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Found 26 results

  1. C'mon, we all love cheese, and cheese loves you. I like mozzarella, sharp cheddar, and white cheddar.
  2. So if Cheese Sandwich came back to ponyville and asked Pinkie Pie out on a date a they started dating think they would make a great couple
  3. This was a silly request by Peter New, voice of Big Macintosh. His character and his secret stash of cheese. And I had to make them big just for comical sakes
  4. gabbylikespie

    Food give up chocolate or cheese?

    Honestly, I'm going to have to give up chocolate. Cheese is bae. It was a hard decision though. I can't live without Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.
  5. Before all you high-ranked veterans of MLPforums scream that you have seen this post fifty billion times, just hear me out. I really don't get how earth ponies can be totally fine with not having any powers or special abilities while there are unicorns and pegasi all around them who can fly and perform magic. It doesn't seem like they would manage it very long. Somepony would have probably stood up and said that it wasn't fair by now how other races can do amazing things like fly and cast spells while earth ponies can... run. Yes, they can do some pretty awesome things, like... throw hay bales... and buck apples off of trees, but it would still get some ponies pretty annoyed I'm sure.
  6. VinylWubs

    My first attempt at Anthro :)

    As the title said, I've made one of my OC an Anthro! This was my first time doing a anthro drawing! Enjoy! :3
  7. Sky Knight

    Do you like Cheese?

    How much do you love cheese? What's your favorite type of cheese? How often do you eat cheese? What meals do you have with your cheese in? Is cheese life?
  8. Seems like a lot of people like this pairing but I just don't see it. My thoughts is that they're too similar and that there's not really any chemistry. Please try to change my mind. :3
  9. Inax

    4/22/15 - Another Yesterday

    Odd, to think that Tuesday's setting wouldn't creep up to today. Seemed like it did. Dang it. So, it got boring while waiting for my next class. There is a huge break after my 11:45 AM - 1:00PM class, which is from what ever time I left the class (which was super early, 12 something early) till 4PM. Jez, I couldn't do anything as entertaining or a great time killer. I just did the same typical thing: Warframe, Youtube, then click and click and click over websites. How typical, you ask? I've re-watched JonTrons reaction videos. Yah, even though they are funny as heck, but really, same thing! Ugh, sucks when friends have classes or work during my breaks. Pretty lonely... So most of my last hour before heading to my last class, I ended up playing Battlefield 4. Been several months since I ever played it. I stopped due to sucking at it with controller on a PC. I tried playing with keyboard and mouse, but dang it, I just hate to edit the sensitivity. But at least today I was able to pull off 5 headshots with a sniper rifle. Snipers for the win, by the way. You know what, I miss playing BF4 with my cousin. Sadly with something that happen about a month or two ago, I can't visit him nor see my grandma or grandpa. All I'm going to say is, people, please buzz off other people business. Its really stupid when you or whoever takes things seriously and end up making it a huge deal when in the family, it really isn't an issue. Stupid county. Being in the forums is intimidating. So many threads to post, many topics. I don't know, pretty overwhelming. I'm more worried about necro-ing a thread by accident, that would be bad. I only posted a little bit, but I don't know, kind of odd and unsatisfying feeling. And then the status updates, not even a minute my little status goes away. Pretty sad in my opinion, but hey, 1000+ lovely huggable ponies, what can you do? I guess what I need is a couple of ponies to hang out and chat about what ever. Not on skype, that thing has gotten old and I don't want to go back there. Why not in-game? I do have the mood to play BF4, Supreme Commander 2, Warframe, Killing Floor, or something with anypony. Sort of a half-reason why I wanted to be active here. I only got 2 and a half weeks left of good weekday internet and it would be awesome to spent a couple of hours during my break to kick butt or something with some ponies. After that, back to useless and terrible satellite internet at home and part-time work (hopefully) for the entire summer. Sucks being isolated, especially when I'm the one isolating myself. (and living in the ranch far from society is making it worse.) Anyway, ending this entry and heading off to bed. Night my amazing ponies~
  10. So I really love cheese. (Really. A lot. Seriously.) So I'm here eating my brie and wondering what everyponyelse's favorite cheeses are! I left a ton of cheeses out, but I wanna know everything about how y'all like your cheese!
  11. Seriously, we were hoping to see Trixie in S2, and he returned in S3. We think the same of Gilda, and well, since she was a weak and flat character she obviously didn´t return. Then Flim and Flam return and...ufff... But, why those one-shot characters can´t return? I refer to: Lightning Dust Cheese Sandwich Maud Pie Suri Diamond Dogs Steven Magnet The reason of why the two characters mentiond above returned and the other don´t was because they were fresh and really good characters, a large amount of fans, and because they serve to do a contrast to the protagonist, showing what they could have become. AND WHY THESE CHARACTERS CAN´T RETURN WHEN THEY HAVE A LOT TO SHOW!! LD served to show the bad aspects of Rainbow Dash, and since a lot of Wonderbolts episodes are coming, i can see her returning. Cheese Sandwich good development and is not really fair that they only use him for the keys. Suri was another counterpart to Rarity. These two last characters (Magnet and DD) got a lot of fans and fanfics, and the first one was a FUCKING MEME GODDAMNIT!! So, ¿What are the reasons to not bring they back? I WANT ANSWERS!!! I WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH!!! YOU CAN´T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!! FORGET IT, IT´S CHINATOWN!! PD: I want Chrysalis and Zecora to return also, duh.
  12. Whiteshade

    Ask Queen Chrysalis!

