clover Bramblebit, the Clever. ---------------------------------- Next up, once again with bad camera focus and lighting issues, here's a few sneak peaks at some of the sketch designs for the protagonist of Equestria's Dawn, Clover Bramblebit, and her assistant Toulouse. who is basically playing Spike's role, since we needed a trusty side kick dragon. we all need a trusty side kick dragon. Please keep in mind, a hand-draft all of Equestria's Dawn's pages before scanning and digitally inking them, so the process has taken me longer than anticipated, plus with my studies currently time has been shorter for this project than i'd hoped. However i am persevering, and I will soon proudly be able to present the very first installment of this years-overdue project Stay safe everyone, -Wandering
  9. My first piece of art relates to my first post here Here it is: This is a wallpaper showcasing 6 other ponies representing the Elements of Harmony. I used Gimp to make this.I got the characters and elements from Google images so I don't own anything. I used a gradient for the background and lowered the opacity for the Mane 6.Behind the elements I used a gradient flare for each of them. And as you can see these are my choices for the ponies who would carry the banners for the elements if by some chance the Mane 6 couldn't defend Equestria. I just thought it would be a neat concept. What do you think of it?
  10. For my first thread I figured that I would discuss something that I've had on my mind for a while. Something that is a common theme to certain adventure shows: The theme is that "there are others who are worthy of being the heroes of the story instead of the heroes we expect", and at times in these shows it is done well. I figured that everypony in Equestria often times relies on and expects the Mane 6 to save the day and be the heroes. However there comes a point in the series in which the villains know that Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie are the ponies to stop them from whatever plans they have. So I figured that at some point in the show, the villain in question is going to wind up easily defeating the Mane 6 (IE: injuring, kidnapping, brainwashing, etc) to the point that the Mane 6 are completely incapacitated and cannot perform their duties as defenders of Equestria. At this point the sense of dread and tension lingers, as everypony in Equestria is thinking: "Oh no! If the Mane 6 can't save us, who will?" Have no fear. Even though the Mane 6 wield the Elements of Harmony, I am very certain that the virtues of the Mane 6 have rubbed off on other ponies as well. I'm sure that there are other ponies who also showcase Honesty, Loyalty, Laughter, Generosity, Kindness, and Magic. I figured that even though they may not be as experienced in the field as the Mane 6, They are just as worthy of carrying the Elements of Harmony to save Equestria. So here are my picks for each individual element: -Element of Magic: Shining Armor I admit that this is kind of a toss up between Shining Armor, Sunset Shimmer, and Starlight Glimmer for this element but I figured that one key factor in choosing Shining would be because of the element of family. Being Twilight's brother certainly helps, as well as his being a member of the royal guards. Plus I figured that since Twilight had come through for him and his family a few times before, here would be a great opportunity for him to return the favor. -Element of Kindness: Cheerilee Now this might be somewhat of a stretch since technically we haven't seen her interact with Fluttershy nor is she a pegasus. But I personally can't think of any other pegasi who exhibits any particular level of kindness at Fluttershy's levels. But Cheerilee has a lot going for her in the department of kindness since she is a schoolteacher after all and the love and care she shows for her students mirrors the way Fluttershy is with animals. -Element of Laughter: Cheese Sandwich Initially I thought that as a joke I'd have Maud Pie carry the banner for laughter. But to be serious I knew that there was only one other pony who can showcase the Laughter element at the same levels as Pinkie Pie. As a party pony, Cheese Sandwich is capable of expressing the same levels of humor and bringing joy to other ponies as his one time rival and idol. I can't think of anypony else worthy of carrying the Element of Laughter. -Element of Honesty: Big Macintosh On a personal note, seeing "Brotherhooves Social" and learning of his personal desires to be a hero just like Applejack made me come up with this idea in the first place. Personally I'm afraid that the writers are going to not follow up on the story. So I figured that this would be a great chance for Big Macintosh to live out his dream. Also, Honesty is an Apple family value from what I've been lead to believe so Big Mac would be most fitting to carry the flag for Honesty in place of Applejack. Now I thought that some might think that Apple Bloom might be a better choice considering how close she is with her big sister as opposed to her big brother, but I've decided not to include any of the Cutie Mark Crusaders on this list because they already had their story arc and might suffer from overexposure. So I thought that this story arc would help develop Big Macintosh and his character more than it would Apple Bloom. Plus his strength would be a huge contribution. -Element of Loyalty: Spitfire This one was a very tricky one as I couldn't seem to find any other ponies worthy of carrying the banner for Loyalty, and I couldn't pick Scootaloo due to reasons mentioned above. But that isn't to say that Spitfire isn't worthy of carrying the flag for Rainbow Dash. I'm pretty sure that she's learned a lot from Rainbow Dash about loyalty considering that the Wonderbolts have had their fair share of traitors in the past. I'm sure that she is capable in the fight against evil, but again this was a very tricky pick. -Element of Generosity: Sassy Saddles Again this was a very tricky decision as it was another tossup, this time with her as well as Coco Pommel and Minuet, and no to Sweetie Belle for the CMC rule mentioned before. But I figured that Sassy being in charge of the Canterlot Boutique would be a factor, as well as learning about Generosity from Rarity. Considering the time that has passed from her appearances that she has probably learned to be generous as well. Again this was another tricky choice. One thing of note when coming up with these decisions, As you may have noticed, each of my choices is somepony who has a personal connection with the Mane 6. Plus I wanted to balance out the Earth Ponies, the Pegasi, and the Unicorns as evenly as possible. But nevertheless, these are just my picks. Also just to be sure, The replacements are only going to be temporary and will only be for a possible 2, 3, or 4 part episode. What do you think of these picks? Which 6 ponies would you choose?
  11. This is my way of removing this post I am sorry I meant to post it on another page, but being up late and doing this was a bad idea I'm very sorry
  12. Cheese Sandwich is one of my all-time favorite characters(besides the Flim Flam Bros of course) and I was just wondering to myself one day if he will ever come back to the show (season 5 maybe?) Another party episode maybe? Who knows. Anyway these are just my ideas so what do you guess think would you like it if he did return? We should start a group or something to have Weird Al himself to approve of this don't we? Anyway I should totally stop talking now!
  13. Please vote for my design Link:
  14. Does anybody see the similarities in the youtuber NerdCubed and foal Cheese sandwich? Is it just me? My dad? no, just me? Okay...
  15. Who do you think is the better PARTY PONY?? Pinkie Pie Or Cheese Sandwich give me your reasons in why you think so For me it's definitely Cheese!! Oh, no I messed up the tittle oh, well
  16. I was interested in the We Love Fine t-shirt design contest and decided to make this. Ever since I heard the '3:10 to Yuma' reference in 4x12 (Pinkie Pride), I knew I had to ponify the movie cover All vectors were 100% hand traced, and everything was made in Inkscape. ScorpionByte Post and More Info: Direct Image URL: I'm still fairly new to Inkscape, and have since been practicing my textures and shading techniques.
  17. First time drawing these guys, Aside from my OC, Saffron there. And second time ever actually drawing anyone from the show. I know there's errors but I tried, ha!
  18. It's Monday, so time for another pairing debate thread. This time CheesiePie. I'm actually indifferent to this pairing. It could be made to work, but I'm not crazy about it. I wouldn't say "no" to seeing Cheese Sandwich again for any reason.