    It is I, Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings! I have come to fee- I mean, take your questions and answer them, yes that, yes. In time, I will gain enough enough power once again not just to attack Canterlot, but ALL of Equestria! However, until that time comes, I will have to steadily gain power, and what better place than here, the most lovable forums on the internet? It's the perfect plan, now ask away and ask frequently, I demand it! I am willing to answer any and all questions, to distract you from- well I mean, I think you guys are all curious about me right? Author's note: My ask threads have been doubled! I can't believe we don't have an ask thread for our favorite cheese snack Queen! Defer all liabilities to my attorney. Offer subject to change without notice. Returns only valid within 10 seconds flat with proof of 20% fraudulence.
  13. HorsesandMOARGaloar

    Happy Midsummer/Jani!

    Yeah, I know I'm Malaysian, but today (and tomorrow) will be about one of my favorite festivals: "Jani" (Yah-nyee) is a Latvian festival occuring around June 23-24, where the Latvians go to the countryside to dance around bonfires, eat lots of meat and cheese, and drink loads of beer. There's also lots of singing during this festival. Latvians love singing. Oh, and don't that men with the name "John" will have a wear a huge wreath on their heads! So, for all of you non-Latvians (including Americans), how do you celebrate Midsummer/Summer Sun Festival?
  14. Cheesythumbs

    Gaming Anyone have Xbox one?

    I have no pony friends to play games with pls halp. Gamertag is Cheesythumbs. Anyone? P.S. I only have Titanfall on Xbox one but have alot on 360 and will be getting more soon. Would like if you had a mic, but you don't need to. Am I breaking a forum rule by doing this? I feel like this is supposed to go somewhere else that I don't know about. Ah, fuck it. gooby pls add
  15. SpikeyWikey07

    Cheese Sandwich Sketch

    Hope you enjoy. Done off my Wii U on Art Academy.
  16. I don't care how stupid this topic is, it's just a hilarious thought! If these two were to fight over a piece of cheese, to be honest i'd route for Fluttershy. She would use her all powerful stare to force Pinkie to give her that piece of cheese! Who would you route for, and state your arguement! . . . What...? Thought we needed a fun topic....
  17. Do you prefer one or the other in your sandwiches? Or do you like to eat both like me. BTW, Swiss cheese isn't really Swiss. It's actually a North American version of cheese from Europe called Emmentaler (I think lol).
  18. Blue Lightning

    New episodes on My LP Channel

    Me and my friend are doing Lp's for the luls. If you are really bored, and I know you are!....don't lie to me.... I will tell celestia... That's what I thought.... Just check it out we love just playing games when we get the chance so ya know, give us a reason to do more please XD
  19. Gigapony

    The time has come... draw human pones. With the coming of Equestria Girls (which I loved, by the way), so comes my inevitable desire to want to draw them. So, just like when I drew my first pony, I went with Twilight again, and looked up a reference. JESUS CHRIST THEY ARE HARD TO DRAW. Few things you should know about this image. The reference I used was pretty poor (small resolution, older image, missing a few details) and the picture suffered as a result. Also my inexperience with this design really (REALLY REALLY) shows. So while I do welcome constructive crits, please be gentle! Not 100% happy with it, but also not 100% unhappy. Most of what's wrong with it I'm already aware of (proportions being the biggest issue), but I'm going to try to improve on this once better reference images start trickling in.
  20. Warbalist

    Faithful and Strong

    Hey everypony, As you might know, Faithful and Strong is out now and raising a bunch of money for an orphanage in Africa (isn't this fandom amazing?). Anyway, the songs on this album are fantastic. Replacer, Baschfire, Makkon, etc., a whole host of incredible musicians donated to this cause. If you have the ability, please consider donating to this awesome cause: Here's my track. I wrote a little 80's cheese, because that's what I eat with inspiration! Have fun, and take the donation request seriously, not this song.
  21. Sepia-chan

    Let's make a Nacho Cheese Bath

    As we all know, hot baths are pretty awesome. And so is nacho cheese. Ever just taken a bowl of nacho cheese and let it go down your throat? Yeah, it tastes pretty awesome, not to mention it feels great in your throat, too. So why not combine the two? I am Doctor PHD Dentist Phillip J Watson King Junior, and I'm here to make this fantasy a reality. Please visit my Kickstarter page at If you donate 10 dollars, you get a bucket of nacho cheese. 20 dollars, you get a bath. 100 dollars, you get a complimentary nacho cheese bath key chain, along with the other prizes. Imagine your body covered in the warm goodness of nacho cheese, it's everyone's top fantasy. Let's make it a reality.
  22. Jokuc

    Cheese Pony Vector

    So I made a vector of my oc So finally I have a vector of this guy, haha Here is the deviantart link for a bigger image: And if (for some weird reason) you want to download a ridiculous large 12205x14000px verision you can do that here: (File was too big for imgur, lol)
  23. Well since I was really bored I wanted to see what I could make in MS Paint. But to make it even funnier, I actually used the Windows 95 verision of MS Paint. (I downloaded it from somewhere) I was going to make it a bit serious, but I got tired and didn't want to finish it. Haha. (I was going to make it more detailed but nope) Anyways, here it is: BTW, Yeah I made him a little colt because that is just adorable :3 As said, this is not finished, but I am way too lazy to finish it. And I always think it's boring to continue on drawings another day.
  24. Jokuc

    Ask Cheese and Cracker!

    Ask Cheese and cracker something! Cheese answer with orange! Cracker answer with pink!
  25. Just made this drawing for my ask thread :3 Not detailed though since I don't want to spend a long time.. TIME IS IMPORTANT..