  19. This is a fan fiction about @Hyperhooves and Cheese Sandwich. This is, like, my 3rd fan fiction I've made. ...I don't even like romance. xD SATISFACTORY GUARANTEED! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hyperhooves had asked her friends, Cheese included, if they would like to go on a picnic. They all had the time to go. Hyperhooves was the first one to arrive at the picnic because she wanted to set up everything really nicely. Luckily, it was a nice and sunny day. The pegasi in control of the weather had cleared pretty much all the clouds in the sky, leaving just a few clouds to drift across on the warm breeze. The birds were chirping and the sun was shining causing the water in the lake to glisten. Without hesitation, Hyper set the picnic blanket onto the soft grass underneath a fairly tall tree. She opened her basket with the food in and started to put the food onto the blanket. There was fruit, ice cream, sandwiches, drinks, and a few other snacks like crisps n stuff. (wait why isn't "n" underlined in squiggly red lines?) After all the food she had brought was neatly arranged onto the blanket, she took a moment to admire the scenery on this warm summer's day. She then heard hoofsteps coming towards the picnic, so she looked to see who was coming towards her. It was the one and only Cheese Sandwich! Hyperhooves waved at Cheese and they both smiled. "Heyyyy!" said Cheese. "hellow. " said Hyper. ...awkward silences are awkward. "...So, er, h-how's your day been?" Hyper asked. "My day has been great! :D" Cheese replied in his usual happy tone. "How's your day been?" "Good" she replied. Cheese Sandwich sat down onto the soft picnic blanket . He looked around and admired the scenery. "Wonderful weather we're having" Cheese stated. I find that line funny for some reason. xD Hyper nodded her head and smiled, trying to be polite. "I brought nachos" said Cheese as he placed a bowl of nachos in the center of the picnic blanket. "Yaaay nachos!" said Hyper. More hoofsteps were heard coming towards them. Cheese and Hyper both looked to see who was coming. It was the marvelous and fabulous and awesome and epic and super cool one and only Com!!! She was the youngest out of Hyper's group of friends, and she was wearing a Daring Do hat for some reason...must be another phase. Walking alongside her was The Questioner. He was older than Hyper. Com was carrying a bunch of food and The Questioner was carrying nothing. "Why are you his assistant in the first place?" Hyper asked Com. "Because I have nothin' better to do in my sad excuse of a life" said Com " joking. omg im joking. STOP FEELING SORRY FOR ME. IM FINE" Com placed down the food she had brought. "Greetings" said The Questioner "How art thou on this fine day?" "You're weird" said Cheese. "Says the one" said Com. "Says the one!" said Cheese. "...¬_¬" said Com. Everypony sat down on the blanket and had the usual discussion of "how was your day" and "wonderful weather we're having". "How about we start eating the food now?" said Hyper "YES" said Com "Yeah, I'm starved!" said Cheese "Let the munching commence" said The Questioner. Cheese Sandwich picked up, funnily enough, a cheese sandwich. He took a bite of the sandwich and munched on it like a boss. Crumbs from the sandwich fell onto his chin. "Cheese looks so cute /)o3o(\" Hyperhooves thought in her majestic mind. Cheese saw Hyper looking at him. Hyper looked away and blushed. "hehehhwuehwueahehehouou" giggled Com, creepily. "What's so funny?" Hyper asked. "This is normal, she usually laughs like a freak at random moments in time" said The Questioner. "um. o_O" replied Hyper. "OM NOM NOM. YOU TWO GET BACK TO FLIRTIN'. IM TRYNA EAT" said Com. "W-what"? said Hyper. Cheese wasn't listening in onto the conversation because he was too busy enjoying his sandwich. "I don't know what you're talking about" said Hyper "right, Cheese?" "Wait what? I wasn't listening." Said Cheese "We were saying that you two were--" The Questioner said until Hyper threw a rock at him in the face. "Oh my goodness. Master, are you hurt?" said Com. "No. I do not feel pain as I have no soul" he replied. "Oh...right." said Com. "Okaaaay then" said Cheese. He was confused but didn't mind. "Who wants to try my home made cookies?!" said Hyper. Me me me! I want cookies!!! "Sure, I'll have some!" Cheese said. Hyperhooves passed over a cookie to Cheese. "MEMEMEMEMEEE~" Com said. Hyperhooves gave her a cookie. "yaaay" "I don't need to eat, I have no soul" said The Questioner. "But you just ate a cob" said Com. "That was for entertainment purposes" said The Questioner. Hyperhooves watched as Cheese Sandwich ate the cookie. She was slightly nervous because she didn't know if Cheese would like it or not. "Mmm, it tastes really nice" said Cheese. This made Hyperhooves blush. "R-really?" Hyper said. "Yeah!!" Cheese replied. Now I really wanna eat cookies. '~' Hyper was now super happy! "You know...I've kinda been meaning to ask something..." said Hyperhooves while blushing. "And I've kinda been meaning to go behind that tree over there so you two can make out without me puking on the picnic blanket! :D" said Com enthusiastically as she walked off. "And I've been meaning to enslave Com even further!" Said The Questioner as he walked off somewhere. The sun was now starting to set. :3 "...So, um. I was wondering if m-maybe you'd like to, um,--" Hyperhooves was cut off as Cheese sandwich gently kissed Hyperhooves on the lips. Hyperhooves returned the kiss as her cheeks were now a bright red. I'm gonna puke "AND THEY ALL LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER" Com and The Questioner shouted from inside a bush. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I know, I know. This story is much too fabulous for you to handle. My face was like this the whole time I was writing it:
  20. Hello everypony! Finally, there's my very first season 4 remix! Make a wish, one of my favorites songs of the season so far! Well, let's see if I can put a dailymotion video here... Just click on the link if there's not player (I think DM doesn't work for forums...) So yeah, hope you all enjoy, feel free to comment!
  21. Yoyoyo! After some good reception on my last Cheese Sandwich cover, i decided to do a voice reel on the youtubes! Take a look and tell me what you think!
  22. This One is obvious. I've more ideas for other episodes
  23. I've seen enough of these "lanky ponies" to be curious about them. You know, the kind of body type that Flim and Flam, Cheese Sandwich, Trenderhoof, and the new guy Toe-Tapper have. Examples if you still don't know what I mean: Cheese Sandwich Flim-Flam Bothers I don't know if I'm just being a slowpoke here and information on what this is has already been provided, but I really do like these guys. I feel like, under the artstyle of the show, the "lanky" ponies look pretty nice. They might even be horses for all I know. Or they could just be another basic kind of pony that has no real significance at all. What do you think about them?
  24. My new and yet *original* piece of a music track. This one was a bit rushed after the episode was aired.. *balloon effects are canon!!* Help with a genre? BPM: 175 LIMIT: 2:15 Some more info are available on the video's description plus a free download link!!
  25. Ever since "Pinkie Pride" aired, I've been seeing a lot of Pinkie Pie X Cheese Sandwich 'shipping. First off, let me say that there is nothing wrong with shipping these two, or with shipping in general. They are adorable together and arguably perfect for one another. It's only a matter of personal perspective that makes this ship feel weird to me, and I'd like to explain why I don't ship it. I have two reasons. Of course, they are connected, so maybe just one two-part reason... 1. Weird Al - Maybe others don't feel the same way, but when I was watching "Pinkie Pride," I couldn't help but think of Cheese Sandwich as Weird Al, not just a pony being voiced by him. I grew up listening to Weird Al's songs and came to nearly idolize him for his talent and quirky, funny personality. He inspired me. I don't know many people who would date their heroes, guys. Maybe some would, but to me, that would be really weird. I've had fantasies of being adopted by my heroes, but never of dating them. I just can't picture Weird Al as anyone's boyfriend. 2. Heroes - After Cheese Sandwich sings his song near the end of the episode, it seems that he feels the same about Pinkie as I feel about Weird Al. She inspired him. She's his hero. I would imagine that, idolizing her the way I've always idolized him, he would also feel that sense of wrongness about dating Pinkie Pie. The thing about heroes is that they often seem unattainable, people you not only wouldn't date, but can't date. Dating a hero seems like breaking the universe. Conclusion: If Pinkie and Cheese dated, it would break the universe. So there you have it. That's just my two bits on the subject; everypony else can ignore it and continue shipping Best Pony 1 and Best Pony 2 if they want, but I'm just gonna be sitting here not reading any PinkieCheese fanfictions for the aforementioned reasons. Just out of curiosity, though... is there anypony out there who agrees with me? Feel free to comment whether you agree or disagree. Providing reasons for your opinions is always a plus. c: